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When 'Barack' Decides to Head a Barrack

Americans are having the wool pulled over their eyes about alleged nukes in Iran.

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama

(TEHRAN) - "The continued presence of all options on the table"; this is the disappointing message which a Nobel Peace Prize laureate dispatches internationally.

In his latest interview with CBS news, American President Barack Obama refused to rule out the possibility of a military strike against Iran by harking back to the famous catchphrase of former U.S. President George W. Bush who once devised, regarding Iran's nuclear program, the popular sentence of "all options are on the table".

Putting the quality and quantity of these options aside, the very "table" on which the options should be placed is as well a matter of controversy.

Who is in the position to decide the destiny of Iran's nuclear program?

Which table is the U.S. President referring to?

What's wrong with Iran's nuclear program in lieu of which a 70-million nation should go on with crippling sanctions, continued threats of military strike, isolation and economic embargo?

What's the definite answer to the simple question that "why should the U.S., France and Israel possess nuclear weapons"?

Which one is more offensive and violent?

Although the New York Times by itself suffices to wage a spotless and perfect psy-op by running misleading and untruthful articles which get circulated, syndicated and believed globally, numerous websites, blogs and community portals have also been activated to function as the podium of White House so as to disseminate illusive and deceptive stories regularly and misrepresent what's happening in Iran.

Iran's nuclear program which has been demonstrated again and again that does not have anything to do with military purposes, or the adventurous, aggressive trajectory Washington and its European allies have begun to go across?

Robert Parry, an award-winning American investigative journalist austerely answers the questions we have in mind. In an April 2 article in Consortium News, he notes: "if two countries with powerful nuclear arsenals were openly musing about attacking a third country over mere suspicions that it might want to join the nuclear club, we'd tend to sympathize with the non-nuclear underdog as the victim of bullying and possible aggression."[1]

As Robert Parry notes, the "bomb bomb Iran Parlor Game" has much to do with the regular psychological operations the U.S. government ruthlessly directs against its victims and it has been seen several times during the post-World War II era that the U.S. government has resorted to the most brutal methods of black propaganda to demonize and demoralize its opponents.

In order to thwart Iran's efforts to achieve the zeniths of high technology and prevent the country from becoming an influential player in the Persian Gulf region and beyond, Washington has mobilized a large number of conservative think-tanks and pundits to direct psychological warfare against Iran multilaterally.

Although the New York Times by itself suffices to wage a spotless and perfect psy-op by running misleading and untruthful articles which get circulated, syndicated and believed globally, numerous websites, blogs and community portals have also been activated to function as the podium of White House so as to disseminate illusive and deceptive stories regularly and misrepresent what's happening in Iran.

Over the past three decades and especially following the eruption of nuclear dispute with Iran, the U.S. has been carrying out media operations to incite anti-Iranian sentiments vigorously. Some recent efforts include the establishment of websites such as "United Against Nuclear Iran" and the production of Hollywood-sponsored movies "300" and "The Wrestler".

The American psychological warfare, however, is not limited to mainstream media outlets, NY Times and Fox News-like stuff, campaign websites and TV shows. A number of bloggers also have been mobilized to take part in the cyber maneuver against Iran. It means that the wave of American psychological operation against Iran has become so extensive and far-reaching that even involves bloggers and independent commentators who run e-zines and online publications.

Above all, carrying out psychological operations is one of the most sensitive and delicate responsibilities of the U.S. Army, CIA's Special Activities Division (SAD) and National Clandestine Service (NCS). SAD is in charge of providing the U.S. President with "special" options where diplomacy and military action is likely to fail.

U.S. President has the authority to order the commencement of a new clandestine operation whenever necessary. Covert and intangible intervention in foreign elections is one of the main tasks of SAD. It also carries out missions to undermine or even overthrow a regime which does not comply with the interests of the U.S. administration.

SAD has a long history of carrying out inconceivable and paralyzing missions of psychological propaganda against different countries including Bolivia, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. In Iran, where people still remember the bitter memory of U.S.-backed coup d'etat of 1953 which brought down the democratic government of Dr. Mosaddeq and inaugurated the tyranny of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, SAD has accomplished numerous operations, several of which have been revealed by the investigative journalists.

In July 2008, for example, the renowned American journalist Seymour Hersh published an article in the New Yorker and revealed that the Bush administration had taken practical steps, including the authorization of a Presidential Finding to legitimize the illegal entry of paramilitary troops into Iran, through the borders of Iraq, so as to help overthrow the government of Iran.

Based on the documents he had obtained, Hersh wrote: "Late last year, Congress agreed to a request from President Bush to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran. [...] These operations, for which the President sought up to four hundred million dollars, were described in a Presidential Finding signed by Bush, and are designed to destabilize the country’s religious leadership."

Hersh cited the federal law of America which brands a Presidential Finding as highly classified and only available to the Democratic and Republican leaders in the House and the Senate and the ranking members of their respective intelligence committees. This greatly highlighted the significance of his discovery of the documents. "The Finding was focused on undermining Iran's nuclear ambitions and trying to undermine the government through regime change, working with opposition groups and passing money” Hersh quoted an informed, anonymous source as saying.

SAD has also carried out globally significant actions such as preventing the Italian Communist Party (PCI) from winning the parliamentary elections in 1948 and 1960s, overthrowing the government of Guatemala in 1954 and staging the 1957 coup d'etat of Indonesia which removed from power the popular, democratically-elected President Ahmad Sukarno and led to a terrible massacre in which almost 1 million people lost their life.

Anyway, history seems to be repeated once again. White House and its numerous teams, departments, groups, unions and forces of psychological operation, under the decree of someone who right after winning a Nobel Prize of "Peace" began to drum for a war of bloodshed in the Middle East, are gathering together to launch a new scenario of war game and violence; however, they've simply forgotten an undeniable reality: Iran is a different country; different from all of the countries throughout the world.

Dear President Obama; we know that whoever rises to presidency in your country should be first an expert of psychological warfare and a dexterous pamphleteer; you've done your job successfully by teaching us that you have the potentiality to be a duplicate of Mr. George W. Bush. Now you've satisfied your Zionist supervisors excellently. The only thing which you should know is that you had better take the options off the table and save more space consequently!

[1] April 2 2010: The Bomb-Bomb-Iran 'Parlor Game' - By Robert Parry


The latest writer to join's team; Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian media correspondent, freelance journalist and the author of Book 7+1. He is a contributing writer for websites and magazines in the Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, South Korea, Belgium, Germany, the U.K. and the U.S. He was once a member of Stony Brook University Publications’ editorial team and Media Left magazine’s contributing writer, as well as a contributing writer for Finland’s Award-winning Ovi Magazine. As a young Iranian journalist, he has been interviewed and quoted by several mainstream mediums, including BBC World Service, PBS Media Shift, the Media Line network, Deutsch Financial Times and L.A. Times. Currently, he works for the Foreign Policy Journal as a media correspondent. He is a member of Tlaxcala Translators Network for Linguistic Diversity and World Student Community for Sustainable Development. You can write to Kourosh Ziabari at:

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Hank Ruark April 14, 2010 4:39 pm (Pacific time)

The more I skim comments both here and in general on Internet, the more sure I feel re the dangerous impct of Denialism already highly evident. So check out three-parter currenly in Op Ed-format, and get aboard the train to more and major and better factual information, a la scientific method already proven as the strongest achievement of our current society.

Anonymous April 14, 2010 7:41 am (Pacific time)

memo to barry soetero: 1. Iran's leadership never said that they would remove the Jewish state from the earth; that's a completely idiotic mistranslation from Farsi, and you know it. 2. Iran is a signatory to the NNPT (unlike Israel), and therefore must submit to its nuclear program being inspected consistently by the IAEA. 4. So far, there has been zero reporting of any nuclear materials gone missing, or enrichment beyond what is necessary to fuel a power plant. 5. The Iranian leadership may be many things, but it is not stupid. Iran hasn't initiated a war in two hundred years. 6. They understand that any military action against Israel will result its being bombed out of existence by the US. 7. Even if they are planning to develop a bomb (which is still very doubtful), who can blame them, after the magnificent object lesson the US gave Iran and the world by invading a nation which did not have a nuclear deterrent, that nation having been Iraq?

douglas benson April 14, 2010 6:38 am (Pacific time)

I think you would have more credibility if you didnt sound like a jew hating nazi or in this case a jew hating Iranian . I am not insulting you I agree with most of your article but when you use the term zionist, elitist [practice of or belief in rule by an elite] would be the better term and more likely not to hit the hes a nutball chord . Are you trully saying that you support removing the jewish state ? If so I will just skip your articles but I think you have some good things to say .Peace

Tim King: Douglas, you are hard to keep up with.  You slam the 'dirty republicans' and then turn around and write things like this.  For the record, Zionism is racism, I do not approve of this religious extremism that leads to the slaughter of innocent people.  All it does is lead the world to war.  So, you don't have to read the material that people IN the disputed places write, you can stick with what the little baby reporters in the U.S. who have never been there write, but that places you in a different category, sadly, along with most Americans too scared to face what it is that they support.  So you would have all of my Jewish friends who echo similar words to Kourosh's be labeled as "self-hating Jews" I suppose?  Well I am not a self hating American or self hating Christian, but I have the guts to write about how things really are, and screw the fact that it makes the group at large look bad, I don't care.  I lean toward being a Democrat, but never hesitate to criticize them.  So, Israel is slowly but surely committing genocide against an entire population and it pains me to see a person disturbed this way, when there is so damned much to be put out by, from Israel, and Zionism.  Again, please, Jew and Zionist are totally different thing.  Christian Zionists exist by the million, and there are plenty of non genocidal Jews who hate Israel's politics as much as the rest of us who are paying attention.  Thanks.   

Anonymous April 13, 2010 7:36 pm (Pacific time)

memo to Karoush: The Country I live in, and hold somewhat of a dedication to, bypassed socialism as if it did not exist, and went straight to facism. 911 was CIA/Mossad.,,and the lies in regards to Iran, are a continuation of building the world empire. There may be most in the western world that are brainwashed thru media, but not me. Thank you for this article. Our government is rogue. On a more positive note, people are waking up to the fact that the zionist regime not only controls our government, but controls most governments. They have Central banks all over the world. Let it be I suppose, but should we not at least know the truth before they kill us?

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