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Anti-Prohibition Activists Join Together! May 5 is the Thirteenth Annual Global Cannabis March

Over three hundred cities world wide join together in the Global Cannabis March

GMM 2009
Global Marijuana March 2009

(SALEM, Ore.) - The Global Marijuana March is an annual rally held at different locations around the planet. 734 different cities have signed up from 64 different nations since 1999.

Participants around the Portland area will gather in Pioneer Courthouse Square to march at high noon through downtown Portland, accompanied by a police escort. The route is one mile.

Southern Oregon is also hosting an event in Medford, and expect to attract a large group from many miles around.

The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is a positive, fun event, celebrated simultaneously around the world through a multitude of cannabis-related events specific to their region. Most events include marches, meetings, rallies, and some also have raves, concerts, full-fledged festivals, and always lots of information about cannabis.

“Polls show that fifty percent of Americans agree that it is time to end cannabis prohibition. We need your support; come and be a part of the Global Cannabis March,” is the call to action from Madeline Martinez, Executive Director of Oregon NORML.

Speakers for the Portland rally immediately following the march include Martinez, Paul Loney, Anna Diaz and Scott “Urb Thrasher” Gordon, who are members of the board of Oregon NORML along with attorney Leland Berger and others to be announced.

Oregon Medical Marijuana Permit (OMMP) registrants are invited to the World Famous Cannabis Café to celebrate the thirteenth anniversary of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act after the rally. Music will be provided by the Linda Myers Band and more. For more information about the party, please call the café at 503-208-3395 or visit their website at

"Come out and join us in Portland’s living room for what has become a staple of our local culture, the Global Cannabis March", encourages Martinez.

This year's global march is dedicated to the memory of the late Gatewood Galbraith.

You can find out more on facebook and at, and

Sources: Information for this report came in part from, and

Here are but a few of the events taking place worldwide.

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G 2/3; April 17, 2012 4:58 pm (Pacific time)

just checked application form and was immediately put off by the required info concerning who,what,where and the fee for a card guaranteeing you if the feds want to bust you the mmc is useless,the arresting authorities will know your supplier and stash locale and all your friends locations..,did I miss something here? I say light up for free as long as we can get away with it. What's the point paying those lawyers hundreds of bucks for permission to get what's already out there for free, either for medical reasons or just to get high? In the Marines we used to say "J.S.F.I.and walk on, it don't mean nothin'". (Do they still say that?). Furthermore,speaking for myself at least, and you can quote me., "4/20 till we can't twist one anymo!!!

Seaside Sara April 17, 2012 2:42 pm (Pacific time)

It's nice to see an event about ending prohibition, making marijuana legal for all adults, not just sick people. It's the best idea ever! Get those otherwise law-abiding citizens back into their homes, communities and the workforce. Use our jails for what they should be, for criminals!

chuck green April 17, 2012 12:30 pm (Pacific time)

Support the Oregon law by getting your OMMP card at a medical marijuana clinic such as

Common Sense Police April 17, 2012 5:41 am (Pacific time)

- - For their own safety, I simply do not understand why a PEACE KEEPER would want to keep in place a failed policy that CAUSES violence and jeopardizes their safety and that of their friends and family, call me crazy. As for my personal/professional opinion, police officers who support prohibition are profiting off the suffering of their fellow citizens. Prohibition is nothing more than welfare for law enforcement and every LEO who suckles at that prohibition tit knows inside that without it, they would be out of a job because their own performance wouldn't merit continued employment when budgets start getting pared down. Prohibition=corruption.
There is no reason for marijuana to be illegal. Any argument to the contrary is based on lies and propaganda. For thousands of years it did no harm and since prohibition began it has been demonized by those who profit from its prohibition. Anything else is simply not true. Spin away and I'll try to make your arguments look foolish but my arguments aren't to prove marijuana's harmless nature, peer reviewed scientific studies have already done that. If you choose to further prohibition by keeping the propaganda alive I will endeavor to make you look foolish for not researching the truth.

Honest cops have had their say

For alphabetical lists of peer reviewed studies showing proven medical benefits of marijuana as medicine check

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