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Marijuana Therapy = Heroin Therapy

One is usually very good --- one is frequently lethal.

Marijuana Therapy vs Heroin Therapy

(PORTLAND, OR) - I have been conducting online research to see how many federal agencies have been protecting us from the "evil weed" marijuana, as compared to the regularly available "strong painkiller" heroin, which is actually prescribed in England as a Brompton Cocktail, containing heroin or other strong morphine-like drugs, cocaine or amphetamines and tincture of cannabis or other antiemetics. Heroin was once used medically in the US but has mostly been replaced by morphine which is used in terminal hospice care.

Heroin is based on morphine which is acetylated (acetic acid equals vinegar) and dissolves and reverts to morphine very rapidly when injected. It is very powerful and quick as compared to morphine itself. Heroin is mostly illegal now, and "accidentally" kills several thousand people per year.

Through my online searches, I discovered there are about 19 federal agencies protecting us from the evils of these two drugs, marijuana and heroin. Eight are agencies of the Dept. of Defense, five are with the Drug Enforcement Agency, two are with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, and four are with the Dept. of Justice. Most officers get more than $200 per year.

Altogether, it is a staggering number of paper shufflers and I would guess that they prattle among themselves. One fact I did find is that many of the senior officers are permitted by law to actually LIE about the effects of drugs and that includes the barrage of falsehoods vomited by several of these officers about the dangers of marijuana including the garbage that marijuana is as dangerous as heroin!

Now that I have stated the good effects of heroin, here are the bad effects. First of all, it is powerfully addicting. It can cause nausea and vomiting, suppression of respiration, sleepiness and a risk of choking. It causes severe constipation, reduction of sex drive and orgasms.

The worst factor, because it is very expensive, is that it frequently is mixed or cut with almost anything at hand, frequently Quinine or Strychnine, making doses totally unpredictable and therefore very dangerous for overdosing and death. Users frequently exchange needles and transfer blood borne diseases such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Skin infections and abscesses are common by "skin popping". To even compare marijuana and heroin, even remotely, as is done by federal drug officials, is a gross egregious misstatement of any medical fact. Thousands of patients who would benefit from the medical use of marijuana are scared off because they believe the awful propaganda by the government's paid for lies.

DEA Judge Francis Young made a statement after a three-month hearing about marijuana,

Marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.


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