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American Leaders and their Half Baked 'Facts' on Chemical Weapons in Syria

A 'red line' first discussed by Obama last August over Syrian chemical weapons, was a perfect set up for this new effort to put Americans in another war.

War hawks and Syria
Image by Carlos Latuff in Brazil

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - War proponents in the US are pleased today. An unconfirmed report from a "high ranking Israeli military official," that Syria used chemical warfare, has Obama and his supporters playing a steady beat on the war drum. The United States and its western allies have been looking for an excuse to continue western military campaigns in the Middle east and historic Syria is the new obsession.

The 21st Century US approach quite obviously involves destabilizing governments on the other side of the world. Lawmakers like John McCain, who sang "bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran" to the tune of the Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann" (on national television no less) --- are chomping at the bit. They know war contaminates the earth and leaves irreparable scars across humanity, and it also reduces populations; but they also know it is profitable so they push and push.

CNN reports today that this ramp up toward potential violence is all over "small-scale use of sarin in Syria". CNN's own report states, "Syrian rebels claim it is a chemical weapons attack from the Syrian regime," and in the same article attributes the "discovery" to Israeli Brigadier General Itai Brun. CNN, "media" stacked with one story after another relating why Syria deserves to be attacked, is once again simply a pawn, showing video recorded by Syrian "rebels" of men alleged to be victims of chemical attacks, but there is no way to tell what caused their injuries, no matter what we are told in mainstream channels.

This story, from top to bottom, contains far, far too much "unconfirmed" information. It is well established that the so-called Syrian rebels play to the TV and YouTube cameras. The injuries could have been caused by an endless list of weapons... or makeup. Yet the word of these rag tag militants is "credible" because the west pays them to be credible, they are no more credible than the Syrian government, in fact the rebels are not any type of government, and they are far less credible.

Then there is CNN and the other national media showing zero interest once again in confirming information released by these war-oriented governments. It has been demonstrated time and time again that the rebels in Syria have photographed their own victims and attributed their deaths to the Assad government.

The Free Syrian Army (FSA), an al Qaeda linked group funded by the Americans and other western nations, somehow ended up as an Israeli ally also. It has bombed civilian neighborhoods, and used children to murder government loyalists in the street on camera. The FSA recently unleashed a torrent of mortars onto the main university campus in Damascus -- earning enemies in this country's population they will keep for life, but that is OK with the Americans, they remain firmly committed to these government-destabilizing jihadists, many of whom fought the US and Coalition forces in Iraq.

Contradictions and War

A letter signed by Miguel Rodriguez, White House legislative affairs office Director, discloses that the "chain of custody" of the chemicals is not clear. Intelligence analysts, according to the letter, could not confirm the circumstances under which the sarin was used, including the role of Syrian President Assad's government, it is all very typical and consistent with the blunders of US foreign policy.

Along with mouthpieces like McCain, the disappointing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, using terms like "very likely" and "we can't be sure," also says the "United States has evidence that the chemical weapon sarin has been used in Syria on a small scale." So... they are sure, or not?

The truth is that the United States is pressing possible military action against Syria when all of the facts are not known.

Chuck Hagel wrote, "we do believe that any use of chemical weapons in Syria would very likely have originated with the Assad regime."

It is interesting that Israeli press is taking a more critical look at this than the US media.

Israeli National News reported:

    Hagel indicated he had been caught off guard by claims from an Israeli general this week that Syria had fired chemical agents against rebels in recent months, the AFP news agency reported.

    "When I was in Israel they did not give me that assessment. I guess it wasn't complete," Hagel told reporters in Cairo on a tour of the Middle East that included a three-day visit to Israel.

    The United States has warned any use or transfer of chemical weapons would cross a "red line" and possibly trigger military action.

    Britain and France also suspect Syria has used chemical weapons but Hagel said American intelligence agencies were still evaluating information and were not yet convinced.

    "Suspicions are one thing, evidence is another," he said.

Assad regime, Obama regime, Netanyahu regime... there is not one country judging another in this case that is not guilty of very serious war crime violations, Syria just happens to be in a bad position and you know what packs of animals do when another is injured.

With regard to war crimes, the Americans put theirs on TV for all to see. Israel is an apartheid state with one set of laws for Jews and one set for everyone else, and these are the nations plotting the destruction of Syria, where the majority of citizens back their national leader?

It is a sickening thing to hear, the American politicians, with Obama carrying the biggest torch, are apparently just bent on continuing warfare against Syria. This is all about protecting Israel, it is not about sarin gas, or human rights violations, it is about American tax dollars slaughtering Israel's neighbors.

There is no credible reason to believe that Bashar al Assad would make a choice to cross the one line that Obama threatened military action over.



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Anonymous April 26, 2013 9:22 am (Pacific time)

The U.S. is arming alCIAda (which the call Syrian rebles:sic:)with arms/missiles, to take down the Syria regime bacause they dont want to use the petro dollar and go along with the central bankers scheme to control the worlds economic activity. Their own words "let us control the distribution of money and we care not who makes the laws". Because those with the money rule all.

Anonymous April 25, 2013 12:46 pm (Pacific time)

another off topic, but I am done for today..Its a bit late in the day to check the skies, but tomorrow, people, take your eyes off the iphone and look at the sky. We were sprayed badly today, and thinking it will probably continue tomorrow, and the next days....Dont take my word for it, just wake up in the morning and look up. Its disgusting. They sprayed the crap out of us today. My apologies for being off topic, but trying to spread this everywhere..dont take my word for it, just look up tomorrow, and watch it for yourself. In fact, just go outside right now and look..I was outside watching it all day, every single "cloud" that you see came from the planes..My apologies again Mr. King, totally off topic, but I live in the outdoors, and what I am seeing really upsets me...Maybe I am not off topic tho, it goes to show how far the banker owned government will go...Not just Syria, but here in North America. Please, just look for yourself, thats all I ask. Good bye blue skies.

Anonymous April 25, 2013 11:45 am (Pacific time)

xlnt Mr King. And they leave out the fact that the west is arming and supporting AlCIAda as the rebels, same as they did against the russians in Afghanistan. Most weapons found are western backed, same with the chemical weapons which the west sent to saddam to use against northern Iraq..And Iraq had WMD's? More lies. Anyway, I could write a novel here, but the lies from D.C. government are so bad,if people have not figured it out by now, they never will, or dont want to know. Off topic, but no more gun control articles ok? Its over, DHS has bought all the ammo, forcing the manufactures not to sell, and obama signed legislation, without congresional approval, that no more firearms/ammo/etc will be imported..The gun grabbers won, thru deciet, fibbing, and murder. Saul Alinksi, who is obama/hillary mentor, said it doesnt matter if you have to lie, cheat, murder, do whatever it takes to get your agenda..Little do these people know, that when you build something on lies, the foundation will crumble eventually. And the so called president of the U.S. doesnt even realize the obvious. BY the way, congressional hearings, obama and bush to be indicted for war crimes. It wont go anywhere, but it was nice to read the congressional hearings. Bush, Cheney, Obama, should all be in jail. Thanks for the article Mr King.

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