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Second Shooting This Week for Marion County Deputies

The names of the deputies and the man the shot have not yet been released.

Shooting happened on the Illahee Bridge
Shooting happened on the Illahee Bridge - Google Earth

(SALEM) - A man was shot by deputies this morning south of Salem in Turner, Oregon. According to initial reports relayed through Don Thomson, the spokesman for the Marion County Sheriff, it began when a man was observed sitting in a red Chevy Nova on the Illahee Bridge near Enchanted Forest.

Deputies were called out to the location shortly after 7:00 a.m. report approaching the man, engaging in a confrontation, and shooting the man.

The names of the deputies and the man who was shot have not yet been released.

It is the second shooting this week for Marion County deputies. From what information has been released, it appears both men shot by deputies were unarmed, however there are no statements from either the Sheriff's office or the District Attorney verifying whether the men who were shot carried weapons. Police agencies are generally quick to note when a suspect involved in a shooting was also armed.

In this case, the suspect did not appear to have life-threatening injuries, Thomson said.

The Illahe Bridge where the incident occurred, is located near the intersection of Cloverdale and Enchanted Way.


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Anonymous April 26, 2013 12:44 pm (Pacific time)

the police know they can shoot anyone, with no cause, and end up getting a promotion, or, if it is so blantent like what happened in Oakland Ca. they have to put them in jail for 6 months.. 6 months for murder..yikes...The police are to "protect and serve", but they are protecting and serving the banker controlled government..Many polcie officers are waking up, but still not enough. If you look at them wrong they will shoot you, because they know they will not get in trouble, and probably get a promotion..Welcome to USA, a third world country. And dont get me started on Boston..Total martial law for one teenager, while their are 500 murders since Jan 2013 in Chicago, but you see NO martial law there do ya? This was a beta test for full implementation for martial law when the economy collapses, because its on its alst leg. Despite what the MSM says..The MSM said everything was wonderful right before the 2007/2008 collapse..People wake up, please

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