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Balochistan: The Third Kind of Man

The first type of man goes to his death silent, the second goes kicking and screaming...
This is the story of defiance and resistance.

Man about to be hanged in Balochistan
This reportedly took place in Zahedan; the center province of Western Balochistan.

(SALEM) - Balochistan- where people are brave and rugged and timeless; living on land seized and occupied by Pakistan more than six decades ago. Any population so oppressed by others develop the ability to maintain resilience and dignity, it is almost unrivaled.

The film, Rang De Basantimeans which literally means, "Colour me in the season of Spring", follows the story if three brave Indian Revolutionaries in the 1920's who decided that the colonial British had to go. This is the same story of the Balochistan resistance movement today, only the occupier is Pakistan, the country won the rights to Balochistan in a post World War Two land grab.

Rang De Basantimeans traces the journey of a young British filmmaker, who ventures to India to produce a film based on the diary of her grandfather, a jailer in the Imperial Police during the Indian independence movement. Through the diary, she learns the story of five freedom fighters who were active in the movement: Chandrasekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Rajguru, Ashfaqulla Khan, and Ram Prasad Bismil.

Her grandfather states in his diary, that he had met two types of people in his life: the first one... who died without uttering a sound; the second kind ... who died with lots of anguish.. crying over their deaths; and the grandfather, helplessly in admiration of these Revolutionaries sentenced to death, reveals that in them, he met the third kind.

This image accompanying this brief article, is a photo of the third kind of man.

Like those Indian revolutionaries, he has a look of defiance, he knows something many people will never know, and he has seen things no human being should see. The spirit of the Revolutionary; Resistance fighters, simply can't be broken, even in death.

As we have outlined in past articles about Balochistan, those who stand up and scream out, calling attention to human rights violations; be they elected leaders, media, activist, or anyone who draws the attention to themselves, will likely face torture and death. The lack of humanity here is literally off the charts.

As a statement accompanying this image of a Baloch man moments before his death by hanging reads:

Only a Baloch man can go to the mouth of death with a smile as if he not going die but going to fly to world space center, Baloch are heroes and their death is was and will always be that of a hero’s world must not lose their heroes.

(The) world must not come under Pakistani threats and blackmails but must stand on their universal principles for freedom and just and support Baloch in this uneven war where Baloch enemies have some of the most powerful war machines and Baloch have nothing but their bare hands and strong desire for independence, while Baloch get killed on a daily basis yet their will power could not be subdued and crushed this manslaughter will continue unless the international community intervenes like they did in south sudden eastern Timor or Kosovo most recent examples are Russian intervention on behalf of south Ostia and Abkhazia. — with Takur Jee, Osama Shah and Hafeez Baloch.

Jumma Marri wrote:

A genuine and brave smile on the face of this young Baloch man while the rope in his neck death seconds are ticking no worries good bye to friends with beautiful smile it is message to world and Baloch enemies that we do not fear death we love our freedom dignity more than life...

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ali reda October 16, 2014 9:07 am (Pacific time)

the man in the photo is not the criminal Rigui but he is a killer of iranian judge and his name is Majid Kavousifar and he is not baloochi at all knowing that Rigui is a criminal which killed hundred of iranian baloochi and persian civilians by bomb attacks and kidnapping and killing the victims later

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