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Medical Marijuana and the Most Dangerous, Ignorant, Evil, Anti-Marijuana Shills

If there were 12 on this list, it would definitely be a Dirty Dozen.

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(PORTLAND, Ore.) - For medical marijuana users, hiding from police and the anti-marijuana thugs while looking over their shoulders at booze-drinking politicians must be causing them paranoia - one of the adverse effects of too much marijuana.

In this case, the paranoia turns out to be real. And here are the people that make it so.

I cannot judge which of these individuals is the worst, because they are all worse than “bad”.

To tip the scales right from the start, one of the absolute worst was Harry Anslinger, the first head of the US Narcotics Bureau. Anslinger’s testified before the US congress, stating, “How many murders, suicides, robberies, criminal assaults, hold ups --- and deeds of medical insanity it [marijuana] causes each year can only be conjectured.” He is at fault for most of the US Government anti-marijuana garbage, such as NIDA.

The first pairing is former congressman Patrick Kennedy who admits he was addicted to a whole bunch of drugs. The old adage, “There is nothing worse/obnoxious than a recovered druggie” applies.

He goes all over the country telling everyone who will listen how bad drugs are, and then, in effect, blames it all on marijuana.

The other part of this obnoxious duo is Kevin Sabet, who has a PhD in social policy at Berkley. He also has a degree from Oxford England. By age 19 he was working with Alan Leshner, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). How he got tangled up in marijuana propaganda is not really surprising. He was at Berkeley for about 4 years. It is still blue with smoke.

He has a really brutish approach being severely anti-marijuana. He talks all over the place. Rolling Stone magazine called him “Legalization Enemy Number 1” - ahead of the US drug czar and the DEA administrator! An unusual fact about Dr. Sabet: he is Persian (Iran) and marijuana has been used there as medicine for about 4,000 years.

The next is Richard Gil Kerlikowske, and he is head of something called ONDAP. He is the Drug Czar. He is in the background, producing anti-marijuana literature which goes to schools so the students will learn attractive facts about drugs, the introduction of such information is so stimulating that many of the kids go right ahead and use them.

Why? Even kids know that the line they’re being fed about marijuana is untrue, and if it’s not true, then what they say about meth or coke, or heroin is questionable as well. See how this quickly rolls downhill?

Michele Leonheart is Chief of DEA. The DEA is notorious for handing out literature emphasizing the dangers of marijuana, regardless of fact.

For us in Oregon, we have two local anti-marijuana, retired prosecutors. Mark McDonnell, chief of a police drug unit, and Norm Frank, a chief deputy district attorney. These two are dangerous because of their authoritative positions. I would guess that police brutality flows downhill from them.

William Moyers, son of Bill Moyers, is a combination of Sabet and Kennedy in one person. He readily admits to being addicted to everything in the cupboard for twenty years. He is from a very prominent, very upper-class and rich family. I have heard this story before! Now that he’s seen the light, he’ll happily take you and your insurance plan down the path of least resistance, demonizing marijuana along the way.

Whoever runs the VA has a hand in this also. Marijuana is the best drug for PTSD, far better than anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, benzodiazepines, and morphine-like drugs. Yet, if veterans use marijuana, they can be denied all VA services. About 200,000 of these are homeless veterans, probably about as many are in jail for even touching marijuana.

We, in Oregon, have one very special anti-marijuana reporter for the Oregonian newspaper, Noelle Crombie. She has been “bitching” about the near-non-existent dangers of marijuana for about two years. She sounds a lot like Harry Anslinger. For every kind of crime, disaster or whatnot, he would implicate marijuana as being the cause and so does she.

Governor Cuomo of New York belongs in here someplace. He just signed a legislative bill legalizing marijuana, but the regulations are so complex as to make the bill useless. They have at least 18 months to establish the regulations and licensing standards, then the state will grant licenses to five companies to grow and distribute medical marijuana, who will be allowed to operate up to four dispensaries. Good luck New York.

Another of these history-makers is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He says that medical marijuana is "a big hoax". He is lucky he doesn't have cancer, chronic pain or AIDS.


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Gary J Toll August 6, 2014 5:56 am (Pacific time)

Dr. Leveque, I am sure you do not remember me, but back in 1965, right out of Molalla High School, you gave me a physical to work at Crown Zellerbach. Just want to thank you for your dedication and truthfullness concerning cannabis in your life, and for helping to make people understand it true nature. I want to order your book, but would like it signed by you, if that is possible. Would I send the check to the address with a short note to the address that you have on your book site? Again thank you for your knowledge and hard work over the years concerning cannabis. I know you have taken many lumps and bruises for your efforts but I personnaly thank you. Gary J Toll email:

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