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Medical Marijuana: Misinformed Critics

Phil Leveque has spent his life as a Combat Infantryman, Physician and Toxicologist.

Marijuana plants
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(MOLALLA,, Ore.) - It is professionally and personally distressing to read and to be subjected, along with my medical marijuana patients, to extreme vituperation, especially that of newspaper reporters such as Dennis Roler of the Grants Pass, Oregon Daily Courier.

Of course, he was basing his ignorant writings on what he got from the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners, whose misinformation was worse than his.

The Board thinks psychiatric patients shouldn't use marijuana, whereas doctors in California are using it for that. Patients in pain need marijuana as a pain killer even if they have psychiatric disorders. The Board also thinks patients with histories of drug addiction shouldn't use it. They were probably using it to get off addiction with Oxycontin, etc. It works well for this.

He/they said I signed applications for patients that would not be helped by marijuana. It is important to divulge that I did not make the list of eligible medical conditions. The State of Oregon did and if the patient had one of these medical conditions diagnosed by the patient's regular physician, not in any case by me, he would be eligible for the Oregon State Marijuana Card.

Nearly all, about 99 percent, of the patients had been given a slew of strong narcotics and strong psychotropic drugs which had unacceptable, adverse side effects.

That's why they tried marijuana before I saw them. He also said that I bragged that I had signed 4000 applications. He had asked me how many patients I had and I told him. I don't brag about taking care of sick, disabled, destitute patients that other doctors won't. It's my moral duty as a physician.

He stated I was no objective judge of whether the patients should have marijuana permits. I did not make the diagnosis and I must say that the State Medical Marijuana Office, which was monitoring me and all other doctors, never denied any of my patients a permit. Furthermore, almost every patient of mine got another doctor after my license was revoked.

I was berated for having clinics all over the state. I did this because the patients' local doctors would not sign for them for religious reasons or fear of the Oregon Medical Board, the Drug Enforcement Agency goons or George Bush. I'm not going to write about his drug problems.

I was also berated for the clinic fee of $150. I didn't get it. Each clinic had about six paid employees and we had hotel and meal charges for the employees. I ended up with about 25 dollars per patient. If Dennis Roler went to any doctor for the same services we provided, it would cost more than $150.

He implied other doctors had not examined the patients. This is viciously incorrect. The acceptable diagnosis was ALWAYS made by previous doctors.

Dennis Roler may be surprised, if not totally offended, to know that now, three years after his vituperative remarks, Oregon has about 15 thousand registered marijuana patients signed up by 2200 “misled, misinformed, gullible doctors.” Four thousand of those patients were formerly my patients. I am proud to say as a responsible, caring physician that I led the way and I'm now being followed by 2199 doctors and 15 thousand patients.

Medical Marijuana is here to stay.

You can email your questions to the doctor: newsroom@salem-news.com

More information on the history of Leveque can be found in his book, General Patton's Dogface Soldier of Phil Leveque about his experiences in WWII. Order the book by mail by following this link: salem-news.com/pages/Dogface_soldier.

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Bettina August 11, 2007 6:46 am (Pacific time)

If it helps people, without the nasty side effects of other meds, why not allow people to use it? I really don't understand why it is that pills are always pushed, but marijuana is rejected.

Chase August 10, 2007 1:19 am (Pacific time)

We The People have voted for legal marijuana, however the fed's still go after the sick. This was one of the biggest fears our founding fathers ever had. Now it has come to pass..where does it end?

Osotan; August 9, 2007 6:31 pm (Pacific time)

one must be stoic as a leader! And Dennis Roler ought to smoke a one meter reefer and clear away these ribald.,preposterous accusations! Dr. Levqque, I salute you and your succesful efforts to educate the public, myself included, on this life changing matter. Don't let the bastards grind you down. If you get the chance to visit Thailand, send me an e-mail and I'll have a pitcher of kool aid ready for your arrival!, some good teas and coffees also on tap. It's a jungle out there!

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