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Anti-Anti-Nuke TV; Nuclear-Protestor-less TV Newscasts Continuing into 2014

All Images/Captions From Ixquick Images and Respective Websites...

Anti-Anti-Nuclear protest
All Images/Captions From Ixquick Images and Respective Websites, published with credit under Fair Use law.


Anti-nuclear protest in four cities:
250.000 demand "switch off!"

(Sarcasm) this is Sharon Tay with KTLA News, the forecast is no protestors anywhere in view, continuing clear, protestorless throughout 2013...

We had a nuclear protestor-less 2011 and 2012, now 2013 is nuclear protestorless as will be 2014. And you thought we were in collusion with Big Nuke!

Tokyo rally drew 60,000: organizers Masses turn out to protest nuclear power by Kazuaki Nagata - Staff Writer

Tens of thousands of people including musicians, a Nobel laureate and Fukushima residents converged on Meiji Park in Tokyo Monday to vent their anger about the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant crisis and demand the abolition of atomic power.

Despite the unseasonably hot and humid weather, the turnout for the Goodbye Nuclear Power Plants rally was impressive in scale and one of the largest antinuclear rallies so far. japantimes.co.jp/news/2011/09/20/news/masses-turn-out-to-protest-nuclear-power/#.Upt3wIVWwUc


On the left above, the great anti nuclear protest in japan 25.07.2012 - Over 170,000 people took to the streets of Tokyo to protest the reopening of a nuclear reactor in central Japan. The country's nuclear reactors had been shut off for maintenance and repairs after the nightmare of Fukushima. Today the government has started to give permission for the reopening of nuclear power plants, ignoring the warnings of seismologists, but also the very harrowing experience of Fukushima. But ordinary Japanese do not forget so quickly the horror. Protesters were three times those of 2011 and gathered around 8,000,000 signatures against restarting nuclear reactors...

On the right above, the protest against French nuclear activities. French protesters continued protests against the country's nuclear program on October 15, 2011 Thousands of French activists protests held in seven cities, calling for an end to the country's nuclear activities are any. French anti-nuclear activist group of about 25 thousand 900 rallies on Saturday (15 October 23 October), the phase of the Federation "nuclear exit" was organized, participated. According to AFP, the French protesters also emphasized the need to end all nuclear activities to military and civilian government in Paris protested against the continuation of nuclear policy. The move coincided with the announcement of neighboring countries regarding nuclear installations were carried out.

Antinuclear Protestors Berlin - In Berlin, as in Germany, thousands of people poured into the streets to protest in a particularly vehement against nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. In the capital alone are estimated at approximately 120,000 German protesters. - Foto: Emilio Esbardo.

Stop Kudankulam Nuclear Plant 12/09/2012

Stop the police terror

Press statement by New Socialist Alternative (CWI India) and other organisations

    The situation at Kudankulam has turned from worse to ugly. The state is determined to drown the three decade long peaceful protest in blood. Once the Chennai high court on 31st August, gave the green signal to fill the nuclear reactor with fuel, the valiant anti-nuclear fighters of Idinthakarai and surrounding villages decided to step up their struggle to a do or die battle. Tens of thousands of people from the 18 villages surrounding Koodankulam whose livelihood will be affected the most by the Kudankulam nuclear plant, marched along the shores toward the nuclear plant on September 9th . They were stopped before 500 meters from the nuclear plant by armed policemen. 10 companies of police (4000 police men) with the task of breaking the will of the non-violent protesters have been pressed into service.

    The governments at the centre, state and the judiciary are hell bent on commissioning the monster killer Nuclear Plant come what may. It is a shame hat this country India calls itself a Democratic Republic with out an iota of respect for the peoples wishes and opinions.

    The following organisations, New Socialist Alternative (CWI-India), May 17 Movement, Tamil Solidarity, Campaign to Reclaim Democracy, Karnataka Tamil Makkal Iyakkam (KTMI), Save Tamils Movement, Swabhimani Dalitha Shakthi, many other organisations and innumerable human rights activists, condemn the state terror unleashed on the peaceful protesters. We demand that the bloody siege at the Kudankulam be stopped forth with. We demand the immediate withdrawal of the police force and bring back the situation to normalcy.

    Stop harassment of activists who stand in solidarity with the villagers protesting against the Kudankulam nuclear plant.

    We demand that the government heed to the sane voice of the anti-nuclear movement and immediately stop the killer project of nuclearisation of India, which is bound put the people, flora and fauna, the fragile environment and the other species in irrevocable danger.

A fisherman was killed in firing on anti-nuclear protesters at a coastal village in Tuticorin district while they clashed with police near the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, torching local administrative offices. Hindustan Times.

German Nuclear Waste Shipment Protest On Wednesday, November 23 2011, a train carrying 11 tubular containers of highly radioactive nuclear waste departed Normandy, France. The nuclear waste, which originated in German reactors years ago and was processed for storage by a French firm, is now bound for a temporary storage facility in a former salt mine near Gorleben, Germany.

The 750-mile trip has taken far longer than anticipated, due to thousands of protesters causing disruptions along the way. Staging sit-ins, chaining themselves to the rails, and even sabotaging the railway, demonstrators are denouncing the transportation of dangerous material through populated areas. This is the last of 12 contractually obligated shipments of nuclear waste from France. Germany recently pledged a complete phase-out of nuclear power within a decade and has already shut down 8 of its 17 reactors.

Hundreds of demonstrators were removed from railroads and streets by an estimated 20,000 police deployed along the German portion of the route, and the shipment is now near its final destination. - See more at: aibob.blogspot.com/2011/12/german-nuclear-waste-shipment-protest.html#sthash.55iTQ7XT.dpuf

Peace-Forum.com/mnforce/special/20110410/01.htm Stop the hamaoka nuclear power plant. http://worldpeacenow.seesaa.net/article/195498122.html

Taiwanese Protest Nuclear Power Plants By Zhong Yuan Epoch Times Staff - Tens of thousands of protesters rally to show their request to shutting down the island's nuclear power plants during an anti-nuclear rally on March 9, 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. (Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images)

Anti-Atom-Demonstrationen in Japan Von Apa/ag./dpa | 10.03.2013 - 10:06 - Salzburg.com

GETTY Anti-Nuclear Protesters Rally In Taiwan By Lam Yik Fei (GETTY) – Mar 9, 2013

Atom antis: Protesters hold lit candles and placards as they take part in a rally in front of the Diet building to demonstrate against the use of nuclear power on July 29 2013. | AFP-JIJI Japan. The scene in the above picture is 20-minutes from my home; neither my wife nor I saw any broadcasts relating to this "television non-news non-nuclear non-protestor non-event"...

File photo shows demonstrators standing in the waters of the Bay of Bengal as they shout slogans during protest near Kudankulam nuclear power project, in Tamil Nadu Published June 30, 2013 (one fisherman was killed by police) http://greatgameindia.wordpress.com/2013/06/30/india-on-the-grand-geopolitical-energy-chessboard-part-i/file-photo-shows-demonstrators-standing-in-the-waters-of-the-bay-of-bengal-as-they-shout-slogans-during-protest-near-kudankulam-nuclear-power-project-in-tamil-nadu/

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant Protest - blog page is unabashedly pro-nuke - ramakrishnagoverdhanam.blogspot.com/2013/08/kudankulam-nuclear-power-plant-generate-power-october-2013.html

Meanwhile, the Nuclear Industry itself spends a tremendous amount of cash doing “PR” work; when will people learn that “PR” capitalism always leaves a cesspool and dead people, somewhere. Nuke Industry / Media PR-imagineering.... This 52:14 minute Carl Grossman audio interview expresses 45 years of Grossman's Nuke Industry news reporting.




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