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PTSD: Malignant Medications are Murdering Military Heroes

Pharmacological treatment is best.

Iraq 2008
Iraq 2008. Salem-News.com photo by Tim King

(PORTLAND, OR) - Readers are most likely wondering about my title --- good, good! A whole bunch of entrenched treatments must be critiqued. They are bad for the Veterans and society as a whole.

With 22 PTSD Veterans killing themselves every day and thousands homeless or hermits, something must be said about this absolute betrayal of our combat Veterans. Our society owes them the return of their souls and minds.

It is not necessary for me to recite the causes and effects of PTSD. They are well known and a cancer on our society. Almost from the first, they were regarded as a lack of moral fiber and/or a sign of whimpiness. Not so. The best combat soldier is frequently the worst victim if he is still alive. His brain has been undone.

I am writing this in regard to the CBS program about PTSD entitled, "The War Within: Treating PTSD" November 24 2013, in which talk therapy called "Prolonged exposure therapy" was espoused as a new successful treatment for PTSD. It is neither new nor successful.

Psychiatrists may still be using this kind of talk therapy. I presume it is mainly for the rich clients but it needs to be taken over by psychologists and sociologists and others of the same calling.

The first "real treatments" for PTSD were medicinal but they have been a failure. The soldiers found alcohol which drowned their sorrows. Because it acted as a brain anesthetic, why not try other brain depressants?

Here is a listing of the brain depressants used for PTSD:

  • Phenatothiazines
  • Valium like drugs
  • Anti-depressants (most cause zombification)

  • Antiadrenergics (what for?)
  • Anticonvulsants (Gabapentin - wrecks the brain)
  • Anti-psychotics (we are not crazy!)
  • Strong analgesic narcotics (we don't need that)
  • Strong muscle relaxants (its our brains not our muscles!)

What is the worst about all the above is that they frequently make things worse but these medications are used for suicide or cause accidental death. They are malignant medications.

Salem-News.com's editor Tim King spent the summer of 2013 traveling the U.S. on his motorcycle, giving talks about health issues impacting Veterans like PTSD. In 2008 he went to Iraq to interview dozens of Marines and soldiers fighting the war about the impact PTSD was having from an active duty point of view.

He says the contrast between PTSD victims can be like night and day.

"Many Veterans make statements that underscore and corroborate what I have learned from Dr. Leveque; that there is major contrast among Veterans with PTSD. It is also true that most of those who are designing new therapies have never spent a day in combat to fully comprehend what the Vets know or experience. It is that scale of one to ten for PTSD that Dr. Leveque has always talked about, that the VA still fails to take into account."

All the above being said, what is with this "new" Prolonged Exposure Therapy. PTSD Veterans have gone through too much prolonged exposure during combat. We would forget it or reduce it if we could.

Let's get down to brass tacks. The body has its own treatment for PTSD called anandamide which is in the brain. Extreme stress of combat probably overwhelms this anandamide system. However, we have found a medicinal substitute called cannabis which acts like a complete substitute. Before anyone starts screeching, let me point out that if a person has asthma we give them adrenaline or a substitute. If they lack cortisol we give them a substitute. If they lack insulin, we give them a substitute. What is supposed to be wrong with giving them cannabis which fully replaces anandamide?

I am convinced that talk therapy by a patient or councilor does not really work that well. These councilors are complaining that their PTSD victim patients are using alcohol and other drugs. It should be obvious why they are using them. I have posted Marijuana Prevents Suicide 3-20-13 indicating that about 7000 Veterans committed suicide in 2010. How many were saved by the use of marijuana is not known but it is probable that it is 10,000 or more.

Talk Therapy Useless --- Marijuana Treatment Best!

PTSD, New Fake Treatments Reported by CBS News


For more information, SEARCH "Marijuana Leveque Cannabis", &/or see this article: Dr Phil Leveque: The Coolest 90-Year Old on Planet Earth



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