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Press TV: 'Pro-Israel Group Targets Obama Bid'

Groups like “Stand With Israel” are upset and afraid that they will not see a major war with ancient Persia.

US President Barack Obama
US President Barack Obama

(SACRAMENTO) - The group claims, “Our organization is founded on the basis that the safety and security of Israel is inextricably tied to the national security of the United States of America and must be preserved. If the security of either of our two countries is compromised, so is the other.” Interesting at best, that they would suggest that Israel’s constant call for death and war in Iran would be inevitably tied to US security. It seems the opposite is true.

The group is leading a campaign against US President Barack Obama because he is trying to bring peace to the region - because he wants to build peaceful relations with Iran.

Iran has long been accused of having the desire to build a nuclear bomb. Israel already has at least 150 of them, all illegal and undeclared under the Nuclear Proliferation Act. In other words, the US is making progress toward peace and supporters of the Israeli apartheid regime don’t like it one bit.

The whole argument stems from the misinterpreted statement by former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that “Israel should be wiped from the map,” which was never stated.

Among this sort of Israel-inspired confusion, one thing is clear. Be it Iran or Iraq or Syria, any support for the embattled Palestinians, whose land has been stolen by those who want to build the Israeli dream, is met with world level violence, assassinations, and other forms of terrorism served up by the US, Israel and the cooperative western powers.

According to Stand With Israel’s Call To Action, complete with misspellings:

Even President Obama’s own staff are questioning his wisdom over the deal he’s trying to cut with Iran. Gary Samore, the President’s former top advisor on weapons of mass destruction, told the Jerusalem Post “We don’t have a guarantee,” that Iran will ever stop marching toward nuclear weapons.

“When there is a public split between the US and Israel, it gives the Iranians some confidence... to the extent that they see dissension in the ranks... they think their hand is stronger,” said Samore.

The world will be a much more dangerous place if President Obama is left to continue his cozy relationship with Iran and allows them to fully develop nuclear weapons. It’s not too late to stop this “historic mistake” as Benjamin Netanyahu put it.

We need your immediate support to lobby Congress and tell your local legislators that we cannot allow a nuclear-armed Iran.

The misspellings are reflective of Israel’s vast misunderstanding of American culture. Bear in mind that the message is directly created for Americans. The Israeli regime publishes excruciating copy, lies, and innuendo targeting the American public, which so often only seems capable of following the popular cry to support Israel. Indeed, Israel has done wonders for itself by inserting its agenda into the center of the American political process.

The article continues here: on Press TV

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pinkfloyd December 9, 2013 10:13 am (Pacific time)

off topic tim king, but i think today is the anniversary when the CIA or etc killed john lennon...I thought I would bring it to your attention and add a link to john lennons video of "merry christmas. war is over"">


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