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Palestine - A Blessed Land Led by Incompetent Leaders

“Indeed, Allah (God) will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Qur’an: 13:11)

Palestine's leadership

(WASHINGTON DC) - Palestine, a holy land blessed by God in the three Abrahamic Faiths – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam –but unblessed with incompetent leaders since Zionists began immigrating and invading the land in the late 19th Century.   No more so than today when beloved Palestine has two unelected parties, Fatah ruling the West Bank, and Hamas ruling Gaza.

Both are corrupt, incompetent politically, economically, and as a failed resistance movement, and both are self serving with greed and power in their hearts, damn the Palestinian children who are dying in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza.

Both Fatah and Hamas have failed to deliver any political or economic benefits to Palestinian families.   Under Fatah in the West Bank Israel has built thousands of illegal homes and outposts annexing more land and water.   Under Hamas Gaza has been besieged for six years enduring repeated Israeli genocidal attacks.

Read how the Palestinian Authority/Fatah under Mahmoud Abbas betrayed their country and people as documented in the Palestine Papers.

Let us review the leaked Palestine Papers:

These papers shocked the world but jolted and shocked the Palestinian people like a massive shattering arthquake.   Palestinians suffered and endured for decades the loss of their homes, land, and loved ones, in the expectation and hope that their leaders will find a way to deliver them from Israel’s illegal, immoral, and inhumane brutal military occupation.    Imagine their shock and disbelief when they discovered that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and his Chief Negotiator, Saeb Erakat (and others) were secretly negotiating with Israel a total surrender and capitulation of the historical rights and demands of the Palestinians, the very rights that has kept them unified as a people despite being scattered in refugee camps in and out of Israel.

These unbelievable concessions included:

  • Conceding to Israel the annexation of all but one of the illegal settlements built in occupied East Jerusalem
  • Conceding to an international committee control over Jerusalem's Masjid Al Aqsa which houses the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque.
  • Conceding the right of return of Palestinian refugees by accepting Israels offer to allow only 100,000 refugees to return to their homes and villages over 10 years

These traitors also worked with the Israeli security forces to assassinate Palestinian leaders, even those in Fatah, their very organization, while working with the British Secret Service MI6 (and the CIA and Israel) to develop a plan that entails the removal and defeat of Hamas in Gaza despite its electoral victory over Fatah. .

In effect the Palestinian Authority became Israel’s internal security force killing, imprisoning without charge or trial (like Israe) any Palestinian deemed dangerous by Israel or a threat to the P.A.’ authority’s power and control of the West Bank. It’s also been accused by Human Rights organizations of widespread human rights abuses including murder and torture.

After the Palestine Papers clearly revealed the Chief Negotiator Saeb Erakat’s role in agreeing to all these concessions he resigned. He denied all such allegations as revealed by AlJazeera TV in Qatar, but surprise, surprise, he’s back in his old position with a salary that’s more likely several dozen of times more than any Palestinian refugee. No investigation, no accountability, same corrupt business as usual.

However In an interview with the BBC (January 26, 2011) Saeb Erakat came clean and admitted some of the most damaging reports in the Palestine Papers were true.

Additionally, the P.A.’s Security Chief, Mahmoud Dahlan, who was closely tied with Israel and the C.I.A., and thus can be considered an informant, became extremely wealthy as he ran the security apparatus in Gaza. For his alleged corruption he was removed from a major P.A. Committee but was never charged or investigated for any crime.

These criminal corrupt traitors still hold on to power although their elected terms expired years ago.

As for Hamas in Gaza: (The word Hamas in English means “Enthusiasm”)

The late Sheikh Ahmed Yassin (killed by Israel) founded an Islamic charity in Gaza in the early 1970’s. This charity was encouraged, licensed, and supported by Israel to counter the secular P.L.O. In 1987 Sheikh Yassin and others founded “Hamas”, an Islamist fundamentalist organization dedicated to liberating all of Palestine. Hamas came into being during the First Intifada.

It went on to defeat Fatah in 2006 in a free election gaiining a majority seats in Parliament. Their victory shocked the U.S., Israel, and Fatah and thus ensued a military clash between Fatan and Hamas whereby Fatah was defeated and in 2007 Hamas gained total control of Gaza.

Although it needs a much longer discussion, in my opinion, all the alleged “Islamic” fundamentalist groups from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, to Hamas, Al Qaeda and the Taliban are ignorant of true Islam as evidenced by their practices from intolerance to terrorism.

It’s been vastly documented that Hamas would not exist if not for Israel’s political and economic support as a counter balance to the secular P.L.O.

The Wall Street Journal article entitled: “How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas

Quotes a retired Israeli official, Avner Cohen, who was in charge of Religious Affairs in Gaza for more than 20 years as saying that Israel’s support of Hamas: an "enormous, stupid mistake" made 30 years ago and; “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel's creation,"

Other reports documenting Israel’s support of Hamas are found here:

Israeli Roots of Hamas:


  • The Hamas-Likud Pairing: Jerusalem Post 08/25/95
  • Analysis: Hamas history tied to Israel: United Press International 06/18/02
  • Israeli Roots of Hamas are being exposed: Centre for Research on Globalization 18/18/02
  • Sharon War Plan Exposed: Hamas Gang Is His Tool: Executive Intelligence Review 07/20/01
  • Israel's Hamas: The New York Press 04/17/02
  • Arafat: Hamas Are Sharon's Children: Executive Review News Service 12/21/01
  • Unintended Consequences Pose Risks for Mideast Policy: Washington Post, January 7, 2009

Hamas has ruled Gaza’s 1.5 million Palestinians with an iron fist as if Israel’s devastating siege of Gaza for years is not enough.   Like the leaders of the Palestinian Authority Hamas has no legitimate authority to retain any power.

In its alleged allegiance to “Islamic” principles Hamas has committed the same crimes against Gazans as Israel:  Assassinations, murder, imprisonment without charge, torture, and the irony of it all:  House Demolitions.

As reported in the Israeli paper Haaretz in its article: “Hamas to raze 180 Gaza houses to erect Islamic religious center”, May 21, 2010

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip plans to raze another 180 Palestinian houses, on top of the 20 it recently demolished in the southern town of Rafah, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights charged on Thursday….The 20 houses already destroyed were home to some 150 people, who are now homeless and living in tents, the organization said.”

(Here’s the shocker.  It’s as if an IDF spokesman speaking

The government said it razed the houses because they were built illegally on government land. The organization said that Hamas plans to use the same pretext to demolish houses in Khan Yunis and other towns.

Most of these houses' inhabitants are poor, the organization said, and several saw their previous houses demolished during the years of fighting with Israel.”   (End of article quote)


It must be true then; Hamas is Israel’s illegitimate child.


In another report that appeared in the Guardian titled: “Hamas Accused of Routine Torture of Detainees in Gaza Strip”, October 02, 2012

“Hamas security forces are routinely subjecting Palestinian detainees in Gaza to torture and abuse, according to a report by Human Rights Watch, which says three men have been executed on the basis of "confessions" apparently obtained under coercion….The report, cites serious abuses such as arbitrary arrest, denial of access to lawyers and the use of torture during interrogations.

"After five years of Hamas rule in Gaza, its criminal justice system reeks of injustice, routinely violates detainees' rights, and grants immunity to abusive security services,"   (end of article quote)

The selfishness, callousness, and incompetence of Hamas who’s “enthusiasm” for meaningless rockets and Un-Islamic suicide bombers who kill innocent Israeli civilians have brought on repeated genocides by Israel.   It’s the innocent children, Hamas, who pay with their lives for your stupid arrogant thoughtless and meaningless resistance strategy that has gained you nothing but the world’s contempt.

Your so called “resistance” will never achieve the ends the entire world seeks and desires for the Palestinians – an end to the occupation and the establishment of a free Palestinian State.

Stop your madness; stop your bellicosity and horrendous boastfulness.

Yes, Palestine, Hamas the “Islamic” movement commits the same war crimes as Israel as the Palestine Authority

Khaled MeshaaI (and other Hamas leaders), the allegedly retiring political leader of Hamas has repeatedly over the years clearly stated that Hamas is “willing to accept a Palestinian State along the 1967 borders” (See here, here)


Yet just ten days after the world celebrated Palestine’s victory at the U.N. to be admitted as an observer non-member this most unsavvy irrational un-political politician returns to Gaza and at a rally gives a speech that undercuts and undermines not only that small step at the U.N. but annihilates whatever support and sympathy the Palestinians gained thus far especially given that Abbas declared in his speech at the U.N., November 29, 2012 that Israel’s existence is unquestioned and legitimate.

This non-statesman said:

“Palestine, from the river to the sea, from north to south, is our land, .Not an inch of it can be conceded….Israel has no right in Jerusalem.

Meshaal’s insane outburst that resistance is the path to glory is contemptible given that Hamas in besieged Gaza has been unable to deliver even one bottled formula of milk to a single Palestinian infant.

With leaders like these who needs enemies? Both Fatah and Hamas in their madness can only lead the Palestinians to self destruct and lose any hope for independence from the juggernaut power Israel backed by America.

Abba Eban was right; ‘”The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Armed Resistance is fruitless, meaningless, and counterproductive that only leads to filling Palestine’s cemeteries.

The situation in Palestine is unlike any other foreign occupation and résistance movement. Every other resistance movement in modern history had strong backing from either a superpower or neighboring nations. In Palestine’s case there is neither good leadership, nor unity amongst themselves, no military or economic backing from anyone else, not even from the Arab/Muslim world, no heavy weapons or modern technology and communication, no skilled campaign to gain world sympathy and support, and most of all the occupier and its American backer is ruthless and has the western world captive in its shackles. This is unprecedented in the history of resistance movements.

The world is yearning and hungry for a peaceful Palestinian resistance that employs political strategies, a well organized and financed media and public relations campaign especially in the U.S., a committed and well organized boycott of Israeli settlement products that currently flood the Arab/Muslim world.

The world wants to see intelligent well educated spokespersons who are fluent in english and other languages to make the case for a Free Palestine. People who are photogenic, articulate, good debaters, and well informed on American history and culture.

Palestine will be freed through a political process not through the mindless “enthusiasm” of wayward rockets and the marching of armed masked men who not only terrorize their own people but terrorize the world reinforcing their manufactured belief that Palestinians are terrorists and only understand force.

Time for Palestinians to self evaluate and reconsider their failed past of armed resistance and develop a campaign to win the hearts and minds of the only people who can deliver their freedom, not Arabs, not Muslims, but Americans, who await the right person with the right knowledge and qualifications to enlighten their free loving conscience to support a Palestine free from military occupation and colonialism.

You can’t defeat a nuclear nation with stones and silly rockets, but you can defeat it with moving words and images.

Money and media, not guns, are today’s mode of resistance and victory.

How long will the Palestinians suffer the corrupt criminal un-elected mafias, Fatah and Hamas, who are fighting each other as enemies for power and greed forgetting that they live in cages built by Israel and financed by the United States.

There’s been too much blood spilled by these two malignant parties, too many insults, as they each appease their respective supporters, the west and Gulf nations for Fatah, and only Iran and dying Syria supporting Hamas.

One can rightfully ask why are the Palestinians not outraged at the selling of their own destiny and future by these two failing parties? Why aren’t they rising in their own “Palestinian Spring” to remove these corrupt incompetent people and hold a genuine election in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem to vote for qualified principled leaders who will fight for all their inalienable rights at home, in the region, and internationally.

Men and Women like Dr. Hanan Ashrawi and Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi and obviously there are others who are just as qualified. Imagine the reaction of the world if a Muslim majority in Palestine elected the brilliant articulate Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, a Christian as President.

With such Palestine can teach the entire Arab and Muslim world the value and meaning of a unified people for a unified purpose – Freedom!!!

Change yourselves, change your leadership, and God will grant the prayers of the oppressed.






--Minutes of meeting between Saeb Erekat, Maen Areikat, George  Mitchell, David Hale and others on October 2, 2009.



--Saeb Erakat, PA Chief Negotiator, admits some reports are true



--More Details on the criminal concessions made by the P.A.



--Details of British Intel MI6 Plan to Combat Hamas



--Palestine papers: Mohammed Dahlan

Former Fatah security chief who had close links to the CIA and Israel's Shin Bet security service


Mohamed Khodr is an American Muslim born in the Middle East. He is political activist who frequently writes on the plight of Palestinians living under the brutal occupation of Israel, U.S. Foreign Policy, Islam, and Arab politics.



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Prof. Taheri December 17, 2012 7:58 am (Pacific time)

A fascinating perspective on the conflict is laid out in Jonathan Bloomfield’s award-winning book, “Palestine,” in which actual history and future predictions are cloaked in fiction.

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