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Israelis Shot Palestinian Man Who Was Bound and Gagged

In Palestine, there is no "Post" in PTSD because the trauma continues daily, weekly, monthly, for sixty years. When is the world going to do something about this?

Ashraf Abu Rahma
Ashraf Abu Rahma

(SALEM, Ore.) - The policies of Israel's military against the Palestinian people can be one of absolute cruelty, as a video clip recorded two summers ago shows.

The video shows a 27-year old Palestinian protester named Ashraf Abu Rahma, with his arms tied behind his back, lined up and shot by Israeli occupational forces.

As it turns out Abu Rahma was also gagged as he was shot. He said the soldiers told him afterward, "You deserve this and even more." The soldiers were from the IDF's 71st Battalion.

Every day the Israeli military commits crimes against humanity, and each day, year after year, the Americans and British and other western countries are feeding and caring for this religious state.

But an increasing number of human beings in the U.S. and in other parts of the world are learning about the atrocities and war crimes that Israel is responsible for. At the rate we are currently seeing, it will not be too long before the world finally takes action.

Hitler was in power from 1933 to 1939 before he began his systematic attempt to eliminate Europe's Jews, Gypsy's, professors, writers, activists, and anyone else who in any way objected to nationalist politics.

The Israelis have been slowly taking away the land that was once Palestine for sixty years, and they are unabated. They also challenge and take action against anyone who speaks out, particularly if they are Palestinian.

The incident in question happened in Naaleen village Palestine on July 7th 2008. There are so many daily occurrences of violence from the U.S. supplied heavily armed Israeli military against the Palestinian people, that some information is very delayed in getting out.

Watch the Israeli military shoot this bound and captive Palestinian protester; this is how the IDF
treats Palestinians who raise a voice of objection to the deadly and criminal policies of Israel.

The arrested and cuffed Palestinian was shot by an Israeli soldier from a distance less than one meter, in the presence of high ranking Israeli officer. Needless to say, the individual was unarmed. He also has his hands tied.

And this is just the beginning of the story. As Ali Waked reported yesterday in Israel News, now the Israelis are after the family of a teenage Palestinian girl who recorded the shooting on video.

She recorded the Israel Defense Forces soldier shooting a rubber bullet at the bound Palestinian in the West Bank village of Naaleen last year, and the family says the army has been harassing them ever since.

The family told reporters that a "massive IDF force raided their house on Wednesday night and left behind a lot of damage. The girl's father and brother were then summoned for 'investigation'."

It is reported that soldiers arrived at the girl's house at around 3:30 a.m. The girl in reference, can be heard on the tape in the video clip.

That night, according to her brother Arafat Cannan, "They broke the windows of our car, which was parked outside, and did not leave one whole glass inside the house. They destroyed and ruined everything."

"They used a loudspeaker and shouted, 'We are the IDF, we are the IDF,' without giving any warning, without telling us what they want."

The boy says that as the Israeli soldiers invaded his home, destroying everything in sight, his mother fainted. The Israeli soldiers then attacked his father, and removed two of his brothers from the house, handcuffing them in the yard. A third brother, Arafat said, who was outside the house, was detained until the end of the six hour raid.

Inside the Canaan home, after it was half destroyed by IDF soldiers.

During the course of the event the IDF brought dogs into the Canaan house, as they smashed and destroyed the family's belongings, while holding them at gunpoint, all because a little girl had taped their criminal actions in shooting a protester.

Arafat believes the entire army raid was an effort to make them pay for the video clip included with this report.

"If they wanted to arrest, they would come and arrest. But to destroy an entire house only to leave behind a letter summoning me and my brother to meet with a Shin Bet officer? This proves they are driven by feelings of vengefulness over that affair."

Arafat's little sister wanted to document the damage the soldiers inflicted on her home, but it won't be a surprise that the soldiers threatened the girl. Of course they're after Arafat too, he's another fledgling photojournalist who regularly documents the anti-fence demonstrations in Naaleen.

He believes the late night/early morning raid was nothing more than an attempt by the soldiers to terrify him and make him stop filming the demonstrations and the army's activity in the village. I think that once again leads to the question of how on earth we can call people in the Mideast terrorists, while leaving Israel out of the mix. To the Canaan family, dreaded terrorists wear the uniform of the IDF.

When dealing with the Israelis, Palestinians tend to disappear in the middle of the night. Crossing or challenging the Israeli military or simply working to expose a truthful situation, can lead to dire retribution from Israel's military. When it comes to the targets of Israel's military, there are no age limits.

The Canaan family says the Israeli's didn't leave a piece of glass unbroken

But perhaps it isn't fair to see the soldiers of the IDF in this light; they are after all forced into the military and their crimes are endorsed and encouraged and actually part of Israel's policies.

Like in any situation, there are always individuals in the mix and some are better and some are worse. Israel's entire sense of politics evolves from a religious belief that they are the only people who should occupy what is today Israel, which only 60 years ago was Palestine. This belief is called Zionism and it absolutely is an expression of there being a supreme race, the Jewish people, who through scripture, "inherit" the land that is now Israel.

Most Americans are truly in the dark about the real motives of Israel. We are raised to know about the Holocaust, but not the subsequent routing of Palestinian people from land that was once theirs in the years following WWII. The number of times Palestinians who have been murdered and jailed and abused could never be tabulated.

There have been many retributions over the years. Innocent Israeli school kids have died when the buses they were riding to school in exploded. The Palestinian people have been divided and everyone lives in fear. In Gaza, IDF soldiers shoot people from towers, innocent people. The violence is so rampant that it can hardly be described.

In the United States we send people off to questionable wars and deal with the fallout of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder when they come home.

In Palestine, there is no "Post" in PTSD because the trauma continues daily, weekly, monthly, for sixty years. When is the world going to do something about this?

Instead of forcing Israel to stop killing and expanding its colonies or "settlements" in the PC description, and making its politicians fall into line by threatening their financial contributions, we go along with their false claims about Iran, a nation also completely forced into a corner, and eventually we will probably see a third world war.

The United States has blasted an Iranian air liner into smithereens, Israel attacked the U.S. Navy ship Liberty during the Six Day War killing scores of Americans, yet we are hopelessly on the side of Israel, as they commit serious war crimes and deflect all responsibility with the help of other western nations.

There are many people in Israel who are strongly against the world stage crime policies of their government, and they try to raise a voice, however silent it is. Nobody has a right to any piece of land because a religious book states they do. I can't imagine that God's "Chosen People" are supposed to conduct themselves this way. It is a shame for the young people of Israel forced into being part of this.

The options are few, some believe writing to politicians is an answer, others suggest following the Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions movement which seeks to reduce the flow of goods produced on colonized or "settlement" lands. There are many links below which explain these points in more detail.

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Oregon Reader December 23, 2009 5:05 pm (Pacific time)

Similar types of abuse occur here in the U.S. at the ahnds of the police.  Look into any agency and ask about the routine complaints.  You'd be surprised how many bound "criminals" are further abused when the police have no reason to fear.  The police terrorize.

Sal December 18, 2009 11:24 am (Pacific time)

This is blatant propaganda. The video you have inserted is doctored and cuts out pieces. The palestinians have done their fair share of violence and terrorism. Furthermore, there was never a state of Palestine as you claim. The UN decided to create 2 countries in 1948; Israel and Palestine. The palestinians didn't like the idea and then tried to wipe out the jews. Thankfully they lost that war and all the subsequent wars they started.

Editor: I don't care who cut what, your people line guys up and shoot them like cowards, it is sickening, but then you are the bullies and you get to call the shots, but only because my own sad country gives you everything you have.  God Bless all people, especially the poor Palestinians who have been treated with such over the top racism.  

Osotan; December 18, 2009 7:20 am (Pacific time)

now I hear they are more humane and use full metal jacketed rounds.,a.k.a. "real bullets" so the Palestinians won't have to suffer in pain for so long.

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