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Illegal Occupational War On Humanity

Versus Hero Patriots Dissidents Insurgents Freedom Liberty and Democracy...

US flag

(PHILADELPHIA) - c.1917 Waling Wall Street commences illegal occupations war against peace war against humanity for the tyrannical confiscation of global; labor, property, assets, and natural resources.  An entire flawed 20th Century of psy ops mantra deceptions, distractions, and stealth disconnect from major historical factual events. Resulting in Knave conditioned fools who live in an 80's mentality driving around in vacuum sealed Mercedes Benz convertibles oblivious to hired shills, neo-con severe mentally unstable superiority-complexes. Article published Before It's News... Dr. Dahlia Wasfi  [69] at the Anti-war discussion panel held at Syracuse University on 9.29.07

"Hundreds of senior military officers took the “shilling” from Israel long ago, became “pundits” for neocon blogs or fright mongers for networks." This branding, this call for war is entirely based on fabricated cables “released” Monday by the Sidney Morning Herald. Al-CIAduh Wikileaks has issued a virtual declaration of war against Iran, part of the Mossad’s “war by deception” of which Wikileaks is a proven component." Posted by Gordon Duff Veterans Today

Suppressed Historical Events

Historical events suppressed for 100 years results in the total conditioning of U.S.citizenry with a hyper sensitivity and nationalistic jingoism fierce reaction to any criticism of corrupt criminal and illegal government policy operating above the US Constitution Law. "Everyday the news reports the corruption of U.S. foreign policy, how the United States is killing civilians, incarcerating thousands without trials, participating or allowing torture, spying on diplomats and on and on." Posted by Kevin Zeese.

"US/Zionist Power Configuration key operatives in strategic positions in the government and the activities of local Zionist organizations affiliated with mainstream Jewish organizations and religious orders." Posted by Dr. James Petras.  A manufactured culture and constant hysterical reverse fear and buzz hype 'Hate Speech' [39] spin. Self anointed victims, artificial and underachieving superiority-moral-intellectual-merit mythology, and reverse victim industry abuse of artificial hysteria and ideology hype that permeates and holds all American values hostage resulting in a dangerous Stockholm Syndrome.  U.S. citizenry victims held hostage in their own country by psychological Stockholm Syndrome disorder or prisoners harboring deep attachment or sympathy to criminal bureaucratic apparatus and dysfunctional media clowns. 

Conversely, "A solid understanding of history has long been the best guide to comprehending the present and anticipating the future. Accordingly, people are most interested in historical questions during times of crisis, when the future seems most uncertain." Posted by Mark Weber. A major suppressed historical episode of revolution from the top down not from the bottom up proletariat. Published article Ynet News.com by Sever Plocker: "Some of the greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish"

Historical events that U.S.citizenry stubbornly refuse to accept and fly into a rage of Stockholm Syndrome disconnect from reality of historic factual events. Correlating, to America in the first decade of the 21st Century suppressing the historical event of "Wailing Wall Street Band of Quislings" Article by Opinion Maker financing from the top down, not the bottom up revolution of Czarist Imperial Russia which parrots today's U.S. manufactured failed bureaucratic apparatus attack and war against 'We the People.'

Suppressed historical factual events omitted from Western Universities. "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution how Western capitalists funded Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Soviet Union" -- by Antony C. Sutton

c.1917 Wailing Wall Street Quisling capitalist pretext agents Trotsky Lenin quote "Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies by the scores of hundreds, let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritskii let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie -- more blood, as much as possible." Posted by Institute for Historical Review Therefore, "Let's not forget them, my own view is different, I find it unacceptable that a person will be considered a member of the Jewish people, when he does great things, but not considered part of our people when he does amazingly despicable things." Article published Ynet News.com by Sever Plocker

American Superiority-Complexes

A US/Zionist Power Configuration [65] severe superiority complex and mentally unstable illegitimate body operating outside all legal boundaries established at this Nation's founding. The U. S. Constitution, [7] Articles Bill of Rights, International Laws, Geneva Conventions, Military Code of Honor, 800 years of Habeas Corpus [8] , and Nuremberg Tribunals. "For Wall Street’s billionaires, the Pentagon’s warmongers, and Washington’s most shamelessly corrupt, there has been no greater gift than Obama and his presidency." Posted by Larry Chin Global Research

Correlating Top Down Revolution

Accelerating the theft confiscation death and destruction of Czarist Imperial Russia c.1917 transferring top down war against the American population c.2010. Without mercy, without sparing, we will eliminate and seek the complete evisceration of the middle class and American proletariat financial systems. Effectuated by c.1917 Wailing Wall Street [25] Quislings and private U.S.banking baron cartels "Fed I G Can't Explain Missing 9 Trillion Dollars." Congressional Testimony of parody shows by over medicated on shill pills directors, media clowns, and hoaxes perpetuated on U.S. citizenry.  Wailing wall enablers, accelerating QE1 QE2 [26] thefts and resulting in the total confiscation of the wealth, liberty, spirit, free markets, community, religion and faith of American citizenry at the onset of the second decade of the 21st Century.

Correlating historical events repeating verbatim c.2010 revolution from the top down, not the bottom up proletariat. The conclusion is not unreasonable to assume that the U.S. in it's unhinged criminal attack and torture inflicted on humanity and war against peace commencing c.1917 and accelerated in September 11 c.2001 is repeating genocides [9] in Iraq and across the world.

“It is the people of Fallujah’s cherished right to hold to account the International Community that now has both the mandate and moral responsibility to initiate proceedings to prosecute and hold accountable all those perpetrators. "Fallujah, a Disgrace for the USA, an Eternal Curse on Humanity" Posted by Dirk Adriaensens Global Research.

America's Wailing Wall Street declaration of "war on its own citizenry" will stop at nothing to continue the race to the bottom of collapsed disgraced and cursed empires shadowing artificial patriotisms, hoaxes, pious and sanctimonious democracy and freedom parodies. "There Is A WAR Being Waged Against The Working Families Of America!" Sen Bernie Sanders Vermont.

Preemptive Illegal Occupiers vs Hero Patriots Insurgents Dissidents Liberty Freedom Democracy 

Extreme violent [9] self anointed reverse [43] victims illegal neo-con ZPC occupiers of America. Versus Hero patriots insurgents dissidents freedom liberty democracy and global citizenry. Insurgents or dissident is a term used by self anointed reverse victim illegal occupiers to all resistance and the preservation self instinct of humanity, global citizenry, and individuals to protect their life, liberty, children, homes, religion, spirit, community, labors, assets, property, or nations natural resources.

A contradictory incredulous dilemma of dividing categorically hero patriot freedom democracy versus insurgents or dissident symbols of branding attacks by the self anointed reverse victim industry [34] [41] [43] [59].
Consequently, this leads to another duty and dilemma of all heroes patriots insurgents or dissidents of freedom and democracy.  The daily dilemma of knaves conning and propagandizing fools to snitch quickly on all citizenry or would be dissidents insurgents heroes or patriots passing stomach gas, or underpants foul odor threats, at Walmart Corporation by unaccountable Czar Janet Napolitano Director of Homeland Security.

Nevertheless, crony media corruption publishes reverse 'Hate Speech' and outrageouse discrimination and stereotyping of Ponzi including gentiles.  Hyper buzz copy deflecting whimpering Madoff con men scams [51].  Supreme theft artists hanging themselves, from the higest pinnacles of pyramid scams, screaming Ponzi and gentiles forced them to rob and steal. in broad daylight. Published by NY Times "Theft Scam Illusions" Article by Veterans Today.
Trojan Horse distraction Wikileaks al-CIAduh hysteria and Muslim hoaxes [34]. "This branding, this call for war is entirely based on fabricated cables “released” Monday by the Sidney Morning Herald. Al-CIAduh Wikileaks has issued a virtual declaration of war against Iran, part of the Mossad’s “war by deception” of which Wikileaks is a proven component." Posted by Gordon Duff

Responsibilities Obligations to Question Deep Disparity

According to Neil Postman, a "citizen has an obligation to criticize government and other actors in society when the disparity between ideal and reality become too great." In other words, a patriot has the right and moral obligation to question what he is told by the government and the people who represent the government." Author Neil Postman"Isreali War Crimes Posters on Buses" Citizenry hero insurgents dissidents liberty freedom democracy rights and obligations [67].
Quislings vs Dissidents Hero Patriot Insurgents Freedom Liberty Democracy

"No nation can survive treason from within" Marcus Tullius Cicero (January 3, 106 BC – December 7, 43 BC) was a Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist, and Roman constitutionalists. Cicero is widely considered one of Rome’s greatest orators and prose stylists. Americans have been distracted from pertinent historical factual events such as Cicero's statesmanship. Stubbornly hang on to the artificial 'Beacon and Shining Light on a Hill to the World' psy ops. The decimation and destruction of the proletariat middle class..

An 80's mentality driving around in vacuum sealed Mercedes Benz convertibles oblivious to hired shills, quislings, neo-cons spewing reverse 'Hate Speech', lazy intellect [39] [43] academic Zionists, severe mentally unstable superiority-complexes, and Hollywood parroting radical Islam [34] [41[59] and Nazi [45] hoaxes.

Summary of Incongruous Dilemmas Ambiguity

Simultaneously, all around them are distractions, shills, disinfo agents, agent provocateurs, and "cointelpro 101" Posted by Jared A. Ball Voxunion.. Representing double standard laws of American 21st Century of self anointed reverse victim [59] industry genocides [68], patriotic propaganda, 100 years of sanctimonious conditioning, "Israel Lobby's absolute ownership of Congress" Posted by Wayne Madsen, crony media clowns, lazy intellect [45] Hollywood parodies, Wailing Wall Street Quislings goons Posted by Opinion Maker , both political party circuses, and the underachieving artificial pious White House.

Absolute ownership of Congress by AIPAC lobby. "However, many Americans are growing tired of the arrogance of the Israel Lobby and their bigoted attitudes toward anyone who challenges their influence-peddling and their ridiculous insistence that Israel must be supported because of some ancient fairy tales involving some tribes who wandered the deserts of the Middle East and saw and heard non-existent things because of sun stroke, drinking bad water, and smoking local hallucinogenic plants." Posted by Wayne Madsen

These are tyrannical quisling disinfo officials who basically live in the c.1917 Trotskyism world philosophy. Documented self incriminating and self admitted war lord Czars who have commenced war against its population and global citizenry.

Subsequently, by their daily bellicose actions alone state verbatim [59] that all 310 million population of America is not worth the single breath intake required to sustain life and deserve death destruction and confiscation of labors, assets, property, loss of liberty, freedom, and democracy.

"Without mercy, without sparing, we will eliminate and seek the complete evisceration of the middle class bourgeoisie." c.1917 Wailing Wall Street.
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