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Celebration Legacy c.2010 Thanksgiving Day

21st Century America in the first decade has no remorse for its documented arrogant imperious barbarism and criminal illegal legacy.

Civilian war dead
Civilian war dead

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Thanksgiving Day c. 2010.  Addressing the contemporary narrative [6] [7] relating to the onset of genocides of Indigenous Native peoples including the theft of natural resources labor, property, and wealth is directed to Mayflower Puritans [16] landing on Plymouth Bay Colony 128 years traversing Christopher Columbus 1492 Discovery.  An adverse narrative growing each passing year. The barbarian onus directed to Columbus with minimized attention given to the c.1620 Mayflower Puritans self anointed reverse victim syndromes.   Psychosis endemic to American demise and collapse [41]. .

Self Anointed Manifest Destiny
Mayflower Puritans self anointed reverse victim syndrome is not a conflict or ruse of historical facts but rather a correct perception of unaccountable responsibility [9] of Thanksgiving Day October 2010.  Columbus discovery c.1492 and Mayflower Puritans c1620 are inextricably interrelated to the barbarism inherent in the European Empire influence on America c.2010.
The essays [6] [7] "Transforming Columbus Day" Posted by Columbus Day Alliance [6] and further, "Celebrating Columbus and the European conquest of the Western Hemisphere that he set off is greatly analogous to celebrating the glories of Nazism and Heinrich Himmler." [12] Posted by Ward Churchill.  Both essays primarily manufactures omission and fail to point that Columbus was the titular employee agent and representative to the Crown of Spain Isabella. Additionally, historic publications relating to Mayflower Puritans [16] conveniently omit and stubbornly ignore any reference or demagogy relating to sociopaths genocides of indigenous Native peoples, demonology, and Salem Witch Trials [17] influence then 490 years ago correlating to the broken and corrupt American Empire of 2010. 
Sovereign and Religious Power  
Spain was the reigning sovereign Colonial European Empire of absolute power that dictated financed and controlled levers behind the scenes all explorers of 14th 15th Century era.  Spainish, English, French, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese controlled colonial exploitative and barbaric occupations through its explorer sailing fleets. Mayflower Puritans escaped oppression from the Church of England [18]. Their religious ideologies of that period on the new American Continent was controlled and independent of the Crown and the Protestant Church of England.
Unaccountable Sociopaths
Therefore, Columbus [10] including the explorers representing their respective flag countries of the 15th Century were merely titular crony minions and satraps of Colonial European Empire masters and handlers. Minions stooges and satraps [12] that were parroting verbatim the psychotic narrative sociopath barbaric complexes of the times, for example; human torture, exploitation, barbarism, war, conquest, illegal occupations, death by hanging, theft of labor, property, assets and natural resources of Indigenous Nations. Mayflower Puritans acted on their own fruition independent of any encumbrances, such as the explorers encountered on the new continent.  Christopher Columbus died in debtors prison in abject poverty.  
Unaccountable psychotic sociopaths complexes, underachievers, and diminishing returns repeated from 15th 16th 17th Century barbarism genocides war against peace with striking parallels in the American Empire of the 21st Century [8] [39] [41].
Mayflower Puritans Escape Oppression Transform To Aggressors
Mayflower Puritans transposed themselves into self anointed independent governors, judges, jury, executioners, illegal occupied land confiscations, and artificial masters of manifest destiny.  Columbus along with all explorers of that era had no independent autonomy, authority, policy, power, or influence dynamic on genocides, death, destruction, rape, pillage, theft of labor, property, wealth and natural resources on the new American Continent.
Confirming that at no time,  in any official record have 21st Century American colonial occupiers military or political employees agents satraps stooges or minions [39] refused to obey psychotic sociopaths barbaric ideologies regarding illegal war, war against humanity, or war against peace. Geneva Conventions [14]
Then it is no surprise that unaccountable responsibility of human torture, water-boarding, death by hanging, burning at the stake "Witch Trials"  [17] and "Destruction of Civilizations" [15] confronts all modern day citizenry who choose not to tow artificial patriotic parodies [22].  Citizenry who have no power, military and political stooges satraps and minions ignoring the legacy from the 'Senate and People of Rome' 2000 years of 'SPQR' [24], 800 years of Habeas Corpus [23], US Constitution [26], Articles Bill of Rights [27], Military Code of Conduct [25], Geneva Conventions [14], and the Principals  of the Nuremberg Tribunals [28] [38] representing barbarism.  Refusing barbarism not obeying orders is met with 21st Century U.S. depravity; human torture, water-boarding, mass murder, "Destruction of Civilizations" [15] Posted by James Petras PhD , war against peace, death by hanging, theft of labor, property, and assets.
Subsequently, Mayflower Puritans c.1620 [3] escaping religious persecution  from European Empire oppressors as victims, seeking refuge on the new continent, celebrating the first and only "Thanksgiving Day" [19].  Consequently, religious Puritans transforming into colonial aggressors of self anointed 'reverse-fear-superiority-victims' [13] inherent sociopath self anointed superiority complexes. Thereby, exposing reverse 'victim to perpetrator' syndromes shadowing and exploiting the massacre and commencing genocide of Indigenous Nations peoples. 
No Dispute or Argument
Moreover, there exists no dispute or argument that 21st Century masses of global citizenry have no authority control or influence on the unhinged criminal empire paradigm [13]  [39] of U.S. ideologues sociopaths 15th 16th 17th Century complexes.  The extreme criminal U.S. Empire brutal colonial occupations; systematic evisceration of its own financial and economic markets, rigged financial banking systems, illegal wars, war against humanity, war against peace, genocides, rape, death, destruction, pillage, theft of labor, wealth, property and natural resources on the American, Middle East, Asian, and Global Continents. 
Strategies Tactics of Omission
Notwithstanding, it is not unreasonable to conclude, cannot be disputed or argued in any forum, that the U.S. is a failed state of sociopath psychotic underachievers [1] [36] [37].  'To Big to Fail' replaced by parasite cadres of To Big To Failures.'  Underachievers narcissistic self anointed reverse victim anomalies [23], whiners, wimps, and complainers paradoxically holding in contempt the masses of humanity by their absolute lack of self dignity, ignorance, greed, avarice, genocides [39], artificial pious and sanctimonious reverse 'Hate Speech' and false narrative stupidity.repeating bellicose and belligerent 15th 16th 17th Century Colonial occupations and outrageous discrimination contempt of Indigenous Nations peoples and defenseless women and children [41].  21st Century American apparatus by manufacturing strategies and tactics of omission, disconnect, perpetuating pious and sanctimonious parodies [37], and totally ignoring past historical factual legacy is operating to the detriment of the streets [masses] 'We the People' [29] including crimes against all humanity and the Geneva Conventions [14] 
Unparalleled Imperious Arrogance
21st Century America in the first decade has no remorse for its documented arrogant imperious barbarism and criminal illegal legacy, lacks complete and total dignity of great nations, is totally devoid of humanity, proceeds at accelerated pace with uninhibited absolute corruption [28].  An Imperious Arrogant Empire [33] [39] unhinged trajectory [41] on the cusp of self inflicted diminishing returns of demise and collapse waging conflict with the forces of natures laws and the looming negative exponential mathematical consequences of historic failure. 
Arrogant Mayflower Puritans masking and shadowing their Witchcraft Trials [17] and genocides resulting in the first decade of 21st Century America repeat of current criminal ideologies [41] current links:
                                  Repeal Ignore First Amendment US Constitution Free Speech Freedom of Assembly  [30] [39]
                                               Rigged Markets Evisceration of Citizenry Labors, Property, Assets [28] 
                                            Manufactured Corrupt Financial Fraud Perpetrated on Global Citizenry [20
                   Illegal Occupations Destruction of Civilization Genocides of Indigenous Nations Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan [14] [15] [41]
           Ignoring by US Permission International Law Murder and Piracy On International Seas of Gaza Flotilla Humanitarians  [21] 
                 US Collusion Israeli Nuclear Crimes vs NPT, UN, International Laws, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes Against Peace [31] 
                   Treasonous Quislings Operating to the Detriment  of 'We the People' Accelerating Demise of America [34] [40]
 Summary Wimps Underachievers Complainers  
There is no argument or dispute that America's failed state apparatus "Jewish Genius" [36] Posted by Charles Murray and "Jewish Achievement" [1] Posted by JAEI  in the last 40 years has gone from a creditor nation to the greatest debtor nation in recorded history.  To Big To Fail three tenths of one percent of the worlds population documented and celebrated with highest accolades of achievements. Nonperforming in every category subject matter; underachievers, wimps, whiners, complainers, quislings, and underachieving Park Avenue parasites. Including the Wailing Wall Street barons [32], slurping gorging gluttons, guzzling the finest wines and pocketing historic greedy 12 figure bonuses. You will not find them in dire situations of treason, crimes against humanity court, war crimes trials, or held on criminal RICO Statutes [35] , from self anointed reverse victim syndromes. "The Victim Game" [40] Posted by Gordon Duff 
Self anointed reverse pathetic victims uninhibited gross criminal underachievers and war lords 'To Big To Fail'  replaced by cadres and legions of 'To Big To Failures' [37].  Give humanity a break America.  Speak to humanity, are you a nation of Light to the World or pretext inheritor of reverse victims syndromes [40] constantly seeking revenge on the citizenry of the world?  Perpetuating the manufactured and conflicted perception of both highest achievements to humanity and the constant abused victim is a supreme absurd incongruity. A vicious cycle with the world having to bear absolute total death and destruction [41] of self inflicted failures, lack of basic negotiating skills, and ineffective impotent global diplomacy.   
A great nation Beacon and Light to the World cannot hold both titles [39].  Highest achievements to humanity or perpetual reverse abused  victims failed state [34] defines every 'Thanksgiving Day Celebration' Legacy c. 2010.
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