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Forced Human Experimentation Arranged by Bush's Pandemic Laws

The laws remove the most fundamental of rights to life and liberty.

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

(CHICAGO) - The Bill of Rights Defense Committee is circulating a petition to  attorney general today to demand accountability for human experimentation programs based on revelations by Physicians for Human Rights.

    Since the dawn of medical practice, no maxim has attained greater consensus than the commitment to “do no harm.” Physicians for Human Rights recently revealed the participation of medical professionals in not only designing torture programs “administered with meticulous cruelty,” but also outright human experimentation. Both have long been repudiated across the medical profession, as well as by religious leaders from every faith, and our nation has gone so far as to wage a World War in part to stop them. 


Bush's state pandemic laws which were written at same time as the Patriot Act (long before the suspect 9/11 attack and long before the anthrax letter attack out of Fort Detrick), set up a national framework for forced human expermentation on anyone or any group in the US.

Under the guise of emergency - though no proof of an emergency, or even any proof of an infectious disease, is required - the laws remove the most fundamental of rights to life and liberty and include:

  • forced diagnostic testing,
  • forced taking of samples (not excluding organs),
  • forced unknown medical treatments,
  • forced unknown chemical treatments,
  • forced unknown, untested vaccines.

That is not only a description of forced medical experimentation but it is also potential means to justify any form of torture.

What the military and corporations have been working to include in vaccines is worrisome, particularly because they would mean a permanent biologic surveillance, permanent biologic removal of human rights, and a biologic means for the government or others to assassinate the injected person at will.

The ACLU has done extensive work noting the absence of actual public health measures in these laws.

Pharma designed these laws.  The same pharma that put Hitler into office and ran the infamous "medical" experiments on prisoners.  

Vaccines to covertly harm were a primary focus for the pharmaceutical then.  That harm, damaging the fertility of a group, meets the UN definition of genocide.  Today, the seasonal flu vaccine being so aggressively pushed on churches, temples and mosques, by the CDC and HHS, and all the mandated vaccines for American children, contain the preferred ingredient in a pharmaceutical industry patent to impair fertility.

They have now arranged, through pandemic laws which most progressives have ignored of.  They are unaware that pandemics themselves are a hoax and were a second manufactured terror from Bush (9/11 being the first), so they pass these laws off as a legitimate public health measures, rather then reading them as the ACLU did and seeing the absence of public health measures and martial law arrangement that authorizing the government or military or pharma (is there a distinction left?) to do whatever they want "medically" to anyone in the US, under cover of "pandemic" emergency.  To irradiate someone, to pour toxic chemicals on them, to pull out their nails, to cut off their scrotum, to use vaccines to inject surveillance chips or metal nanoparticles that can be used to burn a person's brain at will  - all fall within the "medical" activities approved "to protect the public" in a pandemic emergency.

Meanwhile, two current government pushes with vaccines, "in case of a terrorist attack," should make clear that a great deal is amiss (medically and constitutionally), and that a great deal of profit to the pharmaceutical industry is at stake.  If people become ill, more profit is generated.  And if a disease outbreak (no matter how insignificant) is set off in the general public by loosing the following on the public, martial law has been arranged in advance.

1.  Why is the U.S. Doubling Its Protection Against this Non-existent Health Enemy?

This disease was eradicated in 1978... So why - without proper testing, but with a fast-track approval process, a no-bid contract, and a frivolous spend of over half a billion dollars of your tax money - is this such an urgent public health issue? Or is it? I warn you - this may make you angry.

2.  Another highly unfortunate if not downright unethical situation

The PREP Act .... creates a negative incentive to do any safety research. The manufacturers carry the sole responsibility for determining the side effect profile, yet if they determine what those side effects are, and they're serious, then they could be held liable. They're only really shielded from liability for unexpected or unforeseen side effects, as pandemic vaccines typically need to be rushed.  ....  But in order to maintain deniability, they need to avoid determining what the exact side effects are.

John Steele hasn't forgotten what happened during WWII or who caused it, and trusts the US military to know that history as well so it can fulfill its sworn obligation to defend the US and its people from enemies, foreign and domestic.

End Israeli apartheid

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Anonymous December 25, 2011 7:13 am (Pacific time)

clinton, bush, obama etc etc. are not in control. The last president we had that was at least a bit in control, got his head blown off in broad daylight. All of this is done by much bigger people than the president. Presidents are nothing but puppets. Dennis Kucinich put an ammendment to this legislation mentioned here..He asked that chemtrails be illegal. He lost. Not a big fan of dennis, but he is more honest than most. Alan Greyson is very cool also, but his state was too ignorant to vote him back in. There is nobody more honest, and for the people than Dr. Paul tho. If you notice, I like two D's, and one R. Why? because I dont look at the parties, its a hoax. We dont need candidates that promise something, because they all lie. No matter your political preference, we need someone, once and for all, that tells the truth. We need truth more than the shell game all other politicians play. The things mentioned in this article will continue to happen without leadership that is bought and paid for by the bankers..RP is the only answer, and this is getting serious now.

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