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Gaza - Three years ago today

Most people have stopped thinking about what happened in Gaza then—or what’s happening there today. But, I know that the children of Gaza are still very much on your mind and in your heart.

Israel killed more than 300 children during 'Operation Cast Lead'
Israel killed more than 300 children during 'Operation Cast Lead' that began three years ago today, more than 1400 total.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Three years ago today people around the world watched in horror as bombs began falling on Gaza.

I was in Egypt with our Gaza Projects Director Dr. Mona El-Farra. We were scrambling to purchase emergency supplies and get them into Gaza. Eventually, we were able to deliver more than six tons of food, medicine, and medical equipment—including an ambulance and wheelchairs—thanks to the generosity of people like you.

Today, I’m asking you to once again remember the children of Gaza by making a tax-deductible year-end gift to the Middle East Children's Alliance.

When the Israeli army withdrew three weeks later, I was allowed to enter for four days. To this day, I am haunted by what I saw. I will never forget the children I met who sat where their homes used to be and stared blankly into space or searched through rubble for a cherished toy. Horrific images of white phosphorous burns on tiny bodies, and limbs torn off by DIME weapons will stay with me forever.

As will the faces of schoolchildren sitting next to desks with candles marking the places where their friends sat just weeks or days before.

In those three weeks, nearly four hundred children lost their lives. Thousands more were injured and saw parents, siblings and playmates killed. The children’s homes, schools and neighborhoods were destroyed.

Most people have stopped thinking about what happened in Gaza then—or what’s happening there today.

But, I know that the children of Gaza are still very much on your mind and in your heart.

That’s why I’m asking you again to, please, be as generous as you possibly can with your tax-deductible year-end contribution. Thanks to a generous supporter, your gift will be matched, dollar for dollar--up to $25,000.

Hundreds of thousands of children are still living with the terrible aftermath of the war and the ongoing siege that deprives them of the most basic things in life.

Your year-end gift now will provide hope—and real, lasting help—to the children of Gaza, their families, and their communities.

With many thanks,


 Barbara Lubin,
 Founder and Executive Director

End Israeli apartheid

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JohnWV December 29, 2011 8:49 am (Pacific time)

Ongoing war against occupied Palestine is so beneficial to Israel that the Jewish state will prolong it indefinitely. The context of war perpetuates enormous flow of American money and military assistance, abets continuing illegal confiscation of Palestinian land, and masks the Jewish State's ruined integrity. Will Israel agree to any reasonable peace just because Palestine again achieves a unified government? No way. Not even close. Only force, UN and NATO, credibly threatening or actually deploying, can achieve that.

JohnWV December 29, 2011 8:44 am (Pacific time)

Israel, with the world's fourth most powerful military machine, vs. Palestinians with homemade rockets and stone throwing teenagers. The Operation Cast Lead kill ratio was reportedly close to one hundred Palestinian deaths for each Israeli. Combatants? War zone? No. Israel's theft, destruction, brutality and murder in Palestine are criminal and criminal punishment is appropriate. The UN Human Rights Council investigated and the Jewish State was adjudged guilty of violating international laws of war. Besieged and occupied Gaza is allowed to resist and, within limits, kill its occupiers. Doing so is not a war crime, e.g. WW2 French Underground.

Naftali December 27, 2011 7:15 pm (Pacific time)

Im eagerly awaiting an article by Barbara on the 8 years of thousands of rockets fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians, by the leadership whose history includes thousands murdered in homicide bombings in areas, buses, cinemas, schools, pizzerias and Passover dinners

Editor: You've lost a tiny percentage in comparison to the Palestinians.  What is it, about a 1000 to 1 ratio?  Your comment is sickening, exactly 29 Israel people have died from the "rocket attacks" while your forces kill that many kids with one bomb  Absolutely anything that happens is fair based on the standards Israel has established.  

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