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Bush Era Medical Marijuana Foe Nominated by Obama to Head DEA is urging Americans to contact their senators and tell them they don't want to see Michele Leonhart in charge of an agency that fails to recognize states' rights.

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(WASHINGTON D.C.) - The big corporations that fear the rapidly expanding popularity of medical marijuana scored a victory last week, when President Obama quietly announced the nomination of Michele Leonhart to lead the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The DEA's Michele Leonhart

Over all these years of drug raids on medical dispensaries and patients in the LA area, this Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Field Division was calling the shots, as commander of the DEA offices and enforcement operations in the Los Angeles area, Nevada, and several other states.

Leonhart was appointed and promoted by George W. Bush, and under him she oversaw the Bush administration’s tactic of raiding the homes of desperately ill individual medical marijuana patients in California, reminds us.

"Ms. Leonhart also has a record of adamantly fighting against allowing scientific research of the potential medicinal value of marijuana. Ignoring the ruling of a federal judge, Ms. Leonhart single-handedly blocked applications from respected university researchers studying medical marijuana." is encouraging Americans to tell their Senators not to confirm Ms. Leonhart.

"We need a DEA leader who understands the potential value of medical marijuana -- not a Bush-era holdover who thought raiding the homes of cancer patients was a good idea."

It is the see-saw of the Obama Presidency at work, where the term 'Change' it turns out, is far more figurative that many of us had hoped.

Our writer Marianne Skolek constantly explores the evil side of dangerous, addictive, deadly and legal drugs. These are the companies who buy four page ad spreads in Time Magazine and run their never-ending prescription drug campaigns on TV urging Americans to basically prescribe their own drugs, with the suggestion, "Ask Your Doctor".

In the past, for those who don't know, this was never allowed. Today it is the lifeblood of the struggling traditional media. It won't last forever.

So be aware that this nomination is a Bush era crusader and one who has specifically directed, rather than abolish, the drug raids on otherwise legal operations, under California State Medical Marijuana Laws.

Even more importantly, this individual is solidly behind the ongoing federal position that marijuana is illegal no matter what, even though the feds still manage the federal medical marijuana program from years ago that still has several surviving patients.

Every time the federal government says it will recognize the medical marijuana laws that states keep passing, they are in all reality, lying through their teeth, and maintaining a high double standard with regard to drugs that actually hurt, rather than cure people.

This link takes you to the petition page: Ask the Senate to Block Anti-Medical Marijuana DEA Leader
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Grandma1924 February 17, 2010 9:38 pm (Pacific time)

Lamest Duck President Already? It's become blatantly clear that just as the Republicans will Not do what the President wants neither will any of the big government law enforcement officials. Now that point made, I am sorry mostly about Eric Holder I thought he had a backbone, he won’t even follow one of President Obama’s directives and that would be to keep the feds away from medical cannabis in States where its legal use has been mandated. The Republicans use their tactics of denying the President so well now it has become a way to engineer his every move. Good for Republicans but as we are seeing it seems to be responsible for the exodus of Democrats seeking re-election. Behind the walls of Democrats word has it that without a strong leadership from Obama their political stamina is gone while others are indicating that he was not ready for prime time...out of his league so much he can't finish a regular White House workday now.

Jeff Kaye~ February 16, 2010 2:18 pm (Pacific time)

She's apparently already spreading her poisonous policy into other states that have legally enacted carefully crafted cannabis programs for eligible medical uses. Jeff Sweetin (DEA Agent in Charge in Colorado) recently said he would go after the dispensaries there, after raiding a home-grow/medical cannabis provider's house, in blatant disregard for that state's constitutionally enacted medical marijuana program. DEA's time has passed, only Obama hasn't the balls and/or wisdom to tell them to knock that shit off. His "mandatory minimum" Veep and other anti-science/medicinal efficacy, Big Pharma-pocket stooge cronies are having their way with him, apparently. Wake up, Obama... This is the constituency that got you elected. You try to please the right wing, they'll burn off the left, and we'll all crash in the smoking ruins of what could've, should've been an easy re-election win for you in 2012. 100 million Americans (and growing) say medical cannabis is the right thing, right now. Mess that up at your peril -- at the polls.

Osotan; February 16, 2010 1:29 am (Pacific time)

Thanks a lot prez.I was worried we might be getting too free, good to see order being restored into such competant, un-biassed hands.

Seth Bennett February 15, 2010 9:58 pm (Pacific time)

Obama has done some pretty good things. He has also done some pretty sorry assed things. He has increased the respect of the US in the World Community, and has caused us to be no longer embarrassed by our leader. My son in law got mad at me in 2008 when I explained that even thou I support red him against McCain, I called he and my Daughter starry eyed idealists if they thought the President would do all he promised. It turns out the Obama’s Pastor of many years was correct when he said Obama was just another politician. I wrote a liberal friend in Texas and asked him about the 6 issues that Obama has failed to live up to campaign promises. Contrary to what some of his supporters claim, he did in fact say he was going to fight the war in Afghanistan. To appoint a Foe of cannabis is definitely against his nuance of backing off enforcement of the substance that both he and the hopeless NITWIT who proceeded him, plus Clinton, all admit [or do not deny] to have smoked illegally. Sad but true.

George February 15, 2010 7:05 pm (Pacific time)

Society as a whole should condemn people in power that dismiss science. This is very disturbing. Does she not have any shame. Read up on the Shafer Report and check out Marijuana procon for a list of pro's and con's. Marijuana is safer than alcohol, doesn't kill brain cells, does kill cancer cells, isn't near as bad for the lungs as cigarettes and it is safer than most prescription and over-the-counter drugs. For a country that loves to pretend it is 'FREE' it sure knows how to pick and choose what people should do with their free time. 100 years ago we prevented women from voting, 50 years ago we prevent blacks from using white restrooms and 40 years ago we were allowed to fire homosexuals. Now we are arresting sick people for choosing what medicine they want to use. What a great country this is. Meanwhile, the government has received a record amount of lobbying money from the "legal" health industry comprised of pharm. companies and health insurance companies. We are also cutting education funding. The white house wants a bunch of idiots too dumb to realize what is going on while they steal money out of our paychecks for actions that are in direct conflict to the constitution. WE ALL NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER AND ANY CAUSE THAT IS PRO-FREEDOM ANTI-PRIVACY. Whether it's Gun rights, Sexuality choices or the right to medicate with Safe natural cheap medicine. sign this petition:

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