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Zionist Organization Calls for Jewish Boycott of UC Irvine

Muslim students spoke up about the criminal slaughter of civilians in Gaza and now they're in trouble.


(LOS ANGELES) - In a press release today, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) urged Jews to not make monetary contributions to the University of California at Irvine (UCI) and for Jewish students not to apply there.

The Zionists are angry that the university administration has not clamped down hard enough on Palestinian and Muslim students who criticized what they see as the criminal policies of the "illegitimate state of Israel".

The ZOA had particularly harsh words against UCI Chancellor Michael Drake. Dr. Drake, who is African-American, has a demonstrated a history of fairness towards all students, but the ZOA is demanding he treat Palestinian and Muslim students in a manner tantamount to “crucifixion.”

The ZOA particularly hates UCI’s Muslim Student Union (MSU) because the student organization has sponsored a series of events on campus that have exposed the war crimes committed by the Israeli Zionist regime against Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The ZOA is also angry at the MSU because they helped Viva Palestina USA last year by sponsoring Member of the British Parliament George Galloway as a speaker on campus. MP George Galloway was in the USA rallying for support of Viva Palestina which provides humanitarian aid to the besieged people of Gaza.

The MSU helped after Israel launched a brutal 22 day military attack on Gaza called "Operation Cast Lead" which killed over 1,400 civilians, of which several hundred were Palestinian children. The IDF used tons of internationally outlawed white phosphorus bombs which left many children blind and/or badly burned.

The ZOA finally declared war on UCI after a group of Muslim students strongly protested the visit of the Israeli Michael Oren to the university campus, an alleged war criminal.

Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the USA, was on a national tour to attempt to discredit a United Nations report that accuses Israel of war crimes, known as The Goldstone Report, prepared by another Zionist, the highly respectd Richard Goldstone. Oren is also pushing for the USA to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Israel, in the opinion of these Muslim students and millions of other Americans, has a parasitic relationship with the USA. It is a fact that Israel's existence depends on billions of dollars in economic and military aid yearly from US taxpayers. The Goldstone Report confirms that military aid from US taxpayers is utilized to commit heinous war crimes.

American taxpayer money is also the biggest contributor to Israel's maintaining their illegitimate occupation of Palestine.

National Jewish organizations like the ZOA and the AIPAC are constantly lobbying for aid from the US federal government, but it appears that their loyalties are entirely for Zionist Israel.

The group La Voz de Aztlan stated, "There are many American citizens that are actually very happy with the ZOA press release. UCI will be a better and more peaceful place without them. Perhaps now there will be more Latinos and other minorities admitted to the university. Now if they would only return the money they have taken from US taxpayers and some of it funded to the University of California, perhaps the 32% hike on student fees can be reversed."

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Source: La Voz de Aztlan

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Silencing the ignorant anti-Semites February 18, 2011 5:35 pm (Pacific time)

I am offering a $100,000 reward for anyone able to correctly answer the following questions:

When was Arab "palestine" founded?
Who were the Arab founding fathers?
What was the capital of "palestine"
What was the name of the "palestinian" currency backed by an Arab bank? What was its exchange rate against the US dollar, GBP or French franc at anytime in history?
Why was the PLO created by Egypt in 1964 before "occupation"?

Editor: You're the only anti-Semite writing on this page right now.  Since you don't know what the term means, and you are labeling people who criticize Israeli politics and religious fanatics, and we wouldn't want your blood money if you handed across on a silver plate, why don't you start here;  Call it Zionism 101

First, this an overview of the subject of Zionism:

Feb-11-2010: Special Series on Zionism - Tim King

Here are the articles in the series:

This is the series on Anti-Semitism:

  • Mar-15-2010: Anti-Semitism - What is it? - Jeff Gates
  • Mar-19-2010: The Complicated Faces of Anti-Semitism - Dr. Alan Sabrosky
  • Mar-14-2010: Anti-Semitism: Zionism's Indispensable Alibi - Maidhc Ó Cathail
  • May-11-2010: About anti Semitism - Nahida Izzat
  • June-08-2010: Are the Defenders of 'Antisemitism' Losing the Edge? - Debbie Menon for
  • May-13-2010: A Poet's take on anti-Semitism - Poetry by Lucas Easter


    Gary Fouse February 18, 2010 7:47 pm (Pacific time)

    OK, Tim- I'll close here because I just wanted to make my point on anti-Semitism. I think I (along with the able assistance of "Mr Martinez") I have succeeded. I hope you found the articles on Voz de Aztlan that I pointed out to you enlightening.

    Thanks for letting me have my say.

    Tim King: Thanks Gary, any cordial conversation is a good one in my book, take care.

    gary fouse February 18, 2010 2:55 pm (Pacific time)

    Juan Martinez is probably an alias since he has sent this message word for word in the past. A shabbos goy is a non-Jew who performs certain routine tasks for Jews on religious holidays in which they are not permiited to do by religion, such as turning elctrical appliances on and off. What this person is saying in effect is that I am a Jew-lover or tool of Jews. Thank you, Sir for making my case. Do you see the obvious Jew hatred here?

    Tim King: Gary, we can do this all day, but defenseless people are being damaged in Gaza and West Bank illegally by Israel.  I don't know why you are taking the side that you are, all Jews, Christians and Muslims should stand against oppression.  You are part of the status quo in this case, and supporting the team of military bullies who are using religious doctrine to bring about genocidal results.  I believe that you are a good person with a good point, but still lacking the real overview of this situation.    

    Juan Martinez February 18, 2010 11:17 am (Pacific time)

    Gary Fouse is a pathetic Shabbos Goy.

    Rick Lakehomer February 18, 2010 7:14 am (Pacific time)

    This is hardly worth responding to. You are correct. Have you read the Koran, hadith? That is what fuels the hatred of the arabs towards the Jews. This is 100% documented. An ideology that is raised on hate and laothing for the Jews. Poor palestinians are nothing but pawns kept in slavery but their ARAB masters as an excuse to wipe out Israel. BTW, I have read the koran, several versions and how do you explain Hitler and his love for the way the arabs had persecuted Jews for 1300 years? Where do you think Hitler got the ideas he used in his final solution? Oh, thats right. From some whitey's driving in all those BMW's.

    February 17, 2010 6:40 pm (Pacific time)

    I have a BMW, am caucasian and have no use for white trash like you King. Why not go live among the hispanics or the negroes? We don't want you around us, but your a hypocrite because you know that these are killers on a disproportionate level. You are also a coward.

    Tim King: Oh you mindless silly little people, sometimes it is hard to take out of pure pity for you.  I grew up in Huntington Park, California, so don't try to educate me about the Hispanic culture, it is part of my own life.  'White trash', 'Coward' - that is really brave of you to write that from your keyboard.  Seriously, I know you have no real argument to make, you are a defender of baby killers, you wouldn't know right from wrong if your life depended on it, people of your ilk have zero to offer this world, so please don't make me waste my time like this, OK Randal Hoppe?  I have been flushing your other drivel but thought I'd toss this up for entertainment.  I'd bet my ass you haven't ever even driven a BMW, what a crack up!

    Rick Lakehomer February 17, 2010 7:30 pm (Pacific time)

    I find the fact the you are all about the horrible Israeli's and are willing to have something like this article from a anti-semitic site like VLA in your paper rather sad. Your comments are all about the Jews and Israel, those who live there and who have tried to make peace with palestinians. How many times? Israeli war crimes, all that stuff that if a reporter does not report about, they are not even worth their salt? How many Christians and Jews have strapped bombs onto their bodies and blown other people up? How many Christians and Jews have flown airliners into buildings? That is a different story for another time so I will not continue on that.   They were offered how much of the land back during the 1990's, almost all of it, and they refused. You seem blind to the facts that Israel has been bombed, had a reign of terror against it since it's inception in 1948 at the hands of the arabs. The land Israel has taken in wars that were not started by Israel, again, how many times? Why should they give anymore back? To shorten their borders to make it easier to wipe Israel out? So you can sleep better at night and feel good about publishing this? The Jews were long before the arabs, Mr. King. As far as your comment about many many U.S. Professors contributing to this topic, big deal. The climate on so many collegea today has been made toxic by a move to the left that started in the 1960's. Now, with several generations of 'progressives' in charge of colleges all across the country, of course they will contribute to a 'cause' such as bashing Israel and it's policies. How many other examples are needed of similar behavior from Islamic groups at other schools across the country where ANY kind of pro Israel or pro Jewish speaker was treated the same way as Mr. Oren? I am originally from West Texas, lived many years in California, Arizona and now Oregon. VLA DOES NOT reflect anywhere near how the majority of Hispanics feel towards Jews and Israel. It is quite the contrary. I have lived around and with Hispanics since I was born and the vast majority do not agree with VLA views.  Mr. King, you are correct about a couple things: We can agree to disagree and your brand of anti-semitism is not what I and others see. Your comment about the almost all of the BMW drivers being white is quite revealing and stereptyping of the worst kind. I will agree on one last point. Most of the Hispanics I have known and worked with fair, honorable, and extremely hard working.

    Tim King: This is hardly worth responding to.  If you stole my land and expected me to be nice about it, you would be ill surprised, and I'm sure it is true the other way around.  It strikes me that you are prejudice toward Arabs and thus part of the problem, not the explanation.  Yes, you are right, Israeli's don't strap bombs to their bodies, they attach them to F-16's and then attack the homes of families and schools and hospitals (both specifically targeted in Gaza) courtesy of the good old USA which makes me sick, and might as well be called Israeli USA.  You approve of the murder of children, you agree with the theft of land, the sniper bullets that took down the ambulance drivers in Gaza, that is the truth, most everything else is not, and you wonder why people are tired of it.  Then you latch onto any possible reference that you can describe as anti-Semitism and you guys are wearing this little game of semantics out fast, while Israel acts out the steps of the Nazi's.  So many lies, and you wonder why people are slipping into the use of words and terms that are offensive.  The entire Israeli military is offensive  The audacity of people supporting Israeli policy, when the Palestinians are caged in like animals, and "poor Israel" is so hard to take.  I know the first hand accounts of the Israeli's on the beach in Tel Aviv drinking and partying and playing music, while the IDF jet fighters streak by packed with weapons to use on civilian targets.  That is the classification of a terrorist state.  Those Palestinians aren't doing anything but getting killed by the Israeli's.  I can cite several dozen instances where Israeli Defense Forces committed illegal acts against Palestinians, starting with Dier Yassin in 1948 and continuing today.  I work with the Christians Peacemakers Team in Palestine and they are on hand always to document the actions of the Israeli settlers and military toward the indiginious people, the Palestinians.  These CPT members have to escort the little Palestinian kids to school to keep them from being assaulted by the Israeli settlers.  The IDF accosts women in the street if they are Arab.  I could go on, and it is 100% documented.   

    gary fouse February 17, 2010 5:21 pm (Pacific time)


    I can assure you that OC is changing. We are a great mix of many peoples now.

    Tim King: Gary,  it hadn't changed from what I saw, but you live there and I don't, so I will take that as good news.  You know that south county is primarily the area where LA went during the 'Great White Flight' which my parents resisted, instead, sticking it out in a pretty rough part of LA until I was 16.  I know racism from all perspectives, and over time this issue of Palestine has become increasingly important to me.  I learned a great deal about Islamic people while covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; things that I never expected, and the fact that we pay attention to these issues has led to a steady stream of information from people all over the world who remain fairly centered on the war crimes in Gaza and have no intentions of letting the matter go.  The Goldstone Report should have been all it took to bring the heat on Israel and settle them down, but instead the report was thwarted and this country heads the list of those who make sure to cover Israel's six at all costs.  Anyway, you seem like a reasonable person, we have to agree to disagree on certain things, but I appreciate rational dialog more than you know.    

    gary fouse February 17, 2010 5:19 pm (Pacific time)


    I am not saying that any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. I have specifically pointed out to you articles that are written regularly on La Voz de Aztlan that have nothing to do with Israel or Zionism. They are anti-Jew, pure and simple. That is my point. Obviously due to your immediate response, you have not taken the time to locate and read the articles. All you have to do is scroll down the front page of the website.

    Tim King: Gary, I will take a closer look.  I'm sure you aren't surprised that the number of groups willing to look at this issue is small, but I am paying attention and you are probably correct on this, I will check it out more closely.

    gary fouse February 17, 2010 5:04 pm (Pacific time)

    PS to Tim,

    I am not an arms length from Hispanic people. I have been married to a Mexican woman for 35 years and speak Spanish fluently.

    Gary Fouse

    Tim King: Well Gary I apologize for that, and stand corrected.  I was in Laguna recently for a movie shoot and saw the same south county that I knew before, where almost all of the people working hard are Hispanic, and almost all of the BMW drivers are white.  I meant no offense, thanks. 

    gary fouse February 17, 2010 5:01 pm (Pacific time)

    On the topic of Israel, let’s agree to disagree. I believe Israel has a right to exist and defend itself from terror attacks. You don’t so let’s leave it at that. My point of concern is that anti-Semitism is once again growing against Jews outside of Israel-including this country.
    (By the way, I am not Jewish myself.)

    You say you have scoured the website of La Voz de Aztlan and found nothing more than arguments against Israel and Zionism. You need to look again. I have copies of every article they have written that spew hatred of Jews-not even connected to Israel. Here are some:

    “Did Schwarzenegger pay the Wiesenthal Center to shut up about his father’s Nazi past?”

    “Jewish maquiladora owners scam Tijuana workers”

    “Jews are behind attacks on Cruz Bustamante and MECHA”

    “The Kosher Nostra Scam on the American consumer”

    “Sen. John Kerry’s Jewish Roots and membership in Skull and Bones”

    “Jews attack Mexican heritage in Los Angeles County”

    “Zionist plot to take over the Mexican presidency”

    “Jewish lobby and Israel blamed for economic crisis”

    “Another Wall Street Jewish firm caught in a massive $50 billion fraud”

    “Goldman Sachs accused of creating current Mexican economic crisis”

    “Jewish rabbis gives three infants herpes”

    “Why is the media defaming MECHA and not Hillel of B’nai B’rith?”

    “Unite against Jewish world domination says Malaysian prime minister”

    “How to spot an anti-Semitic hate crime hoax”

    “Converted to Judaism”: Lesbian professor stages phon

    “Humiliation of Mexican workers (Jornaleros) by an American Jew” hate crime at Claremont College”

    Sir, those are all titles of the articles. Please check these out and then perhaps we can start this conversation anew. Both the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center have identified Voz de Aztlan as a hate site.

    I am sure that decent people can disagree on the Israel/Palestinian issue. That however, should not be a reason for a resurgence in anti-Jew hatred world-wide, which in my opinion is happening.

    Gary Fouse

    Tim King: Gary, we can be gentlemen and agree to disagree, but the entire discussion hinges around Israeli war crimes.  I have no use for anyone who uses racism in any way, shape or form.  But we have entered into a situation where any criticism of Israel is labeled anti-Semitic and that is wrong.  I do not like seeing 'Jews' used in news titles, I do not do that, and again I direct you back to the idea of Zionism.  Also, do you realize that there are millions of Jewish people who also oppose the continual expansion into Palestinian land?  Please engage me on this, it hurts a lot to think about all of it, but there is a crisis toward humanity taking place every day because of Israeli policy.  To criticize a nation for its military action against another people is not anti-Semitism.  Even the meaning of that term is always and consistently misused, but today's use is fairly universal I suppose, even if incorrect.  The bottom line is that if journalists do not talk about the massacre of Gaza they are not worth their salt.  Also FYI, many of the writers who contribute articles in this area are U.S. professors.   

    Bob February 17, 2010 1:18 pm (Pacific time)

    And I thought we had a 1st amendment right to free speech I guess Zionists haven't read our constitution.

    Gary Fouse February 17, 2010 9:46 am (Pacific time)

    I am a part-time teacher at UCI and was present at the event in question. Regardless of where you stand on the Israel-Palestinian conflict,we had a right to hear Mr Oren speak and that right was disrupted by the MSU.

    What is really astounding however, is that you choose to publish an article by La Voz de Aztlan, a virulently anti-Semitic website. I invite you and your readers ro peruse this site and read the dozens of articles that have nothing to do with Israel but attack Jews as a people. You need to do your homework as a news organ.

    Gary Fouse
    Adjunct teacher

    Tim King: Gary, with all respect, Israel is not only committing war crimes and getting away with it -  via the blessing of the U.S. government and your school's campus, but you guys might as well be hosting Adolf Eichmann, don't you think?  Living in Irvine and all keeps you I'm sure more than an arm's length from most Hispanic people, but the Atzlan movement in general terms is the idea that this was all taken away from Hispanic people, and slowly it is coming back to them.  I'm afraid your definition of anti-Semitism is being critical of war criminals who oversee the slaughter of babies in the streets of Gaza, and that doesn't fly in my world.  I have been all over their Website and the only thing I observe them criticizing is Zionism which is the desire of some Jewish people to reclaim all of the land that is or at least was, Palestine.  Well, they have over 90% of it, and they keep bulldozing Palestinian homes, killing people, like the American student Rachel Corrie, and building new 'settlements' so the Zionists can forther harrass and murder and eliminate the remaining Palestinians.  So I wouldn't be too astounded by things you encounter, you live in a coutry that is complacent in the murder of these people and nobody has the courage or decency to speak up about it, except for and a tiny handful of groups not under Zionist control and direction.  We have hundreds of articles about all of this Gary, please look around.    

    hiwaycruzer February 17, 2010 4:02 am (Pacific time)

    Freedom of speech in the Good Old USA is alive and well as long as it doesn't upset our Zionist masters... February 17, 2010 1:04 am (Pacific time)

    Wonder news i am speaking @ saddellback college this weekend and will bring this up in my presentation.

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