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Feb-19-2013 17:51printcomments

Medical Marijuana Patient Daisy Bram to be Arraigned Feb 20 in Tehama County

“Free My Babies!” Pleads Daisy Bram as She Loses Children to the Foster Care System a Second Time.

Daisy Bram with two of her sons
Daisy Bram with two of her sons. Courtesy: edrosenthal.com

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - “Oh, my God! My baby! My baby! My baby!,” howled Daisy Bram, 30, as her children were removed by Butte County child welfare officials in a September 29, 2011 raid on the rural Concow, CA home Daisy Bram shared with her partner, medical marijuana cultivator Jayme Walsh.

In California, consumption, possession, and cultivation of marijuana are legal with the medical documentation that Bram and Walsh possess regarding their pain management and mental health conditions, respectively. Despite their medical marijuana patient status, both Bram and Walsh have been charged with felony marijuana possession and possession with intent to sell for the 38-plant medical cannabis garden found at their Butte County home. Child endangerment and child abuse charges stemmed from the marijuana found in the home with children present, as well as Daisy’s consumption of cannabis while breastfeeding.

On the 2011 police raid audiotape, the distraught mother wailed: "They took my baby! How is he going to eat? He's only three weeks old!" Daisy Bram’s breastfeeding baby was 28 days old at the time. Daisy’s newborn and his 18-month-old brother Thor spent six months in foster care before she regained custody. She missed Thor’s first haircut and her children were medicated against her will. Shortly after the birth of their third child in late 2012, the family moved out of Butte County to Red Bluff, CA.

In a tragic repeat of the first police raid, on January 22, 2013, Tehama County officials arrested Bram and Walsh and placed two-year-old Thor, 16-month-old Zeus, and 3-month-old Invictus in foster care. As a result of the new raid in a new county, Daisy faces additional criminal charges for marijuana and has lost her children to the state for a second time. Upon her release, Bram pointed out that officials scheduled their raid for the day before a court hearing about the terms of her release for the Butte County medical marijuana case.

On February 20, 2013, Daisy Bram will be arraigned on criminal charges for the 53-plant marijuana garden reportedly found by investigator Eric Clay in the January 2013 raid. Daisy has been without her children as well as any means of transportation since January 29, 2013, when officers seized her 2002 Ford Explorer in the parking lot as she arrived for a family court appearance, alleging that the vehicle was purchased with drug money.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) Women’s Alliance has publicly supported Daisy in the media as well as the courts. The NORML Women's Alliance of Butte County filed a lawsuit on March 9, 2012 demanding a Grand Jury investigation into Butte County's child welfare practices last year. Los Angeles NORML Women’s Alliance community leader Cheri Sicard has declared, “We are extremely concerned when the state uses a mother's legal status as patient against her in order to rip the children out of her arms and place them in foster care. That is simply not acceptable."

According to Daisy, “The state should not be able to enter anyone’s home, abduct the family, severely traumatize the young children, and do so with public tax dollars.” She continues, "It defies logic if you think of a mother consuming cannabis and breast-feeding facing a child abuse charge." Joe Grumbine of medical cannabis court support organization The Human Solution (www.the-human-solution) is concerned that “Butte County and now Tehama County seem determined to not only vilify this young mother of three because of her medical use of cannabis, but seem bent on stripping her children from her for good” by placing them up for adoption. Daisy told The Human Solution, “My children were healthy and happy before they were grabbed from my arms. Now they are bruised, scratched and not clothed appropriately. My son has a black eye and another has a chipped tooth…I need to get my babies back.”

Author and cannabis cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal continues to fundraise on Daisy Bram’s behalf via his Green Aid legal defense fund (www.green-aid.com). Criminal defense attorney Michael Levinsohn is representing Daisy Bram pro bono in both Butte County and Tehama County, but funds are required to hire expert witnesses as well as cover potential bail costs. According to Ed Rosenthal, Daisy “is devastated by the loss [of her children] and fully cooperating with Child Protective Services in an effort to have the children placed back in her custody.” Daisy no longer uses cannabis and is legally separated from Jayme Walsh, who also faces marijuana charges in both Butte and Tehama counties.

Iconic freedom fighter Daisy “FreeMyBabies” Bram has requested court support at her Wednesday, February 20, 2013 criminal arraignment on ten charges including cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and child abuse. The arraignment is scheduled for 8:05 AM at the Tehama County Courthouse, 633 Washington St., Red Bluff, CA 96080. Daisy is in jeopardy of being remanded into custody at the February 20th arraignment and her attorney says bail, if granted, could be as high as $100,000.

Donations are accepted via www.green-aid.com and more information about court support can be obtained from Joe Grumbine of The Human Solution (951-436-6312).

NORML Women’s Alliance – Los Angeles


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Priscilla February 20, 2013 7:40 am (Pacific time)

#PRAYING today (all the way from Canada) > may the judge have #mercy on #DaisyBram and her precious kids... Cannabis is medicine!

Kathie Z February 19, 2013 11:19 pm (Pacific time)

It is imperative that we not allow the courtroom to be empty. This mother is caring and beautiful to see interact with her children. This is a dirty little secret, taking children from loving homes. It IS abuse of power and even worse than that is it is harmful to these children! If possible be in court in the AM. Be respectful but let your presence speak volumes. United we are invincible because we stand for good and moral causes!

Rory Murray February 19, 2013 10:49 pm (Pacific time)

Catrina and I are on our way to help if we can. And at least report the TRUTH. CPS=EVIL.

Jim Dossett February 19, 2013 8:06 pm (Pacific time)

My money is on the State. She may be perfectly innocent. The State has the power and resourses to do whatever they want. At this point it appears that they have got the ball rolling. Once it starts it is very hard to stop. Our story that soon should appear in this publication is about how the state abuses its power. Her case is in Ca. ours is in Oregon. it doesn't matter which state

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