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Documentary on Victims of Rajiv Assasination - Truth Revealed

It is with great pain that we witness the greatest tragedy of our century...

Hangings in India
Hangings in India

(CHENNAI ) - To all democratic and humanitarians around the world. The Indian Media has been misleading the nation as the ethnic nationals “Tamils” who are the part of the country as terrorists and Tamilnadu as a terrorist state. They portray to the people of north india that the Tamils are fighting to release “Rajiv killers”; whilst the truth is not so. We have been framed in that case, and we found that we have not apprised the world and the indian media enough with our agony and discrimination. We unite as a state only because we get oppressed on such issues. Please see the Video for yourselves and know the truth. If you continue to hate us after seeing the video it’s, fine. But we certainly believe you will not hate us after “understanding the truth”.

The investigation of the high profile political assassination has been dealt with lot of flaws which the officials have convicted themselves. The judicial system is so poor in the nation that it allows the conspirators to roam freely while innocents are believed to be scapegoats.

Documentary: (or watch video below)

It is with the tragic assassination of former Prime Minister of India Mr. Rajiv Gandhi that the real face of the deep seated threat to the national security posed by long term and wider conspiracy came to lime light. But unfortunately, the reputed investigation agencies of the nation along with judiciary, succumbing to the acutely misguided public opinion and shoddily influenced by a long hatched conspiracy ended up naming few innocent individuals as being solely responsible for an unprecedented event demeaning national security.

This carefully orchestrated exercise in the guise of an investigation on the behest of the real murderers is trying to execute a few innocent civilians to sidetrack the attention of the entire nation away from the real conspirators of the murder. The initial actions from judiciary went on with the summary execution of all the 26 accused until it was stopped from doing so by the Supreme court of India following heavy criticism from legal experts terming it as ‘Judiciary’s Genocide’. Yet we are not far from a haze, biased and unfair investigation climate.

It is with great pain that we witness the greatest tragedy of our century that a great nation is being deceived that the hanging of a few innocents will save the nation from the clutches of cold-blooded anti-national conspirators and keep it safe and secure. The question remains, if the civilized society will ever wake up to the hard facts which are being hidden from public view with strenuous effort, only to save the real conspirators?

If the responsible and respected media of the nation reduce itself to a silent spectator, the nation will witness a judicial nightmare by hanging innocent civilians and by saving real culprits, thus letting an anti-national conspiracy gain momentum posing a bigger threat to the security of the nation. The society and media will have to regret their inaction deeply in a day when the real conspirators go about executing their plan of destabilizing this nation of a billion people. We sincerely hope this does not become the situation.

There have been examples from the past for the media stepping in to bring a de-railed investigation back to track. Yet a daring reinvestigation by the media in this issue will be celebrated for ages as an unprecedented achievement by media in uncovering a massive anti-national conspiracy. Hence we sincerely urge the reputed media of this nation to roll up their sleeves and get into action by reinvestigating the bigger conspiracy and save the nation from its toughest threat till date by identifying the real conspirators behind the murder. There is no doubt that the entire nation will stand with the media in every step of its attempt to open up the deeper conspiracy spiraling the nation

Rajiv Gandhi Assassination
Unanswered questions & unresolved puzzles:

A rough English translation of a story originally written in Tamil in the Tamil Magazine, Tamilan Express in the year 1997.

The entire nation is focusing on the Jain commission’s report. At the same time, the special court investigating the Rajiv assassination case has concluded its investigations. The judge involved has announced that “the verdict will be declared on 28th August 1998”. All the 26 accused and the citizens of the country are awaiting this judgment eagerly. The opposition arguments in this case ran for over 50 days. Tamilan express has access to many key arguments from opposition in this secretly held investigations. Here we attempt to open up many of those untold stories.

The opposition arguments were deliberated with the presence of the officers from the Special Investigation Team and the Public prosecutors while the Tamilnadu Police stood guard for the proceedings. In the hearings from the year 1993, this case ran for 50 months with 288 witnesses, 3000 documents from the Public prosecutor and 1000 documents supporting the opposition were presented in the court.

Many of the questions raised during the opposition’s arguments remained unanswered. The way in which the investigation was done by the SIT leads to a suspicion that the investigation has been carefully mended to appease those in power.

Rajiv’s death is not just the murder of a VIP but is a bitter conspiracy that shattered the nation. It is the clear symptom of the deeper plans from the international powers which try to dominate the polity of this nation. That is precisely why these shocking events and the shortcomings in the investigation are very important and need to be analyzed.

The opposition arguments in this case were initiated by senior lawyer Mr. Duraisamy. He, in his initial argument, reportedly blew up all the ‘cooked up stories’ of the SIT before a intently listening court room. In a similar fashion, Mr. Ramadass in his 11 day opposition argument, brought to light many of the ‘made up stories’ in the SIT’s investigation report.

However the climax of the opposition argument came from the harsh elicitations from Mr. Chandrasekar. He, with highly convincing evidences and with a fully emotional flow of statements, blamed the SIT for having cooked the report to fit their preconceived ideas and notions. He went on even to challenge the SIT that, “If the SIT can prove the evidences against my questions, all my accused party men will accept all the claims made against them”. Thus the 50 day opposition argument has raised so many questions. Here are those unanswered questions...

There are few major categories which need to be considered to analyze the various strange happenings around the time of Rajiv’s murder.


  1. The unorthodox circumstances leading to Rajiv’s appearance in the Sriperumbudur meeting pops up as the first question.
    1. Rajiv started his propaganda from Delhi and reached Chennai through Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Yet the question remains as to why Rajiv would agree to attend the Sriperumbudur meeting which was not at all in the agenda of Tamilnadu Congress Party?
    2. While other senior leaders of Tamilnadu Congress like Vazhappadi Ramamurthy and G.K.Mooppanaar showed no interest in bringing Rajiv for propaganda in Sriperumbudur, what made Maragadham Chandrasekar to travel to Delhi to invite him? Did she fall prey to a larger conspiracy, unknowingly?


  1. The second was with his security guard of the time and the so-called reporters who seemed to keep themselves at a safe distance from Rajiv during his Sriperumbudur visit.
    1. When Rajiv was making his propaganda rounds in Bhuvaneshwar and Vishakapattinam, it was his Security officer O.P.Sagar who stood guard. Why did not he turn up for Chennai?
    2. Some television reports from Bulgaria accompanied Rajiv in his propaganda. Their primary job was to make video recordings of Rajiv’s propaganda. Though they participated in the initial propaganda rounds of Rajiv in Orissa and Andhra, they chose to skip all of his public meetings. Instead they stayed back in their luxury hotel with the pilot of their special flight in Vishakapattinam. What could be the purpose of their visit if they are not covering his public meetings, which is supposed to be their key job?
    3. In Vizag, Rajiv had to turn back to his Circuit House due to a technical snag in his flight. Rajiv returned to the flight after receiving the news through the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Vijaya Baskara Reddy that the problem has been solved. In the midst of this mess, the two Bulgarian reporters reached the airport very late along with Rajiv’s Security Officer O.P.Sagar and consequentially missed the flight. Thus the security officer did not fly with Rajiv. What circumstances led an experienced officer like Sagar to miss the flight with Rajiv?
    4. Meanwhile Rajiv reached Chennai with out his security officer. The security officer who takes charge in Chennai P.C.Gupta who was waiting to receive Rajiv could not receive the Pistol from O.P.Sagar as the later did not come in that flight. As a result, Gupta traveled along with Rajiv with out the pistol. Does this not raise questions of a conspiracy?
    5. After Rajiv left the Chennai Meenabakkam airport in his motorcade two so-called women journalists boarded Rajiv’s car near Ramavaram. Whether their identity was ever verified by SIT is still a question. Why they were not subjected to any kind of investigation is a bigger question.
    6. Where are the Bulgarians? Who are the two foreign journalists and where did they go after the incident?


  1. How Pirabaharan and LTTE were linked to this case with out any acceptable evidence?
    1. Except for the fact that Dhanu, Subha and Sivarasan all hail from Yalpanam, what made the SIT believe that they acted only on the behest of LTTE. Why they couldn’t have been hired by any other foreign power for this assassination? Why the SIT investigation around them was concluded only by linking them with LTTE and excluding any other possibility?
    2. The SIT’s claim for having overheard a radio conversation between Pirabaharan and Sivarasan seems to be an imaginary story built to sustain their stand. What is the proof for this claim?
    3. Who is this Pottu Amman? Did anyone ever exist with that name? LTTE have clarified earlier that Amman is an elder operative who has died in action in the past and who remains now is only Pottu. How come an investigation agency names a non-existent person as the second accused?
    4. There are many facts that can be derived by comparing Rajiv’s murder with that of Padhmanaba. While the latter’s murder was investigated by the Tamilnadu Q branch police, the SIT investigated Rajiv’s murder. Both the teams point the place of origin of the conspiracy to Yalpanam. While Sivarasan was a prime accused in both the cases, Pirabaharan was not an accused at all in Padhmanaba’s murder. It only leads us to a conclusion that the inclusion of Pirabahran’s name in Rajiv’s murder is not a consequence of any findings of investigation rather it seems to be truly politically motivated. The inclusion was done only with a cruel intention to add ‘life’ to this case.
    5. Poet Kasi Anandhan met Rajiv in airport. What was the message that he brought by him from Pirabaharan? If Pirabaharan has requested Rajiv’s help for Eelam liberation, where is the need to kill Rajiv?
    6. India and especially Tamilnadu are well known vocal supporters and sympathizers of the liberation struggle of Tamils. Given this obvious fact, it will be a historical blunder to kill Rajiv in Tamilnadu and get themselves kicked out of India and face a legal ban, if ever they had such an intention. Will Pirabaharan, the leader of a liberation struggle of its stature be stupid enough to take such a decision?
    7. How come an old photograph where Pirabaharan posed alongside Sivarasan is the only solid evidence to prove that Pirabaharan had a hand in this murder?
    8. Even if Dhanu, Subha and Sivarasan had been with the LTTE earlier. What proves that they were associated with the LTTE at the time of assassination? Why they can’t have moved out of LTTE and acted as paid-assassins for any other Western, European or Indian mafia?


  1. The most important question is with the strangest circumstances under which Congress leaders and their family members cleared all the security hurdles and lead the assassins and their aides gain such a close proximity with a former Prime Minister and the running Prime Ministerial candidate Rajiv. (In fact Dhanu was only at arm’s reach when the bomb exploded). This won’t have been possible even for long time Congress workers. This is accompanied by the unnatural silence maintained by Congress leaders about the questions lingering around the circumstances of the murder


    1. The two so-called women foreign journalists interviewed Rajiv in the car but Tha.Pandian and Marakatham Chandrasekar who accompanied Rajiv in his car declined to comment stating that they did not know anything about the discussion. Why this strange behavior was not put to any investigation?
    2. Maragadham Chandrasekar came to the venue of the Sriperumbudur Public meeting. Her daughter Latha Priyakumar came from Arakkonam along with her husband Lawyer Magendiran. Her son Lalith Chandrasekar came to the venue with his wife Vinothini. But they never revealed where they started from. Given the fact that Vinothini is the very daughter of Julius Jayewardene, why she was never interrogated? When the entire family was at the venue, why no one was ever interrogated?
    3. Sivarasan’s mother and Vinothini’s father are Sinhalese. Both of them were at the murder site, why they can’t have act on the behest of Srilankan Supremo Premadasa who has an apparent apprehension against Rajiv for having sent the IPKF to Srilanka.
    4. Rajiv was intercepted on his was to the podium was interrupted for a while by Latha Kannan who read out a poem. It this timeframe, that was utilized by the assassin Dhanu to trigger the bomb. Why she was never included in the list of accused? Dhanu entered the security ring and got so close to Rajiv only using Latha Kannan. If Haribabu could be accused, why not Latha Kannan? Why should the SIT show such a blatantly kind attitude towards people who had a Congress connection?
    5. Vazhappadi Ramamurthy, who accompanied Rajiv to the stage in the two street-corner meetings just preceding the Sriperumudur meeting, was too far from Rajiv in this meeting alone. Why is that?
    6. Many innocent civilians and security personnel died alongside Rajiv but it is too strange to observe that not even a single Congress worked died or even had a minor injury in this incident?
    7. It was considered that Latha Priyakumar brought Dhanu, Subha and Sivarasan to Sriperumbudur. More importantly Latha Priyakumar brought them to the Women’s section and asked Latha Kannan to help them. Why she was never interrogated as to the purpose of letting them have access to former PM?
    8. Renganathan testified that he rented the house out to Sivarasan only at the instance of Margaret Alwa. How was she related to Sivarasan? Was the validity of this claim ever verified by SIT?


  1. Based on various statements by notable leaders, evidences and prevalent circumstances there are many possible conspirators. It is very strange that the Congress who should have had the biggest interest in uncovering this conspiracy never questioned the SIT for not considering those more probable alternatives?


    1. Chandraswamy, SubramanianSwamy (both accused by the Jain commission) and arms dealer Kasoki were all possible candidates for interrogation. Was any investigation done considering them?
    2. During the Gulf war, India under leadership of Mr.Chandrasekar supplied fuel to the American fighter crafts. Rajiv heavily criticized this and there is every reason for America to be angry at Rajiv. Why there is no investigation done considering the possibility of a CIA hand behind the assassination?
    3. Before being killed, Rajiv told that the CIA is responsible for the assassination of then Pakistani Prime Minister Zia-Ul-Huq. What forced him make such a statement? Did he suspect a similar attempt at his life as well by CIA?
    4. In the aftermath during July 1991 the then Home Minister S.P.Chavan opined that there are other foreign groups and powers which are behind Rajiv’s assassination. Was any investigation done to assess the reason behind the Home Minister’s statement?
    5. CIA, notorious for its interest in the departures of many of the third world leaders was never considered a possible conspirator. Why was that?
    6. The leader of Palestinian liberation struggle Yasar Arafat warned the then PM Mr.Chandrasekar that there is a threat to Rajiv’s life. What was the source of this warning? Was there any investigation done in that direction? Considering the fact that the possibility of Yasar Arafat receiving any intelligence is possible only if the conspiracy was hatched in the Middle East or the Western Europe, did the SIT investigate such a possibility?
    7. If there is one thing that the Srilankan government would share with the LTTE, it is the hatred towards Rajiv for messing up their lives in Srilanka by sending the IPKF. Considering this fact, the opposition lawyer Chandrasekar challenged the SIT that his party would accept all the claims against them if the SIT could prove that Vinothini and her family are innocent and they did not have anything to do in the murder. The SIT safely chose to skip this very important challenge from opposition and hence no one from that family was ever interrogated
    8. The Srilankan government would have obviously been threatened by Rajiv’s statement that IPKF will make another visit to Srilanka if he came back to power. Why the possibility that they had an interest in his death, was never considered?
    9. Premadasa was popularly blamed for the assassination of many of the political leaders of his time including Kamini Thissanayaka, Adhulath Mudhali and Vikrama Singhe. Why there was no investigation done considering this possibility?
    10. Politicians with vested interest or even his party leaders who may find him as a hurdle in their political career could have used assassins to execute Rajiv out of political enmity. Why this angle was never considered?
    11. Rajiv as a Prime Minister had close links with so many international weapon dealers. Why they couldn’t have had a hand in this assassination?
    12. Utilizing the Srilankan Tamil’s strong affinity to Hinduism, why can’t the BJP or RSS had their archrival Rajiv executed by hiring Dhanu, Subha and Sivarasan? RSS is known even today for killing the Father of the nation, Mahathma Gandhi.


We don’t need reputed agencies like the CBI or SIT to conduct the investigation if the end result is only to file a report blaming a few individuals with out considering any of the obvious possibilities.

The results of this case are expected soon. Especially the Jain commission’s interim report has increased the expectation among legal experts. But such numerous questions rise against the SIT

Though we all agree that “not every question turns out to be a fact” But if these strong suspicious circumstances are not investigated there is every chance that the real conspirators protected by powerful groups get away easily. Those real culprits who go uncaught will turn out to be a true threat to the safety of the leaders of this nation.

Every Indian has the right to know the answer to this billion dollar question:

Did the SIT ever perform an investigation or did they just prepare a report based on mere assumptions?

Courtesy: Tamilan Expres

  1. The possible alternate conspirator boils down to Subramanya swami. The Jain commission report has raised strong suspicion that Subramanian swami has a definite role in Rajiv’s assassination, citing the suspicious and unexplained foreign travels along with Chandraswami. Subramanian swami is also alleged to have made phone calls to key media person all over the nation asking if there has been any important news (a while before Rajiv’s murder). The suspicion against Subramanian swami reached a peak considering the fact that he has been a vocal and ardent advocate to hang the accused without conducting any further trial.



  1. The other key conspirator who should also be investigated is tantric Chandraswami’s close associate Subramanian swami who has been heavily criticized by Jain commission report. The commission cites the strong apprehension that Chandra swami had against Rajiv which has been recorded through multiple eye witnesses.  Chandraswami has reportedly vowed to kill Rajiv [``Main usko khatam kar doonga (I'll finish him off),'' ``Jaise uski maain ki maut huie, vaise he Rajiv Gandhi ko marunga (Rajiv Gandhi will be killed the same way his mother was”]. However second and more concrete evidence was provided by the Central Board of Direct Taxes which seized original payment drafts made totaling 11 million USD in favor of arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi from Chandraswami ashram.


Considering all the above unanswered puzzles and question, we request you to do an objective analysis on these said points, in the interest of the mankind

Special thanks to the May 17th Movement



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