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Medical Marijuana: Best for Legal Medical Use

In use for 5,000 years, marijuana has endless health benefits, the ability to help people beat dangerous addictions, and it has never caused a death...

Marijuana in the sun

(PORTLAND, OR) - For an article like this, it is important to point out that marijuana/cannabis has been used medically for at least 5,000 years and has never caused death by itself. If it is used together with other drugs acting on the brain, it can do so but never while it is used alone.

Another interesting medical fact is that before 1900, there were about 30 pharmaceuticals prescribed for about 100 different diseases. Today marijuana is used for these same diseases.

A third point is that marijuana/cannabis is compatible with, or totally replaces literally hundreds of other drugs and does it safely and effectively.

Now to get down to the brass tacks. We medical marijuana doctors do not recommend it as a cigarette. Almost all organic material, when burned, produced irritating smoke to the respiratory tree. Using a vaporizer or ingesting the marijuana/cannabis avoids this irritation. For almost immediate relief, we do recommend the use of a vaporizer, although some preparations may be placed under the tongue to provide satisfactory relief.

Now then, how do we do this? Everyone should know that marijuana / cannabis plants produce a wide variety of concentrations of THC (Tetrahydrocannibinol) and its cousin, CBD (Cannibadiol) which modifies the THC actions and has therapeutic actions of its own. Therefore, when using any new THC/CBD preparations, use a "taste test" first, a very small amount, then gradually increase the amounts used until one gets the desired effect.

Presently, THC, in the form of the drug Marinol, has been very unsatisfactory. Ten milligram capsules usually cause panic attacks, hallucinations and nightmares. Being careful with marijuana/cannabis preparations avoids this.

According to Storm Crow's list of medical conditions responding successfully to marijuana/cannabis therapy, about 60 medical conditions are listed which she retrieved from reading medical articles or their abstracts from about 10,000 medical articles. This information is despite government anti-drug agencies constantly saying that no double blind studies have been done. The U.S. government will not allow those tests.

According to Storm Crow and almost all medical marijuana physicians, marijuana/cannabis should be the drug of choice, rather than the last choice because of its safety and effectiveness. The street marijuana/cannabis pharmacologists have found out on their own that marijuana/cannabis is very safe and effective for about 60-70 different medical conditions.

It can be used to help patients beat addictions to heroin, alcohol, tobacco, meth, Adderal, anti-depressants, and a slew of many other drugs which have bad, adverse effects.

Here is a list of the most common uses of marijuana / cannabis as a drug:

  • Good for arthritis
  • Good for most spasm conditions
  • Good for migraines
  • Good for Fibromyalgia
  • Good for PMS
  • Good for most chronic pain
  • Good for depression
  • Good for asthma
  • Good for insomnia
  • Good for neuropathy

Marijuana / cannabis is still the best, safest all around medicine



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