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Marijuana: Best Modern Cure for Addictions

Hoorah for the anti-addiction drug, marijuana!

Marijuan vs addictive, deadly drugs.
Marijuana vs addictive, deadly drugs. Nobody has ever died from marijuana, nearly every prescription drug though can be deadly.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Whoever you are, you are reading this correctly. Maybe you don't believe it, but I will give you some ammunition. Cannabis/marijuana as medicine, was formally introduced into the U.S. about 1850, just after it was introduced in Great Britain. It was considered the super drug and was used successfully for almost every disease common at that time.

The ongoing drugs at that time were alcohol, opium and tobacco. (Yes, tobacco is a sort of drug affecting the brain and other body systems but it does cause many deaths). "Blood letting" was also common and President Lincoln was treated with this after being shot in the head. Cascara, the laxative, was also used in the belief that a good bowel movement would cure almost anything.

Ether and chloroform were discovered about this time, but mostly for "ether frolics" people would get drunkish on this at parties. Later, it was found to be excellent for anesthesia .

Getting back to what this is all about, marijuana as such, and in medications, was used to get patients off addictions to alcohol, opium and tobacco. It worked well!

Cannabis/marijuana has been used in medicine for about 5,000 years, but every new batch was of a different strength and could not be standardized. Aspirin and pure morphine came along about this time, and could be standardized by about 1900, the new pure drugs took over and cannabis medicines decreased in use.

After 1900 or so, huge chemical firms such as Bayer in Germany, started synthesizing chemicals and testing them for use as medicine. Almost all of our modern medicines are based upon this surge of chemical syntheses. The drug firms tried to find synthetic replacements for every kind of medical problem and this process is continuing.

Substitutes for almost every kind of natural herbal remedies were synthesized. Opium-related drugs were made by the thousands. They still had the hazards of opium.

Cocaine like drugs were synthesized but they still had some of the hazards of the original. Adrenaline like drugs were synthesized and we ended up with meth; just as dangerous as cocaine but in a different class.

I hope this gives the reader an idea of what I am talking about. Some of those drugs not included in the above, are Demorol, Darvon, gabapentin, PCP, methadone, qualudes, barbiturates, LSD and mescaline. You should have noticed that all of these drugs act on the central nervous system (CNS) or brain.

For anyone who keeps informed about the unique medical values of cannabis/marijuana, this present disclosure should come as no surprise. It is definite and certain that cannabis/marijuana will supplant positively without harm, all the actions of almost all drugs acting on the brain or CNS.




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Mirda1983 January 25, 2014 7:51 pm (Pacific time)

This is very true, Cannabis saved my life from meth addiction.

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