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Her World is Mine

All of the militarization in the world combined can not overpower the love of a child, and a nation.

Nahida and a little girl in Palestine
Special thanks to Uprooted Palestinians

(LONDON) - Nahida's writings often get me right in the heart. Each examines the plight of an endless military occupation through the perspective of a Palestinian woman who was pulled from her homeland as a young girl while the 1967 war raged.

Her unique way of using photographs and words to cleverly bring an artful treatment to each new piece resonates with both sadness and hope, tragic loss and heart pounding joy.

It is the hope of so many today that the Palestinian people can have their land back from the "Six Day War" which led to the illegal seizure of the vast majority of Palestine.

The effort to eradicate Palestinian people has been relentless and costly to all those involved.

Then families could exercise their legal right of return, and bring prosperity to their home country.

Under occupation since the late 1940's, the ancient villages of Palestine have been destroyed by the thousand. The Zionist 'settlements' that keep tension always high, are generally built on land recently seized from Palestinian people.

For many undeniable reasons, we must halt that behavior and preserve the history, and enforce court action against governments that flagrantly violate international laws.

Her World is Mine
Nahida Izzat

Holding on my hand

Strolling away

How could I resist

A tender baby’s hand

Embraced in mine


How could I let go

Of baby’s little fingers

Wrapped around mine


How could I hold onto

Fears, worries, illusions

When angels hover, forever, by my side


My heart is giggling
Her hand in mine

My mind is fizzing
Her world is mine


I came from there
Have always been
There I belong
Her world is mine


Where fairies dance

In lavender valleys

Where grass grows wild


Where butterflies have names

And grasshoppers play games

Back-floating they dream


Where babies dive

Splashing in rivers

Of lilies and jasmine


Where angels swim

In milkyways

Leaving trails of stars behind


I came from there

Have always been

There I belong

Her world is mine


Floating with angels

Smiling at rabbits

Chatting to fairies

My heart is giggling
Her hand in mine


Look look up there

Flapping my wings

Jumping high then falling down

Her hand in mine


Her eyes of stars
Glowing with glee
Such innocent face

Such radiant light
And heavenly grace

O sweet my baby
Tender and pure
O smile my baby

Come heal and cure

Your hand in mine
Your world is mine


I look at her
In awesome wonder

Then sings my soul
Her hand in mine

Tiny and tender

Her hand in mine


I look at her
In awesome wonder

Then sings my soul

Her world is mine

Serene sublime

Her world is mine

Her world is mine


Special thanks to Uprooted Palestinians


Nahida Izzat is a Jerusalem-born Palestinian refugee who has lived in exile for over forty two years, after being forced to leave her homeland at the tender age of seven in 1967, during the six-day war. She has a degree in mathematics, but art is one of her favorite pastimes. She loves hand-made things and so makes dolls, cards, and most of her own clothes. She also writes poetry, participates in written dialogues and believes in building bridges, not walls.

She started writing when her friends insisted she should write about her memories, experiences and feelings as a Palestinian.When she did it all came out sounding—she was told—like poetry! So she self-published two books: I Believe in Miracles, and Palestine the True Story.

Her dream is to return back home to a free and liberated Palestine.

If you like poetry and are intrigued by the notion of learning more about Palestine, you can visit Nahida's blog Poetry for Palestine for more of her writings; prose, poems, letters and dialogues.

You can write to Nahida : nahidaexiledpalestinian@gmail.com



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nahida July 2, 2013 1:52 pm (Pacific time)

Jewish-”Israeli” children are taught to mock other people’s faiths on TV:

nahida July 2, 2013 1:49 pm (Pacific time)

In occupied Palestine, Jewish-”Israeli” youngsters are trained to become gangsters and sharp-shooters through GADNA (Heb. גַּדְנַ״ע; abbr. for גְּדוּדֵי
נֹעַר, Gedudei No’ar; “Youth Corps”):



nahida July 2, 2013 1:46 pm (Pacific time)

In occupied Palestine, Jewish Orthodox kids are allowed to study ONLY Torah and Talmud, no other subject is allowed:


nahida July 2, 2013 1:44 pm (Pacific time)

In Occupied Palestine, Jewish-”Israeli” kids learn hasbara (the art of propaganda and lies) while adults find it humourous:


nahida July 2, 2013 1:42 pm (Pacific time)

In Denver, Jewish-American Kindergarten play flying “off to the army base”:


nahida July 2, 2013 1:40 pm (Pacific time)

In occupied Palestine; Jewish-”Israeli” kids have fun in the army museum:


Anonymous July 2, 2013 3:43 am (Pacific time)

Oh please. Liberals always use a poem. It's pathetic. First, the land belongs to Israel. End of story. Second, "and bring prosperity to their home country." Look around in that area. The breeding place for terrorists. Even children being recruited for terrorism. Learn how to hate Israel and wearing bombs on their body.

 Poems aren't pathetic, sick twisted hatemongers are though, (wink!) I know low IQ people are trapped by racism in their small brains, but good luck OK?

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