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Marijuana News: Politicians Prescriptions for Marijuana Defy Doctors

Marijuana- abominable scourge or God’s medicine?

global cannabis march 2014
The 2014 global cannabis march in Portland, Oregon reminded the public of the many practical and medicinal uses of the plant.
Photo by Bonnie King

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - This headline has been taken from the NYT June 26, 2014, by Catherine St. Louis, a Times reporter who published one of the worst articles ever printed about marijuana as medicine.

She obviously has never read any of the many articles indicating the innumerable beneficial uses of marijuana.

I have scanned medical marijuana articles for about 50 years - possibly as many as 5,000 articles on the subject. I don’t believe she read ANY of these.

The best recent article on the medical benefits of marijuana is from the Mayo Clinic proceedings by Dr. J. Michael Bostwick, from their Dept of Psychiatry and Psychology. I don’t believe they print any trash.

His article includes the following list of medical illnesses/conditions that are improved through the medicinal uses of marijuana.


Relaxant; Pain; Vomiting; Convulsions; Spasticity; Insomnia; Headache (Migraine); Anorexia; Whooping cough; Asthma; Appetite; Cachexia; Nausea; Euphoria; Hypnotic; Anxioletic; Anti-Depressant; Analgesic; Multiple Sclerosis; Arthritis; Neuropathy; Cancers, etc.

Ms. St Louis cannot possibly challenge any of these by this Mayo Clinic author. Her main point is “There is no rigorous scientific evidence that marijuana effectively treats the symptoms of many of the illnesses (above) for which states have authorized its use.”

Her article had 293 comments indicating that she was all wet.

To get to the misinformation of her article, she frequently states that “there are no high quality trials indicating marijuana is useful”. The proof of the pudding is in the smoking. Thousands of people use marijuana for many of these uncommon and common disorders every day with great success.

She quotes many physicians who are without shame, protecting their medical turf by exposing their arrogant ignorance. The first doctor she mentions is Dr. Molly Cooke, professor of medicine at University of California SF. Cooke says, “The data is very thin about marijuana as medicine.” (And she’s from San Francisco? What’s she under the influence of?)

She doesn't seem to know, or want to admit, that the US Gov’t will not permit the study of any beneficial effects of the drug. Some DO exist however, and these doctors should find them intriguing reading. Click here to read the conclusions of the four most exhaustive U.S.-government sponsored reports on marijuana.

Some of the doctors quoted by Ms. St. Louis, such as Dr. Steven Jeneson of New Mexico, admit the government obstructing research.

Dr. Mary-An Fitzcharles of McGill University says, “There are no trials of smoked marijuana for Rheumatoid arthritis, but, perhaps hundreds of patients are using it for pain.”

New York State considered marijuana which astonished Dr. Mary Pro.

Many patients use it successfully for the pain it causes. They don’t smoke it, they use vaporizers --- no smoke! Edibles, oils and tinctures are all non-smoking options that have become very popular in the last few years.

Dr. Gary Small, a geriatric psychiatrist, does not recommend marijuana for Alzheimer’s, but many patients use it successfully for Alzheimer’s rage even without his recommendation.

Alzheimer’s Rage is an approved condition for a medical marijuana permit in the state of Oregon, because it works. It was the wife of an Alzheimer’s victim that explained it to the state legislature, and there was no question about needing more research. The proof is self-evident.

For childhood epilepsy and also for adults, marijuana works well and is probably the best treatment. This was found by the patients on their own, or by their parents. Dr. Orrin Devinsky of New York University says “The human data is just not there.”

He needs a wakeup call.

Psoriasis was included in the New York law. Then, it was dropped after questions of lack of supporting evidence, as was Diabetes and Lupus. All three of these are helped by marijuana, as has been demonstrated in other “legal” states. There is just too much politicking in these petty decisions that only affect the sick and dying.

State representative Lou Lang in Illinois considered that marijuana use for chronic pain was too broad, and rejected it. Pain relief is the main use of marijuana for at least 70% of patients. It is tremendously beneficial for all sorts of pain. This is remedial information.

Glaucoma is one of the most impressive conditions for which marijuana is very helpful. Dr. Paul Orloff of New York denies its use because it must be used about every four hours. This is about the same as the other medications prescribed for Glaucoma. He thinks the patients must get HIGH in order to use it for their eyes, which is entirely wrong. Again, remedial information simply set aside.

So many professionals sadly misinformed. Marijuana does have a few minor adverse side effects that could be discussed; however Catherine St. Louis would be much better off if she read the Mayo Clinic article, or ANY other article for that matter, before her next attempt to write convincingly on the subject of medical marijuana.




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