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Dutch Demolition Expert Danny Jowenko Dies In Car Crash

WTC7: The 'Smoking Gun' of 9/11

Special thanks to: Veterans Today

(MELBOURNE) - WTC7 according to Danny Jowenko was absolutely brought down by a controlled demolition.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky

The accident of prominent Dutch “demolition expert” Danny Jowenko is of special interest to us, because on July 13th 2011 in an exclusive Press TV interview, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Veterans Today board member and editor, specifically drew attention to the Dutch demolition expert, Danny Jowenko, stating that two years ago, he came across an extremely disturbing video in which Danny Jowenko was interviewed concerning the collapse on 9/11, of a 3rd World Trade Center building.

WTC7, a 47 storey building, the third tallest building, which was not hit by a plane, which was conspicuously missing in the 9/11 commission report and which according to Danny Jowenko was absolutely brought down by a controlled demolition.

“That is, WTC-7 went straight down into its own footprint in seconds without any visible external trauma, which means only some catastrophic internal trauma could have brought it down, concluded Sabrosky.”

He has repeatedly cited the well known demolition experts’ views and interview in his recent articles and interviews.

On July 16th, 2011, Danny Jowenko  died in a one-sided car accident, a frontal collision with a tree,  in the village of Serooskerke, The Netherlands

Danny Jowenko deceased at Serooskerke (W)

Danny Jowenko from the church in Veere Saturday Serooskerke killed in a frontal collision with a tree.

The accident happened just before half past seven at the height of the industrial area at the intersection zomp Wilgenhoekweg / Hondegemseweg. The victim died on the spot and squeezed Sat. There was also a dog in the car. He was still alive, and is picked up by the animal.

(Publication date 17/7/2011)

Accidents do happen.  And, he was not a singularly important and threatening guy like editor Sean Hoar was or Dr. David Kelly (Weapons expert) was.

He was but one of many who have provided valuable and incontrovertible testimony, but still only one of many, and not imminently threatening danger to anyone.  I would have to know more about the circumstances of his “accident” before I would let paranoia kick in.

On the other hand, you do not have to kill many chickens to frighten the monkeys… but the “people like” Dr. David Kelly, Danny Jowenko  and Sean Hoar who are giving testimony such as they have, and pushing that particular cart are not exactly monkeys, and I doubt that the death of a few chickens will frighten many of them off the task anyway!

I pity the dog for, unless he has hospitalization insurance or happens to be on a government payroll, they will simply administer an overdose and bury him.

Frontal collisions with trees are the worst kind.  Are there any others?

RIP Danny!

PART 2 of 3

PART 3 of 3

Much more information concerning Mr. Jowenko and Building 7 can be found here: Demo Expert Confirms WTC-7 Was “Controlled Demolition” Big thanks to einsteen for translating and posting this video up on Youtube.

Debbie Menon is an independent writer based in Dubai. An advocate for Justice and Peace for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Her main focus is US-Middle East Policy issues while writing cutting edge commentary for today's growing number of Internet news viewers seeking unfiltered information about real events. She is committed to exposing Israel Lobbies control of U.S. Middle East Policy. Her Website,, is a source for many other reports.

Debbie has a fresh perspective in her interpretation of historical events and their relationship to today's current news developments between Palestine and Israel. She can be reached at:

Americans for a Stronger Israel

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Anonymous July 24, 2011 1:54 pm (Pacific time)

911 was done by the CIA, Mossad, and I always thought saudi arabia was involved, but now new info they might be. All you have to do, is research it. Its obvious. I would give hundreds of examples, and proof, but if you are interested, you can research yourself, and if you are not interested, I would be wasting my time.

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