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Prince of Pot Freed from US Clutches

The cannabis warrior should be home in Canada by mid-August.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery, Canada's Prince of Pot has been imprisoned for five years in the USA.

(COTTAGE GROVE, Ore.) - In 2009, a dear friend to this reporter personally, Mr. Marc Emery, aka The Canadian "Prince of Pot" was extradited to the U.S. from his homeland Canada, where he pleaded guilty to one count of "Conspiracy to manufacture marihuana".

The then 56-year old martyr publicly acknowledged that he had sold cannabis seeds to American customers via mail order since 1994, and quite frankly, gaining immense popularity as well as making a financial Killing as he did it. For that dung-smearing in ole Uncle Sam's face, he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in US federal corrections, which he's about finished having served in multiple facilities across the nation.

Jodie & Marc Emery

Marc was lucky. Originally, US prosecutors were seeking a life sentence and talking their grounds being his "Conspiracy to overthrow the US Government", an extremely serious allegation to threaten a person with. That's why ultimately he agreed to half a decade, though he had hoped to be allowed at least some of his sentence to be served in Canada as was insinuated during his plea negotiations with the United States, which didn't happen.

The Prince had used the bulk of the seed sale profits from his BC Seed company to support activist groups, lobbyists, court cases and ballot initiatives in both his country as well as in the US and abroad. Emery has always claimed politics, and not justice, were behind his prosecution, which if it's the case, it's safe to say the plan backfired.

At the time, the American drug enforcement officials boasted of his arrest, calling it a "significant blow to marijuana trafficking and to the legalization movement." Now as we see today, cannabis is flourishing in and beyond the North American continent and Marc Emery is forever accredited at least in part because of his efforts and sacrifice defending it. Still, busting him didn't stop anything at all.

"Marc can take a lot of credit for everything happening in the U.S. And of course it's a wonderful feeling to see that his mission has been accomplished," said Mrs. Emery, the pretty & petite "Princess of Pot", who's assumed all of their advocacy work in Marc's absence, and has been managing their now seed-free store and popular Cannabis Culture Magazine, which is similar to the ever-popular High Times Magazine of America. "He was successful, even though he had to pay the price for it."

Cannabis activists across the Globe were in literal shock over the arrest and later conviction of Marc Emery, and there has been non-stop rallying and support pouring in to the Emery's as they've gone through this unfortunate situation. Letters continuously poured into the "Model Inmate" while he spent most of his time helping teach other inmates how to read, and at one point even started a band to occupy his time. His Princess too has had non-stop red carpet treatment and support from the global cannabis community as she not only held their empire together, but took to the stages in protest of his incarceration every chance she was allowed to be heard on a cannabis subject.

"I wish he hadn't gone to prison," she said in a recent interview, "But it's almost fitting that he had to go down into the belly of the beast of America where the drug war begins, and where it has pressure in Canada, and spend his time in the U.S. to oversee all the success from his work."

Despite being freed on July 9, it could be weeks, or even months, before Emery is back on Canadian soil. His schedule of return as we know it to be now, is that he will be transported this Thursday to a private immigration deportation facility in Louisiana, where his paperwork must be completed and a temporary passport obtained. Then a flight will be booked to Detroit courtesy of US officials and tax payer dollars.

After that, he's expected to fly to Detroit/Windsor and make his way home to Vancouver. Emery is guessing he'll be back home in mid-August. On his blog, Emery wrote about the anticipated communication between the Louisiana detention centre, Canadian consul in Dallas, and Ottawa:

I am certain that perfidious actors in Ottawa could choose to be deliberately slow, lazy or obstructive, simply because it's me, and the Harper government is hardly eager to have me back in Canada. That is where my many supporters can influence events, should this procedure get unduly tardy; I may need all of you to call one of those three locations, or all three locations, for several hours a day, urging an end to any questionable delays if they should happen. But we will see. Just be ready to help if you are so inclined!

Jodie Emery said she'll encourage a crowd to greet him in Windsor and then Toronto, before the pair visits his siblings in London and Newmarket, Ontario. She also says that at some point, she's hoping they may even spend a weekend alone before their life as activists once again ignites into the team they were before her hubby was hauled away, which wasn't all too long after their honeymoon.

In the meantime, Marc is asking supporters to provide "motivation" for the Canadian government to repatriate him on a "more reasonable and timely schedule." In exchange for that support, the Emery's will aggressively lobby to unseat the "prohibitionist Conservative government".

Starting in September 2015, Marc Emery plans to hold rallies in 30 separate Canadian cities continuing until the October federal election. Meanwhile, Jodie Emery announced she plans to seek the federal Liberal nomination in Vancouver-East, a goal she has long had in her sights, since before even meeting, much-less marrying, the Canadian Green Party's prince of pot.

In his final blog post from prison, Marc wrote that he expects to "marvel at all the changes in Vancouver," and all who know the Emery's, whether fan or foe will assure you, they will be part of and have a big hand in it as it blossoms.

"Jodie and I appreciate everything you've done for both us and the movement at large in my absence," he wrote on June 30. "I can't wait to get home to thank you all in person in the weeks and months ahead, and resume the unfinished battle to finish off marijuana prohibition with renewed vigor."

Joy Maxine Graves, published author, cannabis reporter and photographer is best known for her involvement as a Cannabis Freedom Fighting Activist. Joy has shown herself to be quite the trooper when it comes to fighting for Truth, Justice & Peace; for protecting the "weaker guy", and for standing her ground when faced with nothing but hate and diversity.

She was the #2, most beloved personal "Jack's Girl" to the Emperor of Hemp himself, Jack Herer (RIP) for more than 13 years, and since his heart attack in 2009 and eventual passing in 2010, Joy has become a valuable part of the Salem-News team.


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Julie July 25, 2014 2:13 pm (Pacific time)

There's been a lot of controversy about how this all came down, and who did what to whom when and under what circumstances. All I want to say is that I'm glad Marc's not in prison any longer. All the rest is secondary.

john shavluk July 25, 2014 11:10 am (Pacific time)

What crap First off emery is 56 right now and he did 4 years not 5 and wasn’t extradited cause he arranged his own sentence forgoing a trial in fear after saying he would do the opposite as he begged cash for 5 years He didnt do squat here in Canada and he didnt give the bulk of anything away as he took by his own accounting $800,000 a year for himself his 5 wives and his other drug dealing buddies while your government can only account for 600-800 thousand in 11 years while emery pretends they actually say millions You make me laugh with the lies here and you write like emery dictated it for you to write? Geez and dont go thinking I am a cop or prohibitionist or something .....on the contrary .......I gave emery thousands and thousands of dollars ...I too am also a founder of the bc marijuana party and I am the one person in Canada who has done by far and away the most politically to get legal cannabis having obtained and presented resolutions into three main stream national party’s now after others tried for 42 years in even one and all failed emery was and is a disgusting GHB drug slipping creep and its obvious you certainly did not know him Your one point I agree with..."" Still, busting him didn't stop anything at all.""""....because its true and proves he had absolutely nothing to do with the real work to begin with here in canada for sure in fact he went out of his way to stop me and hindered me emery always was and always will be about emery I said to him ..."would what you say if you meant it ….overgrow the government be accomplished faster as the cheapest seed pimper on the planet ?....or how it is… as you are the most expensive on the planet and keeping most of the money yourself unless you wanted to sleep with some one in that group that got the crumbs ….you meant to not only promote yourself with their hard work but to continue the illusion you were doing good works and not just some scum bag as I know you (emery ) to be using my issue to gouge users See here or google me but please before you even sillier get the real story maybe eh? I see that you may also be a censor-or by the disclaimer here I will post this around the planet on our own network and people can see if you are nothing more than a shill or if they are free to make up their own minds by discussion here ps I am an original member and fund-er of Safer in Colorado too in case again you again just believe the kool aid emery himself probably spoon fed you...and much much more

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