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Crohn's Disease Patient Shona Banda Speaks Out As Charges Loom

Shona's plight has drawn the attention of The Washington Post and a wide range of mainstream media outlets including ABC’s The View.

Shona Banda
Shona Banda from a video by

(GARDEN CITY, KS) - The Human Solution International has learned a press conference has been scheduled for June 15, regarding the case against Crohn’s disease patient Shona Banda. The press conference will begin at 2:00 pm and is located at 304 N. Main Garden City, Kansas 67846.

It is understood Shona plans to voluntarily surrender herself to the authorities at the press conference. She is humbly requesting all supporters be there.

According to The Garden City Telegram’s report late last week, Finney County Attorney, Susan Richmeier announced that five criminal charges are in the process of being filed against Shona Banda as a result of the well publicized raid by Garden City Police in April.

The charges, include distribution or possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of school property, endangering a child, unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance, and two drug paraphernalia infractions.

The Garden City Telegram notes that Shona is facing between 138 to 204 months of incarceration.

If one believes numbers are any indication, the public is in great support of Shona. Fundraising efforts have raised over $43,000.

Despite a previously placed gag order, Shona spoke out in an exclusive interview with Truth in Media. As noted in their article, Shona will face family court once again on July 10, assuming she has not been detained by that time.

Please follow the link below for more of Shona’s interview:

Visit The Human Solution International at to find information on how you can help Shona and assist in ending prohibition because, "No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!"

The Human Solution International supports members of the community through the trials they face as cannabis consumers through court support, prison outreach, and education.

Members believe that standing together in solidarity against this unfair treatment of civil rights will keep people out of prison for a plant which has been proven to hold many medicinal and health benefits.

THSI is a grassroots federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which includes over 50 chapters.

To add your “two cents” to this effort, and send a message to the government in a medium they understand (money), please go to and donate today!


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ElectroPig von FökkenGrüüven June 16, 2015 8:24 am (Pacific time)

Anyone who knows her knows that the state, the school, and the police are all making up reasons to destroy an entire family's lives so that they can justify wasting everyone else's currency attacking them next. ALL of the charges are entirely fictitious, and it all stems from a child "illegally possessing ACTUAL KNOWLEGE in a place of institutional education." Think about that, people: A CHILD WAS TAKEN FROM HIS FAMILY AND HIS FAMILY IS BEING DESTROYED BECAUSE A CHILD HAD ACTUAL, FACTUAL KNOWLEDGE IN SCHOOL!!! Wasn't school supposed to be where you were SUPPOSED TO LEARN THINGS?!?

Kevin Hunt June 12, 2015 7:28 am (Pacific time)

Tips for becoming a stealth juror: If you are called up to perform jury duty in a marijuana case, you will be asked by the prosecutor if you would convict someone for a marijuana offense. Say "Maybe if the prosecutor can make a good case". During jury deliberations, vote not guilty. Do not give a personal reason for voting not guilty; just say that you don't think that the prosecution proved its case. Your vote will result in a hung jury (mistrial) which may force the prosecutor to offer the defendant a better plea deal or drop the charges altogether. If enough marijuana cases end in hung juries, prosecutors will not bother to try these cases. This strategy helped end alcohol prohibitio

Kathlene Lentz June 10, 2015 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

I am a 63 year old Crohn's patient. For years, I was prescribed ever increasing doses of narcotics to deal with the pain I endured. High doses of morphine with codeine for break-through pain. Last year I decided to try medical marijuana, and my mainstream doctor refused to help me kick the narcotics. Instead she simply withdrew my prescriptions for them and left me to go through cold turkey withdrawal. That was pure torture for weeks, but I got through and have used only medical marijuana to control the pain of my disease. I use the liquid form for "vaping" during the day and take a couple of hits of the herb at night. I am much more in control on the marijuana than I was on the narcotics, I have LESS pain, and I am no longer addicted to anything. There is no down-side to medical marijuana. That the authorities are punishing this woman by taking her child and quite possibly her freedom is an example of how freaking backward some people are. I suggest that they come into the 21st century and start basing decisions on the facts rather than outdated laws.

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