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Jack and Jill on Blueberry Hill

A fable based on a true story.


(WASHOUGAL, WA.) - Abe & Ole were two crusty old -been there and done it - guys retired from the ad and financial consulting business, out taking a drive in the country out West one beautiful spring day a few years ago. When they stopped at a little mom and pop county gas station to wet their whistle and the thistles in back. When an old lady comes running in the store yelling, "there is a farm couple down the road a piece with their truck full of empty blueberry boxes - stalled on the railroad crossing and the train is due any minute, please help them!"

Abe & Ole yelled "we'll give it a try", as they sped away on their rescue mission up blueberry hill. They found Jack and Jill, abandoned by all their friends, sitting hopelessly alone, out-of-gas, stalled in their old farm truck smack dab in the middle of the railroad crossing, crying for help, with the approaching train already in sight... Jack yells, Help, I'll give you 1/3 of everything, our truck, our farm and all the blueberries we grow forever - if only you can save us. Jill says, I agree, I agree, help, help, the train is coming. Hurry!
Al and Ole said, 1/3rd if far too much to take from anyone in distress! One box each is fine, Besides your boxes are empty, you have no money, no gas and the train is coming. We got to get you off the track first.
So Al and Ole jump out and started pushing and pushing and together they got Jack & Jill's old farm truck with its load of empty blueberry boxes off the track just before the noon freight train went roaring past - only to see their truck roll down the hill a little ways and stop in the middle of yet another train tracks crossing.
Jack says; "Thanks guys, but we're still stuck, out of gas and out of money, and another train will be coming soon. We got a little patch of berries now and a big well with all the water we will ever need to grow hundreds of acres of the world's best blueberries! "All I need is a little more time and money! Then next year I promise these boxes will all be full of big ripe blue berries worth big bucks. You come work with us, we need your experience and as a teams we'll all get rich together. A cabana and hot tub under blueberry blue skies in the country for each of you and income from blueberry sales forever.
Abe says, "that's fine, but we are not berry farmer and you still need some gas. You got a gas can? Money?
Jack says. "Nope, but don't worry,You get us some gas now and we'll pay you for the can, the gas and a lot more, as soon as we get money- you will. You can trust us, we are just honest farm folks!" OK boy?
Abe and Ole agree, but first they tell Jack and Jill we are going to have to get you some gas and then we'll see if we can find you money for future crops from a lender or a berry growing partner or perhaps a buyer. So Abe & Ole go back to the little store from whence they came, buy a little red gas can, fill it with gasoline
And then comes in Trust-me Tom, the local real estate salesman and ask: "is the gas for Jack & Jill up on blueberry hill?" "Yes it is... ", replies Ole, " how did you know?"
Oh! T. Tom says, I know them. I've been selling off pieces of their mom's farm every since Jack came back from the city with Jill tagging behind. Now they are broke and out of gas again and want me to find a buyer for their dream of a huge blueberry farm on their hill, before they loose it all to the first lender - but all they have are dreams, empty boxes and cheap bare land No buyers for that around here. but I'm going out that way anyway, I'll save you a trip and drop off the can of gas you bought for them - so he did.
So Jack & Jill talked Al & Ole into spending the next year with promises of blueberry pie and ice cream -creating the best marketing campaign they knew how - new name, logo, a web page, photos, a promotional video and preparing financial data and tools of the trade - not empty boxes and bare land but dreams with pictures and videos of smiling kids with blue stained lips eating handfuls of big blue berries and ice cream in scenic berry fields under snow capped mountain and blue skies. And a professional printed summary of a rosy picture of huge profits that could be made from their blueberry hill. Tools to help find money for Jack and Jill from a lender or joint venture partner. And all the tools any real estate agents would have to have to find a buyer for Jack and Jill before they lost it all. Jack & Jill would get the whole blueberry pie with ice cream on top... And old AL & Ole were led to believe that they would get the self satisfactory and thanks for a job well done of saving this "honest" farm couple from a vulture capitalist and promised a small piece of pie for themselves.
So Abe and Ole pull all their strings and contacted investors and money people world wide. They gave the realtors the tools they need to find a buy and at the last minute did and made Jack and Jill millionaires.   
Soon thereafter; Abe & Ole came upon Jack & Jill at the little store on the way to blueberry hill, driving a beautiful new Mercedes and asked "We worked our asses off for a year to save yours. you got a $ million dollars and more... so where is our little box of blueberries you promised each of us?
Jack said," Oh, we kept your boxes, you didn't bring us any gas, our real estate salesman did. Jill smiled and said, " You want your can back? "
Abe, No, that's ok Jill, you'll need it again.



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