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Michael Francke Murder Mystery Solved (Part One)

No murder weapon was ever found. There were no bloody clothes, ever, on Frank Gable, in Frank's house, or anywhere else. No fingerprints. No hair or blood belonging to Frank. Nothing.

Michael Francke
Michael Francke, head of Oregon Dept. of Corrections, was stabbed to death one night before he was slated to testify before the Oregon Legislature about Oregon prison corruption. The government says it was a coincidence. Wink-wink.

(SALEM) - In the course of the next ten weeks, we are going to lay to bed the myth that Frank Gable was, in any way, guilty of the cold-blooded murder of James Michael Francke. We will do this, in part, by proving who really did kill him and why. For the one percent of you who may not have heard of this case, Michael Francke (as he preferred to be called) was stabbed to death on the night of January 17, 1989. In one of the greatest debaucheries in recorded history, numerous government officials conspired to frame a petty drug dealer named Frank Gable. And Frank has sat in prison for more than 23 years.

Ever since the trial started in 1991, there have been public outcries about how the government had been covering up the link between Mike's death and prison corruption. You see Michael Francke was the head of the Oregon Department of Corrections (prison system). He was murdered on the night before he was slated to testify before the Oregon Legislature. The government says it was a coincidence. Wink-wink.

After six months of chasing dead-ends, the police decided to frame Frank Gable for the murder. And they did a fair job of it. Still, the only people they were fooling were the twelve idiots sitting in the jury box. The rest of us knew better.

There was no evidence against Frank Gable... unless you wish to consider his big mouth... which only proves what a moron he was. In his futile efforts to either scare or impress those around him, Frank allegedly bragged about how he killed Michael. In itself, that was, perhaps, pretty compelling to some people. What you don't know, and the jury never really got to hear, was that no less than four other people also confessed to killing Mike.

Judge Greg West had been appointed to hear the case with explicit instructions to convict Frank. West refused to let the jurors hear all about the other guys who confessed to the crime. Absent that testimony, the jury did not really have any other suspects or even an inkling that there are always innocent people who confessed to crimes.

In virtually every capital case (murder), there are always numerous people who confess to crimes they did not commit. It, on some bizarre level, fulfills a desire to be important and/or to garner attention. It doesn't make sense to most people that someone would confess to something they didn't do; unless you first consider their upbringing. Many of these guys were taught to say dumb things in order to manipulate those around them. To these kinds of manipulators, it is just another dumb lie they said and they have a hard time grasping the consequences of said lie. Until it is too late.

No murder weapon was ever found. There were no bloody clothes, ever, on Frank Gable, in Frank's house, or anywhere else. No fingerprints. No hair or blood belonging to Frank. Nothing. Not one single solitary piece of physical evidence was ever found which would connect Frank to the murder.

So what got Frank convicted? In a word, corruption; specifically, government corruption. And that's a hard pill for some people to swallow. Those of us who know, all too well, that the government is corrupt, we fight hard to free a man who was unjustly framed for murder. The man is absolutely, one hundred percent, innocent of the crime.

Then there are those brainwashed dolts who sorely want to believe that the government is legit and cops could never cross over the line...especially to the extent to which they undertook to convict a man that they knew was innocent of the crime. Couldn't happen in America, these drones insist. In truth, they know the government is corrupt but they need to deny it so they can sleep better at night.

Frank Gable

The people I find most entertaining are the ones who believe that they know it all and insist that the police could never have conspired against Frank Gable. These people proudly boast that, even if it were true, nobody could ever prove it. Wanna bet?

In the coming weeks, nobody will ever say that the police were not corrupt. Moreover, there will not remain a single person who will ever say that any part of the whole sordid affair is/was not provable. We will prove everything you thought was not provable, and a whole lot of other things which you would never have even considered. For instance?

Among other things, we will prove that the police coerced witnesses into testifying, that the police told the witnesses what to say, that the police fabricated evidence, tampered with evidence, and covered up evidence that would have led to a swift conviction of the real killers.

We will prove that at least four Judges were involved in the conspiracy to frame Frank. We will prove that the District Attorney and Oregon Attorney Generals were involved. We will prove that the prosecution succeeded in getting one of their cohorts on the Grand Jury and a corrupt Judge made him foreman of the Grand Jury!

We will prove that Michael Francke was kidnapped at around 7:10pm. This is a crucial point in the whole conspiracy as the prosecution insisted that Frank Gable was caught burglarizing Mike's car (when the car was both locked and the alarm was set) at around 7pm. In truth, all of the evidence clearly shows that Mike was killed around 10:15pm.

Courtesy: KATU

We will prove who the actual murderer was. And that is going to shock the hell out of you. For real, dog (I always wanted to say that).

We will prove that this corruption involved high ranking prison officials, numerous Appellate Judges, the Governor(s) of the State of Oregon, and even Frank Gable's own attorneys. We have their confessions. Are you still betting? Seriously?

Okay, I'll play your little game. Here is a sample for you to ruminate on while waiting for the next installment in this series: Both the Trial Judge (Greg West) and the defense attorneys (sic), Robert Abel and John Storkel, conspired to stop Frank Gable from testifying in his own behalf. So? Of the 317 cases that I investigated where the defendant did not testify in his own trial, 316 were convicted. The 317th man probably would have been convicted, but he died before the trial concluded.

These are statistics that virtually every member of the Bar knows. The only time that any honest attorney would dare to stop his client from testifying would be in a case where the man was mentally, and severely, deranged. Frank gable was as lucid and coherent as any man alive. Stopping him from testifying was purely a guarantee that he would be convicted. And they all knew it. And that is nothing less than a confession to Conspiracy to Deprive Civil Rights.

Do you still wish to bet that we cannot prove any aspect of this conspiracy? Join us next week for more shock and awe.

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Anonymous March 26, 2017 12:28 pm (Pacific time)

Where did u work at Osp ?

Ned L Kelley January 30, 2016 12:22 pm (Pacific time)

I was in osp from 1983 till 1988 twice, I believe osp staff killed Mr Francke to cover up what was they were doing during those years an can draw direct lines from them to my self, for one several are from Stockton such as Nelie Lynn Dell a female corrections office at osp. This woman used sex to manipulate inmates an had institutional grievances filed against her for numerous things that were denied covering it up allowing it to go on an on for years

gloria mccleary July 20, 2015 12:22 am (Pacific time)

Year : 1989 the 17th day of January. Location : Salem Oregon USA Title: The Eve

from taylorsoldsite July 10, 2013 12:35 am (Pacific time)

The Oregonian’s Frank Gable Affair: “Unprecedented Access”
Not to the murder defendant
In the Friday, May 27, 2005 Oregonian, reporters Crombie and Zaitz journalistically gloated about having scooped “unprecedented access to the files of Marion County district attorney and the Oregon State Police on the Francke case” in an apparent effort to support the their previous report in the Sunday Oregonian propounding their positive determination regarding the validity of Frank Gable’s conviction for the 1989 murder of Oregon Corrections Director Michael Francke.

Crombie and Zaitz also claimed they “reviewed tens of thousands of pages of OSP investigative reports, which included material not disclosed to Gable lawyers” prior to their opining in print about Gable’s conviction. The Oregonian had prominently placed the Crombie and Zaitz article about Gable’s conviction before the statewide Court of public opinion on Sunday, May 22, 2005. Undoubtedly, Sunday editions are much more widely circulated and read throughout Oregon, than weekly editions.

The Large Legal Elephant before us all

This commentary is not about the determinations of Crombie and Zaitz, but a much larger and more profound issue. The Crombie and Zaitz May 27, 2005 article left a large legal elephant in the middle of the room we can’t ignore, our system of adversarial justice and whether, in reality, it functions to allow defendants a fair opportunity to pursue and prepare their defense before trial.

The Oregonian has encouraged it’s readers to rely on the newspaper’s own determination that materials “not disclosed” to the Gable lawyers would have been of absolutely NO exculpatory value to Frank Gable’s defense. Whether a major newspaper taking a public position as determiner of such a serious matter should be considered self-righteous, or unethical, is not the issue of this commentary.

The large legal elephant the Oregonian ignores, though any one with common sense cannot, is shouldn’t the determination of the exculpatory value of this “not disclosed” material which was reviewed by Crombie and Zaitz, have been transparently available pretrial to the man facing a possible death sentence, not singularly to a newspaper a decade and a half later after his conviction?

Developing a Third-party guilt defense: Is the legal cart forever before a defendant’s horse?

For a moment, imagine you are charged with a crime you know you are innocent of, and leads have been uncovered by your defense investigators pointing to another specific person or persons that may have done the bad deed. Desiring to leave no stone unturned, you seek potential exculpatory evidence you believe to be in the hands of government agencies. A likely result? It is withheld, secreted, access is judicially denied, and some potential evidence even turns up missing while in law enforcement custody. Welcome to the Frank Gable Story.

The Gable case highlights how our ‘adversarial system’ of jurisprudence in the United States is driven by rules of evidence, codified, precedent and common law (please refer to background on third-party guilt defense evidentiary history in the footnotes below).

In the case of an Oregon defendant attempting to prepare a third-party guilt defense to any criminal charge, the Gable case underscores that such an attempt is fraught with great evidentiary disadvantages, perhaps more so than defending against a civil matter, though a criminal defendant’s life may be at stake.

Third-party guilt evidentiary restrictions apply to future use of such evidence at an actual trial, however, should a defendant pursuing and investigating a third-party guilt defense, be judicially preempted from access to materials and files regarding other possible suspects or leads held by government agencies before a value has been determined by the defendant themselves, or they have even put the evidence before the court for inclusion at trial? The Oregon Court required Gable to prove a nexus between other possible suspects and the crime be proven to the Court prior to allowing his attorneys to even access government records that may have connected the dots for a third-party guilt defense.

Was Gable's constitutional right to prepare a third party guilt defense trampled?

There is a strong likelihood such a nexus requirement pretrial by the Court in Gable’s case may indeed have been unconstitutional because it arbitrarily discriminated against the defendant, Gable, and undermined the presumption of innocence. Using similar reasoning as put forth by The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (“NACDL”) amicus brief in Holmes v South Carolina: The Oregon Court’s decision to arbitrarily discriminate against the defense even attempting to gather a particular type of defense evidence relating to the issue of whether the defendant was guilty of the crimes of which he was accused, while the prosecution (Marion County District Attorney) labored under no similar, special restrictions in seeking to present evidence later to a jury supporting its allegations of Gable’s guilt should be held as unconstitutional.

The US Supreme Court decisions in Holmes v. South Carolina and in Chambers v. Mississippi are the rare cases where the Federal Courts have reviewed and reversed in favor of a defednat upon the constitutionality of the overly restrictive application or interpretation of the lower State courts application of Rules of Evidence in "third-party guilt defense" type cases where such a defense or evidence was excluded. However, the Federal Courts have acknowledged that, as a general rule, “the accused, in exercising his right to present a complete defense, must comply with states’ “established rules of procedure and evidence.” But, “where constitutional rights directly affecting the ascertainment of guilt are implicated,” those rules “may not be applied mechanistically to defeat the ends of justice.” Chambers, 410 U.S. at 302.

Bottom line, the trial Court’s pretrial refusal to Gable’s attorneys their requests for access to government-controlled records and materials undermined Gable’s presumption of innocence, and arbitrarily discriminated against him, as a defendant in pursuing the preparation of a particular type of defense.

Defendant repeatedly thwarted from accessing government records and material to pursue a third-party defense

At many turns, in trying to follow leads toward a particular type of defense, specifically a third-party guilt defense, the same doors that opened to the Oregonian’s Crombie and Zaitz were slammed shut by then Judge West, then Marion District Attorney Dale Penn, and the then Marion County Sheriff’s lack of production of materials and/or files.

During “’investigative interviews, the names Johnny Crouse and Timothy Natividad were mentioned by numerous potential defense witnesses. A one Richard Dallas Welch, interviewed pretrial by a defense investigator described that a one Cynthia Hathaway had told him, that Johnny Lee Crouse told her, that he (Crouse) and Tim Natividad had committed the Francke murder. Mr. Welch related that John Crouse and Tim Natividad ran around together.

In pursuit of this particular type of defense, Gable’s lawyers attempted to access records that may shed light on the involvement of these two men. One, Timothy Natividad was dead within two weeks of the Francke murder, and the other, who had previously confessed to the murder to the police, namely Johnny Lee Crouse, who is still alive.

Prior to Gable’s trial in 1991, on September 7, 1990 an article titled “ROOSTER GETS THE LAST CROW”, written by PHIL STANFORD was published in the Oregonian.

Stanford wrote: “the state police's own investigative report contains several references to Natividad and his possible connection to the Francke murder. None of them, it appears, was taken seriously by the authorities. But they certainly caught the attention of Gable's defense team.

In June, shortly after he took over as lead investigator for the defense, Tom McCallum made a trip to the county medical examiner's office to request a copy of Natividad's autopsy report.

He had done this a hundred times before and had never been refused.
This time, though, the medical examiner, Peter Batten, turned him down.
When McCallum asked why, Batten told him he was acting on orders from Dale Penn (then Marion County District Attorney).

Then (sic) Abel went to court to demand the release of the Natividad autopsy report and any other information the state police had collected on Natividad. Once again, the DA's office resisted. ``We don't think it has any relevance to the case,'' said Deputy District Attorney Sarah Moore. The judge ( Gable trial Judge West) agreed.”

Another article ran in the Oregonian on October 13, 1990 “GABLE AGAIN SEEKS EVIDENCE IN SECOND DEATH” by PHIL MANZANO.

Manzano wrote: Lawyers see link to Francke case, but DA says deaths are not related

“Lawyers for the man accused of murdering Corrections Director Michael Francke resubmitted a request Friday for evidence from another death, claiming that victim might be related to the Francke homicide. Bob Abel, lead lawyer for Gable, submitted a request in August for police reports and the autopsy from the Jan. 31, 1989, Salem killing of Timothy Natividad because Natividad's name appears five times in police reports on the Francke murder. Marion County Circuit Judge Gregory West turned down the request, but left the door open for the defense to resubmit a motion for the Natividad files. Marion County prosecutors have resisted turning over evidence from the Natividad case because they say there is no link between the two deaths.”

On February 27, 1991, The Oregonian published an article ‘YOU'RE NOT PARANOID IF IT'S REALLY TRUE’ written by PHIL STANFORD, of the Oregonian Staff.

Stanford wrote: “Natividad's notebooks might have information that would crack this baby wide open. As Kevin puts it, we'll never know until we take a look.

But the problem is that for the past two years they've been locked up in a storage locker, under police seal. And no one -- not even Kevin's new girlfriend, Elizabeth (acquitted of murdering Natividad in self-defense) -- has read them.

…when (Elizabeth) Godlove was arrested, the police seized everything in her apartment -- her belongings and Natividad's -- and locked them up in a storage locker as potential evidence.

About a month later Godlove and her mother, Sylvia, on behalf of Natividad's son and rightful heir, promptly sued to get the stuff back. Whereupon Natividad's parents, asserting their claim to Tim Natividad's worldly goods, counter-sued.

Godlove's mother even hired a lawyer, John Jensen -- who, like any good lawyer, proceeded to conduct an inventory:

One bag of knives; 13 electric guitars (Natividad sometimes played with a heavy metal group called Nemesis); assorted amplifiers, equalizers and police scanners; a TV set and VCR; six handguns; about a dozen rifles -- and four notebooks containing ``drug records and transactions.''

So, what happened to those NATIVIDAD notebooks of “drug records and transactions”?

Reported by the Oregonian on April 24, 1991 in an article ‘THE ROOSTER WRITES POETRY TOO, DOES HE?’ by PHIL STANFORD - of the Oregonian Staff:
Stanford wrote: “According to the court watchers, the murder trial of Frank Gable, the man accused of killing his brother, Michael, could get under way this Monday, give or take a couple of days… Those notebooks, for example -- the ones belonging to Tim ``The Rooster'' Natividad. ….There are three drug notebooks in the inventory, plus some other drug records on loose sheets of paper. Anyway, the defense finally gets around to issuing a subpoena -- and what do they get? One miserable little spiral notebook. And what happened to the rest? Duh, we don't know, says the county. ``Gone forever,'' says Kevin (Francke, brother of the victim).

Some historical Background on third-party guilt defense and indepth review of the issue can be found here:

Cornell Law School Legal Studies Research Paper Series,Year 2006 Paper 6,
titled "Every Juror Wants a Story"
relevence: regarding Third Party Guilt and the Right to
Present a Defense by John H. Blume, Sheri L. Johnson, and Emily C. Paavola

Third party guilt evidentiary restrictions have a long history in American jurisprudence. From their inception up through the mid-1970s, most American courts followed the old English common law rule that incriminating statements made by a third party were excluded as hearsay and held that only statements against pecuniary or proprietary interests were “sufficiently reliable to warrant their admission at the trial of someone other than the declarant.” Lilly v. Virginia, 527 U.S. 116, 129 (1999)(citing Donnelly v. United States,
228 U.S. 243 (1913)).

In addition to the rule which categorically refused to recognize any “against penal interest” exception to the hearsay rule, courts developed special restrictions on the admissibility of third party guilt evidence in general as early as the 1800s. See, e.g., State v. Fletcher, 33 P. 575 (Oregon 1893);
Felix v. Maryland, 1880 WL 5075 (Md. Ct. App. 1880);
Stanley v. State, 89 S.W. 643 (Tex. Crim. 1905).

These third party guilt evidence rules prevented admission of not only out-of-court statements by third parties, but other evidence as well. For example, in State v. Fletcher, the Oregon Supreme Court excluded evidence that a third party had confessed to the crime as well as evidence that he had a motive to commit the crime, was seen near the scene of the crime shortly after it occurred, and was wearing clothing matching a witness’s description of the perpetrator.
State v. Fletcher, 33 P. 575 (Oregon 1893).

Modern third-party guilt evidentiary restrictions apply to a variety of evidence including motive, opportunity, other crimes committed by the third-party, evidence that the third-party resembles the accused, or evidence that the third-party confessed to committing the crime. This collection of possibilities is typically lumped together for purposes of evaluating whether the entirety meets the relevant standard for admissibility of third-party guilt evidence. However, even if the sum of evidence meets the third-party guilt standard, it may nonetheless be excluded under other evidence rules.

Chris Petersen June 25, 2013 8:48 pm (Pacific time)

What an amazing piece. It's stories like this that make you wanna be an investigative journalist. I've been wanting to hear the whole story on this Francke thing for years. This is probably the most looked forward to piece of media I've ever awaited in my life. I'm am literally on the edge of my seat to hear this story. Thank you.

John Atkins June 25, 2013 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

First of all, my apologies to each and every one of you who posted comments on here. I appreciate all comments, both good and bad, as they tell me I am not alone here.
I would be remiss if I did not thank Rob Taylor for his support. Indeed, if not for Rob, much of my evidence would have been buried or, otherwise, obscured from me. My brain is like a computer processor. It needs input in order to get output. So thank Rob.
My thanks to the rest of you. One man cannot do this alone.
A few of you are of the opinion that I could run to the President and rectify this wrong. Clearly, you do not understand that this is organized crime and the crime family is the Jewish crime family. Obama is a Jew. Goldschmidt is Jewish. David Frohnmayer, the A.G. at the time, was Jewish and also hung around with Goldschmidt back in their college days. The U.S. Attorney General is Jewish. The people controlling our money (Bernancke, Geithner, Greenspan, Volcker, etc.) are all Jewish. Stormin' Norman (Swartzkopf) was Jewish. Just who the hell do you think you are going to run to? Read the wikipedia article on Ehud Barak (the Israeli Prime Minister). Barack Obama is a Jew who was bribed with a Nobel Prize worth millions and millions of dollars. Obama promises to send our boys over to defend Israel. Are you absolutely fricking positive that you think I/we should run to Obama?
You better learn who the enemy is before you all tell me how to proceed. In the meantime, you can help. As we reveal the corruption, there are about thirty regular readers of the series. If each of you gets friends and family to join in, we will have hundreds. If you get them to reach out to each of their friends and family, we reach thousands. In a very short time, we become millions. At that point, I guarantee you, every crooked s.o.b. in office will be listening.
If you really want Frank freed, get busy. Send emails out. Get people involved. Do not make this a John Atkins is going to save the world kind of thing. Make this a "we are going to see justice prevail," kind of thing.
One more thing, I really don't want the credit for it. Unfortunately, outside of Tim and Rob, nobody else wants to do it.

mark June 23, 2013 2:27 pm (Pacific time)

You go, I remember. i am totally with you, it is time for some action, and get this man back home to his loved ones. I agree too, that this should absolutely be more than promoting a book, i agree with scary's comments as well, get this to the president he can overturn this wrongful conviction. Someone needs to make an example out of these corrupt officials. To send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life, is very disturbing, how do you people who did this injustice sleep at night, or do you, some of you, now think about what you did. Maybe now you can step forward and do the right thing. Time to save Frank's ass, and not your own for a change. To John Atkins, you will go further than just a book, right? You are going to do something now, with all this proof you say you have, right? I can't wait to see that happen. Don't just let it go, stand up and get that man out of there. all these comments that everyone has made here, are so spot on!!!

I remember June 23, 2013 1:35 pm (Pacific time)

This case has always haunted me, to me right from the start you could see a railroad job in the making. Frank Gable still sits in cell, his life wasting away. They may not of said the death penalty but isn't that what this innocent man really got, just a slower death is all. Isn't well over due time that this man be free? And he should sue the state of oregon for everything they have. No money can replace what this man has lost, but i would sure dam well make an example out this mess. He deserves to be compensated to the fullest, and just maybe he can put back together some form of life on the outside where he so belongs. This whole thingstunk to most everyone from the very beginning. The ones who lied on him should always have a heavy heart. How would they like that happening to them. It's time for all of those who took this mans life, to frickin stand up with some honor now, and give life back to him. Just disgusting and wrong in every sense. So i do hope you have some plan, John Atkins, with all your articles coming out, that helps free Frank Gable. That your are not just writing this, but will be working to get him out, right? Please tell me it's more than just promoting a book, that it's also, your way of moving forward and getting him out of that prison. Would that not be the right thing to do, John? I think it's absolutely what has to be done, needs to be done. You bet i will see where you take this journey, praying its to MR. Gable's freedom! So do it to it, John. Lets see some action now, we have heard so many words, over the years. Well it's roll'em action time!

scary June 23, 2013 12:27 pm (Pacific time)

Do you know how scary it is too think you could be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and be accused of something you did not do. or not to be there at all, and have people just say you were, like yeah i seen you there, when you weren't. Or to have police make witnesses say what they need to, so they can cover for their crooked buddies. This is very scary to me in our country. John have you ever considered going to the president of the U.S. with your information, he can free this innocent man. This is the most outrageous conduct i've ever seen by officials who are suppose to be there to protect us. Let's just say my view has changed, i'll not look at even another policeman the same after reading this. I'm scared and everyone out there should be, sure maybe they're are a few good ones, but when you hear this, how do you know which one is real, true, or honest? John, are you going to step up and go higher up, to help a man, who i can see why can't help himself, they made dam sure of that didn't they? Are you willing John A. to go the distance for this man? Give him back his life they so easily took. And make an example out of this B.S. in return making it safer for the rest of the people who need protecting? Are you willing Mr.John Atkins, to really do a great thing here? You ever think that maybe GOD has called it upon you to do so? I too will be watching to see what is actually done in this case. scary! scary! Thank You, John. I get the feeling that it's not just us citizens who care, i am sure that innocent man cares a great deal more, along with his loved ones! so sad, so scary!!! Thank You, John i will be watching to see how this case turns out, and pray!

Believer in justice June 23, 2013 6:10 am (Pacific time)

People would think it is unbelievable that the ones who are supposed to be protecting us and serving us can also be the ones out to get us. Well listen up all people believe it cause it's true, i know this first hand myself. there's not much in the straight and narrow when it comes to any official. Open your eyes people. FOR IT'S TRUE! To many innocent people are suffering in the prison system over cover ups. This has got to stop. To John who's writing this article, hope what your doing is on the right track to helping this man get his life back, that's what truly matters here. That's all that matters here!

Anonymous June 23, 2013 2:18 am (Pacific time)

Question? If you have such proof, why is an innocent man still losing more time of his life? Just curious. Has he not lost enough, to this horrible injustice. He should be fully exonerated. these innocent people being railroaded by any officials has to be stopped, laws need to be changed, i read and see this happening everyday, many many cases of exonerated men or women. It is very disturbing, that could be your brother, or father, husband, or sister, wife, mother, that this could happen too. This man who has spent half of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit, is hugest injustice i have seen. Can you really help him? Well i pray so. This needs to draw media attention alright, big time! People need to know and start caring before it becomes one of their family members, thats what they need to reflect on,and rally around a person like frank gable. speak up people. thank you, I AM FOLLOWING THIS CLOSELY.

pinkfloyd June 22, 2013 12:43 pm (Pacific time)

I agree with previous posts.

Anonymous June 22, 2013 10:49 am (Pacific time)

We've been waiting for this for a long time, this series stands to blow the doors off the cover up of Frandk's Murder by state officials and Gable's conviction. It is going to open festering sores that even Oregon will not be able to ignore.

Jubei June 21, 2013 9:07 pm (Pacific time)

I only recently became involved with this story and right from the beginning, the inconsistencies were screaming everywhere. It was the tail end of the golden age of the Goldschmidt era and he still has power. If their fearless leader could be hidden all those years, why wouldn't you hide everything else? I look forward to each and every piece, thank you! Free Frank Gable!

misty June 21, 2013 1:12 pm (Pacific time)

well, i pray you can help this innocent man, who's lost 23 years of his life. this is happening much to often in our country. for a man to sit in prison for a crime he did not commit is the worst injustice, but to be framed, by people who are suppose to stand up and do the right thing, is appalling. an innocent man sitting in prison just so they can hide their own crimes, is the most disgusting disservice they could of done. so mr. john atkins i will be watching closely your series, to see if you can free an innocent manit's good people who step up to the plate and do the right thing! i will be watching this closely.

Rob Taylor June 19, 2013 7:33 am (Pacific time)

Well, I'm looking forward to your series JR.

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