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Police Brutality, Worse Today in America Than Ever

My biggest question... what programs and organizations exist that teach cops a better way?

:Police brutality
Police ruin their own reputation, people are really sick of these scenes, and the extreme lack of accountability for illegal thug cops.

(SALEM) - Cowards, bullies... cops who abuse American citizens are out of control, and when they are jailed for brutalizing people, man what bad day they are going to have. I've seen cops on the verge of being locked up and they look like scared, guilty little children. You see, nobody likes to see abuse of power, and as the video below relates, there is another Rodney King every day in America.

I've seen it, I've experienced it, and what gets me the most is the utter lack of accountability, the system is skewed, the laws are a joke hardly worth following, and the cops lost their way here a long time ago, because they get away with MURDER and they are protected by a system of corruption that is so far out of control that it can hardly be explained.

What makes a cop go bad? Simple answer... other already bad cops. For a cop to turn on a cop, that is a sin in their book, in this club of blue. They have the guns, they have the system on their side, and they know nothing will happen as a result of their behavior.

I can not tally how many horrible crimes I personally know of cops committing. As an 18-year old Marine, I was arrested in Tustin, California for being drunk in public. As I was being booked into Orange County Jail, I watched the deputies beat and inflict pain on a homeless man who I will always believe was deaf, who "refused to cooperate" with these shithead cops. They were in a state of arousal, they were getting their rocks off on the event, I was forever changed and already no fan of bad cops.

There are good cops, they deserve a medal for holding their morality in place while performing their jobs. There are nowhere near enough though.

In Kansas over the past summer, I was pulled over on my motorcycle for DWC (driving with California plates) and I found it entertaining, because the cop who pulled me over knew I had done nothing wrong at all, and when he realized that I knew my rights as a US citizen, he quickly wrapped his harassing traffic stop and wished me a good night.

Being from California is not a crime, I don't care if it is Kansas. This was a minor incident but a clear violation of my Civil Rights. It gave this cop a start to realize I was a news motojournalist (I love that term) and an author and reporter on the road to give talks to Veterans about their health.

My biggest question... what programs and organizations exist that teach cops a better way? One bad apple in a police agency can indeed ruin the whole bunch, it is about the culture and climate of each individual agency. Have cops formed groups to try to control this behavior? I know of none, I hope that if such a thing exists, that it comes to my attention through our comment section below.



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sarge July 5, 2014 1:38 pm (Pacific time)

It is our job to keep everyone in line. We run things and the sooner you know that the better off you will be. It is good to use force sometimes as it instills fear and therefore co-operation. The Federal government is running things and we are the muscle.

Jerry Freeman March 3, 2014 11:25 pm (Pacific time)

Just last month, Feb2014, while working a story, I had words with a local Officer about my presence. I asked him if he thought his job was more important than mine. He replied with a single word “YES”. I was gravely offended at this attitude, as the constitution specifically gives me and you the Right, and Responsibility, to watch what they, any authority figure, does. And only places restrictions on him as a government agent. So in my offence I simply told him “DUDE READ THE FIRST AMENDMENT” and went back to doing what the founding fathers believed was the most important job to the whole Nation, watching and reporting on “their” actions.
Every time I go out to report on a story that involves cops, and most do,
I must deal with a barrage of excuses why they should suspend the Constitution so they can get their job done.
People die each day in defense of the Constitution, and many more stand the risk of death, I was one of those, to do that one thing, “Defend the Constitution of the United States of America”.
Why then, should I give up those rights, and the responsibilities, guarantied by that Law of the Land?
The answer is, so I don’t catch them doing something wrong!
Bottom line, if they didn’t have these acts in their hearts, they wouldn’t be concerned with the presence of cameras. Yours or mine!

Short List of Excuses Used Everyday to Subvert the Constitution of the United States of America,

Your Safety
My Safety
Respect for the Family
Crime Scene Integrity
Your License Plate Light is Out
You’re a Criminal
You’re Poor
You’re Not From Here
And Of Course, You’re Exercising One or More of Your Rights!

So On and So On!

All excuses, to subvert the Constitution, seem self serving when considered against all of the lives willingly given in defense of the Constitution of the United States.

Anonymous March 2, 2014 1:19 pm (Pacific time)

Tim referencing Rodney King is just so wrong. The jury that acquitted the police of tuning up King saw the entire video, not the edited one the media put out, and King brought it on himself...

Rodney King was a victim of the exact type of police brutality I am talking about in this article, he was beaten by numerous officers without defense, he was beaten out of revenge because he made officers break a sweat.  Imagine the millions of similar incidents that didn't make it to tape. 

George March 2, 2014 6:23 am (Pacific time)

I keep hearing that there ARE good cops out there, but if there are, you can bet your bottom dollar that they know the names and the exploits of bad cops and they stay silent because "one does not cross (what some refer to as) the thin blue line" or more specifically that all cops honor the "code of silence" - don't snitch on members of the law enforecment "brotherhood"....if "good cops" withhold or do not publically come forward with information about the activities - the illegalities - of rogue cops then those good cops ARE bad cops almost by defintion and in legal terms...they are flat out culpable in the crimes of bad cops....period

george March 2, 2014 5:34 am (Pacific time)

It was a dark and stormy night...blah blah blah

Tigermom March 1, 2014 7:41 pm (Pacific time)

Cop in the first photo, on the police brutality article, has an armband that reads "New World Police". What the heck is that?! Not from this country, I assume, unless this photo has more of a story behind it. What's up with that Timski?

Good call, that photo is replaced.  The current photo os from St Paul, Minn.

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