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More than 100 Congressmen Demand AG Eric Holder's Resignation

Smuggling guns through U.S. federal channels to Mexican drug cartels just doesn't sit well with people.

Holder and Issa
Holder and Issa

(WASHINGTON DC) - A handful of media groups are reporting over 100 members of Congress calling for the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder over his deadly and bungled ATF operation to smuggle deadly weapons to drug cartels in Mexico, as the country struggles through the midst of a years-long battle to gain control of the a lucrative drug trade.

Those guns, more than 1700 documented smuggled weapons, were used to murder two U.S. federal agents,Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry & Special Agent Jaime Zapata from ICE, a prominent Mexican attorney, and hundreds, realistically, probably thousands of other murders in Mexico were committed with these weapons, and without question still do.

The ATF didn't even fix tracking devices to these weapons, not a single American I have ever heard of understands or approves of what took place. For the record, honorable agents from ATF are who finally shoved this matter into the light, in spite of the fact that at least one other American had tried. The ATF agents who blew the whistle paid the price too, almost all faced serious, overt retaliation from the agency.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry & Special Agent Jaime Zapata from ICE both died from weapons that were sent to Mexico from the United States. There is no knowledge as to how many lives the U.S. weapons smuggling programs claimed in Mexico.

Americans remain in a lingering shock after discovering that their own country's ATF, the agency responsible for ensuring guns and explosives are handled legally, became an illicit gun smuggling operation, and that it provided the weapons to the most dangerous people on the earth, Mexican drug cartels, whose operations are located on America's southern doorstep.

We have a hand in this story, that is through our Photojournalist Robert Plumlee in New Mexico, a longtime CIA operative who ultimately blew the whistle on the Iran-Contra drugs for weapons scandal. He learned of the federal agency's involvement in this operation long before it became public, and he reported his findings through the proper channels, and not one agency reacted to these findings.

In retrospect it is clear and obvious; Mr. Plumlee says tens of thousands of weapons were crossing the border to arm cartels through the ATF straw buyer program involving gun stores in New Mexico and many city officials in Columbus N.M. The government admits to delivering almost 1800 guns to cartels under Holder, Plumlee says at times that many guns were crossing the border every day. Had the powers to be listened to this man whose long and fascinating career is one of easily verifiable credibility, a lot fewer funerals would have had to have taken place[1].

Our other role in the story was exposing Holder's knowledge of the program dubbed 'Fast and Furious' three weeks after he testified under oath to California Congressman Darrel Issa, that he had just learned about it weeks earlier, he lied.

From the article published 09 July 2011:

New information indicates that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's actions are squarely behind the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) operation known as "Fast and Furious", which orchestrated the delivery of almost 2,000 weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

Holder openly proclaimed his connection to the operation in April 2009 during a publicized speech in Mexico, then told a Congressional Committee in May 2011, "I probably heard of Fast and Furious the first time in the last few weeks."

The story, Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling, caught the attention of media outlets from coast to coast and beyond, proving that all Americans are disgusted by this act. Congressman Issa has been leading the way and yet there has been a lull in activity, the matter had started to fade, now it leaps back into view with a mechanism forming and developing to take this man out of office[2].

At the time of this writing, reports indicate that six more Congressmen joined in the call for Eric Holder's resignation. That would bring the number to 109, I have not verified that number, but I suspect it is correct.

The nagging 'Fast and Furious' issue is a glaring elephant, and the fact that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has failed to provide Congress with hundreds of requested documents, led Darrell Issa to threaten Holder with contempt charges - pretty serious stuff, but so far just a bark, not a bite. Insiders claim Speaker John Boehner is applying political pressure on Issa, a fellow Republican, to give Eric Holder a break in the Fast and Furious scandal[3].

It is true that Issa seems to have lost momentum in his public campaign against Holder, and his insistence that the failure of DOJ to cough up the documents has not led to contempt charges, not yet anyway.

Dynamics of Eric Holder's Brain

A large part of the drug trade in question, due to continuing U.S. federal law against it, is marijuana, which is legal for medical users in many U.S. states. Holder has railed against any consideration of respecting those state laws that allow the herb to be grown and sold to patients.'s Marianne Skolek in S.C.

It's almost like Holder is on the side of those large pharmaceutical companies that flood our TV's with terrible advertising all day telling people to ask their doctor about drugs, that may make you suicidal, etc. Oh wait, that's right, Holder was the Purdue Pharma attorney who kept their top officials from going to prison.

We would know, since our Investigative Reporter Marianne Skolek, helped convict those men in federal court for advertising OxyContin to doctors initially, as 'non-lethal' and 'non-addictive'. Long story short, Holder, then just a Washington D.C. attorney, helped OxyContin remain on the market even though it was killing people right and left as it came out of the gate and he knew this. Since then the drug has become a widely prescribed scourge that turns good people into drug addicts very quickly[4].

Eric Holder has sent federal agents to visit local police departments all over Oregon, where they spread the message about the illegality of medical marijuana, in spite of overwhelming voter passage of the state law that protects patients, and he keeps hammering away at the natural plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years[5].'s Dr. Phil Leveque.

Why would Holder prevent a dangerous drug from receiving full scrutiny? Simply because his friends at Purdue Pharma and its cohort multi-billion dollar drug makers can keep making addictive, morphine-based drugs that addict and kill people. This is also tied to his program of sending FBI agents, etc., to local police departments in Oregon to convince already brainwashed cops that marijuana should be their top priority even though voters are OK with it.

In this event, our federal cops are playing politician with our easily influenced local cops, and they are conditioned to not expressly enforce Oregon law, and that is their job. Our Dr. Phil Leveque, who helped establish Oregon's medical marijuana law and also treated thousands of U.S. Veterans during his career, says there absolutely is a direct connection between the attitude of police officials in Oregon and their unwillingness to enforce their own state law, and the influence from Holder's office[6].

You know what they say, follow the money trail, Eric Holder is a man of questionable motivations, and character. He stands for the wrong things in America.


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COLLI March 10, 2012 4:08 pm (Pacific time)

When you look at the number of innocent civilian men, woman, and children that have been murdered in Mexico by the guns Holder and his boss provided, you have to ask why charges of murder aren't being brought. Did Obama and Holder actually believe that the guns they were providing to drug cartels would be used for harmless target shooting or for hunting deer and feral hogs? Are these men really above the law? What would happen if you or I knowingly provided a gun to a known criminal and he murdered someone with it? We would not be asked to resign from our jobs . . . we would be charged with murder or as an accessory to murder. Well, unless the U.C. voters have agreed to turn our country into a monarchy and made these two Royalty, they should face the same laws and punishments that the rest of us would face!

Anonymous March 8, 2012 3:29 pm (Pacific time)

Stephen why a 9mm for home defense? Actually a semi-auto shotgun would be your best bet for home defense. The Glock 45 is also a nice firearm, and not that expensive. I encourage a semi-auto shotgun because the bad people know where you are when you pump in a round. Sensor alarms are also pretty cheap and gives you some added time to get armed and ready. Get hollow points for your 9mm Stephen, then save your money for better weapons. As they say when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes. I also suggest test firing all your weapons, and learn to break them down yourself. Go fire them at least 4 times a year, and have them safety checked after every 500 rounds, 100 for shotguns. I do so weekly, and am always prepared.

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. March 8, 2012 3:28 pm (Pacific time)

Greater reason to can Eric is his recent defense of the Star Chamber approved by Obama. It is illegal. It is unconstitutional. It is barbaric and reprehensible. Holder AND Obama need an exit from US politics. Sadly, no one has come forward, yet, who would honorably fill these positions.

THE CIA's FOREST GUMP March 8, 2012 2:07 pm (Pacific time)

William Plumlee

Reprint from November 2007:

"... An investigative reporter from from CBS recently asked me the following question:

Q "... Has there been a, 'spill over' of violence and crime from Mexico's Los Zetas cartel, as well as other internationally known drug cartels or their gangs, into the United States?"

A "In my opinion, yes... Washington's politicians and the current administration's DoJ and the State Department and their political appointees, in a strong united but scripted voice say, "No," while federal law enforcement agencies-- their field personal and operatives, on both sides of the border, scream, "Hell Yes!", and they have the stats to back it up.

However, politics, lobbyists, arms merchants, and international special interest, always seem to win favors and special secret concessions from various government personal and other unknown, 'international sources', in reference to the so called, "drug war" . Year after year, decade after decade, these secret unknown concessions are always at the expense of the American tax payer. These cartel wars and their high impact weapons obtained from programs like the US State Departments Direct Commercial Sales have become a cash cow for international arms merchants, as well as weapons manufactures here in the United States and elsewhere.

Someday soon our troops will face these weapons "face to face". Its only a matter of time before some of our troops, front line border patrol, and other law enforcement personal, come back from Mexico and the American border in body bags, while others are openly gunned down in hostile fire fights on American streets. fire fights are occurring almost nightly along our southern border with Mexico. Only time will tell before one or two of our federal agents come home in body bags courtesy of Mexico's Sinaloa or Zeta cartel.

There is a major war developing in northern Mexico and along our southern border. It is only a matter of time before we Americans in our major cities, will be forced to face this threat and their weapons. Regardless, of what we believe in reference to this so called threat, the reality is; this drug cartel movie will soon be played out in hundreds of American cities as the Zeta and Sinaloa move their product onto our streets and into our cities.

The United States and Mexico's drug war have already destroyed thousands of lives and cost billions of dollars. Our elected officials are so out of touch with reality they can not comprehend the severity of the developing situation nor understand the complexity of how we got to this point.

Well today it appears there is no end in sight to the money spending, the weapons being smuggled, the drugs, the killings and the mass graves. If Mexico becomes a failed State, then the United States will be next in line..., and then the drug war will be over. ...

Tosh Plumlee ". Columbus New Mexico Nov. 25, 2007

Tim King: There just are no words to express how damned tragic all of this is; the fact that these families could have been spared the tragedy... Tosh Plumlee did what was right and his information was rejected, the families of the two U.S. agents need to clearly understand this and also, they can write to our newsroom in total and complete trust and know that Mr. Plumlee would be willing to share this on a personal level.  Our group has really been able to get a good deal of information out there on all of this, the mainstream channels like FOX pick up parts of it here and there, but this message, cited above, has not been properly vetted and is extremely significant.

stephen March 8, 2012 12:39 pm (Pacific time)

Yeah..I had to find a cheap and reliable 9mm for simple home protection...It was HI-Point, so far it seems reliable, it cost about $150 or so..Funny, I have to pay tax dollars for other countries to get ak47's, bombs etc, and I had only enough money for a hi-point 9mm at $150,,Something is wrong with this picture. :-)

stephen March 8, 2012 8:44 am (Pacific time)

by the way..if they do fire Holder, they will just give him a job in the United Nations..So, he is not concerned, he is making it up the ranks. In fact, the worse you are, the higher appointments you get...Look at Hillary! :-)

stephen March 8, 2012 8:42 am (Pacific time)

Congressmen will get rid of Holder to only support someone worse...same ol same ol.

Malcolm kyle March 8, 2012 7:18 am (Pacific time)

Some day soon, Eric Holder, and the rest of his fellow unconscionable prohibitionists, will all stand trial for crimes against humanity. They are not just profiteers, haters, liars, and murderers; the utter destructiveness of their life’s work, proves beyond doubt that these monsters are the very incarnation of lucifer himself. At the very least, all these people deserve to spend the rest of their lives in the same corporate cages that they now hold shares in. Prohibition has triggered the worst crime wave in history, escalating gang warfare even beyond what was experienced in the dark-days of alcohol bootlegging. * It has created a black market with massive incentives to hook both adults and children alike. * It has put previously unknown and contaminated drugs on our streets. * It has made these substances widely available even in schools and prisons. * It has created a prison-for-profit synergy with drug lords. * It has helped remove many important civil liberties from the very citizens it falsely claims to represent. * It has grossly inflated the number of people on welfare who can't find employment due to their felony status. * It has grossly escalated Murder, Kidnapping, Extortion, Theft, Muggings and Burglaries. * It has diverted scarce law-enforcement resources away from protecting citizens from the ever escalating violence against their person or property. * It has overcrowded the courts and prisons, thus making it increasingly impossible to curtail the people who are hurting and terrorizing others. * It has evolved local gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power structures that reach into every corner of society, helping them control vast swaths of territory while gifting them with significant social and military resources. Imagine if we were to chop down every single tree on the planet as a response to our failure to prevent tree-climbing accidents. That's what our misguided drug policy looks like. Isn't it time we all stood up and told the government, that we're tired of being beaten and jailed so that pharmaceutical companies can poison and kill us for obscene profits? Prohibition Prevents Regulation : Legalize, Regulate and Tax!

Anonymous March 8, 2012 1:22 am (Pacific time)

It's about time. Might as well keep going and have every Zar resigned too. And start working on the President that he won't be on the ballot this year. Then we will be in good shape and we're able to survive.

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