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Liz Wahl is a Wet Dream for Corporate American Mainstream News

Russian Television allows national dissent on the air, American TV doesn't... what gives?

Liz Wahl
Liz Wahl

(SALEM) - It takes all of 90 seconds watching Russia Television (RT) to know that this Russian government funded news agency is pro-Putin. There is no question, no revelation to be had, yet their former anchor, Liz Wahl, made a spectacle out of herself this week by resigning on the air, stating that this news outlet "whitewashes" the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Liz Wahl is wrong, not about the station's leanings toward Putin; that is a no brainer, but for taking advantage of her position and putting on a show that must have made the US mainstream news outlets salivate. AS IF the US outlets aren't cow-towing to the US government 100%, 100% of the time, oh and Israel with no exceptions.

Wahl's position as the "partner" of an American military physician is hardly a reason to suggest that the US military and government are somehow being used for "Freedom". What kind of hogwash Wahl is selling, I am not sure.

RT's Abby Martin, as Gilad Atzmon cited earlier this week, is to be commended for her statement against Russian intervention in Crimea, but Wahl is trying to get her name in lights by acting like an American patriot missile with a microphone. (see: On Abby Martin, Freedom and Tolerance - Gilad Atzmon

This is the country where reporters never question their country's policies. This is the country where media refuses to engage the story of what really happened on 9/11. Yet RT has carried these stories for years, they interviewed me about this subject when no American news outlet would touch the story with a ten foot pole.

Where were these voices on American television during the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq? The Americans don't just invade and murder, hell genocide populations, the Americans attack those who are retreating.

Did one single US mainstream news anchor state that they had editorial latitude, and criticize those wars?

Lest we forget the conclusion of that war known as Desert Storm. US Air Force pilots dropped dirty bombs and laid waste to the Iraqi Army when it was withdrawing, what type of people justify that type of behavior? That's right, the Americans.

RT may have a desire to illustrate the negative aspects of the US government, but anyone surprised by that hasn't been with the program. American mainstram media is DEAD and we have to use the platforms and mediums that are available to us, if we want to talk about the uncomfortable subjects, and one of those, the largest in fact, is the disaster that befell the United States on 11 September 2001.

As you can see, RT took a report I wrote about 9/11 very seriously and interviewed me in their main news program. This will probably never happen in America, I think we will cease to exist as a nation before the media ever grows a set and brings up the inconsistencies with 9/11.

Honestly, every reporter alive who does not question the story generated by the Bush White House is unfit and unworthy of their own existence. Sell outs are the devil's children. I believe that anyone who has a voice in the world has an immediate obligation to always be as honest and true as possible.

Liz Wahl had a position with a station that was willing to criticize the US government, unlike its own media, and she blew a golden opportunity, largely from whitewashing her own thoughts and convincing herself that the Americans attacked Iraq, for example, for the sake of "freedom". Perhaps she is unfamiliar with what has been taking place in her own country, it sure looks that way, otherwise she knows and ignores the truth of what that means, and that is far worse.

The truth is that the US media has remained not just silent but complicit to the US corporate war machine - that is jacking this world up so badly it will likely never recover. Russia is historically politically problematic, but Liz Wahl is no hero, she signed up to work for this group, she could have battled from the inside, but instead she leaped out of RT with her on-air resignation. I would bet that she will be hired by the mainstream US news machine in no time.



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