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The Truthman Show: Is Reality Locked in a Detention Camp?

The murdered passengers, like the people blown to smithereens in the Towers, and the millions killed in the Middle East, are still around, watching, mutely urging us to get them some justice and liberate their spirits.

The Truthman Show
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(SUNDANCE, Wyoming) - Propaganda strategy deployed against 9/11 truth: Build walls around it to prevent contagion of the illusion-dwelling masses; divide-and-conquer various truther factions by driving wedges and confining each faction to its own ghetto. In short, build a hermetically-sealed prison, and lock the truth inside.

In the film The Truman Show - possibly inspired by Philip K. Dick’s novel Time Out of Joint – an ordinary guy begins to notice his own life exuding a faintly sinister whiff of artificiality. It turns out that Truman’s life is a reality TV show, his neighborhood a sort of stage set doubling as a detention camp. And he, the star, is the only prisoner; everyone else just works there.

This idea resonates with us because we all live in illusory worlds constructed for our benefit by mind-control experts – starting with advertisers and public relations specialists, but including psychological warfare experts who brag that they’re an empire now, so they create their own reality. Every time we are exposed to an advertisement or a Fox “news” piece, we are the star of a little show constructed for our benefit (or detriment) by the advertiser or propagandist. And we normally are unconscious of the whole process.

In this sense, each of us is a prisoner, walled off from reality by those who would keep us ignorant. Truth, reality, the real world – it all lies outside, beyond the prison walls constructed around our consciousness.

But what if it were the other way around? What if those who know the truth were imprisoned in a detention camp, while the “reality” outside was a gigantic illusion?

Someone left a comment on one of my posts yesterday that may or may not be true, but is at least a disturbingly wonderful metaphor. It addresses the biggest cliché ever offered by those desperately seeking to defend their delicate psyches against the horror of what was done to us on 9/11: “So what happened to the passengers?”

Here is the comment:

Prison camps were constructed and these camps house prisoners that “know too much”. Most of the pawns of the conspiracy and alleged passengers of the 9/11 airplanes were removed prior to attack and eventually transferred to these camps. Those that were not cooperative were incinerated in furnaces built by Halliburton. Anyone who is not part of the regular entourage of movers & shakers, and be so subversive to willingly participate in plans of mass homicide, could not be trusted to keep their mouth shut, so they were relocated to these DHS “residential center” camps. They are allowed all the luxuries of daily life, even procreation, but have no access with the outside world. (Imagine being a kid and growing up with your parents in an institution completely cut off from the outside world. What a mind fuck.) Anyway; information is piped in but no communication exits the residential center. The “fusion centers” monitor the activities and communications of the “residential centers”, as well as monitoring activities of the outside world.

In 2002, privileged access was achieved to a DHS database through a few known exploits in vulnerable systems on employee networked machines. From that access it was learned that at least 22 of the names of the supposed dead airline passengers coincided with names of residents staying in these residential centers (at the time they were just referred to as DHS facility addresses). This information was never made wildly public because a series of crimes was committed to attain the information (Wikileaks did not exist yet), but it was discussed in a multitude of IRC chat rooms on at least Dalnet, Efnet and Undernet. Being a member of the right online community (hackers), or having some skill of your own, one can learn the very same information if they were inclined to go snooping around particular defense networks. If you can get past being populated by skeptical fucked-up losers, the hacker community is renowned for their abilities to find data. Remember, the cake is a lie and so is their tie. Look into it. Beware though; active monitoring has been stepped up in government networks in the last 10 years. With the proper tools, no door remains locked because security does not exist.

Recently, there was an episode of Conspiracy Theory (S02E04) titled “Police State” that just lightly touched on these DHS fusion and residential centers. The show was referring to them as prison/internment camps until a spokesperson at one of the locations claimed it to be a residential center.

Those of us who know the gist of the truth about 9/11 and related topics sometimes wonder whether we are the intended tenants of the currently-empty Haliburton detention camps. Somehow this thought doesn’t really scare me. If it came to that, I’d rather be on the same side of the barbed wire with all the interesting people.

Which leads to an interesting question: If those who know the truth are walled off from the outside world, which is the real prison: The inside or the outside?

If they put all the truthers except me in a camp, I’d start planning my escape from “reality” by tunneling IN.

Another creepily stimulating aspect of the above scenario is the suggestion that we need to break open 9/11 truth to liberate the people who booked tickets on those four planes, but ended up in cargo containers being shipped to detention camps. Come on, truthers, get to work! Free Barbara Olson!

To tell you the truth, I find this scenario improbable. I think they probably threw ALL the potentially problematic people into Haliburton furnaces, not just the ornery ones. Keeping them alive in camps, tracked by computerized records, would be way too risky.

But I do think we need to go all-out for 9/11 truth in order to liberate these people…not from detention camps, but from their equivalent in the afterlife. The murdered passengers, like the people blown to smithereens in the Towers, and the millions killed in the Middle East, are still around, watching us from the other world, mutely urging us to get them some justice and liberate their spirits.

Lets get out there and knock down those walls.


Dr. Kevin Barrett is the author of three books including the new revised edition of Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters, which deconstructs the "war on terror" through Socratic questioning. A Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, he has taught languages, literature, humanities, religious studies, and folklore at colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Blacklisted from teaching at the University of Wisconsin since 2006, Dr. Barrett has recently worked as a talk radio host, author, public speaker, and congressional candidate. One of the best-known critics of the War on Terror, Dr. Barrett has appeared on Fox, CNN, PBS, ABC-TV, and Unavision, and has been the subject of op-eds and feature stories in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, and other publications. Dr. Barrett hosts two talk radio shows, one on a liberal and the other on a conservative network, and runs the website He lives in rural Wisconsin with his wife, two children, and a dog named after Salman Rushdie. Learn more about Kevin Barrett by visiting Read more of Kevin's work by visiting:

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G 2/3; April 25, 2012 7:39 pm (Pacific time)

to Informed Citizen.,as of yet there's no video confirmation but it appears Mr. Smith's structural support columns disappeared without visible trace, almost like falling into ones own imprint.,hoping for film at eleven.

G 2/3; April 24, 2012 1:02 pm (Pacific time)

Mr. Smith,allow me to put it this way., "you're either for us..,or yuo're against us" I'm sure you are familiar with the phrase. I didn't make it up. Some biblical writer did so you not supposed to challenge it's gravity. I'm sure you know these tricks already. Your government didn't lie to you individually Mr. Smith.,it lied to the whole world.,using weapons of mass distraction,to coin another phrase.

G 2/3; April 23, 2012 6:46 pm (Pacific time)

the hockey puck's in your end of the rink Mr. Smith.

Informed Citizen April 22, 2012 9:58 pm (Pacific time)

Response to Albury Smith RE Building 7

He knows full well the 47 storied 81 vertically columned steel framed high rise WTC7 took 6.5 + seconds to come straight down into its own footprint during its FINAL global collapse phase, described by eyewitness reports as ‘In the manner of Controlled Demolition”.

He also knows 2.25 seconds of that was at FREE FALL speed and has to rely on the ‘new phenomenon’ magic bolt hypothesis of Pinocchio Sunder, leader of creatioNIST Agnotology, to explain the complete removal of the 81 vertical columns all at once to allow observed NO RESISTANT FREE FALL.

The hypothesis is coming apart. We already know NIST WTC7 “Normal Office Furnishings Fires’ is a computer program. A construct. An ‘animation’. Un-tested and secret, not based on forensic study nor eyewitness testimony.
We know that in this untested theory ‘critical collapse initiation’ began with fires already out on ONE floor [12] somehow heating 4 major beams enough to axially expand them in ONE direction, without SAG, breaking 3/4? shear studs@22? centers,’walking’ the massive girder between columns 44 and 79 off its ONE seat, thus, in NIST La La, creating a ‘cascade collapse’ somehow spreading within split seconds throughout the super strong infrastructure
and dropping it at FREE FALL, all concrete pulverized to nanothermate ridden DUST, 6.5seconds + later.
We know that no steel framed high rise has EVER fallen in such manner due to fire. We KNOW that serious experts contested the breaking of shear studs
and that NIST engineers themselves doubted the methods being used compiling the report
We know that major fire studies by Cardington institute with fires burning hotter and much longer produced NO such differential stresses breaking the shear studs.
Yet NIST said that’s what happened.
An NISTs ENTIRE theory rests upon those shear stud breaks.

Recent studies presented
based on study of WTC7 plans have utterly refuted the possibility of the axial expansion as presented by NIST, showing the strength of connection at column 79 seat and the skewed parameters of modeling data preclude seat failure.
[NIST equations done on UNrestrained steel][Plates securing both sides of vertical girder flange to column,TWO lines of shear studs on internal girders], a presentation adding to the excellent work done by AE911truth researchers and definitive WTC7 ‘Mysterious Collapse’ book by D R Griffin, which identifies just HOW the differential stresses were CREATED in the model to crack the critical shear stud NCSTAR1-9:352 “No thermal Expansion or material degradation was considered for the concrete slab, as the slab was not heated in this analysis.

Author - rogermorris

A Collapsing Mythology: The Death of The 9/11 Myth And War on Terror Consensus

G 2/3; April 20, 2012 7:35 pm (Pacific time)

albury smith,are you a shill? or are you employed by the government? Kind of quiet for awhile don't you think?

shill stalker March 20, 2012 4:57 am (Pacific time)

albury -- you shill... noone cares what you think dont watch this or your tiny head will explode

Albury Smith March 16, 2012 5:28 pm (Pacific time)

American Airlines probably knows more about their own 757 than your "truth movement" does, as do the other eyewitnesses here: It wasn't a Cessna 152, and Hanjour had a commercial pilot certificate from the FAA because of his Boeing simulator training, not Cessna training. Surveillance cameras recording 1 frame/sec don't produce an image of something going ~800' in that time period, and debris doesn't do a 180 and go back into the flight path after a plane strikes a building at that speed. The melting point of steel has nothing to do with any WTC collapse, nor does a collapse time show what caused one to occur. For what it's worth, none of the 3 buildings collapsed in free fall time; the towers took ~15 and 22 seconds respectively, and WTC 7's facade took around 8.5 seconds. Free fall from 1368' is ~9.22 seconds, and from 610' is ~6.15 seconds. You're getting way too much of your information from crackpots and liars.

G 2/3 March 16, 2012 2:15 pm (Pacific time)

no I am not. The surveilance recordings were confiscated by the FBI and all susequentially released recordings showed no wreckage from a commercial airliner but an approx. 16 foot hole that penetrated 3 rings of the five ring structure,each three meters thick, a plume of smoke-contrail exhaust gasses and an explosion,no 130 ton 757 fusilage visible,no wing or stabilizer damage to adjacent offices spaces and grounds without engines,landing gear or dead bodies.,just a 16 foot hole with 181 killed inside the facility,staff and related personal working there. The damage looks like a tomahawk missile strike complete with a turbine and related rocket engine parts laying in a pile of debris immediately after the attack.The most heavily protected airspace on the planet was open to entry for over an hour after the initial hits on the WTC. The "aircraft" turn executed by the purported hijacker pilot armed with box cutters that was monitored by radar it's entire entire time airborne indicated it was "an inbound military aircraft".We are supposed to believe it was precision guided to the site operated by a guy who couldn't land a Cessna 152 just weeks before according to his flight instructor. They lied to all of us man.,even to themselves to justify the new American century. How hot does high yield steel,(HY 80 and above), need to be to become liquid? I didn't just wake up one morning and make up my mind to these events.The WTC collapsed at free fall speed.,it was detonated from the foundations seven floors below ground level all the way to the top at measured intervals,removing the resistance like concrete and steel and falling into it's own imprint,a controlled demolition.,all of it was a controlled demolition.

Albury Smith March 16, 2012 5:47 am (Pacific time)

I'm in agreement with the 130+ live eyewitnesses who saw the plane approach and/or hit the Pentagon, and with American Airlines, the NTSB, the ATC who tracked AA 77 to that location, the FAA, and the thousands of eyewitnesses to the 757 wreckage found inside the Pentagon after the crash. You?

G 2/3; March 15, 2012 4:38 pm (Pacific time)

my concept of reality is the governments version of events was a lie,and continues to be. Arguing un-necessary,the 9/11 Commission is a cover story for those still unable to believe the real events of that day.,and many others. Have you studied the Pentagon strike? What do you really think?

Albury Smith March 15, 2012 1:54 pm (Pacific time)

If you think the ~5:21 PM collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11 "wasn't mentioned [by NIST] at all," read NCSTAR 1A: No damaged or destroyed NYC buildings other than the twin towers were mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report, since they were the only ones there that were targeted by al Qaeda. If Kevin Barrett's your idea of reality, you're sadly misguided.

G-2/3; March 14, 2012 6:24 pm (Pacific time)

thank you Dr. Barrett, it's like the rest of the media has completely shut off anything related to the reality that took place on and before 9-11. I am sure the attack was orchestrated and NORAD rendered defenseless by a guy on a cell phone from a cave in Afghanistan,and every word of the NIST report on the causes of the WTC collapses,(except bldg.#7,which wasn't mentioned at all),is completely unbiased and digitally accurate. The 6 inch layer of 800 cubic tons of atomized concrete in lower Manhattan was a collective mass optical illusion., not caused by explosives but our own errant imaginations,I'm almost sure of it.Unless I've missed something, it appears our leaders are neither.

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