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U.S. Pulls UNESCO Funding From Starving Children

"We didn't create this problem, though we did create the law, we are the good guys, don't forget that" - Robert Wexler

UNESCO funding for Palestine

(SALEM) - The United States redefined inhumane politics this week by pulling its annual $60 million contribution from UNESCO, because the UN agency accepted Palestine a few months ago as a member state.

Palestinians live in walled off ghettos, their land has been increasingly seized by Israel for over six decades; they can't drive on 'Jewish only' roads and when a Palestinian meets Israeli law, they are treated under a completely different set of standards, than Jewish people.

This, Iran objects to, Turkey objects to, Egypt objects to, Syria objects to... Iraqi President Saddam Hussein objected to, and any group that joins that chorus receives the wrath of the U.S.

This is American policy too, it is shameful and contradicts anything to do with freedom. Talk about countries that want to "take your freedom(s) away" as G.W. Bush used to so frequently say. Israel doesn't just take endless American money, it also took America's soul and shattered long ago, its so-called ideals.

I have a great idea for the United Nations; since the U.S. is proving conclusively that it is not a humanitarian nation by supporting and/or remaining mum on the acts of human rights violators, pulling millions of dollars out of a program to help starving children, I suggest the UN strips the 'super veto' power away from the U.S. government and terminate its penchant for protecting war criminals.

Pressure from Israel to maintain animal-like living conditions for Palestinians is something the U.S. takes very seriously. The U.S. congress is concerned, not about the starving Palestinians, but about Bibi Netanyahu. He is after all, at the center of their adoration, a man who receives countless standing ovations when addressing the United States. He is a demon in reality, who heads an apartheid government that flies in the face of every recorded U.S. principle.

Congress is at all times, prepared to jump through a ring of fire for Israel, however that would take a lion, not a lemur; so the show is always less than impressive.

Lackluster describes the morals of Robert Wexler and the other Americans who don't work for any priority that does not exceptionally address Israeli interest.

Nobody has taken on the UNESCO fiasco better than John Oliver of The Daily Show.

The same program that roasted Helen Thomas for her honest comments about Israel, which I strongly objected to, produced the most hard hitting, comedic report on this current sad situation with UNESCO. U.S. Representative Robert Wexler (D), Maryland gets torn up and doesn't even know it, I will still be applauding the episode next week.

When it comes to UNESCO, there are no rivals. It is the agency in the world that provides relief and education to the suffering; their work is endless and terribly important. The United States and the pompous Wexler have never looked so bad. Tiny poor countries give money to UNESCO because its list of constant projects make a tremendous difference. In fact 100 countries voted in favor of UNESCO funding, the Americans are a real disappointment.

One UNESCO project that will take a major hit involves locating water for 950k refugees; another is a educational project in South Sudan; another is a world Tsunami warning system.

But the United States doesn't care about that, it cares about supporting Israel's laws that resemble prejudicial Jim Crow laws enacted in the U.S. after the slaves were set free; they really weren't you know.

The world already hates Americans for unnecessary religious wars that are unjustified, now it can hate Americans more for pulling food from the mouths of starving children.

"The law is the law, concrete."

"No exceptions."

"We're cutting off UNESCO's projects that are certainly complimentary to our interests," Wexler also admitted.

But he will be famous for: "...the big picture, the purpose of the law, is to encourage negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinian to reach a just and comprehensive peace."

After all, it is the United States that had the elected political group Hamas declared 'terrorist' and that eliminates a large part of the ability for Palestinians to politically negotiate. Wexler cites a more than 20-year old law, that prevents the U.S. from funding the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). With its endless resources, America is more interested in maintaining Israel's civil rights violations.

The money the U.S. pulled from UNESCO was used to train 3000 Afghan police officers. "That's good for America" Wexler admits, but this is not a logical country.

Gabon, a small country in Africa recently donated a million dollars.

Indonesia recently formalized a contribution to the Emergency Multi-Donor Fund.

The Director-General recently thanked Kazakhstan for a contribution of $250000 - that is the country the character 'Borat' is from in the Sacha Baron Cohen of the same name. They are outdoing the United States in terms of funding human rights.

Great job Israel, first you learn how to subvert human rights and subject human beings to the largest Diaspora in history, now you have found a way to make people everywhere a little less secure, less fed, and less educated. I have to say... illogical Americans like Wexler aren't here to help people the world over, but only to work on Israel's behalf. The spell Israel holds against the U.S. seems at times unbreakable.


Tim King in 2008, covering the Iraq War

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