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Jewish Men Discuss Circumcision. What do we really think?

Reform Judaism: more and more Jews are questioning traditional circumcision.

ANti-circumcision activist Brian Levitt

(TEL AVIV) - The practice of circumcision is something I've been aware of from a very young age. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and my family is Orthodox... Whether it's the Victorian-era doctors, bent on perpetuating their own sexual repression, or during the Maccabean Period where the Jewish priestly ruling class instituted the more severe form of brit milah that is practiced today, which includes brit peri'ah (complete foreskin ablation), we are made to suffer and cause our children to suffer in an endless cycle of trauma. It's high time we stop.

- Jonathan Friedman, On Circumcision, Authority and the Perpetuation of Abuse.

“I'm 37, and have been sitting on a mountain of grief and rage for 17 years, since I discovered what was stolen from me while reading a critique of circumcision in a hip, underground, alternative Jewish newspaper I found at a campus Hillel, of all places… In the Torah, God also commands us to stone people to death, burn animal sacrifices, and take slaves from neighboring nations. Jews have given up those unholy practices, why shouldn't we give this one up too? The majority of Swedish Jews are intact, and guess what? They're still Jewish! Judaism, whether a cultural, ethnic, or religious identity, does not require circumcision. Jewishness is solely defined by parental lineage or conversion, not by genital cutting. Today, there are Jewish baby welcoming ceremonies for all genders free from genital cutting…

- Matthew Taylor, The case against circumcision, MondoWeiss, August 4, 2011.

"Let me ask you, Bent, since you are the head of the Jewish community in Denmark. What should I do if I want my foreskin back? I never wanted a stranger to touch me in the crotch without my permission. I would NEVER IN LIFE allow anyone to cut some of my penis. And how would you advise my parents, who did not considered that they had agreed to a mutilation, surgery without clinical indication (and without anesthesia) on their own son"

- Leo Milgrom, Can you give me my foreskin back?, (English translation from Danish by Google.)

"I am Jewish, the eldest of 3 children and the son of a doctor… I feel deeply harmed by circumcision, and this view has only been confirmed over time. I do not feel closer to Judaism because of my circumcision. On the contrary, I deeply wish one thing had nothing to do with the other. The genital cutting of infants has driven me away from my religion, and I'm far from alone in this view. Eventually my father understood these issues, and even apologized for having allowed my brother and I to be circumcised at birth… There are hundreds of thousands of men who resent their infant circumcision. There are tens of thousands of intact Jewish boys and men around the world who thank their lucky stars they were not circumcised.”

- Brian Levitt, Jewish Intactivist
Testimony at the California Senate Judiciary Committee Public Hearing on Circumcision.

“…It is accepted that he that is not circumcised, but is the son of a Jewish mother, is a Jew. Numerous scholars of Judaism have clearly pointed out that this damaging surgical ritual is inconsistent with all other tenets of the Jewish religion to protect the integrity of the individual and do no harm to another person. The Law Commission would be doing all Jews great service, in fact, to finally recognize the universal harm, the permanence, and the impossibility of informed consent of non-therapeutic circumcision on any infant boy, regardless of religion. To fail to do so, to create a "special exception" for Jewish boys, would be tantamount to governmental discrimination against infants born into the Jewish faith by assuming that their pain is less (it is not) and that they will simply learn to accept their harm. Our pain is real, we are part of the larger society, and we need and expect full protection under the law.”

- Brian Levitt, Jewish Intactivist, Statement to the United Kingdom Law Commission
Consultation Paper No. 139 20, November 1996.

I am 21 years old, Jewish, and opposed to circumcision My Jewish identity was always very important to me growing up. I went to synagogue a lot, spent my summers at a Jewish summer camp, had a bar mitzvah, and in high school was part of NFTY (North American Federation of Temple Youth). I went to Israel for a semester in high school. When I was a child and teenager, I was always proud to be Jewish, to be a part of G-d’s chosen people, to be in a culture that valued life and not death. I’m also a person who finds the idea of permanent body modification disturbing. I feel G-d made us the way we are for a reason. Every organ has a purpose. Even our imperfections are a sign of our individuality. When I found out I was circumcised, I was horrified... How could a religion of tikun olam do something destructive to their newborns?

No matter what, I can’t cut my kids. I will never know the advantages of being intact—how much difference this really makes—but I do know skinning a baby’s penis is wrong. I will give my sons the choice I never had. My boys will feel proud of what they are—Jewish and intact! "

- Al Rubenstein, Me But Not My Son: A Young Jewish Man Breaks Rank on Circumcision.

“I wish I hadn’t been circumcised. I could show you studies that I believe demonstrate the deleterious effects of the procedure on infants, the costs to the adults that had the procedure done earlier in life, and the falsity of the supposed health benefits of circumcision, but I won’t. There are dedicated organizations that can convey that information far better than I could. What I have to offer you is my personal experience... I grew up going to shul [synagogue], celebrating the holidays, going to Sunday School, having a Bar Mitzvah [the Jewish coming-of-age, at 13 for boys], and even going to a Jewish Day School, yet today I am in almost complete control over the extent to which Jewish culture and Jewish religion play a role in my daily life. The exception is circumcision…”

- Shea Levy, To the Mohel Who Cut Me. “I’d heard how my uncle had fainted during my bris and what a horrible event it was. This was the thing everyone would talk about at the Passover seder… The ban on circumcision that’s on the ballot in San Francisco is a triumph for intactivists… I'm totally for it. San Francisco has often lead the country in elevating our consciousness. It has already helped spread awareness of this human rights crime to other states and hopefully will lead people everywhere to be more compassionate, thoughtful and rational not only towards their own fragile newborn children but to other fellow men and women as well.”

- Jason Paige, Jewish Singer, Blood, Sweat & Tears Lead Singer Protests Infant Circumcision, by Rebecca Wald, J.D.

From Orthodox to Reform Judaism, more and more Jews are questioning traditional circumcision.

Groups of Jews who chose to keep their sons intact are starting up in the United States, Israel and elsewhere. Both Reform Judaism and Humanistic Judaism formally welcome intact Jewish males. Many Jewish Intactivists feel that if true Jewish morals were adhered to, circumcision surgery would be impossible.

Hundreds of thousands of . Most Eastern European and South American Jews remain intact, and many Western European Jews have bypassed circumcision, seeing it as a needless, violent leftover of a bygone history. Some Jewish scholars and Rabbis believe that it is time to interpret the covenant in a symbolic and metaphoric way. Some other Jewish scholars think that surgical circumcision is against the ethics of Jewish law. Some Jews who were raised in the Orthodox tradition such as Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon, Mark Reiss, MD, and have become especially vocal Jewish intactivists. Some religions like Buddhism and Hinduism consider surgical circumcision a violation of another person and the holy body, and a terrible misdeed.

The human body is a delicate biological eco-system and surgery on any part of it has an effect on the whole system. The intact male foreskin is an innate part of the human anatomy with a valid protective purpose. The presence of the Intactivist movement has thankfully brought these issues to the forefront of the American consciousness.

Judaism has evolved enormously over the last two hundred years. Jews were active in the early civil rights, peace, women’s, gay rights, and environmental movements, making huge advances for human rights in many areas. The prevalence of female Rabbis and the acceptance of gays and lesbians in most Jewish communities shows just how quickly Judaism can evolve on issues of fundamental human rights. Many Jewish Americans and Israelis are active leaders in the worldwide Intactivist movement.


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bearmon2010 August 1, 2014 5:38 am (Pacific time)

I agreed with you. Uncircumcised should be leave alone. DO not listen to the doctors false teaching about it. Its natural. I have uncircumcised and macho gay guy from Portugal now in America and over 35 years old. I do not have a problem with it. No disease or anything. Even my father is 69 and my uncle is 74. They dont have a problem. Its perfect normal and for my experience.. its wonderful sensitive feeling. God design it as a beautiful part of our bodies. Do not listen to DOCTORS no matter what they tried to telling you - They are doing it for money. DO NOT CIRCUMCISED YOUR SONS OR YOURSELVES AT ALL!

ativan May 8, 2013 11:17 am (Pacific time)

Exceptionally useful article. Many thanks for such type of a great evaluation and continue doing all your great work with the website.

Anonymous May 4, 2013 8:34 am (Pacific time)

Leo Milgrom, Thank you. May we publish your article in English on this website?

soduku commi May 2, 2013 6:00 pm (Pacific time)

I came here looking for local news???

We carry local news on the main site and also at

Leo Milgrom May 2, 2013 1:16 pm (Pacific time)

I can see that my public letter "Can you give me back my foreskin?" to Bent Lexner, chief rabbi of Denmark has been quoted here with a google translation. I have made a (correct) translation myself which you can find here:

Anonymous May 2, 2013 11:35 am (Pacific time)

The American Academny of Pediatrics was started by globalists as an agenda to have the state raise your children..I myself would not trust the above. IMO, it could have been in the older ages, when cleanliness was harder to come by, but I mostly believe that it is a procedure to demean humanity. Until people wake up and realize, how evil the entity that control this planet is, to break from the stockholm syndrome, to realize we were created as the most amazing individuals, and all the powers to be want is to demean us so they can control us, NOTHING will change. This is why TSA is sticking their hands down your pants, this is why Nazi Germany made people get naked etc. There is no logical reason to cut the skin off of a penis. I am circumsized, but wish I wasnt. Its no big tho, the battle is not amongst flesh and blood but thru our spirit. Its our spirit they want to deman and destroy, and they are doing a pretty good job of it thru television and our indoctrination system they call education.

Ralph E. Stone May 2, 2013 6:00 am (Pacific time)

For non-Jews, circumcision is a health issue, not a religious one. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (, the evidence of medical benefit of having circumcision done is mounting. The procedure aids in the prevention of urinary tract infection, penile cancer, and transmission of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. it also reduces the risk of men passing the virus that causes cervical cancer to female sexual partners. In short, circumcision performed by a competent physician has a medical benefit.

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