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Nobel Prize Winner Calls for Release of Israel's Nuclear Weapons Whistleblower

Irish Peace Nobelist Mairead Maguire Calls on Peace Nobelists President Obama and President Shimon Perez to do all they can to Free Mordechai Vanunu.

Mairead Maguire in Jerusalem
Mairead Maguire in Jerusalem. Photo courtesy:

(DUBLIN) - Mairead Maguire, has written to President Barack Obama, USA, and President Shimon Perez, Israel, asking them to ‘do all they can’ to obtain the release of Mordechai Vanunu and for Mordechai to be given his freedom and allowed to leave Israel.

Supported by millions, Israeli nuke
whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu.

Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower, was convicted by an Israeli Court in l986 and sentenced to 18 years for passing on information about Israel’s nuclear weapons. He served 11 of his 18 years in solitary confinement. Vanunu was released from Prison in 2004, but instead of being allowed to leave Israel, as was his wish and legal right, he was placed under harsh restrictions depriving him of many of his civil and fundamental rights, including the right to move freely and the right to have contacts with foreigners. For exercising this latter Right, Mordechai Vanunu has been returned to prison on 23rd May 2010 (Eshel Prison) for three months detention. Maguire said: "I join my voice with many others around the world, calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Mordechai Vanunu. The restrictions put on Mordechai Vanunu are not parole restrictions, since he served his full 18-year term. These restrictions arbitrarily limit his rights to freedom of movement, expression and association, and are therefore in breach of International Law. "After 24 years held within Israel against his will, it is time for Mordechai to be allowed to leave the country, so he can get on with his life. He has suffered enough and is no threat to Israeli National Security." In her letter to President Obama, Mairead Maguire thanked him for all he is doing for a Nuclear Free World and a Nuclear Free Middle East. Maguire went on to say: "Twenty-four years ago when Mordechai Vanunu, as a young technician in Dimona, Israeli Nuclear Weapons Plant, in conscience told the world about Israeli Nuclear Bombs, it was his attempt to do what he could for a Nuclear-Free Middle East and a Nuclear-Free World. History will remember Vanunu as a man of courage, integrity and peace. "But today all Vanunu asks for is his Freedom. Obama and Perez have it within their power to free Mordechai Vanunu and the world expects them to do so." Mairead Maguire ===================================================== For those who are unaware, we originally published our report about Israel's illegal nuclear warheads in mid 2008, and the site was attacked the same day in a high tech manner that we never were able to positively resolve. Perhaps that is because our source was President Carter, and somebody was simply trying to keep the information from being in front of Americans. At any rate, Americans have always been educated to believe that Israel is a nation without nuclear arms or the "means to defend itself" through traditional media and educational channels, while people in the Mideast have known for decades, and the same holds in Europe; that Israel illegally possesses hundreds of nuclear warheads, as it turns out. It is hard to believe Americans are so thoroughly deceived - to see this all as something else. May-29-2008: Carter Reveals Israel's Possession of 150 Nuclear Weapons - Tim King As far as Mordechai Vanunu is concerned, our writer Eileen Fleming, who has been to Palestine seven times, and personally knows Vanunu, is a fantastic source of reference when it comes to the tragic plight of this Israeli citizen who tried to tell the world about a secret nuclear weapons program that he personally believed was very wrong. May-16-2010: EXCLUSIVE: Beyond the Nuclear Mordechai Vanunu: Part One in a Series - Eileen Fleming for May-22-2010: Email from and MORE about Mordechai Vanunu - Eileen Fleming May-24-2010: Shimon Peres has no Clothes and CNN is Exposed - Eileen Fleming Also: May-26-2010: Watching Israel Delegitimize the U.S. - Political Commentary by Jeff Gates May-24-2010: Report: Israel Offered to Sell South Africa Nuclear Weapons - Special to Apr-08-2010: How Israel Gagged on its own Gag Order - Gila Svirsky for Finally, we had another story today about a brave Israeli under the oppression of his government. Ezra Nawi has stood up against the violence Palestinians face every day, and is currently incarcerated in Israel's corrections system for voicing his views of peace. May-26-2010: Even Picnics in Israel are Political - Neve Gordon

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