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Jack Herer: A Man Well-Loved is Saved Again

The Hemperor is slowly improving, with constant TLC the best medicine.

Jack Herer proudly shows off his hemp boxers
Jack Herer proudly shows off his hemp boxers!
At HempStalk in Portland, Ore., 2008.
Photo by Bonnie King

(EUGENE, Ore.) - For over 30 years, Jack Herer has been the inexhaustible guru of the hemp movement. Many people have expressed their deep concern for Jack's well-being since his heart attack in mid-September, at an Oregon hemp festival.

Sunday night, Jack Herer was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Eugene from the rehabilitation center where he has been receiving care. His breathing became more distressed throughout the afternoon, and finally he was rushed to the Emergency Room.

He was diagnosed with bronchitis, and given antibiotics to overcome the illness. Such prevention may not have been possible just a few days ago, when a "Do Not Transport" order was in effect. Because of a recent change in Jack's care, they were able to get him appropriate treatment, which could literally have saved his life.

More good news, Jack has been responding well to Speech, Physical and Occupational therapy treatments administered at the care center where he's residing in Eugene, Oregon. He is coherent. His speech is beginning to come back. He has no IV's, no breathing tube, and though he has a feeding tube, they expect to remove it as soon as this week.

The bad news, is the breakdown within the ranks of Jack's supporters. While Jack works to heal and rehabiitate, the world outside his room is swirling with controversy.

Much has been said as of late regarding the recent change of Jack's care management, and the subject has seemingly taken on a life of its own. Jeannie Herer and others are unhappy with the new decision by the care center to acknowledge a Power of Attorney that moves authority of Jack's care to Joy Graves and Chuck Jacobs.

Avamere Riverpark is a reputable facility providing nursing care and physical rehabilitation for Jack. Nurses and rehab therapists are working closely with him and the medical staff, providing a personalized treatment program for Jack.

Before the Storm

Chuck Jacobs has been Jack's right hand man for three years. As driver/assistant and friend, he worked, lived, and traveled with Jack and the team. He just returned from a European tour with hemp oil innovator Rick Simpson, standing in for Jack. Jack depended on Chuck.

Joy Graves is Jack's assistant and long time friend. Working shoulder to shoulder at the hemp festivals through the summer, she was a strong, trustworthy staple of the team.

In early summer, Jeannie and Jack went their separate ways. Not surprisingly, they are both overwrought with obligations and a packed schedule, and she hoped to inspire Jack to take it easy. She says she believed they would reunite at the end of the season. Jack had Jeannie's name taken off his lease in July. By many accounts, they were separated.

From his house, Jack worked on his new book and prepped for the festivals. Eve Lentz was a writer-in-residence for some time, editing the long-awaited mushroom book, which is still a work in progress. Jack was continuously surrounded by friends, new and old, confidants and professional partners.

According to friends, he was outspoken, as usual, and made it known that he didn't plan to leave his house to move with Jeannie, or accept the "take it easy" proposal. He left for the festivals in the NorthWest, an annual tradition for the Jack Herer team.

At noon on September 12th, 2009, the first day of the Portland HempStalk, Jack called a meeting with Chuck, Joy and a notary public. Jack had a Power of Attorney drawn up, and explained that, in addition to other issues, he had concerns about the publication of his upcoming book in case something should happen to him. It was a subject of some contention between he and Jeannie, as she's recently noted there were some "problems with the book" that he had been working on for over a decade. Chuck and Joy signed the paperwork, and got back to work.

Little did they know, the documents would gain sudden importance, and become the fuel for an underlying flame, ready to ignite.

When Jeannie heard that Jack had been hospitalized in Portland, she flew in and assumed her position as caretaker and wife. And it's been a tough road to haul. Since his heart attack, Jack has been moved 3 times, had one diabetic episode, and even suffered a fall out of bed.

There have been difficult challenges, difficult decisions, and more than not, long difficult days.

His drive to decriminalize marijuana and bring the value and benefits of the hemp plant into focus has never waned. The people that have joined him on this journey are not just a bunch of followers. They are leaders in their own right, speaking up and putting into action their belief in the future of legal cannabis use, and industrial hemp production in United States.

Chuck and Joy, along with many others, were integral in the successful organization, set up, break down, manning of the booths, travel to and fro, and overall care of Jack throughout the festival season.

Now, seven weeks later, they have taken the reigns of his care again.


Joy Graves was at his bedside last week when she discovered there was a DNR order in Jack's chart. "Do Not Resuscitate", the nurse explained, means that should Jack have a heart attack, he would not receive CPR, they would not make every effort to save him. They would let him die in peace. "Do Not Transport" was also checked, which means there would be no ambulance ride to the hospital.

The order was a surprise to Joy, and a shock after all the effort to save his life. She inquired as to how it came to be, and how it could be changed. Jeannie Herer had signed the order, so it was up to her to change it. Unsatisfied with that conclusion and in an attempt to ensure Jack's ability to survive a future health emergency, she revealed that she held Jack's Power of Attorney.

The care center took some time to deliberate the ramifications of the situation, bringing in their legal team, and determined that the document was legal and binding.

The DNR order was reversed.

"For a person that was extremely displeased that it took so long for CPR to begin at the time of his heart attack, it was baffling as to why Jeannie signed a DNR," Joy Graves said.

"They wanted me to sign a DNR form," Jeannie wrote in a MySpace bulletin. "The doctor explained that if he had another heart attack, he wouldn’t be able to survive it but if I didn’t sign the paper, they would still have to pound on his chest and possibly crack his chest and also shock him. He said that when people die a natural death, endorphins are released that make them more comfortable at the end but not when you do that. So I agreed."

Sunday night, the DNR order reversal may well have saved Jack's life.

Throughout the evening, Jack's breathing became more and more distressed, and the rattle in his chest turned to a struggle for air. Medical attention clearly was in order. Because the DNR had been revoked, they were able to get Jack to the Emergency Room at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center where he was diagnosed with bronchitis.

He received x-rays, a breathing treatment, and a prescription for antibiotics. Without intervention, he would likely have developed pneumonia. He was back in his room and in good spirits Sunday evening, feeling much better.

The DNR would have made the ambulance ride to the ER impossible.

Jack's Progress Report

Last week, I was told that Jack slept most of the time, day and night. Sometimes he grumbled in his sleep. He had barely spoken, and was so tense that physical therapy seemed a moot point.

Prior to the change of care, Jack was on daily narcotics including Percocet and Oxycodone (every four hours), which have since been nearly discontinued, and are relegated to specific pain relief when necessary. Saturday night, he didn't need any drugs to sleep well through the night.

He is NOT being given any hemp oil. The care center, driven by federal guidelines, refuses to allow it.

The staff at the care center has been happily surprised at his improved response in all three therapies. So well in fact, that they are increasing it to five days a week.

According to Eve Lentz, he has been singing "You are my Sunshine". "It is hard to hear him, his voice is very light and breathy, but he's trying," she said.

He has also said a few people's names, and short sentences like "I love you", "Oh boy", "Oh man", and "Where's the baby?" referring to his godchild. Seems like rather slow progress, but then again, his mouth has really been hurting.

Jack has been recovering from oral thrush, a painful mouth infection that often affects those with a weakened immune system. This caused him to be unable to swallow easily, and it was necessary to limit his water intake, for risk of pneumonia.

Joy was corrected when she gave him water one day, and the next day another old friend was stopped from giving him a drink several times. After a brief argument, she was asked to leave by the care center, not due to an order by Joy, which has been inferred.

This week they will begin regular eating and drinking, and hopefully remove the feeding tube.

Jack has been surrounded by his loved ones. His children have been with him often, and Jeannie, now understood to be Jack's estranged wife, has been allowed in to see him though her authority has been circumvented.

Because of the negative publicity, specifically via online networking sites, the facility has allegedly received threats since the change in his caregivers, and even has fielded calls from imposters of family members and others. This could have interrupted his care, requiring him to be moved yet another time. Fortunately for Jack, that is not the case.

One More Thing

Rumors abound, most have so little merit that it insults the intelligence of the reader to be bothered with them. However, one such claim regarding alleged drug use by Jack at the festivals requires attention.

No one would disagree that a man with his health history should not consider such things, but there is no evidence to back up the charge that has become nearly viral online. There was a drug screen soon after Jack was taken to the hospital initially, and we are told that it revealed THC and nothing else.

Where Does He Go From Here?

The frustration, fear and confusion felt by so many of Jack's friends is not to be understated. This is a sensitive, emotional subject. Keeping the faith is something they take to heart, and love Jack they do. All the people involved seem to sincerely want what's best for him, and with time will likely find level ground with one another.

But what's really important here isn't all of that, it's JACK. He still has a long, climb ahead, and he's showing real progress. He's working hard.

Several groups and organizations including the THCF in Portland and Jim Matthieson of the Herbivores in Seattle have expressed their intentions to host benefits to help offset the costs of Jack's care, which is mounting.

By all accounts, Jack loves his home in California where he has lived for several years. Should Jack continue improving at the rate he is, he will be home again, watching the sunset from his porch, pondering his next adventure, in good time. Whether or not he is able to resume his previous lifestyle completely, he well may return to it.

Though his home was nearly given up for lack of finances, some quick minded friends made sure that didn't happen. Efforts have been successful in keeping Jack's house, and it waits for his homecoming.

Be it known: The Hemperor Shall Return.

Bonnie King has been with since August '04, when she became Publisher. Bonnie has served in a number of positions in the broadcast industry; TV Production Manager at KVWB (Las Vegas WB) and Producer/Director for the TV series "Hot Wheels in Las Vegas", posts as TV Promotion Director for KYMA (NBC), and KFBT (Ind.), Asst. Marketing Director (SUPERSHOPPER MAGAZINE), Director/Co-Host (Coast Entertainment Show), Radio Promotion Director (KBCH/KCRF), and Newspapers In Education/Circulation Sales Manager (STATESMAN JOURNAL NEWSPAPER). Bonnie has a depth of understanding that reaches further than just behind the scenes, and that thoroughness is demonstrated in the perseverance to correctly present each story with the wit and wisdom necessary to compel and captivate viewers.

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jeanette December 22, 2009 9:45 am (Pacific time)

i would just like to point out that 1) if you use a public wireless, then anyone useing it would have the same IP addresss: 2) you can use software programs to spoof IP addresses; 3) why does the editor/Bonnie find it necessary to post comments that make me wonder what side she is on? I thought reporters were supposed to be unbiased? Posting those commnents suggests otherwise.

Erica Womachka December 8, 2009 1:49 pm (Pacific time)

You do relise that a typo victory is a shallow one right... you have no faith in yourself or your readers. So sad.

EDITOR: We rarely, if ever, correct spelling in the comments section, but we do delete comments upon request if that's what you'd prefer. Your rudeness toward us and our readers will not be tolerated however, and we do exercise the right to delete unacceptable posts (see Terms & Conditions). Please stay on topic.

Erica Womachka December 8, 2009 12:59 pm (Pacific time)

Cecorship at it finest!!!!

Erica Womachka December 8, 2009 12:44 pm (Pacific time)

I dont claim to be a reporter

Erica Womachka December 8, 2009 11:01 am (Pacific time)

Linda Lepp and I have been in LA for the past two days so the crack reporter should understand that Linda was unable to respond so who ever the the older lady that responded was not her, we have many witnesses. Bonnie you do know many people use that computer so really you should get your facts straight.

BONNIE: Erica, No, I have no idea where Linda's computer is or how many people use it. No one will have the opportunity to read your rude ranting (here), but I'd like to suggest you do your own research and get your facts straight before letting accusations fly. DID NOT report that Jack died. NEVER. Just the opposite. As for the rest of your comment, it's been duly noted.

Vincent Squatch December 7, 2009 2:20 am (Pacific time)

I volunter at lake tv 8. I do not work there. No one does,it is a PEG channel public education goverment station. I was not there at the courthouse reporting on the matter. I was there to see my friends Chuck And Jeannie. I heard the drunk guy mouthing from the car for a few minuutes and said nothing ,when he stepped out of the car and approached my friends I stepped in,being 6'5 and 380 and carring a 25 pound oxygen tank with the tube up my nose I have diffused many situations that concern my friends. Other then expressing my feelings about what is going on with Jack s welfare privatly it is none of my bussiness to interfer with Jack bussiness and I know Jack respects me for it as he would do the same for me. Back to the drunk guy I told who I am, I have recently found out from my family that drunk guy has asked/told some other people about me and they told him who I was also. whats that? Nothing but a disabled little brother with a lung problem whos got a lot of family who loves em. Please keep it bussiness like people. Vincent Squatch

David Disney December 6, 2009 7:13 pm (Pacific time)

Editor RE: out-sider If your comment is reffering to Linda L as being Linda Lepp, you are incorrect. Linda Lepp was at work not even in the same town at the time court was held. People remember a little older women in a red coat and it was not Linda Lepp. Thank You for the chance to clarify some of the mis-information.

EDITOR: We scan anonymous comments' IP addresses, and this "out-sider" comment comes from the same IP as do comments from Linda Lepp.

David Disney December 6, 2009 7:03 pm (Pacific time)

To:Concerned friend of Jack's-Observer I think you better check your facts. You do not even have the names correct of the people who were there. I believe you need to check your memory because you are wrong! You don't have all the facts about all the players. Did you not see Chuck Jacobs with Jeannie also defending himself against a TRO that day in court?

From an out-sider... December 6, 2009 3:22 pm (Pacific time)

I was too there the day this all took place. I was going to the records office on the 4th floor of the Lake County Court house. In front of me were this small meek lady and 3 other people. I was standing off of their right next to the court computer because the room we were in is very small. The little lady wanted to know what this case involved. What caught my ears was spousal abuse. I could not believe me ears. So I decided to take some time to hear what this case was about. As these people were leaving this room. I saw this person with long blond hair kicked this real tall man and pushed one of the ladies that were stand there as they were leaving to go to the court room. So I decided followed. The court was full and The Judge said with complexity of this case he would have to hear the other cases first. When all other cases were heard, the court room only had 9 people left. I was the old (gramma looking) lady with the red coat on, in the back row, sitting right next to the door. It was time and this lady to go in front of the judge with her lawyer the other lady stood up by her self (no lawyer). When it was all done and the Judge said “This matter is to be DROPPED”. Still never heard what the case was about. Every one left the court room. I was lucky to get on the elevator in the first batch and when outside to go on my merry way. When all at once this guy came out of a car that was parked in front of the court house and started to scream things I can’t repeat. One real skinny lady came up and stepped in and told this guy. “You should be a shame of yourself” and stood in front of this wild man. She was not even in the court room. I think she was a passer-by. The rest of the court room group is starting to come out and before you knew it. This wild man came after this very tall man. At this time this man from one of our local TV shows and another lady stood in front of him. All the time this crazy man was screaming. Some one went in and came out with the Sheriff. The crazy man was asked to leave and the other 2 women too… The supports were not fighting or yelling. I stood there and listened to what was going on and to find out a few lawyers was where too and so was many other people. The 3 of you had to leave and you know the truth. Why lie about this…. It does not make it any better… You LOST and now it is time to get on with your lives…The supports of this little lady were NOT violent in any way. There was the Sheriff that was working the front door, a TV man and a few lawyers standing there from the beginning. I found out that one of the lawyers was William McPike and the TV reporter is Vincent Squatch from TV 8 in Lake County. Bonnie if you or any of your readers want the truth of what happened that day, should contact them. Get the real story then print it….I’m really glad I went in and listened to this court hearing. Things like this get so out of hand and it is sickening!!! Let this family alone and the main concern is to get this man WELL and back with his wife and family…

EDITOR: Linda L., we are unsure as to why you would consider yourself an "outsider" in this case. Thanks for your perspective though, it will be of interest to many.

Bill McPike, Attorney December 6, 2009 1:06 pm (Pacific time)

I went to court in Lake Co., CA where many of Jack's supporters were in attendance. The Judge explained to Joy Graves that she had no standing to file the TRO or to file a separation as if she were Jack Herer himself. The Judge took off the TRO and tabled Ms. Graves other actions. The courtroom emptied with everybody going outside. Once outside, a man in a car with Oregon plates started yelling at the supporters who were leaving. He jumped from the car and got into a supporter's face. Another person got a bailiff who came out separated the first two, and IDed the guy who had been in the car. Jeannie was not mean or anything close to that discription, as she was still realing from the TRO in the first place. Bill McPike, Attorney at Law

Concerned friend of Jack's-Observer December 5, 2009 6:27 pm (Pacific time)

I was at this recent court case for myself and I myself saw a very angry mob,w Jeannie Herer, being angry to a fault, cruel and amazingly brazen. Their animosity towards these two small women, who declined any conversation or contact with me. It embarrasses Adults in the movement. I can understand why, it seems they have layed their lives down to give Jack more time to heal without the estranged, pissed off wife's or driver's interference. At court in Lake Co. Ed Disney was being very combative towards Seeva Cherms, his standing over her, when I saw her accidently step on his heel, which she meekly apologized for and yet he he still went on, to the point of yelling at her and everyone laughing and smirking at them. It was amazing to see not only Jeannie Herer w/ her attorney Bill McPike, Judi Engle from Apothecary Treavel, Erica Womachka, Ed and Dave Disney, Chuck Jacobs, and another man taping. It is illegal to photograph or tape in a court of law and the man in the tan jacket, no one seemed to know, had his phone taken from the bailiff when she saw it on video. Then to see their behaviour, it was no wonder they didn't see me, they were too busy trying to make these women feel bad. I actually felt bad that I didn't step in. They were so horrible goading them and yet they (the two Seeva Cherms and Joy Graves) said nothing. I can see now why anyone would be concerned for Jack's welfare. I think he is going to suffer at her hands. No assault, however there was a commotion outside but the guy waiting for Joy, only said something to Chuck Jacobs, I couldn't hear what they were saying but Chuck was smiling. So for the Dave Disney with his oxygen tube, ran into try to get him arrested,so disgusting. He mustv'e made these women feel like he was in danger in order for them to do this, it was obvious they had no ulterior motive other than that of Jack's well being. I heard them say that they ley him down, to you I say he IS LUCKY TO HAVE YOU BOTH! TO ALL THAT STAND UP FOR JACK HERER I COMMEND YOU. JEANNIE HERER SHAME ON YOU FOR BEING SO MEAN. YOU ARE A LIAR AND WE ARE ALL WATCHING, YOU ALMOST HAD ME CONVINCED TOO. Thank You for showing yor true colors! I want nothing to do with you and I hope Jack gets well enough to tell you how he feels, oh that's right he has! NO ONE IS LISTENING!!! To see people rejoicing over allowing a woman in after all she has done is frightening for Jack. Jack apparently signed papers to protect himself against and has been inconsistent the entire time. I don't think she's telling the truth. It all just doesn't add up.

Kay Lee December 3, 2009 8:52 pm (Pacific time)

Since we aren't there, there is so much we don't know so it is impossible for us to judge on anything to do with Jack's treatment or condition. I 'died' during my heart attack and emergency heart surgery saved me. There's no telling what Jack's future holds but we should all be generating LOVE at this critical time. I hope my kids never fight about me like this.

Kay Lee December 3, 2009 8:55 pm (Pacific time)

At this critical time, we should be projecting only LOVE around him - put aside eveJack's future will be what it will be.rything else and focus on LOVE.

Rumpspanker November 24, 2009 6:10 pm (Pacific time)

I am Rumpspanker. No relation to the sophisticated Rumpspankers at 700 NE Dekum St., Portland, Oregon USA.

Ivan November 24, 2009 2:57 pm (Pacific time)

Sounds to me like either way, Jack is the same without help. I think the people putting themselves in front of the bus for this man shows their dedication to a well-loved man! Too Jack- good for you helping put ppl who won't hide from his ?? wife and two-faced fame biting driver- All those not on Jack's side will be not forgotten when he is well enough. I can't wait for Jack to tell all of the ppl not listening close enuf to bugger off and stop puttin words in his mouth! Good Luck and Get well soon Sincerely, just another friend of yours, Ivan

Jeannie Herer November 24, 2009 12:27 pm (Pacific time)

There are several different parts to a DNR form. I was told Jack wouldn't survive another heart attack. He's still going to have to have heart surgery in the future. The only box on the DNR that I checked to not resuscitate him was for if he was already dead. The rehab facility told us that they would have taken him to the hospital for bronchitis no matter what. There is a lot more to this that I can't talk about now, but it will come out.

Jack's Concerned Friend November 24, 2009 3:16 am (Pacific time)

 Jack is going Backward in his recovery right now. Not ONE of his "Family" seem to care. He WAS improving when those ladies were in there with him, but now that there not and these "famly members" are there, he's going backward...huuuum.
  Jeannie put a DNR on Jack, this Joy chick took it off and then that Chuck guy put it back on.... what about Jack and WHY are these people willing to let him die? Especially If they Care and Love him "so much" like they SAY? Jeannie makes this Joy out to be a stranger yet she is the Only one saying NO DNR. No wonder Jack is only trying to communicate with her, I dont blame him!!
  If WE love and Care for Jack, we would want and encourage him to want to live. He's lucky to be alive after what's happened, but no one seems to care about that. People are making this out to be as if there's "sides" to this situation, and I suppose there is - JACK's side and then those opposed To Jack's side. Look at it that way and I think the rest should fall together, don't you.
  My heart is with JACK, and Anyone whose willing to try to help him, whoever thy are. THEY have my love, respect and eternal gratitude because I want what's Best for Jack. If THEY did, they wouldn't be fighting against, they'd ne helping or else getting out of the way of those who can.

Osotan; November 24, 2009 2:07 am (Pacific time)

I meant "Rumpspankers",but the meds imbibed just before keyboard action was responsible for momentarily dis-connecting synaptic progression.

Laura Palfrey Murphy November 23, 2009 4:33 pm (Pacific time)

Ah, the drama! I love you Jack. I know we will meet someday. I will never stop fighting. merryjanecolitas lp420

Osotan; November 23, 2009 7:21 am (Pacific time)

is the editor inferring "Rumpstalker" is not the now famous Portland cafe referred to in earlier S-N news peices and David Letterman? A plagerist with a dark agenda?., And how's Jack doing today?

Rumpspanker November 22, 2009 5:22 am (Pacific time)

I see no "deposition" from Noto ary # 437077 -- If you can't show it, you don't have it.

EDITOR: Who are you? What's your NAME? You don't even represent yourself truthfully and you demand we comply with your inane wishes? You're off track and out of your league. Feel free to refer to the US Constitution, First Amendment, you'll find it enlightening.

Rumpspanker November 22, 2009 2:27 am (Pacific time)

You don't have any statement from Oregon Notary # 437077. If you did you would have already shown it. You haven't checked out anything.

EDITOR: Rumpspanker, Thank you so much for sharing your awkward hypothesis. We enjoyed it.

Mr. Disney November 21, 2009 12:16 pm (Pacific time)

I was staying on subject. It was simply to point out the credibility of some of your sources. Which you should have researched further. Sorry if that info scared you. I would try to investigate the source before I used them for an article. Just me.

EDITOR: You purport to know our sources, wrongly. Your strategy to spread gossip and inuendo is not useful. If you want to share pertinent information for future reports, please send them directly to:

Mr. Disney November 19, 2009 10:28 pm (Pacific time)

Some simple web searching revealed some disturbing info about --

EDITOR: Stay on topic please. If you want to begin a new subject, please do so in an appropriate forum.

Oliver Steinberg November 19, 2009 6:09 pm (Pacific time)

Each state has its version of "living wills" or other documents which people should talk about and prepare with their loved ones BEFORE some calamity like this occurs. It is not easy to judge someone else's situation, and maybe not appropriate to judge whether it was "right" or "wrong" or "not in someone's best interest" when you do have a calamity, and you don't have a pre-prepared document, and a relative or other caregiver must make one of these possibly life-or-death decisions. Maybe the interposition by Joy and Eve did actually do something beneficial, although it is hard to say without knowing the facts [and we readers cannot possibly know all the facts, despite all that has been written, because we are NOT there.] But there are no reasonable grounds to impute ANY dishonorable motive to Jack's wife. People who are placed in that difficult position, with a critically ill loved one who cannot communicate, do what they think best. Many of us cannot justify forcing some one to suffer beyond a certain point---and what that point is, each of us must decide based on the unique features of the situation---as we understand them . . . Two people looking at the same situation may reasonably reach two differing conclusions about what to do. I do not know and have never met any of these people except for Jack, whom I met in 1986 and last saw in 1998. Based on the messages which have appeared on the internet, it looks to me like Jeannie is a concerned and coherent person and that the parties opposed to her are sort of ranting. Their written commentaries are disturbing to read, and not only because they don't know proper spelling and syntax. There is something more disturbing than that, but I can't exactly define it. . . . One sees a range of people attracted to the cause of cannabis, including not a few unbalanced people---on a spectrum going from merely overzealous and undereducated, at one end, to those unfortunates who are delusional, irrational, psychologically unhinged, out of touch with reality, and occasionally even sociopathic, at the other end. Yet the world works in mysterious ways. Sometimes the "normal" people make serious mistakes, sometimes the "kooks" provide some brilliant insight or perform a valuable deed. From my viewpoint, not being connected to the disputants, I am inclined to agree with the critics who felt that this story has been reported in a less neutral fashion than it might have been. I am not against advocacy journalism in principle, but you really need to tread warily with this particular story or any similar one involving a lot of hearsay and such extremely emotional events and opinions. We ALL want Jack to be able to live and to recover his ability to communicate and to apply his indomitable will to the liberation and redemption of the blessed herb. We hope it will happen.

Svnar November 18, 2009 8:17 pm (Pacific time)

I hope every thing works out well for Jack and his family. And I am looking forward to a positive update on Jack's progress. In regards to the reporting thus far, a more investigative approach would be a welcome relief. Interviewing the Doctors, nursing staff or anyone that has direct contact with Jack, but are not involved in the power struggle would be refreshing. Further more has anyone had the signature on document concerning the power of attorney authenticated by a professional hand writing expect?

Jeannie Herer November 17, 2009 10:18 am (Pacific time)

Last Saturday I went to see Jack at the rehab facility. I went out to smoke with Jack’s roommate. While we were out back, a nurse came and told me a woman and her daughter was at the nurses’ station with a restraining order for me. She asked me what she should do. I said I didn’t know and asked her what she thought I should do. She said she’d keep them at the desk so I could go around the building to the parking lot.
I got in the van and was pulling out of the parking lot when Joy Graves and Steve Cherms pulled up about an inch in front of me, blocking my way out of the parking lot. Steve got out of his car and started yelling at me and banging on the windshield and waving around his cane.
Then Seeva Cherms and her daughter came out of the building and Seeva ran over and started banging on the driver’s side window and yelling at me, waving around the restraining order. I kind of panicked and called the first person on my phone list and they called 911 and then 911 called me back and stayed on the phone with me until two police cars arrived. I just sat in the van with the doors locked and the windows rolled up.
First, the police spoke to them and then came over and asked me what was going on. I told them I was visiting my husband who was in the facility with an anoxic brain injury. I showed them the first restraining order that Joy Graves filed against me, that was dismissed in its entirety. It was filed the day after I posted our attorney, Bill McPike’s, response to Seeva saying Jack had gone to him for a legal separation. Bill said it didn’t happen. Jack had only talked to him about people putting his name on their products. One of the things the restraining order said was that I couldn’t post anything on Jack’s websites. That’s why I’m making this public now, while I can.
We met Steve and Seeva one time at Eddy Lepp’s house and the next thing we knew they came over to our house with legal papers they wanted us to sign making us their daughter’s godparents. They said they grew up in the mob, and they are bounty hunters, and how Steve is supposed to be a big martial arts guy. We didn’t sign the papers.
I told the police about the suspicious Power of Attorney papers that Joy says Jack signed a couple of hours before he had his heart attack and that she is trying to get the rights to Jack’s new book.
The police called their supervisor and he said the restraining order was no better than a leaf on the ground. The policemen said I could just go ahead and drive off. I said I was afraid Steve would follow me so the police stood there with them until I could get far enough away.
Because Joy has caused so many disturbances while I’ve been there, the facility is not allowing me to see Jack for now. Only Jack’s kids can see him. My attorney is doing what she can, as fast as she can, but court dates take time to come around.
Joy also went to Lake County, California and filed a legal separation from me for Jack on October 29. She gave the date of the end of our marriage as 7/7/09. If Jack had wanted a legal separation on 7/7/09, why didn’t he get it himself? He didn’t have the heart attack until September 12. Our 10-year anniversary was September 9. He was on the road but he called me and wished me a happy anniversary and told me he loved me and that he would be in Santa Rosa with me as soon as he was finished with the Portland hemp fest.

EDITOR: If there is a legal restraining order in place at the time of this writing, we may have to pull this letter from Jeannie Herer. At this time, it has been allowed. There are several points here that are disputable, but that will be covered in an upcoming report.

vlad darscun November 12, 2009 6:00 pm (Pacific time)

Get well soon Jack! I so hope that in your "down" time, as your body is repairing itself and the miracle of modern medicine does it's best to help it heal that you've had some wonderful dreams of fields full of green flowers and your many, many supporters chanting.... GET WELL SOON JACK!!! You are truly missed!

Anonomous Friend November 12, 2009 1:53 am (Pacific time)

That is great news Jeannie. It speaks bounds to your case that you were able to have the Temporary Restraining Order dismissed so quickly. I know from experience it's very easy to hit someone with a TRO with little proof, Judges tend to error on the side of caution until all facts presented. Having personally gone through the process to get a TRO for legitimate purposes againts a stalker that threatened my families life and well being. I've seen the process/proceedings first hand and know it's fairly easy to work the system initially. Glad the Judge saw the truth was on your side and the well being of Jack was considered, letting you by his side again. In addition, even though there are some of us that may not agree with what is outlined in the story posted above, I commend the editor for letting us comment and post our feelings, and our side of the story. Thank you All the good energy of the Universe is on Jacks side!

Jeannie Herer November 11, 2009 7:59 pm (Pacific time)

On November 3rd, I was served with a restraining order that prevented me from seeing Jack or posting anything on his websites. Yesterday, it was dismissed in its entirety. I immediately went to see Jack in the hospital. He’s having a respiratory problem but looks good considering. He was moved back to the rehab facility today. He’s still not able to talk but he’s trying. This has been a very difficult time for us. My attorney is taking care of things now. I want to thank our friends who have been so supportive through this. Please stay positive and keep sending Jack your love. My address is P.O. Box 41539, Eugene, Oregon 97404.

geokills November 11, 2009 7:03 pm (Pacific time)

Wow, the comments on here are quite a lot to wade through. Regardless of any of that drama, I just want to send Jack some good and healing virtual vibes. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

sativa rose November 9, 2009 4:59 pm (Pacific time)

We are all praying for Jack, Jeannie and his family. This is an exceptionally difficult situation for everyone involved, especially for Jack and his family. I am happy to hear Jack is recovering. It is also good to know that Jack was able to get his bronchitis treated. I do not feel Jack would want this circus around his family at such a vulnerable time. Woulden't it be easier to let Jack see his wife and kids until this can be resolved. It seems this has turned in a way that is not in the best interest of Jack or his family. Jack's fans want to see Jack reunited with his family, it is as simple as that. Jack and Jeannie's marital problems are not our business, everyone has issues from time to time. They have been married for a very long time. Get well Jack. LET JACK AND HIS FAMILY BE TOGETHER!!!

ZedLepplin November 9, 2009 11:09 am (Pacific time)

Don't you people understand that modern medical doctors will kill you dead and go play golf. Medical Marijuana itself is a direct result of the failure of modern medicine in amerika. People would rather treat themselves than give their life over to the wealthy, murderers.

Anonomous November 8, 2009 3:58 pm (Pacific time)

This is ridiculous. You would run another "News" story about this, with no evidence to back up these claims. Other than what the people that fabricated it sold you. That one, maybe a couple "care facilities" accepted the POAs, makes it true. Did you forget that the first hospital turned the POA down stating "not complete, not a legal document". Does it occur to anyone why if Jack sat down in good conscience to sign over his life and work to these people, he would sigh the POA with a Sharpy marker and write "HEMP FOREVER" in the comments on a "legal" document? Does that even get reported. Have you even considered the Herer's side of the story? Have you read the psychotic ramblings of Eve and Joy copied and posted on Jacks myspace. Completely beligerant! They are completely incoherent, again "stalker talk" this from someone who has experience dealing with a stalker invading their personal life. It seem overtly textbook. Come on! The letter from Eve is really reaching, clearly admitting she didn't do that much editing work to the manuscript of Jacks and stated herself that she "move out to his residence stupidly". I suppose there's some ridiculous ever-changing back story to that also. The Herer's story is simple and strait forward. Have you even read and considered it? Or are you snowed by these fools also? And for the so called "legal documents", I did fraud prevention and detection for over a decade and have never seen such a horrible conjuring of falsities. There are a dozen things that don't add up here and care should have defaulted to the family.....has everyone forgotten about family? This seems completely irresponsible to post a "news story" that is one sided like this. Hey but that's our media for you. And all you fools who would just blindly believe this because it come from a major media source? Do the facts and concerns FROM THE FAMILY carry any less weight because they are posted on a social networking site. Granted some comments posted may be slightly inflammatory and accusatory, and not written by a "journalist" with a cushy desk job and no life experience but when people are backed in a corner by darkness and lies, feeling need be expressed. Some don't have the power of the mass media behind them to get there message out. Some of you muttering sighs of relief that the truth is finally out? Open you minds, use your intuition and good conscience.....or has everyone lost that these days. It would seem so, with all the headway the thieves and rip-off are making with little recourse taken against them. Very sad, but in step with all the other BS in the media these days. Having my life wrecked by jealous, thieving dead souls, I speak from experience, people, even the "Authorities", Government Departments, Doctors, should not be exempt from scrutiny and accountability. Just because you have a degree, a badge, a title, or some other form of credentials doesn't give anyone the authority to make life decisions for others without TRUE due process. It's sad that the facts aren't much looked at and that "gutter science" still reigns supreme these days. I could be completely wrong but this is what I believe and I'm free to voice my opinion if these people can. I ask everyone to go to Jacks myspace page and read ALL the story reported from the families side, not some fluff piece, stroking the egos of these so called "caregivers" of Jack's and perpetuating the situation to a worse misunderstanding of it. The truth will be told and I hope I'm wrong because this is too awful to believe, but in a free country diminishing freedoms, someone needs to speak out!

Anonomous November 8, 2009 3:56 pm (Pacific time)

I did make my point, you just chose to say I didn't. The point was that several people are saying thanks for on unbiased view, thanks for the truth, and the post from you clearly says what your opinions of the situation are and who's side you are on,. One sided. If the story was left at the story and not followed up with another four paragraphs to Linda Lepp I probably wouldn‘t have gone on. Point made weather you say I didn't or not. "Repeating your words" I would not do as I do not agree with them. What I did was cut and paste a quote to reiterate to the readers what you stated and what I was referring to. Also. this is the second time it's been stated something in the category "Don't just lash out at the messenger like the whole thing is our fault somehow" and "Please understand that we have nothing to do with these circumstances" I don't believe that is what anyone is saying at all. I believe they are all saying there is more to this story than is being told. In addition, to address the DNR which I have no business doing and neither does anyone not involved. Jeannie made it apparent there are many parts to a DNR and it's not just a "pull the plug" kinda thing. I appears she was very scared by the doctors recomendation and views on the situation. There is more to this than is being reported and I believe this is what we are saying. If you read all the scanned documents on Jacks myspace there is more to this.  Lastly I would not share any information with you or the Salem news as you are not involved with the family in helping their situation. All the information I have found I have given directly to the family for them and their attorney to sort out.  I will post my last post again. Since it seems you are filtering everything it must have been my fault as I posted it before this comment.

Editor: First, this is a business,  and we do decide what appears on our pages.  Secondly, unless people are actually abusive, we're pretty good about letting comments move forward.  You accuse us of many things and I understand that you have an agenda, and are trying to establish something here, but to us it is much more simple.  Sorry I have been doing this for twenty years, sorry I do my job of following suspicions, what can we say?  Jack Herer is an important person in the world and we only want the best.  The message to us, is that we should just be quiet and let Jack be in the care of his wife who ordered a Do Not Resuscitate order to keep him from having medical care.  I'll be damned if we will keep silent and toe the line for some fascist plot and demand to shut us up, won't happen.  The DNR is not a message of great mutual love for any family.

Appalled & Insulted November 8, 2009 3:25 pm (Pacific time)

Note from the editor..... "Frankly it makes me sick that any of you are not looking at this with more of an objective thought, but what the heck should I expect I guess" Not an "objective thought"? Because we don't agree with you? That whole reply to Linda Lepp of all people is appalling to say the least. Clear where the editors loyatlies lie and favoritisim's fall. "Objective" try looking at it through the families eyes before calling someone out closer to the family than you. Was "Super Shopper Magazine" and "Hot Wheels in Las Vegas" blowing the lid off stories with exposes' of fraud, family tragedy, and theft of intellectual and conceptual works. Do you have any credentials in these areas to be offering such a stern opinion? Linda was right. Shame, Shame, Shame... We know what the editor thinks of us peons and our opinions. We (all on Jeannie and the families side) couldn't possibly make and educated decision based on the facts presented. We are not "journalists" with such credentials like "Co-host", "Marketing Director", "Circulation Manager", and "Promotions Director" to boot. What do we know....  I didn't think it was the editors place to belittle the readers, you know the ones that give them a "job" to go to every day. We are entitled to our opinions, not to be shot down by the reporters.

Editor: From what we know, those ladies you reference have done nothing but try to help Jack.  They took him off the hard drugs, they terminated the DNR, they love him and have little to gain through their advocacy.  Any private emails sent out over this have been plastered all over Facebook, so any ethical campaign is lost already.  Jack is fighting for his life in a Eugene hospital as I write this, good thing the "Do Not Transport" order was not in effect.  The only person to thank for that is Joy.  As far as Linda Lepp's claim about Jack stating that he was looking forward to moving into the Santa Rosa house, Eve says no such conversation took place in her presence. 

Anonomous November 8, 2009 1:53 pm (Pacific time)

Even if this was an "unbiassed" news story with so called "facts", the posting above by the "editor" is completely biased and has no place here. We can see where her loalties lie. Opinions like these have no place in an "Objective Editorial". Amazing how one can completly discredit themselves. More "News Speak" and more "Double Talk" Orwell is rolling in his grave.  And I quote..... "People being fired, unfounded accusations, long periods with no communication, and requests for "no information about Jack to be released" has been our recent relationship with Jeannie. I just feel that something isn't right and this fierce advocacy for Jack's estranged wife (that's right, they were separated at the time of his sickness) has an odd ring to it. I recognize that many people are on "her side" but I always go back to that original thought, "isn't this about Jack?" It seems clear that many people have been "reached" and I think it is not about Jack, but about his wife, whose controversial move to have a DNR put in place was probably not signed "under pressure" of doctors as she said. I do not think the DNR was a move made in good faith, especially with all of the bitter "screaming bouts" that I have heard about. Once Jeanie lost control of Jack, he was taken off not one, but two hard drugs, Oxycodone and Percocet, and that is when he began communicating. Funny, everyone thought we were the greatest thing in the world, especially when we busted that Examiner reporter for claiming that "Jack was dead" the first Friday after the heart attack. I called OHSU and had the answer within a few minutes of that stupid false report being issued. Frankly it makes me sick that any of you are not looking at this with more of an objective thought, but what the heck should I expect I guess. We have tried to be a professional voice for the people in this nation who seek change and the ridiculous posture of Jack's wife's friends and supporters leaves us just shaking our heads. For what it is worth, at least one of Jeannie's "friends" has been very helpful to our informational needs also, showing us that everyone isn't walking around with blinders on."

Editor: If you had a point, you failed to make it.  Also, if you think you somehow know something, then by all means say it.  All you do is repeat my words.  Address the DNR and how and why that is OK.  If Jack was my dad I'd be really curious and I'd be asking some really hard questions.  Don't just lash out at the messenger like the whole thing is our fault somehow.  Feel free to send your thoughts and share your knowledge with us, send an email to:

Norman Lepoff November 7, 2009 3:17 pm (Pacific time)

I like the article. It is non-biased, informative and well written. Many questions have been answered. Thank you, Bonnie.

Linda Lepp... November 7, 2009 10:44 am (Pacific time)

Shame on all of you!
Shame, Shame, Shame!
How can any or you people declare to love or respect JACK and continue to be a part of all this negative B.S?
Jack needs our love, our good wishes, our prayers and total support… not negative vibes.
Shame on all of you!
He needs us to come together in love and stand behind him and his beautiful wife and family.
This is a family matter! Give them a little peace and let them be the family that Jack so loves and needs.
It is very difficult to feel like I have to come down on everybody this way. I love Jack just as much if not more than any of you people. We have known each other for many years and I can say quite honestly that we have a great mutual regard. I know that if Jack were to sit up in bed and take a good look at what’s going on around him right now he’d be terribly disappointed. How can we every justify putting his wife and family through any more misery than they are going through already?
Please people… Wake up!!!!

Eddy is having a pretty hard time being where he is right now knowing how badly Jack’s wife and family are being TREATED by the “So called Jack’s Lovers”. STOP IT NOW!! PLEASE…

One more thing on August 24, 2009. at the “Happy Gardens” restaurant in Clear Lake Oaks. Jack again stated to my brother and me in front of Eve, that Jeannie and he were getting a place in Santa Rosa as soon as he came back from Amsterdam. He was very Happy and excited about that! How could that have all changed in less than a month?

Respect all,
Love one another.

Linda Lepp.
Eddy Lepp.

Editor: Linda, please understand that everyone has Jack's best interests at heart.  The issue seems to be who this story is about.  I've been doing a lot of research and it is unlikely that Jack should ever have been placed on a "do not resuscitate order".  These are for patients on the verge of death.  They issue DNR's for people who have chronic diseases and disorders.  I shot video of Jack the day of his heart attack, telling Dr. Leveque that he was feeling better than he had in a long time.  If Jack had needed a simple adjustment to his heart rhythm, which does not involve pain or "cracking the chest" as stated by his wife, he would have simply laid there and died.  The DNR included a "do not transport" (for medical care) order.  I was told yesterday by the Oregon Medical Ethics Commission, that doctors educate and council families about DNR's, but they don't make heavy recommendations to sign these forms.  It just seems like a Hell of a way to show your love for Jack, signing his death warrant in essence, don't you think?

Here's something else: is a highly ranked news Website that covers regular news with a national staff.  We are not a marijuana site, or anything close to that, but we cover the subject seriously for a mainstream audience.  Through years of working closely with Dr. Phil Leveque, ACP, MPP and ASA and many other groups,  publishing reports about the positive effects of cannabis, etc., we have risen the bar and helped people understand what it is all about.  We simply went to Hempstalk and were present for Jack's heart attack because we were covering the event.  We love Jack and his legacy and have nothing at stake here.  We are investigating some things and we have been kept up to speed on, regarding the the problems that have accompanied Jack's illness.  People being fired, unfounded accusations, long periods with no communication, and requests for "no information about Jack to be released" has been our recent relationship with Jeannie.  I just feel that something isn't right and this fierce advocacy for Jack's estranged wife (that's right, they were separated at the time of his sickness) has an odd ring to it.  I recognize that many people are on "her side" but I always go back to that original thought, "isn't this about Jack?"  It seems clear that many people have been "reached" and I think it is not about Jack, but about his wife, whose controversial move to have a DNR put in place was probably not signed "under pressure" of doctors as she said.  I do not think the DNR was a move made in good faith, especially with all of the bitter "screaming bouts" that I have heard about.  Once Jeanie lost control of Jack, he was taken off not one, but two hard drugs, Oxycodone and Percocet, and that is when he began communicating.

 Funny, everyone thought we were the greatest thing in the world, especially when we busted that Examiner reporter for claiming that "Jack was dead" the first Friday after the heart attack.  I called OHSU and had the answer within a few minutes of that stupid false report being issued.  Frankly it makes me sick that any of you are not looking at this with more of an objective thought, but what the heck should I expect I guess.  We have tried to be a professional voice for the people in this nation who seek change and the ridiculous posture of Jack's wife's friends and supporters leaves us just shaking our heads.  For what it is worth, at least one of Jeannie's "friends" has been very helpful to our informational needs also, showing us that everyone isn't walking around with blinders on.

You said, "Jack needs our love, our good wishes, our prayers and total support… not negative vibes"  I don't think he needs to be set up to die when his health is fragile and his mission on this earth isn't over.  I see nothing but a contradiction in your point Linda.  Please understand that we have nothing to do with these circumstances.        



Jeannie Herer November 6, 2009 6:51 pm (Pacific time)

Matt, there is no life insurance policy. He's never liked to think about stuff like that.

Matt Johnson November 5, 2009 10:42 am (Pacific time)

Does anyone know if there is a life insurance policy on Jack?

Jeannie Herer November 4, 2009 11:14 pm (Pacific time)

Joy Graves put a restraining order against me yesterday so I haven't been able to see Jack for two days. My response to this article will be coming out soon.

Chanci Herer November 4, 2009 10:56 am (Pacific time)

I know my father is a pulic figure, but this is a private family matter that has been highjakced by "friends" of my father. This article, though attempting to be balanced and fair, represents very little truth of any situation! My father's family is being alienating by these people! This is a family situation first! When he get's better, then he can resume the roll as activist. Now is absolutely not the time for MArijuana politics. It is the time for the family to gather around and help him heal, and we cannot do that with all of these leacherous lying people in the way. They are interpreting my father;s wished! My father is too strong of a person to have someone else interpreting his intentions. We he can speak clearly on his own, things should be believed, until then... Shame on anyone who supports this take over of my dad's care. What is being published are people's interpretations of the truth, which is very different from the truth. My father would be humiliated by these pictures. I don't care how bac people want to know what is going on right now. The family is devistated that these pictures and that this story is out there. My father has a big family. Isn't strange that our wishes are not considered. We know him a hell of a lot better than any of the people around him. Stop treating him like a public figure until he is ready to resume his role as a public figure. Right now he is a man who needs the support of his family to get healthy. My father still has not been able to answer me yes or no if he knows it is me visiting, so all of these reports of him making decisions are BS. My father has a voice that does not need to be interpreted by anyone! Please do not do another interview or take or publish another picture without the permission of my father's six children and his wife! Family is completely forgotten right now and it is devistating!!!

BONNIE: Chanci, the photos were removed yesterday. Our wish is to encourage prayers and positive energy going to your dad. Updates will continue periodically, as he is of world wide renown, but we will attempt to be as sensitive and diplomatic as possible in our presentation. If you'd like to speak with me directly, email me:

Stephen Saunders November 4, 2009 10:13 am (Pacific time)

Thanks for a great article. I worked closely with Jack during the Hemp Revolution of the prop215 years and i can say that I am numbered among those who love and pray for Jack's speedy recovery. Jack and Jeannie are Family to me.

Mr. Disney November 4, 2009 12:22 am (Pacific time)

I will try one more time, since my comment from 8 hours ago did not get posted. With all of the issues around this why was this article timed to run after a weekend full of controvercy. It appears one sided and not entirely accurate. This should have been held for another day atleast to get all the facts from all parties invovled, not just Joy Graves or Eve Lentz. This story in no way unbiased, instead it is more imflammatory than the internet feeds. Bad reporting. You are to close to the whole situation to be unbiased.

EDITOR: You seem pretty close to the situation Mr. Disney. It is unclear how "holding" the story would have revealed more details, but if you have facts that have been overlooked, we are anxious to know them. Email to:

Christiaan November 3, 2009 10:57 pm (Pacific time)

On Behalf of Salt Lake City NORML, Our continued prayers go out to Jack for a complete recovery.

Suman Kirby November 3, 2009 10:41 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you! Finally some real truth is revealed in a situation I have had to stand back and watch degenerate, as the mudslinging began, as I was with Jack when he began having his heart attack backstage! And I can clearly attest that the people taking care of Jack currently are not crazy, stalkers, or anything of the sort. There is more to this story than meets the eye, folks... I hate to say. I was witness firsthand to what was really going on, and nice to finally see some honest reporting, and not biased, outright lies on social networking sites. People are angry at the wrong people, and hopefully this may come out in the end. What's most important, is that Jack's health continues to improve, and YES, he most definitely wanted to STAY IN LAKE house, just for the record...let's hope he gets to go home and recover. Long Live Uncle Jack. Peace, Suman

Linda November 3, 2009 2:08 pm (Pacific time)

What about Jacks wishes,is anybody, besides the handful of people he is communicating with? Jack is One of The Most Important Men in The World, and we need to know, his progress. We need to know that he is making such progress, to hurry and go home, like Bonnie said, and look at HIS SUNSET. I am very thankful to hear of his progress. Why is anyone that knows him, not seeing that? All the other stuff is not what matters right now; HE IS MAKING PROGRESS, and he is coming back to us, the world, that used to stand behind him, as he guided us. How many of you haters have even read his book??????? Unreal. Jack is a strong man. He made a promise to Capt. Ed, that he would die trying to Legalize Hemp, by age 85.(in his dedication to Capt.Ed in The Emperor Wears No Clothes)Jacks words~ August 1991~,"We'd swear to work every day to legalize marijuana & get all pot prisoners out of jail,until we were dead, marijuana was legal,or we could quit when we turned 84. We wouldn't have to quit,but we could." All of his work, is now coming to light, as President Obama, is now on our side. Please, continue to send Jack healing thoughts, and stop with all the threats. Jack knows what he wants, HE IS A GROWN MAN. And he needs Positive Prayers, and not threatening the people he felt he could trust to fufill "his wishes", not anyone elses. Please stop the hate, for Jacks sake, and write him, go visit him and give him love,and healing prayers- not negativity. Linda

Cheryl Shuman November 3, 2009 12:46 pm (Pacific time)

I just wanted to send prayers for Jack Herer and his loved ones.

God bless,
Cheryl Shuman
Beverly Hills

Storm Crow November 3, 2009 11:49 am (Pacific time)

What a mess! Conflicting stories from every side. Couldn't someone bring Jack a keyboard so he could type his wishes and let us know what HE wants? Judging solely on what has been reported about Jack's progress (some arm movement, attempts to talk, etc), typing a "Y" or "N" to answer questions should be within Jack's capabilities.

Henry Ruark November 3, 2009 10:07 am (Pacific time)

Bon et al: Have observed due coverage on this one ever since sad event struck Jack. Do believe Bon/Tim have done excellent job in extremely difficult situation, with real obligations unmistakably present for obvious reasons. "Objectivity", as well as tone/feling/thus-impact of ANY story, is a sometime-thing open to wide response from many viewpoints. Here I think choice and full consideration by editors has been strong demonstration of the true value in open, honest coverage as in S-N generally. From similar experience, do join in strong best-wishes for Jack and his entire supporting group and family.

Aiko November 3, 2009 9:10 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Salem-News. I'm pulling for Jack!

Seeva November 3, 2009 8:45 am (Pacific time)

I am so thankful the truth has finally come around for all to see. Jack has been through alot and I know he is going to be stronger than b4. Jack is back, in Jack's hands and Chuck's been there so let him Joy and Eve do the best they can to keep him safe. He did all of this, none of these ppl want this it's what he asked them to do. People please wait to hear fr Jack b4 responding to his wife. The internet madness is just stupid. When he can talk he will say if he wants his wife back, for now he stated "No" yesterday, clearly and audible. He also said some other things that were in tune w/ Eve and I's conversation referring to my Daughter "the baby." Jack is on his way back, MAKE ROOM FOR THE EMPEROR! LONG LIVE JACK!!!!!

chanci Herer November 3, 2009 7:14 am (Pacific time)

This is not okay with the family to have pictures and this story posted. JAck has 6 children and 2 grand children. They're wishes are not to have these stories and pictures published!!!!! This is a time for the family to be there helping him, and the daily presence of a woman claiming to be his mistress has made it too uncomfortable for the family to know how to handle this with grace. As his daughter, I am totally appalled! Please do not take pictures or do stories on my dad based on whast Eve or Joy say. Their wishes are not in line with the family!!!!!!!!!

Roland A. Duby November 3, 2009 6:22 am (Pacific time)

I am anxious to see the people who forged a Power of Attorney go to prison, Bonnie did you try to call this notary public?

BONNIE: I have a copy of the POA and a deposition from the notary. Nothing forged.

Fish November 3, 2009 5:22 am (Pacific time)

Bonnie... This whole thing sounds Hinky... Not your reporting but how this all went down. Jeannie.. I love you and you know that! Fish

Winder November 3, 2009 4:06 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Bonnie, for clearing things up. Your comprehensive clarification has eased my fears about the Hemperor's health, as I'm sure it has for many more of his fans, followers, supporters, etc... While Jack is apparently not out of the woods yet, the fact that the DNR and DNT orders were reversed is most encouraging. Your article has definitely helped most of us to understand what has befallen our hero, and given us renewed hope that he will return to his glorious crusade with all of his faculties intact. I find it disturbing that he is not allowed hemp oil, which is his preferred medicine. The sooner he is allowed to return to his home, the sooner he can recover with nature's most curative gift. God bless you and all your fine staff at Salem-News; you make the world a better place.

Linda November 3, 2009 12:05 am (Pacific time)

Thank God, Bonnie, you posted the truth as it be. I am so proud of you and I know it was hard for you, due to being a friend of Jeannies as well. But, the past is the past,and now thanks to you, Thw haters will know THE TRUTH. God Bless you and your husband, and LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR.

Les Stark November 2, 2009 9:41 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for the story. Sorry Jack has to go through all that. I hope he gets better. I wonder if Jack is aware of the Obama's administration's decision to not prosecute medical marijuana patients? He will come out of this to see the progress that has been made just in the two months since his heart attack! In honor of Jack, all of us have to double up on our efforts on behalf of the hemp plant. I will do what I can. No matter what happens to Jack, he will be remembered forever, a true American folk hero.

susan November 2, 2009 10:37 pm (Pacific time)

thank you! nice to finally hear the facts:)

Jeannie Herer November 2, 2009 8:22 pm (Pacific time)

So much for fair reporting. I'm really surprised, Bonnie. I've always liked and respected you and can't understand why you've taken this position. I didn't leave Jack. I even spoke to you and Dr. Leveque while I was in Carson City. Did I say anything about leaving Jack? Didn't I say Jack wanted me to look for a place to open up a head shop there? I left you a phone message to call me on October 30. You wrote me a Facebook message yesterday that you would try to call me today. Instead you wrote this?

BONNIE: Jeannie, this story is as objective as possible. I hoped you'd contact me sometime these last 6 weeks as you said you would "if you had something to say". I did not receive a phone message from you on 10/30. I understand your angst, but I don't believe the story would have changed had we talked. I attempted to be sensitive, whether or not you can see that. I wish you well, and will continue having faith that everyone involved will find common ground.

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