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A Preference for Prohibition Lies

Cannabis Prohibition is a lie. The War On (some) Drugs is a lie. Provably a lie...

No medical marijuana dispensaries for Oregon.
No medical marijuana dispensaries for Oregon.

(EUGENE, Ore.) - So, I'm curious. All you Oregon voters who voted against Measure 74, the medical cannabis dispensary bill... what is it you want from us cannabists? (And this goes for you voters across the nation that still will not support cannabis bills in any form...)

Lord knows we try. We don't lie, we provide scientific evidence by the ream showing the various citations for cannabis medical efficacy. We work hard trying to unravel the more than seven decades of anti-cannabis propaganda this country has been subjected to. When will you decide that cannabis - once legal and at one time in our nation's early history a crop farmers were required to grow - is not the demon weed but rather a victim of libel and slander?

If the facts of cannabis important place in our nation's founding, the facts of the racist, xenophobic campaign of lies and intentional deceit waged against it, the facts of it's true place as a medicine aren't enough to convince you, what is?

Holy Prohibition Batman! I mean c'mon, you've allowed the deck to be stacked against us pro-cannabists, so that the game has become one that can't be won. If truth, reason, common sense and compassion for your fellow citizens aren't enough to convince you to remove the repressive policies of Cannabis Prohibition, what the heck will it take?

The nation's drug policies are spewed from the White House Office of No Drug Control Policy (the ONDCP), now headed by the appropriately titled, drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske. Gil is a former Seattle, WA, Chief of Police. To put it simply and bluntly... Gil lies. It's his job, as mandated by Congress, to lie, to do anything necessary to avoid discussion of reasonable solutions like RE-legalization and regulation of banned drugs.

I can name a couple of handfuls of former police chiefs who would love to publicly discuss drug policy with Gil.

Damn it, if those of us who know cannabis best, the ones using the plant known as "the good herb," can't effect your voting by appealing to your logic, then let us bring our best and brightest to a public table to debate those who would continue the lies of our horribly failed drug war. Let's see Gil Kerlikowske (ONDCP), Kevin Sabet (ONDCP), Calvina Fay (SOS), Karen Tandy (DEA) and... oh... William Bennett (former ONDCP) meet head to head with Joseph McNamara, Norm Stamper, George Schultz, Gary Johnson and Jeffrey Mirons (or drop one of those and add Tommy Chong - he gets to handle Calvina in a highlighted one on one session).

Are you catching my drift here? There are lies and there are truths. Right now with Cannabis Prohibition the lies rule. Perpetuating Prohibition is is civil cruelty and the wrongful, bigoted origins of cannabis' illegality makes a mockery of law. When a medical cannabis patient goes to federal court they cannot mention their medical use... they are verboten from telling the truth in our nation's federal criminal just us system. What the hell? Really? That's what killed Peter McWilliams... the government's absolute, no-doubt-it refusal to ever - EVER - acknowledge cannabis has medical use.

*cough* ... even though they own the US patent to cannabis as anti-oxidants and neuro-protectants... *cough*

I mean you voters who believe the government... do you also believe that when they found out in a study in Virginia funded by the NIH that cannabis fought cancer (not caused it as they hoped to find) that it was proper government behavior to hide the study? Do you really believe that?

I'm sad today. I hate it when my country uses lies to hurt people, especially when it's my family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens that are being harmed.

Cannabis Prohibition is a lie. The War On (some) Drugs is a lie. Provably a lie...

So c'mon Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, c'mon Bill Maher, c'mon Tavis Smiley, c'mon Charlie Rose, Oprah, Helen... c'mon you ladies on The View, you network news anchors... let us talk to you. Meet our experts. Meet the patients who would gladly testify publicly, in order to tell you personally, how cannabis helps them.

Legalization is not some scary evil entity of chaos, Prohibition is. Prohibition is what has given those foreign drug cartels carte blanche to control our nation's number one cash crop (and it is ALL cash).

Listen to those who argue against Prohibition. There is no legislating away stupid, but when you add stupid to Prohibition you get really stupid. And that is where we are today - stuck in stupid.

I'm tellin' ya America... we're broke and we can't afford to pay for stupid anymore. Stop supporting the destructive failures of Prohibition. Our grandparents wisely had the sense to end it once. It's time for us to do the same.

After receiving training as a photographer and photographic systems repairman in the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War period, Allan Erickson went on to work behind the camera as a photojournalist (California Advocate, Fresno, CA), a commercial products table-top photographer (Gottschalks advertising, second camera behind Richard Eissler), and he has photographed weddings, anniversary celebrations, political meet-and-greets, concerts, baseball games (currently working for the Eugene Emeralds, the San Diego Padres' short season single A affiliate, as their team photographer), school events, kids' soccer, portraits and my favorite venue, nature.

More than anything, Allan Erickson cares about the health of Oregon and he works closely on drug policy issues as a member of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Send Allan an email at this address:

Visit Allan's blog as this link:

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Daniel November 6, 2010 8:42 pm (Pacific time)

I voted for 74 , but there was a lot about it I did not care for . On balance I saw it as a positive step toward total legalization . The crime is all the people rotting in jail over a non crime . I see many postings on salem news about the fear of the restrictive islamic laws , but this countries pot laws are up there with them .

Ersun Warncke November 6, 2010 9:15 am (Pacific time)

I voted for 74 but I agree that it was not ideal. Ballot measures are not a good way to pass complex legislation with long term effects that are difficult to judge. Most people do not have the information to adequately judge whether or not the legislation is good, and so they default to a no vote. Emotional appeals are the only way to overcome this rational decision making process, which is why most of the laws passed via ballot measures are such crap. Ultimately, the legislator should take up the issue of legalizing local production and distribution of cannabis, and deliver a well reasoned law that satisfies the concerns of everyone. That is their job after all. If 74 got 40% I can guarantee you that the majority of the citizens of the State support legalization.

Mary November 6, 2010 6:48 am (Pacific time)

The criminalization of Marijuana was foisted on "The People" and did not require a vote. The lies that were peddled to the public were and are deliberate propaganda to allow the continued and fierce prosecution/persecution of any one who defied the government's position, which allowed for growth of police powers and financial gain for certain elitists who were held above the law. Why does the government continue to push the lies and require a "vote" to decriminalize that which was always good and not evil? With everything that is known about this plant and how it benefits people, why keep such wrongly created laws? The answer is money and power to the powers that be, not powers to the people that the US was supposedly founded on. Why, money and power, and the people continue to be afraid. Something not brave or free. I suppose some folks just want to feel like better citizens by believing the lies. It's more comfortable than letting go of false superiority.

Allan Erickson November 5, 2010 2:21 pm (Pacific time)

@ J+... did you feel my words were pointed at you? They weren't. I'm talking about the soccer moms and Nascar dads that still listen to the government's crap and lies. All those people who have yet to hear (implying active listening) our side. 8 decades of lies piled on lies is tough to undo. That's a lotta muckin'!

Allan Erickson November 5, 2010 9:46 am (Pacific time)

for those who ARE cannabists and voted against 74... whatever. Consider that you fail to grasp the larger picture, that every time we pass a bill that expands availability, we knock a dent in Prohibition II. I'm not a fan of the whole mmj concept, I am an advocate for RE-legalization. But I support any and all cannabis efforts. None are worse than the BS we have now, everywhere. Personally, I wouldn;t brag about any cannabis "no" vote. There is a reason ballots are secret.

J+ November 5, 2010 7:10 am (Pacific time)

I voted no on 74, and support cannabis legalization. The two are not mutually-exclusive, despite your adaptation of the "with us or against us" diatribe.

Anonymous November 5, 2010 7:07 am (Pacific time)

The obama administration came out in full force, to stop all marijuana legalization efforts. Lets see what propaganda they used shall we? 1. There has been a rise in people going to voluntary treatment programs. The truth? If a person gets caught with a small amount of MJ, his options are, go to jail, pay a stiff fine, or go to treatment and all is forgotten. Which do you think they will pick? 2. A rise in emergency room treatment. The truth? A person is sitting in a chair, watching tv, when the neighbor kids hit a baseball thru your window, glass shatters cutting your eye. You go to the emergency room, they take blood, and note that you have traces of THC. THC stays in your system for 30 days min. If you had two puffs 3 weeks before, the obama admin says it was MJ, not the broken glass. 3. Auto accidents involving MJ. The truth? See number 2. What a joke, but its not funny because they are actually getting away with this pre-conceived deception. I dont partake, I am just sick of all the lies this and past administrations have, and are, getting away with.Why did the obama admin get so involved in this anyway? I have my researched theories, and their agenda is not what is best for the people of this country, its whats best for THEM, and keeping their control and power.

Rob November 5, 2010 7:00 am (Pacific time)

Measure 74 was poorly written. Even OMMP patients voted against it, knowing that if it passed they would no longer get free weed from their growers.

Sky High November 5, 2010 1:14 am (Pacific time)

VERY WELL WRITTEN, I WISH THIS ARTICLE COULD BE EVERYWHERE FOR AMERICA TO READ !!!!! High Tim and Bonnie, Thanks for all your excellent articles, with all your info. Take Care

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