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The Banks Got Us Into This Mess, Yet Refuse to Take More Than a 20% Reduction in Their Debt

It's a joke, how developing nations have been raped and developed nations milked by the elite!

Monopoly man
It really isn't a game

(SEOULE, South Korea) - The banks got us into this mess, but yet refuse to take more than a 20% reduction in their debt re Greece's bailout plan with the euro. Angler Merkel wanted the banks to take a 60 % reduction which is more like justice!

But the banks refused, after all, how would they afford to pay their exec's exorbitant fees, salaries and fat cat bonuses if they took such a big hit.

Everyone is panicking of another Wall Street collapse, because for the most part, don't know how these markets operate.

As long as the middle class has money to maintain their standard of living, everything else goes fine.

So, for example, if a group of wealthy investors work together to try and swing the value of shares of the New York stock exchange or Johannesburg stock exchange, they simply wait for news to surface on the media of corruption or Greeks not getting bailed out, and they dump their shares on the market, ie sell huge amounts in a short period , like overnight or over 1 week, this will get other investors jumpy, and they too will take the plunge, and then you've got a massive collapse of a stock exchange, as everyone just wants to get rid of their shares and so the price drops to eventually it's worth almost nothing.

But in a case like this, what bearing does it have on you and me, you've still got your job, your company you work for is still receiving orders, even the employees of listed companies carry on working, and although their companies shares have plummeted, the company itself is still liquid, paying it's debts, salaries and carrying on as usual. And, so investors realise this and then swallow up the shares again until the prices go back to normal. But the corrupt investors you perpetrated this, often end up rebuying more shares and gaining more control as they sold at a high price and now can buy the same share back for half the price and so buy more back. It's about control.

So, these kinds of investor games means actually nothing to the middle class, hardly effects us apart from the investors who took the bait, but for the most part the middle class is unaffected, but when we the public who for the most part don't understand these principles, we all fear another recession etc and are easily manipulated into agreeing accepting bail out plans that we know nothing about, but believe it will rescue us and so nations become debt slaves and see the IMF and lending countries get stinking rich and the paying nation get poorer and poorer(I say stinking, because the planks are rotten with greed and corruption and one world agenda's), as the Government has to pay it's debt and so has less money to build subway systems, schools, roads ,hospitals and skills development centres, and so the nation stays a dark pit of hells deception.

It's a joke, how developing nations have been raped and developed nations milked by the elite!

But when the middle class have less money in our pockets to live off because of being gullible enough to take out home loans from the banks at the very maximum and at ridiculously low interest rates, which have now gone up, then there's real trouble, which is what brought about the World wide recession of 2008.

So the banking exec's that drove the reckless home loan policies who also by coincidence cashed in their share options a year or two before the US federal reserve bank put interest rates up again in 2008, i.e pulled off the biggest bank robbery known to mankind, and got off scot free and left to manipulate the markets again, with some of them even sitting on the board of the New York central bank and others, then we have to be worried, and seriously worried, so it should come as no surprise that the banks don't want to take a bigger hit than 20%, why, because they are now used to getting away with ripping us off and getting away with it!!!

And now another joke of our times, is that the G20 meeting is been sponsored by the banks with an agenda of how to tackle the financial problems of today, when it's the banks themselves that are the problem, it's ludicrous, and our world leaders just sing along and dance to the tune of these bankers.

Add, growing scarcity of food resources which will drive inflation, and the billions being wasted on military hardware and wars, and Asia consuming more fuel which will also drive inflation, we've got real trouble.

As this will result in serious inflation and hit us the middle class hard, similar to interest rates on home loans going up, your disposable income shrinks and so you can afford less, and so buy less and so businesses shrink which eventually leads to lay offs etc and eventually we bang in another recession! Yes, inflation can do this, make no mistake, the housing bubble also cause inflation to many sectors that has not gone down, so this threat is very real.

So the key to survive the pending recession, is for the banks to to the hit, and this is the bottom line as well as boosting food production and ending these wicked wars in Afganistan etc. The Taliban have a problem with American bias policy with Israel which is at the expense of the Palestinians, so America must strike a political deal to stop been bias to Israel which would mean to stop vetoing the Palestinians at the UN and allowing the bulldozing Bedouin Arabs villages for Israeli settlements etc With regards to Fuel prices, we need to find a alternative solution to this, like green energy, as demand will keep growing. But the most important thing right now, is for the banks to take the hit, and to stop Israel from taking America into a war with Iran, because Israel doesn't want to stop it's land grabbing across the green line. The green line gives Israel the right to exist, but it's Israel itself that builds across this line(67'borders) and disrespects international law and sets a very bad example to the world especially dictators who want to help themselves to more land, like what Saddam Hussein tried with Kuwait in the early 90's.

The Greek bail out plan is a joke, 20% is nothing, the banks must take at least a 50% reduction of their debt, otherwise Greece is just fighting fires. Reduction in debt means, if you owe the bank $100 000, a 50% reduction means, your debt is halved to $50 000 and the other $50 000 is written off, and so your monthly repayments is reduced and so you have more disposable income and so you maintain your standard of living and thus the economy doesn't shrink.

Because world economies and nations have become the banks servants, everything now revolves around them, and if they don't take a bigger hit and the banking exec's that brought about the recession don't get locked up, we are in for real trouble.

The euro must go, and get collapsed, we don't need it , Greece must get out and soon.

You don't need a single currency, but strong banking policies and fiscal and economic policies and the countries will thrive.

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IvyK November 5, 2011 5:36 pm (Pacific time)

"You don't need a single currency, but strong banking policies and fiscal and economic policies and the countries will thrive"...for a while - LMAO!

COLLI November 5, 2011 4:04 pm (Pacific time)

Now this is one of the most complete and accurate explanations I have seen for what has happened and is happening. It points the finger at the correct wrong-doers but stops short of naming names . . . which is a real shame. It also fails to mention that the some of the banks to which the guilty finger points are the same banks who own and operate the Federal Reserve. It also fails to point out that the Federal Reserve (which most people believe is a U.S. Government organizational entity) is a private organization made up mostly of international banks. This private organization dictates and controls our monetary policy, the printing of our currency, and the distribution of our currency. It holds very tight reins on the interest rate tune to which we dance. Excellent article but too shallow to direct the anger of the people where it really belongs. Begin with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and go from there. There . . . I've given you a head-start! Don't tell Dan I've given you a leg-up over his research.

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