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New York Police Currently Raiding Occupy Wall Street

'Arrest teams' are reportedly moving in to arrest protestors.

Frame shows police surrounding protestors on Wall Street.
Frame shows police surrounding protestors on Wall Street.

(NEW YORK CITY) - Police are on a roll of sorts all over the country trying to shut down the Occupy movements from coast to coast, and now they are trying to tear down Occupy Wall Street itself, and the idea of the Wall Street-funded New York City Police officers doing this is disheartening to many but surprising to few.

Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park), home of Occupy Wall Street for the past two months and birthplace of the 99% movement that has spread across the country and around the world, is presently being evicted by a large police force.

The OWS General Assembly has issued the following information:

EVERYONE should get to the park immediately for eviction defense! Subway stations and bridges are closed. Please either take a cab or use Canal St. subway station (which is currently open.) Call 311 if you're in the NYC area. NYPD 1st Precinct: 212.334.0611 NYPD Central Booking: 718.875.6303 NYPD Internal Affairs: 212.487.7350 City Hall: 212.788.3058...

(Website for the New York City General Assembly Currently occupying Zuccotti Park)

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M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. November 16, 2011 1:25 pm (Pacific time)

I really get a kick out of these anonymous fellows who, with the false air of authoritarianism, proclaim such wondrous and magical things about the "free" market. Since no such animal actually exists, it is fun to watch them piss in the wind, making total fools of themselves. The "free" market is the Ayn Rand wet dream that so many sociopathic economics students accepted as the holy grail, worked their way into positions in industry and government, and, as sociopaths will do, messed up everything, creating a system that can only bleed profusely now, and despite whatever bandages are used, in the future. 82nd airborne anonymous.. you are the problem, not the solution and you stand exposed through your sociopathic hoisting of yourself upon your own petard.

Anonymous November 16, 2011 11:49 am (Pacific time)

o how dedicated are those to calls of class warfare? About a dozen Occupy Wall Street protesters spent their first night in Zuccotti Park without tents or sleeping bags, talking, trying to stay awake and fending off bad behavior as the morning aproached. Instead of huddling under tarps in makeshift beds, they sat on the park's marble benches, occasionally chanting "We are the 99 percent'' and other protest slogans as about 30 police officers looked on. At daybreak Wednesday, [protesters called for police] when a man started throwing punches. Officers moved in and arrested a man who had tried to intervene. A short time later, protesters banished a man from the park who was arrested last week for indecent exposure. Protesters-Sleepless-Tents-Awake-Stay-Up-133948053.html?dr

Anonymous November 16, 2011 10:26 am (Pacific time)

Mr. 82nd airborne coward. So tough he hides behind "anonymous"... Please read the following and tell me how proud you are.. My guess is you had a Grand Old Time whooping "nigger" ass and didn;t then (or now) have a clue why you were actually there. You obviously have no clue about your government or much else. Keeping hiding, coward soldier.

Anonymous November 16, 2011 9:58 am (Pacific time)

DJ regarding the article at this link: //This type of analysis has been around in different versions going back to Marx and Engels (probably before in other interpretations, even by Founding Father Madison to a certain degree as he lambasted England's control over us). The names and technology have changed, but the message is always the same, i.e., the disgruntled, the malcontents, or anyone in conflict with the prevailing status quo, register their vision and what we need to change. The Free Market system eventually sorts out monopolies in time. Trouble is we have amateur hour in the whitehouse and in various European countries who are interferring with the natural order of things in the market system. As much as some of you who want whatever your utopia interpretation is, well unless it incorporates free market capitalism, it will not happen. Those computers your using, and all those other economic/capitalist artifacts you embrace would not exist if the misguided in the OWS fulfilled their delusions. Know your history people, and realize that the freedoms you have compared to tens of millions who perished at the hands of tyrannists in the past who unfortunately embraced those visions of economic equality that they helped to "think" they were getting. The USSR and it's history of mass genocide should make it clear to even the low IQ's out there, that tyranny finds fertile ground in the lazy who want something they never worked for. I suggest that those who are not working to go find any kind of job until something better comes along and to think before you vote. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Remember Pinocchio (sp?) and Fantasy Island?

Don't rag at me, Percy, I didn't write it. The phone numbers and email addresses of the authors are at the bottom.

They point out pretty clearly that tyranny via plutonomy is here and, in their view, to stay. The only thing the wealthy are afraid of is a backlash from labour for a bigger share of the pie. They also fear that the 99% have one vote each, just as they do, so that if democracy were to actually take hold there would be a wholesale restructuring of society. The OWS people are mostly idealists trying to improve a society that they know is almost entirely dysfunctional. As with any large group of people, there is a distribution of types of people and critics of OWS focus on the few bad apples to malign the whole movement which gives them the easy opportunity to avoid the fundamental questions: What is wrong with our society and what needs to be done to improve it?

I think it's ironic that Americans, whose nation was born in a revolution, think that with 1776, they ended the need for future revolutions and fear the possibility that another one might be required to fix the flaws built in from the first. People globally  (not just in the US) should be thanking the OWS for raising these issues.

You mentioned amateur hour in the White House. I disagree. The White House is being run exactly the way Henry Paulson and his Goldman Sachs fellows want it to be run. This is the same crew that operated with W and orchestrated the $700 billion bailout for the banks. 

Anonymous November 15, 2011 6:38 pm (Pacific time)

M. Dennis Paul would you like to put some money in an escrow account and wager that this movement will grow? Maybe you have a misinformed grasp of history and how these movements have a life cycle of short duration? I was with the 82nd Airborne Division in Detroit (1967), and we controlled those mobs quickly, and easily. It would be far easier now with available tech. Big difference between professional military and local cops/national guard. You don't want this to escalate, for it would get really ugly for our freedoms. Are you living among these people, or are you also one of those keyboard warriors? Let's see you hunker in with them during some sub-freezing weather, and watch how quickly their ranks thin. This will not be a bloody movement people, even the current group of anarchists are essentially cowards who snipe in the dark. You have so many undercover personnel within this movement the police will always have real time tactics and strategies prepared. My hope is that congress develops the needed cuts in the budget and set tax rates to a long term scenario so businesses can make the long term plans they need for investments which includes hiring millions of people. Those who want blood and violence, well go to Syria. We have bigger fish to fry than deal with irresponsible people.

DJ: Your freedoms?  If you think you’re free, read  Plutonomy: Buying Luxury, Explaining Global Imbalances written by Citigroup analysts, telling you how you’re not free and what little freedoms you have will continue to be eroded. The OWS protesters are aware of these threats, even though they can't quite articulate them, so garner the ridicule of the unwashed masses. This is a textbook case in the power of propaganda. Ever read George Orwell's Animal Farm. It's his neglected classic with far more important lessons than 1984. Some animals are more equal than others.

Anonymous November 15, 2011 1:15 pm (Pacific time)

anon at 9:16...the mayors are bought and paid for by the bankers...wake up..but here is probably the real truth;
As a result, Asia will buy no more US debt, and is openly worried about repayment of the debts they currently hold. Obama's insults to China show that he has thrown a tantrum, and desperate to borrow more money, he has to show the rest of the world that the people of the United States are chained down and unable to refuse to pay for the costs of Wall Street's Mortgage-backed Securities fraud, the biggest financial swindle in history, which is what has brought the global private banking network to the edge of collapse.

As this defiance of a court order demonstrates, the rule of law is ended in the USA. The police are being given orders to really start beating up the protesters before more of the world's financial centers realize that the US Government cannot make good on its promise, made and demonstrated during the SandL Bailout of the 1980s, to always have the taxpayers cover Wall Street's losses.

Sadly, we are entering a very bloody time in the nation's history, with the government willing to spill the people's blood to protect Wall Street's gold.
Thanks obama...Ron Paul 2012

Anonymous November 15, 2011 1:00 pm (Pacific time)

Todd the Occupy Movement is historical all right, but what has it really done in regards to historical accomplishment? Other than temporarily providing American hater's the hope that they would bring some type of socialistic utopia down the line, they have simply cemented in the 2012 elections for the massive conservative government take-over the voter's wanted anyway. So in that regards they did well. Thank you OWS, for you will now get what was needed to right our ship of "exceptionalism." Yes the American haters are real depressed, can you hear the violins?

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. November 15, 2011 12:40 pm (Pacific time)

Emboldened by the attempts of the past few nights to raid and dismantle OCCUPY's, more cities will foolishly attempt the same. They fail to understand what these protests are about and will only cost their constituents thousands, and in some cases, millions of $$s by exercising their arrogance and stupidity. Each and every time the police have taken an action against the movement, they have caused an exponential growth in the movement. NYC is now about to face the largest actions they have seen.. November 17 will begin the days of action and WALL ST will be a major target. Black Friday will also see action and there are many planned. This applies to Denver, Oakland, Portland and elsewhere. The 99% will not go away because the mayors and their $$ backers are scared and demand action. Their numbers will grow and the cities will not be able to contain what arises. I have been warning OCCUPYs about these attempts for the past week. They have handled themselves well.. They are bright individuals who acheive so much as groups. Prepare as you might, Mr. Bloomberg.. you are about to meet an immovable object. A power much stronger than you imagine. You will not dictate terms...WE WILL.

Anonymous November 15, 2011 9:16 am (Pacific time)

The police in all the major cities that have OWS protest demonstrations are under the control of mayors and/or city managers. All these elected officials would best be described politically as liberal. Ist Amendment rights are of primary importance to our political systems, as long as those exercising those rights do not interfere with other people's 1st Amendment rights. Bottom line the police take orders from liberal mayors, especially in Oakland, Portland, and New York. They make the calls.

Anonymous November 15, 2011 6:53 am (Pacific time)

stan chaz November 15, 2011 2:29 am (Pacific time)

hey came like thieves in the night...Bloomberg's Blue Shirts...and robbed us of our rights. Bloomberg, the self-proclaimed number one defender of free speech (pause for gagging) has said in no uncertain terms: yes, you have the right...the right to remain silent. So just shut up and obey. This is only the beginning, Mayor.0001%. But it will be your legacy... of repression. And you will not succeed. I love America - its land and its people. But these governors, mayors, city councils, police chiefs, and street cops of America need to realize that it is NOT UP TO THEM whether or not Americans peaceably gather, protest, discuss, or demonstrate. It's up to a document called the US CONSTITUTION. You can beat us and arrest us and tear-gas us, you can try to "permit" us to death....but you can't kill an idea. You can't keep down a people’s hopes and dreams for a better life....for us, and for our kids. America USED to work. The people had work. The system worke (sort of). Hey, EVEN the Congress used to work (sometimes). God knows, it was far, far, far from perfect -but at least we all had some share in the struggles AND the rewards. But somewhere along the way, we lost our way. Because now we have an economy and a political system that seems to work only for the rich. With OWS America has found it’s voice, and that voice demands fairness and justice - for ALL. This land IS our land! AND WE WANT IT BACK! We want our LIVES back! We want our FUTURE back! But it’s much more than just words.... it’s much more than politics..... it’s your freakin’ LIFE, and how you want to live it, and how you WILL live it. Find a quiet place somewhere, and consider this: Each of us has only one brief roll of the dice....and many choices. The time has come to risk...and to act. If not now...then when? If not you, then....who? You DO have the power my friend....and the choice IS yours. Don’t let your dreams die....

Todd November 15, 2011 1:00 am (Pacific time)

The Occupy Movement has been historic so far. I respect the dedication and mission. But, it is time for people to stop camping out. It is not sustainable, and creates sanitation and safety issues. As a result the tax payers have to saddle more bills with police and other city services to clean up. Just don't live there!

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