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Hitler & Zionism -1933 The Transfer Agreement

Israel and Nazi Germany both functioned from the premise that a race or culture must stick together and fight those who are different.

anti-Zionist Jews
Courtesy: Sons of LIght

(LONDON) - In an interview for Book TV, investigative journalist Edwin Black talks about his extraordinary book, "The Transfer Agreement" and its 25th Anniversary republication.

Is there any doubt? Hitler's attempt to eradicate the Jews (and many other groups of people like Roma) is the largest reason that Israel exists in the state that it does.

The saddest aspect is that the Jews only work for the safety and security of other Jews and the rest of humanity takes a back seat.

Moreover, Israel is an apartheid state with separate laws for Jews and non-Jews; and ever 'Jewish only' roads and this is what the United States and England back to no foreseeable end.



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Jack November 18, 2012 12:28 am (Pacific time)

"Moreover, Israel is an apartheid state "..... Atzmon always mentions that Israel is NOT an apartheid state ...... He lost his mind again..........

Anonymous November 17, 2012 5:12 pm (Pacific time)

By the way, saddam and ghadaffi opposed the international banking system also...Coincidence? Dont think so.

Anonymous November 17, 2012 5:11 pm (Pacific time)

The civil war, WW1,WW2, viet nam, basically every war was set up but the international bankers with the agenda of world domination..If you look around, its still happening, and they are closer than ever to their one world government of tyranny. They have dumbed down America thru the indoctrination system they call an education system and by controlling the media. THey also have made this country a welfare state dependent on government. This has been going on a long time, but people are starting to wake up, hopefully its not too late. The globalist bankers also have a religion, called eugenics. Thus, GMO food, poisonous vaccines, poisonous sodium flouride in the water etc.. The bankers set up israel as a geographical hub to control the middle east, and use religion to get support from the evangelicals..As mentioned, this has been going on a long time.

Richard Matteoli November 17, 2012 2:18 pm (Pacific time)

Google: Judea declares war on Germany 1933. Hitler was opposed to the international banking institutions.

Richard Matteoli November 17, 2012 2:10 pm (Pacific time)

Google: Judea declares war on Germany 1933. Hitler was opposed to the international bankers.

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