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Marijuana: Best Therapy for Fibromyalgia

It is known that cannabis has good analgesic, antispasmodic and euphoriant actions.

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(MOLALLA, Ore.) - Fibromyalgia is a very painful, complex disease causing spasm of muscles and accompanying nerves and has been a contentious puzzle to both victims and their doctors.

It seems nobody has the slightest idea what causes it and its symptoms and signs can be so diverse that it has been called the "invisible disease" with no specificity except the victim's typical statements that, "I hurt all over."

Most doctors reaction or response to a patient presenting with the above just responded with "It's all in your head," or alternatively "You just want drugs." This is and was incorrect, they wanted relief!

The self-hypnosis of many doctors was usually that depression causes fibromyalgia. This decries the fact that chronic pain does cause depression. One very prominent doctor in Oregon made an international reputation for himself by treating hundreds of patients with a very widely used anti-depressant, amitriptyline (Elavil). It helped their depression but it didn't help much for their fibromyalgia pain and spasms.

Another of the attempts to treat the painful muscle spasms was with cyclobenzaprine (Flexaril) which my patients told me just made them dopey or feel stupid. This is just not too good for someone who has to work.

Anti-seizure drugs such as gabapentin (Neurontin) have been tried. I tried this myself for causalgia, severe burning pain in my feet caused from damage to my sacral nerves. It made me so dopey and dysfunctional I called my neurosurgeon and told him I wouldn't prescribe it to my worst enemy.

I do have a former patient who takes it in high doses for severe discogenic disease. His wife says he is now completely disabled AND dysfunctional.

Some other medications have been tried, success has been minimal.

It was not a surprise to me to read of successful trials in Germany for fibromyalgia with THC, the medicinal chemical in cannabis/marijuana. I have about 100 fibromyalgia patients using marijuana/cannabis very effectively. It is known that cannabis has good analgesic, antispasmodic and euphoriant actions.

It is also known also that the body produces endo cannabinoids, anandamide and 2AG also produce analgesia, antispasm and euphoriant actions, and that plant and natural cannabinoids are better than any other chemical/pharmaceutical trial drug or combination.

It is estimated that 5% to 7% of the population has fibromyalgia. This means that several million patients in the U.S. are afflicted.

I note that Eli Lilly & Company are advertising a new drug for fibromyalgia. Three years ago they ballyhooed a drug for ADD. It was a bust. Eli Lilly was once a leading producer of cannabis medicines. I think they should go back to that, it works.


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Marcy M May 1, 2011 7:59 am (Pacific time)

I am in seventh heaven! I am 64 yrs old, female, and had never in my life tried cannibis / marijuana, until recently. And I found a form that doesn't make me "HIGH", as I cannot stand the feeling of being high, stoned, drunk or whoozy. I have severe pain from fibromyalgia, from head to toe, radiating, penetrating to the bone pain. The only thing that has ever given me any relief has been Tramadol but it has only taken the edge off the pain a bit. After trying "joints", gelcaps, and cookies, I found great pain relief but couldn't tolerate the high that came with those forms. So I tried Apothecary Star Elixer, both Indica (Grape Wreck strain and Sativa (Blue Dream strain). At low doses, 1/3 to 1/2 a dropperful in a glass of cocoa or chocolate milk and lo and behold my pain decreases from 90% to 100%. And I only take it twice a day.....morning and bedtime. I still take the Tramadol also but have been able to cut down to 2 doses at 50mg each. The attendant at the dispensary said that the two types of MJ I was trying were high in the CBD properties of marijuana, not the THC properties. Evidently it is the CBD that is killing the pain. I am not sure if other tinctures or elixirs of different strains or name brands will work as well as the ones I am trying but for anyone else who doesn't like the high I would sure try to find this Elixir or another one comparable if you live somewhere that marijuana is legal. I live in California so I was lucky that it is legal here.

shirley March 27, 2011 6:20 pm (Pacific time)

ok all i have not been diagnosed with fibromyagia but i have all the signs if it,was told that smoking marijuana helps with the pain and gettin through the day..i'm someone who don't smoke marijuana where would i start.....

Editor: Write to us at and I will provide information and send your email on to Dr. Leveque.  Be sure in the email to tell us what area you are in.  Thanks.

Pam bernard August 29, 2010 12:19 am (Pacific time)

May I please have the name and number of dr. Phil ? Needed for fibromyalgia patient. Any dr. In Oregon that specializes in fibromyalgia ?

Editor: Pam, he is listed or you can drop me an email and I will be happy to send it to you:

Richard August 3, 2010 8:25 am (Pacific time)

I have fibromyalgia. I have tried, neurontin, lyrica, savella, and a lot of other medications. Most have too many side affects and made things worse. I tried marinol, but it helped, but it takes 3-4 hrs to work and seemed to be a weak form of marijuana. I was given the highest dose 10mg. So far marijuana seems to be the best for my pain relief and for my health in the long run. All my other medications damage things, pain meds - liver, kidneys etc.. I live in Kentucky but we haven't adopted Medical Marijuana yet.Thinking about moving to Colorado to keep from being prosecuted. It's really bad I might have to leave my hometown, just to get medicine so I can function threw the day.

mary February 23, 2010 10:09 pm (Pacific time)

i'm glad i am not alone.

cindy April 19, 2009 8:00 pm (Pacific time)

I'm 23 years old and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis...I have to agree that smoking marijuana is definutely the only thing that keeps me going...when I dont have it to smoke I find myself not wanting to move at all!! I feel so tired and life just seems to thank you for helping the "non believers" see the truth behind the purposes that marijuana can and should be used...

Anonymous February 27, 2009 11:29 am (Pacific time)

ello govna! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you work so hard for us and our pains

SC February 6, 2009 11:48 am (Pacific time)

dude im glad someone understands the power of the big leaf. Thanks

jeff h craig November 7, 2008 12:45 am (Pacific time)

i agree that it help with fibromyalgia I have it and raynauds desease, arthritis and called the police for help one day. Instead of helping me with the problem I called for they busted me for pot because they saw a pipe or some other paraphinalia. The freeloader still lives in my house it has been a year and I am in so much pain from not having my weed that I am seriously considering the alternative. I am not sure how much more of this constant pain and sleeplessness I can take. I get pills for depression now and pills for pain and pills for anxiety. My blood presure has gone so high my legs have swollen and my chest hurts constantly. I am confused from all the meds and can not stay on track, but hey I am not doing anything illegal but I can no longer work to afford their fines and I am just about ready to just end it all. I just want to thank all the narrow minded people for making a contributing citizen into a criple and just damn near in-sain from being without the only medicine that gave me some relief.

Sufferer October 12, 2008 7:54 pm (Pacific time)

With all the aches and pains i go thru daily i would bake it, smoke it, puff it, eat it if i had to. i just want to feel better. Keep up your hard work!!!

Carla Assenberg co-producer of Marij May 21, 2008 12:41 am (Pacific time)

DSHS wants me to talk to my doctor about taking 'depression' medication. What DSHS and my previous doctors didn't care to see was that the pain I've been in for 14 years is what caused the depression in the first place as well as the stress, and the eventual diabetes, high BP, high colestorol, and finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia (by a practioner who actually cares). Now the fight goes on to prove Cannabis is a Medicine. Thank you Dr. Leveque for writing your articles as proof that it is a medicine. Marijuana does help to relax my muscles so I can move my neck.

Kay April 29, 2008 4:13 pm (Pacific time)

My spouse may complain about the joint I'm smoking tonight, but I will just point to this article to explain my usage. Analgesic!

Janie January 15, 2008 8:19 am (Pacific time)

Please keep researching and publishing. We medicinal marijuana users need all the help we can get.

Thank you December 9, 2007 5:43 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you for putting in an article about Fibromyalgia. It is not easy to live. I am glad to see more articles online

norm December 4, 2007 11:53 am (Pacific time)

It is so nice to see that someone agrees that it works on Fibromyalgia. Thank You Dr. Phil I wish I Lived in oregon, with you as my Doc.

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