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Marijuana Dangers and 100 Legal Activities That Are More Dangerous Than Smoking Pot

What is more dangerous than smoking pot, and is legal to engage in? Read on...

Australian Cannabis
This year in Australia: Hmong Thai (on right) and Mullumbimby Madness (on left). The Hmong Thai is over 22 feet tall (100% Aussie sativa). Photo courtesy: Kangativa and “Marijuana Australiana – the Documentary”.

(PORTLAND, Ore.) -

  1. Smoking Tobacco
  2. Drinking Alcohol
  3. Unprotected Sex
  4. Getting Arrested
  5. Owning a Gun
  6. Surfing the Net in a Library
  7. Bungee Jumping
  8. Giving Birth
  9. Flipping Off a Cop
  10. Riding a Bicycle
  11. Flying in a Plane
  12. Driving in Rush Hour
  13. Dieting with Diet Pills
  14. Cross Dressing
  15. Being a Bigot
  16. Acquiring Knowledge
  17. Playing with Fire
  18. Ignorance
  19. Walking Down the Street
  20. Singing in the Rain
  21. Cheering for the Other Team at a NY Giants Home Game
  22. Feeding City Squirrels
  23. Joining a Religious Cult
  24. Joining a Militia
  25. Being Hounded by Paparazzi
  26. Alligator Wrestling
  27. Waterskiing
  28. Starting a Barbeque Grill
  29. Running on Wet Grass
  30. Speed Boating
  31. Extreme Sports
  32. Eating Beef
  33. Setting a Mouse Trap
  34. Playing with Firecrackers
  35. Living off McDonald's Food
  36. Becoming a Corporate Lawyer
  37. Walking in East L.A.
  38. Walking Though Oakland, CA
  39. Walking Through South Chicago
  40. Eating Hot Dogs from a Pushcart
  41. Believing Your Politicians
  42. Hitchhiking through the Galaxy
  43. Golfing in the Rain
  44. Publishing Lists like This One
  45. Cosmetic Surgery
  46. Watching TV Too Close
  47. Watching TV Too Much
  48. Operating Power Tools
  49. Becoming a Cop
  50. Declaring Yourself a Communist at a VFW Post
  51. Handing Your Kid over to a Babysitter
  52. Being Attracted to the Same Sex
  53. Chewing Tobacco
  54. Beekeeping
  55. Running with a Toothpick in your Mouth
  56. Cliff Diving
  57. Whitewater Rafting
  58. Playing Soccer
  59. Motorcycle Riding
  60. Lifting 100 Lbs
  61. Playing Basketball
  62. Going to Public School in NYC
  63. Sled Riding
  64. Downhill Skiing
  65. Swimming in the Ocean
  66. Canoeing
  67. Kayaking
  68. Tackle Football
  69. Skydiving
  70. Free Climbing
  71. Falling Asleep in the Bathtub
  72. Walking on a Frozen Pond
  73. Climbing a Tree
  74. Eating Wild Mushrooms
  75. Building a House
  76. Riding a Horse
  77. Ice Hockey
  78. Camping
  79. Joining the Army
  80. Plowing a Field
  81. Eating Unwashed Commercial Produce
  82. Traveling Around the World
  83. Domesticating Wild Animals
  84. Trapeze Artist
  85. Using Crazy Glue
  86. Going to a Go-Go Show
  87. Taking a Cab in Washington, DC
  88. Attending a Concert in Central Park
  89. Starting a Lawn Mower
  90. Getting an X-ray
  91. Becoming a Firefighter
  92. Going on an African Safari
  93. Splitting Firewood
  94. Drinking and Driving
  95. Being a Stuntman
  96. Going to Jail on a Pot Charge
  97. Playing with Fire Ants
  98. Shoveling Snow
  99. Taking Candy from Strangers
  100. Thinking for Yourself



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