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A Sit Down with Top Underground Artist Gambino yA bOi

In this interview we talk about the music industry today, Bino's personal life, and plans for next year.

Gambino accepting the "ARTIST OF THE YEAR AWARD" at the Annual Underground Hip-Hop Music Awards, 2008


"Gambino 2010"
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Albanian-American author Agron Belica and Poet Christopher DelOrfano, who is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, conversed briefly at an undisclosed location in Boston, MA about promoting future projects they are putting together.

Because their projects include music, DelOrfano suggested they contact his long time friend and associate for advice, Gambino of La Familia Entertainment out of Pittsburg, PA.

Belica requested a sit-down with Gambino himself. Taking a liking to Belica and his ideas, Gambino gave the order to set off the promo campaign under his flag, La Familia Entertainment.

At that point, Belica got in contact with me, his West-coast associate, to share the lastest news and throw out some ideas for the newest collaboration. The Boston team Belica & DelOrfano released Gambino’s private number to me, at which point I made contact and was received by Gambino with respect and love.

It was my intention to ask a few minutes of his time for an interview. In support of's global-community-effort, and in support of our 'New Music and Entertainment' section, Gambino accepted the offer for this exclusive sit-down interview.
AK: Tell me a little bit about where your name comes from. Gambino: The name carries heavy weight, one word says plenty. I'm a straight to the point, no bullshit type of guy. The name fits perfect.

AK: Often in music today the same subjects are covered over and over. What's different about you, and what kind of things do you stand for when it comes to your music?

Gambino: I may cover some of the same subjects that other rappers have touched, but rest assured, all of my lyrics come from personal experiences and views. Way too many artists trying to be Hustlers or Gangsta's, until they run into a Real G, then reality sets in.

The things I would say I stand for in hip hop would be Reality and Honesty. I'm tired of all the lies in the lyrics, tired of the kids thinking its cool to sell drugs and be a thug. I think it's time for a lil' change.

"La Familia Entertainment 2010"
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AK: You often speak of diverse influences to your music, can you talk about a couple artists that have made a difference to your music career outside of rap and hip-hop?

Gambino: I would say there are many artists from all genres of music that have influenced me from time to time. It may be because I'm getting older, but I am appreciating the artists with positive messages a lot more now, rather than the same ol' tough guy shit.

AK: What was your life like growing up in Pittsburgh, and how did it impact you as an artist?

"Geared Up Motorcycle Accessories, Pittsburgh"
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Gambino: Life in Pittsburgh is probably like most any other city, but as a local artist its a struggle to find that open door into the industry. There are plenty of diamonds in the rough around here, that will probably never get the chance to shine. With no major labels or industry connects around, you gotta make music for the love of it.

AK: What's going on with Gambino in 2011?

Gambino:2011 will bring plenty of Gambino to the world, I've been laid back for the last year getting my new business off the ground. I just opened a new Motorcycle Shop called 'Geared UP' here in the city. It's doing good, so its time to get back in the studio and back to the grind.

I have a few mixtapes in the making as of now; 'La Familia Entertainment Presents Cash Only Mixtape Vol.1'; 'La Familia Entertainment Presents Sky High Mixtape Vol.2'; with more titles to be announced.
AK: What songs should we watch out for these upcoming Fall and Winter seasons?

"MySpace Best Artist 2009"
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Gambino: I have a handful of different projects coming up ASAP. Plenty of songs that are already written, just a studio session away from being finished. I also have a few old school tracks I recorded back in the day that I would love to re-mix and push to the public.

There are a few collabs that I want to get rolling too, we have spme special songs to show support for our troops, (Special for Tim King & Ken O'Keefe) coming soon for the soldiers.

After my first sit-down with Agron Belica, hearing about his life-struggle and his come-up, which is similar to mine, I was inspired to write the new song 'My Life' and dedicate it to him.

AK: It's fairly difficult to succeed without a strong network of human support. Who has especially helped you in your life; whom would you say you owe your success to?

Gambino: Everyone in La Familia, we're all like brothers, which is why we go by La Familia. We're about 100 deep, so I'm just gonna keep it short and sweet. My man, my mellow PBG a.k.a. HoodRich. Dude's like my right hand man, anything I'm down for, he's down for.

Black Jesus, my brotha' from anotha' motha', my Hype man. He's always workin' the angles looking for new collabs and venues.

My brotha' Debo, gotta keep my fam by my side. Chris DelOrfano, a.k.a. Boston Chris... he's the Head of our Street Team in Boston. Been nothing but support from day one, got mad love for the dude.

"La Familia Entertainment Crew"
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*Special Shout out to Tim King & Ken O'Keefe, I wish them good-luck on their special Mission. Be safe fam. To Austin "Promo" King for the interview. My Man! To Agron Belica for keeping it real. I hope people appreciate the things you do my man because I do. I'm out... End Interview

AK: Thank you Gambino, for a solid first-time interview and all musical contributions to the causes in the world that need our voice.
Belica, DelOrfano... nice work.

...After Words

It's always been tough... and today's budding musicians have to work as hard as ever to become known. The music industry is a notorious career option for those willing to barely scrape by while working very hard, travelling and touring for very little money, in an effort to succeed doing the thing that they love.

With a future that looks like ours, it's important for free-thinkers to take the pedestal, stage, table-top, etcetera and speak the truth to all who will listen.

Most of the world's largest problems could be solved if enough people got involved in organizing and demanding change.

Bino on his Suzuki

Many musicians, like Gambino, also devote themselves to entrepreneurial ventures. The most serious of visionary musicians still have to sustain themselves and feed their families; pay old bills, buy new strings, etc.

Music has been an appreciated and often required part of human life since long before recorded history. For a very long time, sounds have been chosen and arranged by others to be pleasing to your ears, sometimes to erect a certain thought or emotion.

While sets of complimentary tones and rhythms have the potential to impact a person, the exact same tones and beats without careful organization become the soundtrack of chaos. Discontent and without beauty. To be able to express one's self efficiently is a valuable asset.

#1 Fan Shout-out

The ability to create something thought-provoking from what would otherwise be chaotic is beautiful, and should not be neglected. There is meaning in our ability to support and express ideas is through song. Every artist with a voice that has enough means should work to help change something in the world, or gain a following without a purpose. Angry music is angry because the world is messed up, anarchy is just a self-expression of the lack of sanity surrounding us. The world needs our attention. Music is the ever-building, ever-evolving expression of humanity and our relationship with the world on which we reside.

In addition to writing articles about local and international music happenings for Salem-News, Austin contributes to the global awareness that Salem-News takes on through graphic art design and section coordination. He is working to coordinate two new sections,'"New Music and Entertainment'", a local and international information center to bring supportive people of all communities together."Cannabis DE-Classified", is a formal section regarding cannabis law, giving the main-stream a daily progressive news reader gauranteed free of bias, taboo and propaganda. We'll cover all measures of legality, healthy debates with drug laws, and safe medical access for patients


Austin also manages
"Black Tree Music Productions", an Oregon-grown promotions company booking all bands throughout the Willamette Valley, currently based out of Salem. Join Black Tree Music on Facebook. Send Austin an email at this address:

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Agron Belica October 11, 2010 1:15 pm (Pacific time)

Is that Gambino up there? Wow! I can not believe he found time to post. Thats whats up famo! Austin "Promo" King doing his thing.

Jenn West October 11, 2010 10:17 am (Pacific time)

Yes, DelOrfano is Incredibly SEXY! Boston is calling my name. Chris, get ready baby.

GAMBINO October 11, 2010 9:28 am (Pacific time)

Wow, what can i say . The Article came out GREAT , very pleased with it. Couldn't ask for more , Big THANKS to Austin "Promo" King , great job my friend. Agron Belica and Christopher DelOrfano for making the magic behind the scenes. What can i say .. i have 1 amazing Promo Team! muchlove* Matthew Gambino

Anonymous October 10, 2010 8:31 pm (Pacific time)

I know DelOrfano, he's SUPER sexy! ~:-)

Anonymous October 10, 2010 1:15 pm (Pacific time)

Gambino is da' man!!!

Christopher DelOrfano October 10, 2010 11:45 am (Pacific time)

Very impressed with how well this story was put together. I truly believe Agron, myself, and Gambino are on the path to something presidential. Thanks to the Salem News Team for releasing such artistic coverage. God Bless -Christopher DelOrfano

Jenn West October 10, 2010 6:56 am (Pacific time)

Austin "Promo" King awesome Job!!! Big Shout out to Gambino and Boston Associates Christopher DelOrfano and Agron Belica....

Jennifer West October 10, 2010 6:24 am (Pacific time)

Love this! Congrats to you Gambino and my boy Chris! This is great!! You both deserve the BEST! Much love.

Agron Belica October 9, 2010 7:06 pm (Pacific time)

Austin "Promo" King strikes again...thats whats up!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!

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