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Hamas Responds to Deadly, Pounding Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Israel has attacked and killed several Gaza residents in recent days.

Gaza men in anguish after Israeli attack killed loved ones.
Gaza men in anguish after an Israeli attack killed their loved ones in recent days. The Israeli military typically ramps up attacks on civilian targets during U.S. elections. Photos courtesy: Hamas

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - It is a simple fact that Israel tends to wage heavy-handed attacks against Palestinians when the United States gets into the final weeks of presidential politics.

It happened in 2008 when Israel launched the obnoxiously named death operation called 'Cast Lead' against Gaza civilians targeting homes, schools and hospitals. The very first target struck by Israel in that operation was a police graduation ceremony.

Israel killed more than 1400, 400 children among them.

So now the U.S. elections are again approaching and Israel is doing every single thing it accuses its enemies of doing a hundred times over.

They are striking targets in Gaza with drones and planes supplied by the United States to murder the native population of this region.

It is a deeply emotional subject for real humanitarians versus the type that lament and cry for the deaths of two types of people: Jews and Christians.

So, as we do from time to time, I have rounded up the latest news from Gaza from the Website for the elected government of Gaza, Hamas.

Netanyahu threatens war against Gaza

NAZARETH - Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his war threats against Gaza in conjunction with the visit of emir of Qatar Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani to the besieged enclave.

In his meeting with Bulgarian president Rosen Plevneliev today in occupied Jerusalem, Netanyahu threatened that Israel would retaliate strongly to the injury of one of its officers, ignoring that his regime always starts its hostilities against Gaza.

Three Palestinians were killed on Monday evening in an Israeli military attack on Gaza, shortly before the Qatari emir arrived in the Strip.

A senior Israeli army officer was moderately wounded on Tuesday morning when a roadside bomb detonated during an incursion east of Khan Younis district to the south of Gaza.

No Palestinian resistance faction claimed responsibility for the explosion, and it could have been caused by Israeli unexploded ordnance.

The incident happened when the Israeli occupation forces invaded this morning, 23/10/2012, the eastern area of Khan Younis city under heavy fire from tanks and military vehicles, the fire targeted Palestinian houses in Qarara village.

Israel invades east of Khanyounis city, Israeli Officer injured

Al Qassam website – The Israeli Forces raid this morning, 23-10-2012, the eastern area of Khanyounis city under heavy fire from the tanks and the military vehicles, the fire targeted the Palestinian houses in Al Qarara village.

The Palestinian medical sources reported that there were no injuries.

In the same context, the Israeli Forces recognized that an officer injured when a roadside bomb exploded near the military site "Kissufim", the bomb placed on the side of the Gaza border; no further details reported.

Palestinian sources confirmed that three military bulldozers and vehicles advanced in the eastern areas of Al Qarara village east of Khanyounis city under heavy fire.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli Forces killed three Palestinians and inured four others in two air strikes in north Gaza Strip in the Past twenty-four hours.

3 Palestinians killed, dozens injured in Israeli airstrikes (Photos)

Al Qassam website -Three Palestinians were killed and dozens injured on Tuesday evening, 23/10/2012, in an Israeli shelling in two separate raids on Beit Lahia and Rafah in the Gaza Strip.

Local sources reported that Ismail Tally (28 years) and Loay Abu Jarad (24 years) were killed on Tuesday evening, 23/10/2012 following the Israeli bombing of the agricultural land in “As-Salateen” neighborhood west of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli shelling targeted a group of al-Qassam Brigades were trying to launch homemade projectiles at Israeli settlements in response to the crimes of the occupation.

According to medical sources, two martyrs and (3) injuries arrived at Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

Raid on Rafah

In Rafah, the Israeli drones fired one missile at a group of citizens east of Rafah, killing citizen and another critically injured.

Palestinian medical sources at Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital said that Mohamed Al-Sheikh (23 years) was martyred and another one was seriously injured.

Artillery shelling on Khan Younis

Our Correspondent in Khan Younis reported that on Wednesday the Israeli artillery stationed east of Khan Younis fired three artillery shells at least morning toward Palestinian homes, injuries were reported.

The Palestinian resistance vowed to response, promising that the enemy will witness a severe response to repeated crimes against the Palestinian people.

The media called Palestinian resistance fighters and citizens to take the necessary security steps to avoid Israeli shelling.

It worth to note that the Israeli warplanes in all kinds are still in the atmosphere of the Gaza Strip.

Caption goes here

E.Q.B. mourns the death of Loay Abu Jarad and Isamail Al Teli

Al-Qassam Website - Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades (E.Q.B) the military wing of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, mourned on Wednesday morning, October 24th, 2012, the death of two Qassam members Ismail Fathi Al Teli, 28, from Jabaliya refugee camp in north Gaza and Loay Abed Al Hakim Abu Jarad, 24, from Beit Lahia  city in north Gaza.

The Brigades confirmed in a press statement released on Wednesday morning that the martyrs have martyred of two Israeli airstrikes, adding that they martyred after a long bright path of Jihad, hard work, struggle and sacrifice

Al Qassam Brigades mourn the death of the mujahideen, reaffirms the commitment and determination to continue the resistance against the belligerent occupation forces.

The military Communiqué.

The military Communiqué.

I will leave you with these two additional military communiqués from Hamas about their dealings with the Israeli military.

The first communiqué from Hamas claims they have used an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) against an Israeli military target.

I've spent a lot of time for years visiting this Website and I can tell you for a fact that this type of statement is very unusual.

What it illustrates, is the desperation in Gaza that Israel is forcing to the front.

It shows the position Israel is forcing Hamas to assume due to endless Jewish attacks on the Gazan Muslim and Christian population.

I remember reading about how U.S. Civil War General Sherman, on his march to Atlanta where they raped and pillaged every southern home and woman in site, became enraged when Confederates attacked his forces with a hidden roadside bomb, which we now call 'IED'.

It is amazing that a man whose forces are raping and murdering women and children were able to call the poor soldiers fighting with whatever weapon they could develop, 'terrorists'.

That is the operative buzz word as anyone who watches the news knows. Branding human beings with this title takes away their rights, it erases their entire sense of humanity.

It is unfortunate that Israel has gone to so much effort to build apartheid walls around Gaza and to close off access to their coast; choking out all types of economic opportunities for people on the besieged Gaza Strip.

It is surprising however that Israel, with its guard towers all over and around Gaza, would be challenged to understand why they are the object of such animosity and resentment among not only the indigenous Palestinians, but the international world.

So many countries are quickly waking up and saying 'enough' to the so-called Jewish state which maintains separate laws for Jews and non-Jews and even 'Jewish only' roads that Muslims and Christians do not dare use.

The second communiqué which I have included in this report deals with the actual operations that are being conducted against Israeli military targets.

Unlike Israel's sophisticated U.S. supplied guided rockets with the latest weapon guidance systems that allow precise targeting, Hamas and other military groups operating against Israel on the Gaza strip fire crude, unguided rockets.

It is a fact that in military circles, they are considered 'glorified fireworks' and as referenced, have killed less than 30 Israeli people in all of time.

Still, the rockets are Israel's primary reason and excuse for conducting constant, deadly offensive operations in Gaza.

The contrast between what fighters in Gaza attempt to do, and what Israel actually does militarily, is like night and day.

As we have said so many times before, people of Jewish and Muslim and Christian backgrounds have so much in common that it could never be described in a single article. The differences certainly are not important enough to fight and wage wars over. Indeed, like so many similar stories, this one is about real estate and possessing land considered precious to a faith and religious culture.

People need to put their foot down and call for an end to the madness so that everyone can live in peace, and remember that reporters who describe Israel's military attacks are not 'antisemitic' as so frequently and stupidly claimed by Israel's Zionist supporters.


Tim King: Salem-News.com Editor and Writer

Tim King has more than twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. Tim is Salem-News.com's Executive News Editor. His background includes covering the war in Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007, and reporting from the Iraq war in 2008. Tim is a former U.S. Marine who follows stories of Marines and Marine Veterans; he's covered British Royal Marines and in Iraq, Tim embedded with the same unit he served with in the 1980's.

Tim holds awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing from traditional mainstream news agencies like The Associated Press and Electronic Media Association; he also holds awards from the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs; and was presented with a 'Good Neighbor Award' for his reporting, by the The Red Cross.

Tim's years as a Human Rights reporter have taken on many dimensions; he has rallied for a long list of cultures and populations and continues to every day, with a strong and direct concentration on the 2009 Genocide of Tamil Hindus and Christians in Sri Lanka. As a result of his long list of reports exposing war crimes against Tamil people, Tim was invited to be the keynote speaker at the FeTNA (Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America) Conference in Baltimore, in July 2012. This is the largest annual gathering of North American Tamils; Tim addressed more than 3000 people and was presented with a traditional Sri Lanka ‘blessed garland’ and a shawl as per the tradition and custom of Tamil Nadu

In a personal capacity, Tim has written 2,026 articles as of March 2012 for Salem-News.com since the new format designed by Matt Lintz was launched in December, 2005. Serving readers with news from all over the globe, Tim's life is literally encircled by the endless news flow published by Salem-News.com, where more than 100 writers contribute stories from 23+ countries and regions.

Tim specializes in writing about political and military developments worldwide; and maintains that the label 'terrorist' is ill placed in many cases; specifically with the LTTE Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, where it was used as an excuse to slaughter people by the tens of thousands; and in Gaza, where a trapped population lives at the mercy of Israel's destructive military war crime grinder. At the center of all of this, Tim pays extremely close attention to the safety and welfare of journalists worldwide. You can write to Tim at this address: tim@salem-news.com. Visit Tim's Facebook page (facebook.com/TimKing.Reporter)




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Sri Lankan Lion October 28, 2012 6:47 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King's mission in life is to support terrorists (i.e. Tim's freedom fighters). Tim King continues to target states such as Sri Lanka and Israel that take actions to protect its people. Every legitimate government has the right to rid itself of terrorism. Loosers such as Tim King can never succeed. I am a proud citizen of Sri Lanka and we Sri Lankans will never let a people like Tim King dictate terms to us. Sri Lanka was just recently named the number 1 destination in the world to visit and all this is possible because of the brave decisions taken by the legitimate government of sri lanka. Israeli brothers stand tall.. never let terrorists sympathisers sway you. The land of Israel will never be allowed to be split. PS: Tim King is supposedly a former marine. Just imagine having a coward like Tim King fighting alongside you. I am sure the legendary US marine core is glad to be rid of weak men such as Tim King.

Editor: Tim King loves humanity, Salem-News.com gives a voice to the voiceless, we respect legitimate resistance and we abhor your apartheid racist government and our reports are forcing change and there is nothing you can do about it because the pen is mightier than the sword friend.

Ernesto October 26, 2012 8:48 am (Pacific time)

Though unlikely Canada would ever attack us, Mexico, certainly, and has, and is. If we were receiving any type of incoming deadly fire from any source, I would expect that a president who observes the Constitution they took an oath to, namely protect Americans is the top priority, action would be taken to stop that incoming, and to make sure it never happened in the future. Israel is a soverign country, regardless of what others think, and they should do whatever is neccesary to protect their citizens. These people in that part of the world have been sniping at each other for generations, I believe peace cannot be reached because Islam does not accept any other religion, and that is an historical reality. So, maybe it's time to deal a final blow before these terrorists have nukes. The world is in imminent danger if they are allowed to get nukes, or are able to deliver other WMD's y long range missiles. They certainly have killed using chemical and bio weapons. Time to protect the world. Finish it.

Eddie October 26, 2012 6:17 am (Pacific time)

To quote: ‘And where is the other side of the story? Israel was being attacked by Gaza with over 100 different rockets.’ Try any of the MSM outlets. They’re all pro-Israel. In fact you’re spoilt for choice. Surely the person who asked this question can’t be pretending their beloved Israel is getting a raw deal with the media and that they’re having trouble finding ‘the other side of the story‘?? Cos that would be just taking the pi**. To quote: ‘Israel just protected herself. Where are the pictures from Israel?’ Again try the MSM. Plenty to chose from. Protected herself from what? You need at least a well equipped army, navy and air force to launch an attack on a nation. To assume that home-made rockets and a few tin cans tossed blindly over a border constitute an attack is clearly taking the pi** big time. To quote: ‘Oh wait, you don't give a damn about Israel and her people.’ It has never been explained why concern for Israelis should supersede concern for Palestinians. Or is that something we should just assume god wants us to do..?

Anonymous October 25, 2012 2:45 pm (Pacific time)

I am also an American, and a decorated combat veteran of several wars. Long before you were born Tim King.But I have to say you are right most of the time on this stuff and this article is no exception,

Anonymous October 25, 2012 2:01 pm (Pacific time)

Tim: a bit off topic but I dont have time to look up and email ya...here is a one minute video that suits this website perfectly and I will let you do the research..There are things happening in the U.S. that you have no clue about and its keeping me busy,,,,this video is bani walid...I have to get back to protecting the U.S. If you are ever interested in what is happening here in the U.S., well I will write you later, you have no clue what is happening in the U.S. and how devastating it is going to be in the very near future.I have 20 years research..You are about to see what the U.N. and new world order has in store, and it aint good...Think "fallujah"... anyway here is the video that suits this website better. You can follow it and do the research, but my hopes are that maybe in the near future we can get together so I can explain what is happening right here in the U.S. It aint pretty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IJefPkBaDk

Anonymous October 25, 2012 9:51 am (Pacific time)

And where is the other side of the story? Irsael was being attacked by Gaza with over 100 different rockets.

 Editor: Were there any deaths?  Nope, didn't think so because a single ONE would be front page news.  

 Israel just protected herself. Where are the pictures from Israel?

 Editor: Were the Nazi's protecting themselves as they slaughtered people?Did Hamas fly jets over Israel?  Did Hamas fly drones over Israel?  I explain in this report that less than 30, (28 to be exact) Israeli people in all time have died from the rocket attacks, so how does that justify anything?  Right, it doesn't even start to.

Oh wait, you don't give a damn about Israel and her people. You only care about these terrorists. It's time that you're paper is getting off the net. Pro murderers, pro terrorists - anti Israel. Israel will survive. They should bomb the hell out of these terrorists. That's the only way that there will be peace in this region.

Editor: We will never go away because we are the voice of truth and I am an American and you can't do anything about it.  You hate us because we don't publish your hasbara propaganda but know we love all people and wish harm on none and just want to see international laws be followed.  You are mean and cruel and a bigot and racist who obviously has no problem grouping a whole culture of people under a dirty description like 'terrorist'.  Go read what a terrorist is and then consider the deeds of the IDF and you will know who the terrorists are.

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