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Oakland Cops Shoot Two-Tour Marine Iraq Vet in the Head

Hey Americans... the cops in Oakland are calling your bluff.

Marine Scott Olsen shot by police
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(OAKLAND, Calif.) - Third Battalion Fourth Marines took another casualty this week, but it wasn't in Helmand province, or Anbar; it was in the streets of Oakland. The city's police, itching for a fight, shot Corporal Scott Olsen, a two-tour Iraq Marine Veteran, in the head.

There is no honor in shooting unarmed protesters, and there is no honor today at Oakland P.D. Every member of their ranks taking part in attacking the protesters gives up their rights as decent moral people and the tide will turn, that is guaranteed, and those who thug out and shoot Marines (or anyone else) will be brought to justice. There is no other answer, one way or another it will happen.

Personally, I like the idea of multi-faceted justice. They are calling our bluff, but there are far more of 'us' than 'them' and while these cops might make a hundred grand a year, they aren't part of the corrupt core of America that possesses 99% of our national wealth. Still, they and all others who criticize OWS (Occupy Wall Street) and call for its end, which will not happen they way they want it to, are part of the one percent.

This country's greatness is a big ruse anyway, whatever was good about it is dead and the trash has to be hauled out. News like this, about the Marine being shot, breaks my heart. But it makes me look forward to the day, and it probably isn't far away at the rate we're going, where crowds will initiate the wealth redistribution process in whatever way is necessary. It will be an interesting time to report the news, as it increasingly is these days.

The mayors and police chiefs will look back at this time and remember that they stood at a crossroad; their names will become something they wish they didn't have if they don't side with the people. With 99% of America on their ass, somebody absolutely will catch up with them.

This behavior of Oakland 'police' is already world news; most know they already carry a soiled reputation for their abuse of citizens, but city officials are overlooking the fact that the police attacks only attract larger crowds, and the people of California are serious, they go full bore when they have to, not a weak willed bunch at all.

Another view of Marine Scott Olsen - shot by Oakland cops who traded bloodlust for honor.

A CS grenade, and two 12 ga shotgun shells purportedly used by
the police to propel the beanbag bullets.

We watched jihadists from all over the Middle east flock to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight the Americans, that is because they knew what this country was doing to the civilian population of a sovereign nation that didn't lift a finger to hurt the U.S. ever. Who is right and who is wrong in that scenario? The American government operated from bad information, the amount of damage from a single presidency has the world in a spiraling course.

So now the U.S. government wants to bring the war to Oakland, why am I not surprised that the city that saw the Black Panthers rise up against police racism and brutality would be the place? God bless the spirit of resistance there, it is all that matters and today Oakland is the battlefield and the police are the enemy of the people. They need to stand down, but they won't, and neither will the OWS movement. No way, it took a long time, but thanks to the strong willed people in Tunisia and Algeria, Bahrain and Egypt; who set the stage and gave their lives to bring change, the revolution in the US in now on, complete with police shootings.

There will be more, and there is an endless line of people who will pick up what those shot and killed drop. It requires that, I always remember my good friend, fellow Marine Vet and writer, Ken O'Keefe, quoting the June 1964 speech of Malcolm X: "The price of freedom is death. If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary."

The spirit of resistance has not been this alive in years, and I think of the song Generation Palestine and Code Rouge

From: Generation Palestine and Code Rouge

Now in Oakland, more Marines, more Army, Navy and Air Force vets, more activists, more people willing to put down the ballot and pick up a stone.

The cops with their tear gas launchers, just like the war criminals of the Israeli Defence Forces, shooting people in the face! Come on! This is the End of the Road kids, as Agron Belica aptly named his song. It isn't going to keep going like this, the people and the powers of government and police can work together, but the choice has to be made now, it is fleeting.

It all came to a head Tuesday evening at 5:00 p.m. when Occupy Oakland gathered at the foot of the Oakland Library on 14th Avenue, before setting off on a march past the jail and onward to Frank Ogawa Plaza.

Their news release states: "The peaceful gathering swelled as it marched through downtown, growing upwards of 1,000 people strong. Along their route were police from 17 jurisdictions in California, decked out in riot gear and weaponry."

Then just before 8:00 p.m., the police began throwing concussion grenades and tear gas directly into the crowd, injuring several nonviolent protesters.

"Weapons were aimed and fired at people as they attempted to help the injured and bring them to safety. The crowd reconvened a block away and continued to peacefully occupy the streets outside the plaza. For several hours this scenario was repeated as citizens tried to gain entrance to the plaza while the police held their line using 'non-lethal' rifles, tear gas, and barricades."

If the police ever call something non-lethal, they are lying to you. Every item in their inventory is potentially lethal, or painful, or wound inflicting. They lack discipline and display a mean streak toward their fellow citizens by policy. That means they are working against the people by design of their herders, the politicians.

Oakland Spends Millions in Attack on Occupy Protesters, Closes 5 Schools Next Day

The city of Oakland now has invested several million dollars in their campaign to shut down free speech in Oakland.

The Oakland Unified School District was set to vote today on whether or not to close down 5 schools: Lakeview, Lazear, Marshall, Maxwell Park and Santa Fe.

Where it goes from here remains to be seen, but it is clear that police are wasting no time escalating the violence, they won't win with those tactics and people are keeping score. David Letterman joked about how people are sick of the sounds of drums on Wall Street from the protesters, then he said, "remember ladies and gentlemen, the problem is when the drums stop".

This video shows Scott Olsen laying on ground, and shows
people trying to, and eventually able, to help him:

This video is from Guardian UK:

This is a look at the Occupy Atlanta protest:

Special thanks to Karin Rougeau for help with this report.


Tim King: Editor and Writer

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Tim holds awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Silver Spoke Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (2011), Excellence in Journalism Award by the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (2010), Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), First-place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Tim has several years of experience in network affiliate news TV stations, having worked as a reporter and photographer at NBC, ABC and FOX stations in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Tim was a member of the National Press Photographer's Association for several years and is a current member of the Orange County Press Club.

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Sharyn October 31, 2011 10:57 am (Pacific time)

Great article Tim..My husband and son are both former Marines. Looks like a few of the respondents here are fooling themselves. They fear change and refuse to accept it. Sadly they're whistling past the graveyard. This is a world revolution and it is bigger than the banks that took the economy down. To the people who chose to remain blind and live in the chains of slavery...closing your eyes will NOT stop it.

Tim King: Semper fi Sharin, thanks!

Anonymous October 28, 2011 10:57 am (Pacific time)

Tim your response to Rob was pretty confusing. Are you suggesting that the military engage in mutiny? As far as a re-distribution, well how does that work? Just take all the wealth, and spread it out evenly to all people? I'm not a betting man, but as more investigation proceeds, we will see that this poorly planned OWS movement was planned by those wanting to see that Obama stays in power, or at least the far leftists that put him in power. Already various funding sources are being revealed, so I guess we'll see. This 99% number is actually absurd, as are the myths about taxes. When the tax rates were up around 90% there were so many loopholes that the government got even less revenue then than they do now. What has happened Tim is that government has grown considerably, and their spending rates have now far outstripped revenue that around 40% of each Federal dollar is borrowed. Responsible legislators are attempting to get spending reduced. That is what the main financial problem is, unfortunately the anarchists and the uninformed are falling for "bumper slogan" verbiage that simply are misleading. I expect considerable violence is coming, most likely next summer if Obama's numbers are still down. Think martial law, for these gunrunner criminals will not give up power without a major that is what has happened in our past. By the way, the Arab spring movement was planned for many years, and it will also soon be exposed as nothing more than a take over from even more violent people. Tyranny will be in the middle east for generations to come, unless there is an outside intervention. If they attack Israel, like they have many times in the past, this may be the end for them, permanently.

Douglas Benson October 28, 2011 4:48 am (Pacific time)

How about the freedom riders ,they armed themselves and marched thier children to school .You didnt see the police attacking the tea party when they showed up armed . The second ammendment is the constitutional right that protects all the others . How about an honor gaurd of veterans to enforce what the police have forgotten ,thier oath to protect and defend the constitution from ALL enemies ? Rights are worthless without the means to forcibly enforce them .

Rob October 27, 2011 6:45 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, what is the wealth redistribution process you mentioned in your article concerning the Marine who was shot by the Oakland police?

Tim King: Rob, where do you want me to begin?  This thing is serious, people involved in this movement say they are just getting started, they want the rich to be taxed at a fair rate, like they used to be; that is where it began.  Beyond that, time will tell how people approach the idea of 1% holding 99% of the nation's wealth.   Perhaps the politicians will realize what is going on and they will enact many rules that could save us, or maybe a million people will march in any direction they choose and simply take possession of what is there.  The military is barely with the Obama administration, and an even larger number are seriously disillusioned over the gun running program that ATF under Holder, set up to supply Mexican drug cartels.  With regard to the military, there would probably be a large separation of government there.  It has happened in countless countries, it could happen here.  I don't really know beyond that Rob, it is too soon to tell, however the greed we have witnessed has a limited span and reach, however the power of the people is strong.  I hope that helps, I know wealth redistribution is a large statement, but it is part of the bigger picture I believe without a doubt.    

Anonymous October 27, 2011 6:24 pm (Pacific time)

Tim it appears you really are quite uninformed regarding not just the old Black Panthers (felonious anti-Americans), the current new racist breed, what's going on in Egypt, Oakland, and the violent history of Islam, and it's "still" ongoing trade in slavery, the drug trade, the weaponization of drug lords to our south, and so many other endless knowledge holes you demonstrate with your vacuous responses. I have no doubt I have forgotten more about most anything quasi-educated Paul would ever know. Seems rather obvious that the poster Jason gave you a link regarding the racist cornel west to help verify the Marxist heritage of the original panthers and the current nuts simply co-opted the name. They are clearly enemies of all caucasians and have declared war on us, we will wipe them out in the not too distant future by legally responding to their deadly agression, but doubt you will NOT see that happen considering your blinders. I suggest some courses in Research Methodologies, but then you would have to have an undergraduate degree to get the courses that would most be of benefit. I assure you that there is a revolution coming, and those of us who took an oath to defend this country are quite prepared to deal with any and all domestic threats. You have no idea what we think of people like you, but I assure you everyone of my fellow combat Marines have the same opinion.By the way ...

Tim King: That was funny, thanks!

Jason October 27, 2011 1:29 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, you sound like a person with strong opinions. You think the people of Egypt had a revolution that improved things for them? Who has benefitted? They are burning down Christian churches, raping and killing Christians, when at least before Mubarack provided at least some protection. Now you have the Muslim Brotherhood assuming tyrannical power, and essentially if you are an infidel, your number is coming up pretty soon. Sounds just like a real fab place to raise a family. Same type of thing is happening in Libya and other locations. Now in Oakland, home of the old style panthers, we have the "majority" getting fed up with some law breakers, not those peacefully exercising their rights. Did you know that Professor Cornel West ( ) was refused entry into the older Black Panthers because he would not give up his Christian beliefs? The Panthers, then, insisted on atheism. The New Black Panthers demand that you are black and a Muslim. Oh how things change, but do they really? Racists are always racist, for they always call others racist as a distraction. Then losers will always be losers, it's in their DNA. My guess is that there will be much more violence, and hopefully the guilty are the ones who get what they got coming, no matter where they are. The cowards never go to these locations, but they sure like to rile up the innocent.

Tim King: Well things seem to go in different directions.  I have friends in Egypt who were and are still living a decent life.  The mistake is assuming that Muslim people want to have something to do with you or other western people, all they really seek is autonomy and for the west and Israel to keep its political hooks and claws out of their business.  The entire modern historical pattern of problematic events is based on western greed and interference; mostly over oil, and that is not a joke or a stretch.  As for the Black Panthers, the old and the new are indeed very different, I have studied their history and I have contact with original members, and your assertion that they were forced to give up Christian beliefs is not accurate based on what I know, however the new Black Panther group seems to have something along those lines in place, possibly, I'm not entirely sure.  Prof. M. Dennis Paul, Associate Editor at, worked with the group back in the day and maybe he can comment on this.  For the record, I don't agree with any forms of racism, however I understand why Black Americans would be pissed off over their heritage.         

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