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Oakland Mayor Takes Responsibility for Police Violence

Two in one deal from Quan: she apologizes to Marine's family, then says Oakland won't support demonstration's right to 24-hour access.

A shrine for Scott Olsen's recovery after being shot in the head by OPD. Two tours in Iraq as a Marine and he gets shot down in his own land
A shrine for Scott Olsen's recovery after being shot in the head by OPD. Two tours in Iraq as a Marine and he gets shot down in his own land... Photo: Susan Galleymore

(OAKLAND, Calif.) - The news yesterday was tough; a two-tour Iraq Marine Corps Veteran named Scott Olsen was shot in the head by police at Occupy Oakland, it still isn't clear what they got him with, but it fractured the veteran's skull and left him crumpled in the street.

Scott Olsen after being shot

When Scott's friends and fellow demonstrators moved forward to recover him, screaming "medic medic" just like something straight out of Iraq, Oakland Police standing behind a safety barrier threw a concussion grenade out, scattering the terrified crowd of protesters trying to render aid to their injured friend.

Eventually they were able to go back in and recover Scott Olsen as the video shows in the last report. (see: Oakland Cops Shoot Two-Tour Marine Iraq Vet in the Head)

There is jut no way to excuse it, and any attempt by police to justify what happened is a total impossibility. The police are schooled to be out of touch with the people they are responsible for caring about; it is as simple as that. The laws and rules must be fixed to settle the restless populace. There is a reason so many people are spending their lives around the clock at these vigils; many have nowhere else to go, and as homeless Americans they are now part of a political movement. Regardless of whether or not people realize it, that is a powerful thing.

Government forces like the Oakland police are showing a type of training that incites rather than calming violence, and while Mayor Jean Quan has an excellent track record as a human rights activist, and is showing a desire to not exclusively represent the wishes of merchants over demonstrators; that is still essentially what she is doing.

Who Ordered the Police Violence?

Oakland's Interim Chief Howard Jordan

The person at the helm of the Oakland Police department is the Interim Chief Howard Jordan, a 23-year veteran of the department. Jordan assumed the position created by the sudden resignation of the last chief, Anthony Batts submitted his resignation earlier this month with a letter that began with: "It is with great regret..."

According to the city's Website, Jordan "manages and oversees the planning, development and implementation of all law enforcement and crime prevention programs for the City. He provides leadership, vision and direction to the Department and its command staff and promotes collaboration, communication and coordination with other city agencies and community organizations."

That tells me that he is responsible for this escalation of force that left a U.S. Marine bleeding and wounded and Olsen wasn't the only one, not the only person shot in the head by police in Oakland, not the only person injured, humiliated; not the only person who will probably forever associate police with something dark and dangerous.

Jean Quan photo courtesy: KQED radio

In her message to the demonstrators below, published verbatim from the city Website, Jean Quan begins with a seemingly serious apology and acceptance of responsibility for the shooting of Olsen, and states a willingness to work with the group, and then he begins her politician's pitch. It is refreshing to see a public official admit responsibility for something so severe as the shooting of Olsen, and everyone must remember that she stated that.

The apologetic message that begins with humility; enough to truly cause one to think that Quan is able to recognize the city's serious level of responsibility, essentially ends with: 'Oh and by the way, we're not going to let the thousands of organized demonstrators camp at this around the clock protest'.

She might as well have put it in those words, it wasn't a subtle or successful close.

Mayor Jean Quan's Statement to Occupy Oakland

I had hoped to speak directly to you tonight, I was told that I could speak at the Speak Out at 6 pm, but that was cancelled. So I apoligize for providing these remarks in written form.

I am deeply saddened about the outcome on Tuesday. It was not what anyone hoped for, ultimately it was my responsibility, and I apologize for what happened. Today I visited Scott Olsen and his parents because I was concerned about his recovery. And I hope we will keep them in our prayers.

We have started an investigation into the use of force, including tear gas, on Tuesday.

I cannot change the past, but I want to work with you to ensure that this remains peaceful moving forward.

When there's violence, there are no winners - it polarizes us and opens old wounds rather than brings us together, which is the aim of Occupy Wall Street and uniting the 99%.

We are a nation in crisis. Oakland more than most cities faces budget cuts, unemployment and foreclosures. We are also a Progressive city. And as a long-time civil rights activist and union organizer I want my City to support the movement.

Thank for for last night's peaceful protest. I will continue to order a minimal police presence. I need you to maintain a nonviolent attitude towards people, business owners, and homeowners around City Hall. I hope you will consider starting a dialogue with the small busineswses around City Hall that you impact.

We pledge to work with Occupy Oakland and Occupy Wall Street, but need to ask for four things:

1)       We understand that some members of Occupy Oakland want to meet with me and Chief
             Jordan. We agree. We need to have direct communications between city staff and your

2)       We need you to maintain health and safe condutions where you gather.

3)       We need our public safety employees to have access when there is an emergency.

4)       We are asking you not to camp overnight. Frank Odawa Plaza is open for free speech
             activities between 6 am and 10 pm.

We can change America but we must unite and not divide our city. I hope we can work together.

Oakland Mayor

Special thanks to Susan Galleymore created the slideshow below and sent it to our newsroom, visit the original page here for captions and credits: Occupy Oakland, San Francisco, and Alameda California - A Week in the Life of OWS Bay Area

Here you can see: City of Oakland Establishes Ground Rules forPeaceful and Safe Demonstrations - press release


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Anonymous October 29, 2011 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

When someone starts throwing bricks you can walk away or be a co-conspirator. The police reacted to potentially deadly for with “less than lethal” force. Dude got hit with a CS can like the girl in Boston who took a pepper ball shot to the head in the Red Sox riot.It was an unfortunate hit in a less than lethal tool deployment.

Editor: Why don't you compare it to the shooting of 21-year old Emily Henochowicz in Israel?  Sure, no big deal those tear gas canisters, it only devastated half of her face, the other half is still there, and so is one of her eyes!  Goodness, who are we to by upset over such things right? Well I'll tell you something nameless commenter, you are in a very small pit and you will never rise out of  it.  You are the face of what is killing all of us.

When you protest you protest. When you occupy you take what is not yours.

 Editor: The public streets and sidewalks belong to somebody else?  Those reading this, appreciate how these fascists think, remember the words this loony tune decided to leave.

When you stand with anarchists what do you expect cops to do?

 Editor: Get in their f*cking cars and solve crimes, what do you think? I hope people are smarter than this.  

Don‘t play I’m not with that group, I’m me. BS these union and leftist tools are starting a revolution to tear down the system and are all co-conspirators.

 Editor: Now you're talking...  with regard to the fact that people are done with the BS, but you're the tool, a walking phallic symbol.

Now they‘re crying that they can’t do felonies without getting hurt. WOW.

 Editor: You're the one who is crying, and scared too.  It is very clear, and you should be, because the cat clawed its way out of the bag and this isn't a rally against a national policy as much as it is against you and your ilk, all those who damage others.  

If cops shoot felons and an innocent gets hurt in the crossfire is it the cops fault or the felon who started the chain of events? Do some research on felony murder, case law says felon is responsible for all harm.

Editor: This is the stupidest post I have seen in a long time, and I see some really overly extended stupidity.  I have to wonder if you actually believe that standing up for your rights in America is a felony, or a crime at all, or if you are just straight talking sh*t, I vote for the latter.  Either way thanks for showing us your stuff, for illustrating once again why this fight is on, the revolution will bring real change.  

Cash Lockman October 29, 2011 12:56 pm (Pacific time)

cott Olsen: He went on two tours in Iraq, one in 2006-2007 and another in 2008...

Editor to idiot who uses different names when posting; you have nothing to say here.

Anonymous October 29, 2011 10:24 am (Pacific time)

There are many stories like the one below dealing with very bad behavior. It will continue to worsen, and the violence will get worse. People will die soon, and it is the far right that is responsible. Many of you have no idea about the financial markets nor how discredited the business world is.  We have freedoms because many sacrificed their lives for this country, and one fact that is undeniable, the majority of veterans do support this OCCUPY action.   The Marine shot in Oakland was using his phone, some 'crime' that was!

Amanda Black October 28, 2011 8:24 pm (Pacific time)

Why do some people take pleasure airing their displeasure about the demonstrations.We are all in the 99% fighting for equality and not being taken advantage of by the wealthy and corporate entities.If you still have a home and a job, you'll never know if you are going to be next to fight for what you believe you deserve.

Jason October 28, 2011 6:51 pm (Pacific time)

They didn't shoot a marine veteran, they shot an unlawful participant in a riot, who refused orders from the authorities, something a Marine would never do.

 Tim King: Bullshit, I was a Marine.  This man was standing up for America and if you don't like it, leave it, you little wall street whore.

If he was hurt disobeying lawful orders, there is no need to mention his being a former marine, he is just a lawbreaker like the rest of the dirtbags looking for trouble.

 Tim King: Still a hundred times the man you will ever be.  In '37 it was illegal to have a friend in Germany who was Jewish, those little Nazi pricks made laws too, and your sorry ass would have been down with that, right?  Stupid so far.

No sympathy for the SEIU-Union thug riots or anyone involved, they deserve what they get, and it's about time they were routed and dispersed. It is an absolute disgrace that a United States Marine would be caught associating with the saboteurs set on destroying the country.

 Tim King: Go say it to the face of one of the thousands of Marine veterans who are against the BS you represent you stupid coward.  

I am the 53% that these occupy freeloaders do NOT speak for. Let's be clear -the majority of vets - don't support this violent movement - OK? These clowns hate America, and don't support vets.

 Tim King You are nothing, just a brief pain, the people supporting this movement include most of the military, and they hate assholes like you, and it's so damned easy.

They hate all who are patriotic and they definately hate the military. Many of these people were there dissing vets in the 60's, and continually up to today.

Tim King: Are you saying 'defiantly' or 'definitely'?  Don't worry, I don't expect a person like you to be able to spell.  You have a low IQ, only explanation. Now drop down on your knees and kiss your GW Bush poster and remember, this week's sheering takes place Monday, OK? And by the way, I see that you are using multiple names and that you are a hardcore racist from your other comments.  Just know you mean nothing, that you will never be a person of courage, or character, and you don't even know your own identity, sick little puppy..  

Anonymous October 28, 2011 6:35 pm (Pacific time)

99% of people in the volunteer military have no serious behavioral problems. I imagine a high percentage of those who have discipline problems in the military also have other difficulties in civilian life. So how come the vast super majority of us got through okay? I was in an elite unit within an Airborne unit during a war that had ten times the casualties the current conflicts have had. We got hassled a hell of a lot during training, and even in our stateside units. In combat, we were ready. This individual in Oakland right after getting hit was using his cell phone as per video. Yeah it's a bummer when people get hurt, but the police were protecting themselves. There is also plenty of video showing them being criminally assaulted. I have no sympathy for criminals who attack others when during those attacks throwing rocks or whatever can kill. The left is going to use this weak individual as a cause celeb, that will turn out poorly. Where in the hell is the leadership in the Whitehouse?

Tim King: Gee, isn't that nice of you to have sympathy, aw gee.  They aren't criminals, they are Americans.  The man in question was knocked unconscious, so I guess you need to put down the bottle or put on your glasses or I don't know what the hell exactly, that you should do.   As for everything else you said.  blah blah blah...

Anonymous October 28, 2011 11:15 am (Pacific time)

Tim here is an update on the injured Marine in Oakland: Maybe someone should have reminded him that there is no draft,

it is an all volunteer military. More on his actual service and discharge have been released, but are being vetted at this time.

He was not what some think...

Iraq War Veteran Injured at OWS Oakland Founder of Here's some info:I hate the Marine Corps.

Do you?

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mesuring unit, actual honesty mediafire marines, what is the njp punishment for insubordination

Created: 2009-01-28
Expires: 2012-01-28

Owner: Scott Olsen 16524 Hwy 67
Hosting company: Hurricane Electric, Inc

Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC.

Tim King: I had not, though I am not surprised, I too had a pretty serious attitude in the Marine Corps and friends who had 'FTS' (f*ck the suck) tattooed across their knuckles.  When an organization inherently attacks it own, then it is the same as a bad parent, and with those we have something called jail, but there is no such organization to describe the Marine Corps.  And for the record, we support Marines at, we don't support the Marine Corps the same way.  It isn't about the institution, it is about the people.  Perhaps you know I too had a jaded connection to the Marine Corps and I was nearly charged with mutiny for standing up against physical abuse at the Camp Pendleton CC (Correctional Custody) unit.  I can hardly explain the lightning fast speed with which a Marine can be in trouble, have the shit beaten out of them by sergeants, etc.  I hold no attitude toward a man who hates the Marine Corps, I know he didn't begin that way, the group that fabricated numbers to downplay a deadly health hazard for years at Camp Lejeune,.  

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