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Medical Marijuana Gestapo: DEA & Police on Cerebral Orgasms

In a country where political operatives compare Obama to Hitler, meet America's real Stormtroopers.

DEA agents
DEA agents

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - Last month the California Senate approved a resolution calling for significant changes in the federal government's policy regarding medical marijuana.

The resolution urges federal lawmakers to halt federal interference in state laws about medical medical marijuana, while establishing a comprehensive national plan that will provide safe access for all patients. (see the Sept. 2, 2009 article: California Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Resolution)

Despite President Obama’s statement and those of his Attorney General Holder that there will be NO MORE DEA and police raids on legal state permitted grow sites, dispensaries and desperately sick legal patients, it still goes on.

Typically they are massive SWAT team raids with up to twenty goons in full battle gear and sub-machine guns as if they were combating a foreign invader. I know of one case in Oregon in which there were about 6 cop cars and an Army half track with a 50 caliber machine gun for a medical patient who was growing a small amount for his own medical use.

In another case there were three cop cars with a DEA agent assaulting a legally carded, bed ridden quadriplegic with two disabled legally carded care givers. They had a small grow but were “turned in” by a neighbor to who they refused to sell medicine. The DEA Goon pulled and confiscated all of their plants and told the quadriplegic, “by the way if we wanted to, we could take your house and car!”. I imagine these goons got an orgasmic thrill from assaulting and intimidating these helpless desperately ill and disabled legal patients.

In another case they assaulted a bedridden and wheelchair bound patient who was sharing her medicine with her card carrying daughter. They also confiscated her wheelchair because she “obviously” bought it with money from selling marijuana.

The cases in California are even worse. The DEA goons are raiding grow sites and dispensaries where they destroy or confiscate everything in the place and usually arrest the clerks and patients. There are about 24 legal medical marijuana patients now suffering federal charges.

At the same time, the goons are arresting about 800,000 users a year some for having one joint in their pockets. This is crazy but it amounts to a whole lot of orgasmic thrill for the Gestapo-like goons who are doing this.

Several hundred thousand marijuana users are in jail or prison, many for simple possession only. It costs about $40,000 per year to keep one sick patient in jail and the total estimated cost of the DRUG WAR is about $40 billion per year.

Wouldn’t it be much more intelligent to spend that money on schools or even health care for the poor than satisfying the orgiastic pleasures of these Gestapo-like goon squads.

P.S. Even if I have my numbers and costs somewhat off. I hope you get the idea!

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Mark Oller January 29, 2010 8:45 am (Pacific time)

Inhaling any kind of smoke is dangerous, but what is wrong with narcotics besides constipation? At one time, drug stores sold Bayer Heroin over the counter. Now the DEA intimidates and persecutes doctors for prescribing adequate pain medication. Dr. Hurwitz was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Thousands of cancer patients are driven to suicide for lack of narcotics. And heroin users poison themselves with adulterated heroin and designer drugs, or they are sent to prisons worse than the Soviet Gulags. The sexes were not totally segregated in The Gulag Archipelago, and Solzhenitsyn referred to "camp marriages," but he never referred to homoxexuality, and he was not a prude. If that is not insane enough, the DEA opposes every attempt to grow industrial hemp. Apparently, they do not know the difference between marijuana and rope.

gotwhit October 7, 2009 10:57 am (Pacific time)

These are the losers you went to high school with, the ones who were picked on or not included becuase there was something not right about them. I came from a small town and those angry kids became cops. I saw it happen and not randomly. All the cops are criminals and all the sinners saints. God given plant, God given right. This War on the American people is so crazy and unjustifiable there are no words. Its been time to clean house. People are far to complacent. One man decided marijuana's fate even with advice to the contrary, freedom, yeah right! It does'nt come free it does'nt come at all.

Biff September 12, 2009 5:19 am (Pacific time)

The federal government doesn't have the legal right to enforce Cannabis prohibition. That would require a constitutional amendment, like alcohol prohibition did. If the DEA launches an armed assault against someone whom the state gave permission to possess or grow Cannabis they are committing an illegal act. The targets of the assault would be perfectly within their rights to repel such an attack with arms. If they killed every member of the DEA team, it would be legal as defense of property against a rogue federal agency. Somebody has to take a stand and start protecting their property by force of arms against a federal government acting far outside of its authority. Since the state police won't intervene against the outlaw home invaders, people will have to start doing it themselves. Put some good defensive features into the medical Cannabis stores, like a sandbagged pillbox, equip employees with flak jackets and instruct them to defend the building to the death against anyone other than state police. After the DEA start taking serious casualties and it makes the CNN news, what will Obama say, yes I know the DEA is acting outside its authority and I gave them my blessing to do so because the federal government has abolished the constitution is is now the enforcer of Cannabis laws instead of the states and they will simply ignore any state enacted laws or permits? Will he also instruct Americans to refer to him as Emperor from now on? Incidentally, the DEA doesn't have flak jackets on their faces, arms or legs. Aim for those areas.

Rodedog September 10, 2009 10:39 am (Pacific time)

Is marijuana even a narcotic? Prosecution of marijuana a way for federal and state prosecuters to "cook the books" and make it appear like they have more crime so they can give the illusion that they are protecting the community. These resourses are simply money not well spent. Everyboby knows that marijuana users are not criminals so they are in fact very easy targets for law enforcement. This really hurts the judicial systems credability.

Mark Bryan September 9, 2009 2:47 pm (Pacific time)

Lemme get this loud and clear! Our Declaration of 1776 GUARANTEES the RIGHT of the people to ALTER and ABOLISH these types of agencies which INCLUDES executions! Drag them to a nearby courthouse with a camera and EXECUTE them! Then the judges and lawyers,politicians IRS and Federal Reserve CROOKS will have your attention! You need a mob at the right time to do it especially in places where the National Guard is overseas! The feds would have to NEGOTIATE!

scott d. September 9, 2009 10:42 am (Pacific time)

To the police that take the time to read this and stay informed: You have a job because of us tax paying citizens and because there ARE bad elements in society. However just because a group of people {police included} want to change these archaic and sometimes barbaric laws, does not give you the right to violate our civil liberties. Why don't you walk the streets and introduce yourselves to your community, instead of kicking in their doors and making them assume the position to find out who they are? People talk to the people they trust! We all want a better life and world to live in. Those who do not should be locked up if they violate OUR laws. FYI our government has been in violation for decades for NOT rescheduling marijuana and other drugs. Technically alcohol should be at the top of the list for its addictive and dangerous qualities. Education is key!

says who? September 9, 2009 12:03 am (Pacific time)

I see the DEA anonymous pretender thinks sick people are just faking so they can take the evil herb marijuana. What kind of drugs do you take man? How much do you drink? No body cares! But there you are, taking out your strange vengeance on sick people. Your mamma would really be proud. Gross.

DEA September 8, 2009 5:25 pm (Pacific time)

Did you ever think that perhaps these raids are taking place because they are indeed in violation of state law as well as federal law? Trust me, the DEA doesn't have the resources to go after every little grow operation. And Medical Marijuana is a big scam, by the way. An excuse to light up. Stop using sick and elderly people to push your pro-drug legalization agenda.

Editor: Hey secret agent man, you are out of your area here, but thanks for revealing the disregard for law that members of your agency are so well known for.  What a sad way to spend your life, as a fictitious person who uses lies to earn his pay.  

Dr. Leveque September 8, 2009 3:18 pm (Pacific time)

To Dude: "Who did the real gestapo work for?" GESTAPO = GEheim STats POlizei (Secret State Police)

WakeUpDead September 8, 2009 2:18 pm (Pacific time)

If cops were truly doing there duties, thentehywould be figthting reform efforts, they would let policies happen accordibng to what the people want, then follow those laws. Thye dont do that! Theyare the biggest supporters of the War on Drugs, even though it has failed us they still push it and demand that any reform will make their jobs harder, no it will make them easyer for more time to solve all these hard crimes like Rape, Murder and anything more than simple drug charges. They dont want that? No they dont it is more work, they have to truly work hard and solve those crimes, but a pot bust is so much easyer and so less stressful, oh you have pot, well lets go and then they get money from the DEA for that bust to fund more busts. Yet the whole time hard crimes are going more and more unsloved and we are locking up more drug usres than any other crime. 50% of all arrests are for drugs and most of them are for simple possesion. So where is the crime here the drug user or the cops for not going after harder crimes and taking the simple arrest? What happened to protecting and serving? Its gone and replaced by a failed drug war that is destroying our country.

Brent from KY September 8, 2009 2:00 pm (Pacific time)

The War on Citizens has done nothing but cause an Us and Them attitude among cops and the people. Cops uset o protect and serve, not the seek and destroy. Poeple are scared of cops, but the cops seem to like that, and that is what this failed policy has caused, a divide among our own people. As for drugs, OMG, when will these law makers relize the majority wants change, wants regulation, that regulation cut teehn smoking in 50% over 20 years, all over a We Card Prgram and education. When will the see this same thing can save our kids from drugs today and regulatio nadn education is the only way we will ever take back control of drugs and keep everyone safe from the violece that prohibition brings to all of us. As for cops, man they need a shot of compassion and need to take a step back and relize they are following a failed policy and they need to start supporting reform, more than we do, its their lives at risk and yet tehy are doing the wrong thing and it needs to stop!

M. Brecht September 8, 2009 1:39 pm (Pacific time)

Unless this stops immediately, Obama really has lost my vote, no matter what he does for the rest of his single term. It is clear Obama lied about ending the raids and he is not to be trusted with regard to medical cannabis, at all. And the DEA administration who are trampling states' rights, medicine and common decency need to be sent to the place that rehabilitated Michael Vick's dogs. (There's hope even for the most barbaric and the cruelest of human robots). I cannot believe Obama is allowing such blatant attacks on our Constitution and on our own people. We need more people filming all these raids and sending films into all media outlets, posting on youtube, and posting on all blogs, especially ones that can show video. We are talking about a very real war on our most vulnerable brothers and sisters. How is this happening, President Obama? Why did you lie?

realitysurfer September 8, 2009 12:58 pm (Pacific time)

Please take a moment to check out my new LSD Documentary film. POWER AND CONTROL :LSD IN THE 60's Features the CIA LSD Brothel in San Francisco (MK ULTRA), Groucho Marx's LSD Trip....Doc Ellis pitches his no-hitter while high. Tim Leary's Miricle of Good friday Experiment is explored with one of the original PREACHERS who took part. LSD and the Protest Movement, JFK and LSD plus more. All posted for free at this youtube link..please share this knowledge.

Suncoaster September 8, 2009 11:51 am (Pacific time)

The psychology behind this scenario is pretty straight forward really. We as a society have glorified our police officers. We've all seen the television shows. The newest of which that I've seen, focuses on a group of female officers. I don't have enough time to flesh out what a psychological trainwreck that is. I understand where you're coming from Dr. Leveque. The fact that I understand that when a police officer is standing in front of me, they are on the power trip associated with their position it bothers me the most about the situation. When another human being has the right to physically touch you and move you without fear of repercussion and also has the right to alter, destroy, or take your life it naturally will bend their reality. But our officers should think about something I've always said, "Don't be too quick to trample many morals in pursuit of enforcing a few."

Go Doc Go! September 8, 2009 11:25 am (Pacific time)

Cops that "get off" on arresting their fellow citizens need to be removed from service. Where did "protect and serve" go? All that power goes straight to their heads...until they, themselves, get busted for the criminal behavior they come to enjoy. They all know that marijuana isn't a threat, it's just an easy bust. For cops with low skill levels, low capabilities, and low self worth, even pot smokers must be a wet dream. You got it.

dude September 8, 2009 10:59 am (Pacific time)

Who did the real gestapo work for?

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