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Eleventh Year of Societal Deconstruction -View from South Asia

19 days after the attack on South Asia, the Patriot Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush without any discussion.

WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 are the buildings in gray.
WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 are the buildings in gray.
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A mere 27 days later, after September 11, 2001, known as the 9/11 events, Afghanistan was attacked on October 7, 2001, a South Asian Country, with the stated US security objective of finding Osama bin Laden; this was a full scale war against a group and an individual.

POTUS George W Bush ignored OBL later.  Military invasions generally require months of proper prior planning and yet within 3 weeks of the ‘attack on the US,’ Article 5 of NATO [1] was invoked, a South Asian country was invaded and the main population centres got sprayed with Enriched as well as Depleted Uranium aerosolized particles from saturation bombing raids which destroyed the sustainability of natural systems across 1000 mile radius of secondary contamination zone which is equivalent to 3.13 million square mile of Central, West and South Asia and the viability of population that subsists on it. The 9/11 events were used to KILL ASIA.

The neo-conservative architects of the Project for the New American Century [PNAC] used these events to bomb population centres in Afghanistan and Iraq against civilians who had nothing to do the 9/11 events. Uranium Medical Research Centre confirmed radioactive contamination. [2] Americans and Europeans don’t bother to know that West Asia, Central Asia, East Asia and North Asia is fucking ASIA. But the Asians know that the European bastards want Asia for breakfast. The fat slobs of oil rich countries are the sausages.

Nineteen days after the attack on South Asia, the Patriot Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush without any discussion. In any country, especially India, it takes years to get a Bill passed by the Parliament into an Act. In the model fascist state it took 46 days from the time the most iconic buildings took hit. That’s how fascism works about discussed in Section 3.

This is a war crime according to several statutes quoted below. Tony Blair, George W. Bush and their respective cabinets must be charged with war crimes and punished according to established rules and laws. However, the problem is under which law?

Britain is a signatory to International Criminal Courts Act [ICCA]; the USA is not. Under ICC, not only the Government can be prosecuted but even the citizens are required to pay war reparation because citizens pay taxes and tax money is used to conduct war. The case filed by Chris Coverdale in London Metropolitan Police Station to arrest Tony Blair under the ICCA has led to non-action which means that this institution is openly biased and refuses to indict the war criminals in Britain. Therefore, it is reasonable to guess that this George Soros controlled ICC, because he funds it and he even picks the judges, the crimes of the US, NATO and Israel shall also go unpunished.

American leaders can be tried under two sets of laws: the Nuremburg principles and US Acts that prevent any government from using biological, chemical or radiological weapons.

Since September 11, 2001, 1.45 million Iraqis are dead, millions more maimed, and millions fighting to secure basic survival options. Among those dead and barely surviving are millions of children and, over five million homeless in Iraq alone. The US Government says fewer than 5000 American soldiers died.

No one knows how many are being killed on a daily basis in Afghanistan that provides 700 billion dollar worth of opium poppy to the US and NATO armies to keep occupying this region. Trillions of dollars later the ostensible Global War on Terror has now morphed into something which was perhaps the real design.

Located in London

That ‘real design’ needs to be probed and unravelled which itself is a huge issue. There is no economic development in any country except a few Asian and Latin American countries.

The growth in Asia has occurred because much of the civilian manufacturing base and service industries in developed countries [USA, UK, Oz, etc particularly] have been transferred to the third world countries like China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia. This has destroyed the working classes and the middle classes in the developed countries. They don’t have real purchasing power now; much of the consumption expenditure comes from several mortgages and credit cards which can’t be repaid in the near future because there is no hope of economic recovery in these countries. Much of the growth of Asian economies was and continues to be fundamentally driven by exports to the developed countries where real growth has stagnated for over two decades now finished.

The money that is lent by banks who issue mortgage loans and credit cards to pay for consumption expenditure itself is unreal money. Effectively, a completely artificial system of money and banking has somehow managed to keep a small group of third world countries and majority of developed countries just above water. Since the developed nations are in various stages of economic and financial collapse, most seriously the terminally ill United States of America [3], the induced economic growth in Asia can’t go on.

As a result, millions of Americans have lost their homes, millions are on food stamps, and millions can’t afford health insurance. Millions of Asians are in worse situation.

Politicians of the time and Governments of the day have replaced the State and consigned the Constitution, Rule of Law and the extensive social security net to the trash bin.

9/11 events were used to remove all legal hurdles to unbridled global resource grab and indiscriminate killing of infants, children, and women in the name of the War on Terror worldwide. Infants and women were treated on par with terrorists.

The English-speaking world surrendered to the 9/11 leaders’ demand for perpetual social chaos, murder, mayhem, and destruction of national Constitutions. Their citizens were ensnared into handing over their fundamental rights to a power centre about which they don’t know. American citizens, having a military-industrial complex that can annihilate the world don’t fully realise that their right to life and freedom of speech is also gone.

Who engineered the events of September 11, 2001 and why requires serious discussion in an open forum. It requires independent investigative effort and discussion. It requires a collective effort of military and intelligence experts, economists, political scientists, legal experts, historians, any one with serious intention to unravel the truth. There are many scholarly work that need to be read and disseminated as widely as possible and reviewed if necessary just as the compilations of others that expose not only the criminal elements within the US Government but also the treasonous acts of top politicians. Past treasonous acts of elected officials, bureaucrats and intelligence officers, some going back to WW-II, remain unanswered to this day; which means that 9/11 was not a one off event. There is long history of subversion of national and international law by Britain and, oh, the United States of America.

The events also spawned many 9/11 Truthers’ movements in America but they have not succeeded in garnering mass support.   Control over mainstream media and the insidiously creeping culture of fear which was grafted into our social fabric post-9/11 ensure that people don’t ask questions.

According to all opinion polls, most Americans seem aware that the official story of 9/11 was a lie but in the decade since 9/11, they have slowly, insidiously and methodically become conditioned to fear confronting the government and they shy away from demanding the truth. That is a huge shift in people’s perception of their government.

In one of the San Diego hearings some years ago, which could have led to judicial inquiry, the evidence was stolen. Such setbacks actually expose the formal US government and the shadow government. No one fully knows who is behind the global war agenda, country grabs, apparent global depopulation programs and systematic economic, social and cultural deconstruction on a global scale behind the scenes.

Some of the most compelling evidences emerged from pilots, architects, engineers, and weapons’ experts questioning the Philip Zelikow dictated Kean and Hamilton Report, also known as the 9/11 Commission Report, which the Commission itself later rejected.[6]  The American people and the world were waiting for a credible inquiry yet the US Government chose to ignore their concerns – to this day, the White House refuses to even accept questions from the press or public about the matter. Even the SC in a recent judgement has clearly told the people that it would not. It spent countless millions to probe Bill Clinton’s affair with an intern but spent a pittance to probe an event of global significance and that too after over 400 days, while insuring that the White House controlled both the questions and answers provided in the 9/11 investigation. No one knows who controls the US Government.

Complicit in this global brutalizing agenda are modern European and, medieval West Asian fiefdoms including the Zionist Saudis.

Some Yugoslavian experts say, ‘Arab Spring may have been part of the original blueprint being planned when the architects sat down and planned not only 9/11 ushering us into the global War on Terror but also its concomitant nation-building aftermath and plans on how to take ALL countries which ushered North Africa and the Arab World directly to the pre-planned Arab Spring. We have witnessed an asymmetrical approach and whole new synthetically created and cultivated social, cultural and political dimensions of sweeping global change which since inception have been irretrievably intertwined with the military aftermath of the growing monstrous legacy of 9/11.”

The Western Intelligence agencies have become experts in creating chaos then ‘order’ exactly as they wish. If that doesn’t work out, bombing follows. Burma, Pakistan, Nepal and India are being primed for this.

Another view is this: “Change has swept the globe since 9/11.  An invisible power above our world leaders is more and more visibly controlling political events and pushing the world toward more and more war.  Leaders around the world are visibly owned by the Zionist global empire and leaders who are proven uncooperative with the Zionist imperialist takeover are presented with new weapons on the asymmetrical war fronts of social, cultural and civilian sectors which are targeted with a new globally visible approach of systematically targeting governments.  We are seeing a global phenomenon applying Gene Sharp’s ‘nonviolent action’ academic methods brought to life and fuelled by high octane Soros dollars, presenting any country’s leader deemed undesirable by Zionists with color.   Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution succeeded in removing a much more secular modern government (albeit increasingly independent-minded and less cooperative with City of London bankers) and replaced it with the by now familiar amalgam of Zionist-controlled Muslim Brotherhood and various Wahhabi and Salafist factions which has been installed in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya with a complete Syrian government in waiting to replace Assad consisting of those identical groups also.) Secondary destructions, after Afghanistan and Iraq were Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria.

Libya which controlled its own monetary system was crushed and its leader who was instrumental in building independent monetary systems was murdered. The new government is the now familiar amalgam of Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi and Salafists who are installed in the wake of socio-cultural decimation the likes of which have no parallel.

The Arab-Spring-induced changes in are a secondary casualty of 9/11 because these events in such rapid succession with their relative successful outcomes of subjugating these countries to more full Zionist overlord control would also not have been possible, had the Muslim world not first been systematically destabilized with destruction of country, culture, infrastructure, civilization by the US and NATO wars.

The few saner voices left in the world today are emanating from the statesmen of Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, and a few other countries. The lone African voice of Col. Muammar Gaddafi was silenced, murdered by the British and the Americans and the nation bombed into the Stone Age by NATO forces. Not one Western leader today has a statesman. They have never had one for decades. They have all become part of the criminal gang nominally led by CIA’s ‘manufactured POTUS inserted into the White House’ as Wayne Madsen says.

9/11 was a reason to speed up global resource grab by American and European corporations. The political leaders stopped talking about 9/11 after attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. They have been inventing different stories, myths and scapegoats since then for different reasons.

Libyan intervention was blamed on Gaddafi, not 9/11; Assad is being blamed for crushing democratic uprising with Soros infrastructure on the ground to frame him. Soros funded Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both did excellent work. And if Indians and South Asians think they are safe from this maniacal orgy of western leaders and their masters, kudos to their own home grown mainstream media scoundrels. 911 reconfigured an entire belief system; it is necessary to re-evaluate the trust the world had reposed in western institutions. [8]

What happened on 9/11?

Recap: The media reported that hijacked airliners demolished WTC 1 and 2. Pentagon was hit supposedly by another hijacked airliner disappearing into a 10 by 17 feet hole. The fourth hijacked airliner was brought down, as they claim and as the mainstream media reported, or ‘something’ crashed near Shanksville leaving a 20 foot hole which the local Police made sure no one investigated. Two large passenger airliners disappeared into steel and concrete buildings, the third one into a small hole in Pentagon and the fourth one into another twenty foot hole. That day big Boeing aircrafts were disappearing into rat holes leaving no evidences behind. From the time the first hit to the last more than an hour and three quarters elapsed and yet not one fighter plane was scrambled and not one confidence building fly past seen anywhere over the New York or Washington DC sky on the September 11, 2012. The entire air-defence system was apparently holding a disaster drill practicing terror attacks by plane and emergency personnel were confused and ordered to stand down when the identical event happened. Was Osama Bin Laden in his cave so powerful that he could ensure that the entire US air defence system slept on his orders given from a cave in Afghanistan? Did the entire air defence system personnel, all of them, on September 11, 2001, become die hard loyalist of Osama Bin Laden just for one day?


By late night in India that day, all one could see were faces with flaring nostrils screaming  ‘terrorists’, and a few days later ‘Al Qaeda did it,’ and then ‘Islamist Jihadists with box cutters and a Koran did it.’ On that fateful day, the burden of fear was placed on America. 


Unanswered questions

  • The American airspace is closely monitored so much so that if even a small aircraft strays from its flight path it is intercepted to find the reason but no interceptor asked any.
  • Six of the alleged nineteen named hijackers were alive and living in Saudi Arabia. Who were they and why was this not addressed in the inquiry report?
  • If all hijackers were Saudis, why was Afghanistan attacked? Terminally ill from kidney failure, Osama Bin Laden stated that he was not involved.
  • FBI Director Robert Mueller confessed to the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on April 19, 2002 that six months of the US forces in Afghanistan has shown no documentary evidence there relating to 9/11 and yet a South Asian country remains under western occupation.
  • WTC 1 and 2 did not collapse; they were blown up. [Image 1] The concrete parts turned into 70300 micron particles and the steel frame at the basement melted and was red hot for weeks after the event. The top 20 or 30 floors was severed [Image 2] and then disintegrated! Collapse is downward; explosion goes in any direction. Wayward airplanes can explode on hitting anything; buildings dontA few important observations of a Finnish military expert are quoted below:

“(a) In the cellar, out of all the 47 ultra strong steel pillars, the steel was melted completely at the length of more than 20 meters (approx. 65 ft), (b) Even cars were melted and burned in the cellar, and (c) The pillars were far too thick for thermite, which some have suggested. An explosion of a thermonuclear bomb explains the phenomenon well. Steel columns and pillars were ejected in the surroundings of the building. In the beginning of the so-called collapse, exists no such energy exists that could throw steel pillars outwards from 60 to 175 meters (approx. from 170 to 574 ft.) from trunk. Not even cutting charges can do that. Instead, the blast wave from a nuclear bomb is capable to do that. Image 2 shows what really happened: the top segment was blown off the tower and it disintegrated before hitting the ground.

  • WTC 7, about which few talk, collapsed; no hijacked aircraft hit it; it came down on its footprint. The compulsive liar BBC announced the collapse of WTC-7 twenty-two minutes BEFORE it actually happened; reporter Jane Stanley instead of giving factual on-site report was into live disinformation feed; she could have apologised but disappeared. David Shaylor exposed that and much more including the plan to assassinate Gaddafi [1995 to 1997/98] for which he was imprisoned. [reference] Mother of modern democracy sucks truth and its citizens’ blood. [9] In 2005, the FAA registry showed that two of the four aircrafts were in service. Why was this not probed? How could two of the four aircrafts continue to remain “in service” in the FAA registry for nearly four years after the events?
  • Majority of architects and engineers who have assiduously analyzed the so-called “collapse” theory of the US Government, confirm that never in the history of steel-framed sky-scrapers has any fire caused ‘collapse’ as reported by the mainstream media and the 9/11 commission report.
  • Towers 1 and 2 were built to withstand ‘multiple hits by a flying 707’ straying off course in dense fog as NIST experts initially claimed. In fact many architects and engineers have said that if this theory is true, standards may have to be re-written!
  • WTC 7 came down on its footprint at a rate of fall that defies laws of physics. The other two hit by aircrafts also came down at greater than free-fall speed. If one drops a steel ball from 1400 feet it should hit the ground in about 9.35 seconds using the formula ‘time taken equals the square root of height divided by 16, assuming the height of the towers was 1400 feet. All three towers fell in less time than the established equation of physics says. Since the towers collapsed at greater than free fall speed it means that there was no resistance and that can happen only when all floors were blown up in extremely quick succession.
  • The Finnish military expert further says, “Burning radiation is absorbed in steel so quickly that steel heats up immediately over its melting point 1585 °C (approx. 2890 °F) and above its boiling point around 3000 C (approx. 5430 °F)....super hot groups of steel pillars and columns, torn from wall by pressure wave, are sublimized. They immediately turn into a vaporized form, binding heat as quickly as possible. Bursts upwards, even visible in the picture [Image 1], are not possible for a gravitational collapse or for cutting charges which are used horizontally.” A collapse produces random rubble, not micron sized particles and pool of molten steel.
  • The TV channels, showing a 757 ‘entering and exploding inside’ Tower 1, perpetrated a fraud. Aircrafts are fragile machines; a little knock by a truck can severely damage the wing, a big knock can severe it. However, the world was shown a large aircraft disappearing inside a steel and concrete building with wings intact. [Image 3] The son of the founder of Lear Jet posted his analysis that no way an aircraft can with wings intact and that the wings should have fallen and the aircraft should have exploded at the point of impact not INSIDE THE BUILDING and that was never examined by the mainstream media. Informed sources say that it was an illusion, slipped into the BBC, Fox, CNN, etc, live stream and repeated over and over for hours, days and several years. This visual clearly establishes the complicity of the mainstream media as also other agencies in creating mass fear.
  • The administration claimed that a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon at ground level flying at 500 kilometres/hour! Experienced pilots with thousands of hours of flying these jets have dismissed this claim. Flying a passenger aircraft at 500 kmph in dense air will cause structural failure! And an aircraft with 175 feet wing span does not disappear in a 10’ x 17’ hole! Historically, all air crashes have been thoroughly investigated and the reports are in the public domain except the ones that were engineered by intelligence agencies. But the clincher is this: where are the indestructible engine parts and landing gear and the black boxes? Why has the US Government not shown one bit of engine part, landing gear and black box recording when the events were presented to the world as direct attack of Islamic terrorists on the USA? Myth replaced facts in the 21st Century in real time and the media never examined these myths.

The Keen and Hamilton report, known as 9/11 inquiry report, does not answer any of these questions. In fact Keen and Hamilton both published another report telling how the Commission of Inquiry was subverted by one top aide Zionist perp Philip Zelikow.

One could go on citing evidences from hundreds of sources but the key point is this: here was an event that was used to occupy Afghanistan and then Iraq, not for curbing terrorism or installing democracy but to ensure full spectrum dominance of the western corporate elite. The western powers using that event started a series of covert wars and resource grab. Milosevic was called war criminal by the ICC, popular leaders were murdered, and medieval chieftains were kept propped up in West Asian oil rich countries.

According to many accounts intimately familiar with him, Osama Bin Laden, a western intelligence asset, died on or about 15th December 2001 in a super specialty hospital owned by the US armed forces, yet the drama of ‘Osama’s capture’ was enacted just in time for a presidential election a decade later. Saddam Hussein and sixty of his closest friends, advisors, ministers and family members were shot dead perhaps before even the invasion took place on 13th April, 2003 as some experts suggest media showed the capture of some old clone caught from a stage managed underground bunker and eventually described the hanging. This sort of naked aggression has no parallel in history.

What is going on?

The US is not at war with any country. Neither is the NATO.

They are together at war with every society around the world

that opposes them and their minions.

Idiots call it asymmetrical war, those who saw their countries destroyed. They say that loyal Bin Laden, loyal CIA operative in Afghanistan against the Soviets, was relocated to Bosnia-Hercegovina where he closely worked with CIA, Mossad and MI6 again which is true. The same Bin Laden suddenly attacked the WTC on 9/11 which is a lie.

His name was used as a reason to invade countries and efforts to find him were abandoned once the US occupation of strategic regions was complete. Al Qaeda, run by the ghost of Osama Bin Laden, fought in Libya to kill Col Gaddafi and this ghost’s Al Qaeda is in Syria after last year’s “MSM pronounced death.”

The world is still told that on September 11, 2012, he went bad on the American people and attacked the US because he hated the Americans and their freedoms. Osama bin Laden served the western corporations, privately funded intelligence agencies and his Wahabbi funders loyally. Kidney failure did him in but he was programmed to be the next global saviour. Camel riding Wahhabis have their agenda too in collusion with the Zionists.

The MSM and corporate vultures kept Bin Laden ‘alive’ for ten years to justify the contrived Global War on Terror. He was “killed” when the manufactured POTUS wanted to insure another four years.

Funnily, the CIA funded Osama Bin Laden movie made by Oscar winning director and his team, chose engineering college in Chandigarh and Sukho Majri, a Muslim village, about 20 kilometres from Chandigarh that resembles the habitation near Abottabad in Pakistan, to shoot a completely fabricated capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. This was reported in the local newspapers [February, 2012]; MSM was silent. Manmohan Singh’s Punjab works in various ways.

Project for the New American Century [or PNAC], which William Rivers Pitt defined as “The establishment of a global American empire to bend the will of all nations” is now into its second decade. PNAC has done nothing good for the Americans or Europeans. Their ‘New Pearl Harbour’ is systematically destroying every society at the most basic level of social relationships, resource sharing, and inter-dependence.

As in the past, the ground work is being done by USAID, Ford Foundation, the UN Framework Team, George Soros funded international NGOs, and local NGOs funded by these institutions, ably supported by military leaders and rogue groups within the intelligence agencies like MI6, CIA, Mossad and to a lesser extent that of France, Germany, and Italy.

The military-feudal complex of Pakistan having completed its pre-destined role is now dispensable.

Many Ivy League universities, heavily funded by the CIA exactly as planned in 1959, have a major research division or department or unit directly involved in studies aimed at de-stabilising third world countries. As one analyst says the US is conducting overt or covert wars against at least sixty countries now. A moot question is: for whom? It has been known that these wars don’t benefit the American or European people or their economies except those firms and workers and owners in armament or security business and the financial institutions who control these industries.

Instead of informing and educating about this one event, the mainstream media worldwide have ensured that people tolerate intolerable acts of their governments.

Collective insanity of Obama, Cameron and Hollande who are the visible face of that faceless group referred to as “the sociopaths” by Kurt Vonnegut will turn Syria now into a far more horrific wasteland than Libya. Attack on Iran will consume South and Central Asia as many experts say. Former ally Pakistan is being drone bombed daily and enslaved. The same groups have infiltrated Nepal, Burma and India being primed for break up into smaller nations who will be unable to oppose corporatization and privatization of their resources. When the towers collapsed, the collapse of societies around the world started. Where it ends depends on how people oppose the faceless scoundrels.


[1] On 12 September, NATO decided that, if it is determined that the attack against the United States was directed from abroad, it shall be regarded as an action covered by Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. This is the first time in the Alliance's history that Article 5 has been invoked.”

[2] Patricia Horan & Asaf Durakovic; ‘The search for depleted uranium in biological & environmental samples’; May 31, 2001. The abstract can be accessed at

[3] Many articles on this issue but I am quoting two, one from Paul Craig Roberts and other from surgeon Dr. Robert Dotson, here:

[4] [Illegal alien] Barry Soetoro/Dunham is Barak Hussain Obama the de Jure POTUS and holder of Italian passport Antonia Maino, the de-facto ruler of India is Sonia Gandhi. NO WAY related to Mahatma Gandhi, she is a fraud tolerated by Indians, just as Barry Soetoro, a fraud born in Kenya is tolerated by the Americans.


[6] ‘The 911 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies;’ see here:

[7] Wayne Madsen, ‘The Manufacturing of a President-The CIA’s insertion of Barack H. Obama, Jr., into the White House; ID: 12966947;; 2012.

[8] The events of September 11, 2012, convinced me that all western democracies ever since they started to call themselves democracies have been essentially a fraudulent system of economy and governance. In fact all industrial societies are essentially an extension of feudal relationship of production except that they have more lethal weapons of coercion and control. Written in 2005, this article was eventually published in 2008:

[9] Although David Shaylor revealing many details about the events surrounding 9/11 has been known, this documentary of Annie Michon is a must watch as she goes into the details, here:

[10] finnish_military_expert_hydrogen_bomb.htm

If it doesn’t work, try here:

Arun Shrivastava is's South Asia Correspondent. An accredited management consultant, Arun is also a highly experienced researcher and writer. He studied in India and England and returned to India in 1989, after a brief stint as senior officer with Economic Development Unit of Birmingham (UK). From 1989 to 1994, he taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning to MBA students at International Management Institute in Delhi.

About twenty years ago he founded two institutions, one for consulting and another for doing sponsored research work; today both are known for excellence. Since the events of 9/11, he has devoted much of his time to researching NWO issues. Arun also moderates International Human Rights Organizations’ discussion group. is very pleased that Arun Shrivastava chose to join our dynamic team which has been paying increasing attention to problems taking place in India. He is's 94th writer and his presence allows us to better cover important events in an increasingly interconnected world community.

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"You must contrive for your future Rulers another and a better life than that of a Ruler, and then you may have a well ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life." Plato, The Republic. Congress Assists in fbi/cia world inhumane and murderous domination and therefore each member of Congress must answer to the charge of murder, forced suicide and other felonies:

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